Ask DST #233: Sci-Fi via Wi-Fi!

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It’s another all-Star Trek (with a teeny bit of Star Wars) edition of Ask DST, and DSTChuck is answering your digitally submitted questions, observations and proclamations about our action figures, Minimates and electronic ships! Strap on your phaser, surround yourself with redshirts and wade on in!

Craig L.
Are you guys still making the Nemesis Enterprise E? Because I’ve been trying to locate one, now that I’m finally in a financial position to buy one. But now I can’t afford some of the ones I did find, which are going for $90+

DSTChuck: Our ships go in and out of production based on the supply we have at our warehouse and the demand our sales guys say there is from retail. As of now no ships have been 100% retired.

Mirko F.
News for the final version of Star Trek Select Jean-Luc Picard? New photo?

DSTChuck: I just received a painted sample from the factory for review this week – so we’re moving along.

Kevin P.
I am sure you have been asked this many times already, but we would like to know if or when you will be making a star trek “Voyager” ship?? How come one hasn’t been made yet? Thank you

DSTChuck: We have not made one yet, but it would be on the list of ships we might consider in the future.

Benjam W.
Ok, I know you get this question all the time, but I really would like some new Star Trek ships that aren’t variants of ones you already have produced. Can you tell us what (if anything) is coming and approximately when? There are so many iconic ship designs that are just waiting to end up in my nerdcave.
And also, for as much as I’d like to see more Star Trek ships made, I have to say that the quality has not always been stellar. I’ve had to either repair or exchange more than half of what I’ve purchased (I own seven right now). Is there any chance you guys could look into a factory with better quality control? I’m more than likely going to keep buying them myself either way, but it might be nice to see better assembly, higher quality plastics, etc.

DSTChuck: As we have said, it’s our GOAL to make two new ships per year – but they take as long to develop as they take, we won’t rush them. The variants we work on do not get in the way of an all-new ship – in fact, because of the huge cost and time it takes to develop these ships, we pretty much need to do multiple variants to make the projects viable. As for the quality of the ships, we do the best we can and we do have a full time QC person on our staff at the HK office as well as the factory staff that does their QC. The thing to keep in mind is while we make these as cool as we can, they are mass-produced toys at what is not a very high price point, so some inconsistencies and other errors can occur. We do strive to make the best possible product and provide as good a customer service as we can to remedy any issues.

B. Trebor
yet again i have just read another star trek q&a in which 3 or 4 people have asked you the same request – please will you release the chapel and rand action figures . most q&a have the same request and it astounds me that despite the fact that we are the ones buying these figures, you arrogantly ignore us and come up with excuse after excuse as to why you are not going to release them . you admit that there is a lot of interest in us collectors completing our crew but that makes no difference . you say it’s not a male / female thing but we have all the male members of the crew without having to ask . fans have waited years for a complete retro crew and you promise them and them refuse to release them . what i for one find most insulting is that despite the amount of money i have spent collecting your figures , instead of being able to complete my set you expect me to spend more money buying figures i already have that you just stuck into a different pose ! – no thanks i therefore am adding my name to the number of collectors who dont want to see the figures released again and again but want different characters and a complete crew ! so please , please can you finally release the chapel and rand figures you promised us both the action figures and retro versions . i’m sure this request will a waste of time and you will reply with another excuse but i hope you will prove me wrong and actually take time to listen and act upon what collectors are asking you for

DSTChuck: All I can say is there is no conspiracy here against the fans, where DST sees a product that can sell and would sell more than enough to make money and we rub our hands together and cackle with glee over our insidious plan.
It takes in excess of 10K sales of a single figure for us to make money on an action figure and we’ve seen nothing to show us that those figures would sell anywhere near there, sorry.

Chris K.
Hey guys
Huge fan and collector of your stuff , but i have a couple of questions .. after reading a lot of the ask dst , everyone is begging for a mark x tricorder and i know you guys would do an amazing job of it !! even better would be a medical mark x with working hand scanner .. is this something we may see from you guys?? ..
my second question is , i missed out on the chance to purchase one of your amazing show accurate enterprise phase pistols and communicators , and i know they are in high demand with online forums and shops i go to .. so is there any chance of a re release of this?? i beg you guys to do it :) thanks

DSTChuck: We have our next role-play moving along and hope to show it at Toy Fair, after that we’ll have to see. There have also been several requests for the TNG phaser. I don’t know if we’ve looked at re-running the Enterprise role play.

Jennifer S.
Hi DST! I would like to submit a product idea, first could be maybe adding the U.S.S Voyager and maybe the Borg Cube. I would also like to see a major refit for old models, since I would like for all ships to have the light only feature, but it’s probably not possible.

DSTChuck: We have considered the Voyager and Borg so we’ll have to see when we get ready to make our next ship.

April F.
May I have a Weyoun figure? Do you know how badly I just want a Weyoun figure? How much does it cost to design a action figure or doll? Id even try to raise money to get this.. do you know how many obsessive Weyoun fans are out there STILL wanting a Weyoun action figure? lol…. Do you own rights to all of Star trek? if so…. Weyoun!!……if they don’t sell I will buy the entire stock after all vorta are cloned I can pretend each Weyoun is a different weyoun in some sort of…..clone accident lol…. they have a party at quarks and play games…Give Sisko a reason to be medicated… sorry im obsessive …. but that’s how we star trek fans are… obsessive… so please please PLEASE PLEASE! make me a vorta…???

DSTChuck: Sorry no plans for a Weyoun figure.

Brian W.
Does DST have any plans to create the USS Reliant, USS Defiant, USS Voyager, Romulan Warbird, Klingon D7 battlecruiser, Ferrengi Marauder and various Runabouts and shuttlecraft? I own every single ship that DST/AA has made so far and would love to also see these added to the collection.
Will DST/AA produce any replica ships that you have on your webpage? I wasn’t QUITE accurate when I said I owned them all. There are the battle-damaged variants and the Mirror Universe ships that I don’t have and especially the TOS Enterprise from the pilot episode. I missed out on these and can’t find them anywhere online, usually at a 300% mark-up.

DSTChuck: I don’t think the idea of re-running any of our ships has been ruled out, so maybe. Some of the variants might be less likely than others, but never say never.

J. Alvarado
Any chance at a new TMP communicator to go along with the phaser?

DSTChuck: I don’t think that would be at the top of the list of our options, but never say never.

Sean C.
Hey DSTChuck. Is there any chance we’ll ever see Next Generation Trek Tek replicas? After the superb TOS and movie phasers, communicators and tricorders, TNG replicas seem like a highly logical next step, Captain.

DSTChuck: A TNG phaser is near the top of the list of the items we would consider for our next role-play.

Danny S.
Hi DST! I am a huge fan of your Star Trek ships and models, and I am here to say a couple things and questions. The first thing is the new Star Trek Movies. The new movies have pretty awesome props, and I think DST would do an amazing job with making the new USS Enterprise and other ships. Especially the new phaser. I know you have no rights with these things, but you really need to work on having the rights. A lot of companies are making toys for the new Star Trek movies, and DST is falling behind. Just Saying. Here comes the questions.
Question 1: Are you ever going to re release the medical tricorder?
Question 2: Any new Trek Tek coming out?
Question 3: I see on your website for 500 points you can get a gold version of the USS Enterprise. Will you ever sell that again for money?

DSTChuck: CBS has not granted us any rights to manufacture items from the new movies – though we have asked.
1: It has not been ruled out.
2: Yes we hope to have the next item ready to show at Toy Fair.
3: I am not sure where we are on the points system program, but I can tell you we have no plans to make that gold variant again.

Brandon S.
Was so happy with the last line of Star Trek Minimates. Janeway, Seven, Borg Queen, etc. Will there be more coming? Feeling like Star Trek isn’t getting much love these days in the toy lines.

DSTChuck: I think it’s very possible we’ll see more Minimates, but nothing is in the works right now.

Tom W.
I am looking to figure this out once and for all, as there is conflicting descriptions and pictures on Amazon and eBay. Were there two releases of a battle-damaged Enterprise, one showing hull damage from TWoK and the other showing the exploding hull from SFS? And were they released in identical or different boxes?

DSTChuck: The refit Enterprise was released in a TWoK Battle Damaged edition, which has the same packaging as the regular edition, but with a small New Force Collectibles sticker on it. The SFS version with the saucer damage came in completely different packaging, similar to the Enterprise-A box, but with the exploding Enterprise on the box. It says “Wrath of Khan” on the box, but the saucer damage is visible. There is a pretty good checklist with pictures in the forums.

Al P.
Hi there! long time buyer of your star trek products! I love them all, can’t wait for the Enterprise-A reissue. Just wondering when is the release date of the HMS bounty BOP? I see the diamond select website has coming out in march, one ebay seller said its coming out in January, my comic retailer said its coming out this month.

DSTChuck: It should be in stores in early January.

Vernon G.
Hello DST/Art Asylum: Great job on the Klingon Bird of Prey, outstanding!!! Is there a model of the USS Voyager with working nacelles and the USS Defiant on the near horizon; both models would be great!!!
Thank you.

DSTChuck: We have had several requests for Defiant and Voyager so both would be on our “short list” of ideas.

Ben E.
Hi DST. I am a huge fan of your Star Trek models and I have several already (WoK Enterprise, Enterprise D, and Enterprise E). Additionally, I am currently waiting on the arrival of my newly purchased Enterprise B and KBoP. My collection is looking pretty good except for the missing NX-01. Unfortunately I missed out on that one and I’ve been unable to find one for a reasonable price. I know from previous Q&As you’ve indicated the NX-01 isn’t discontinued, however, it currently isn’t the focus of production and likely won’t be until the demand signal increases for it. My question is: Is a future run of the NX-01 being considered at this time? If not, are you seeing any demand signal at all which would possibly lead to a reissue of NX-01? As you can probably guess, I’m weighing the likelihood of a reissue against paying a mark-up price now.
Thanks for your time!

DSTChuck: I don’t think the status of the NX-01 has changed since what you read. It’s something we consider, but so far we have not heard about enough demand from our sales folks. That could change pretty much at any time.

Matt C.
Hi i’m big fan of your star trek figures and have collected them for many years and i was very sorry when you stopped producing the action figures . i know the action figure market has’nt been so good these past couple of years , most of your buyers are adult collectors who dont have the cash to spend on such items however things are picking up and star trek does still have a huge fan base . There always seems to be a lot of requests from people for you to release the last figures you showed us of chapel , sickbay mccoy , rand and the salt vampire as well as the borg figures etc . i have to be honest ,as a collector its very frustating that although you get loads of requests for these figures you just give excuses why you wont release them and continue to make figures we already have . Why can you not release a couple of action figures along side your select line – you have a lot of interest in them so it must be worth giving it a go . i for one am fed up with the same characters again and again and judging by the amount of requests i see on here for different characters i’m not on my own .

DSTChuck: The “many” request we have in this Q&A or, say, on Facebook is nowhere near enough to go forward on the production of an action figure or ship or any other similar item.

Rob B.
i’ve noticed one or two people have asked you about producing smaller star wars size action figures – wow what a great idea – i can only imagine the standard of figures you could produce , it would be a dream come true for a full star trek line , a complete motion picture set etc – i do hope this is something you will consider !

DSTChuck: There is NO chance we are allowed to make a mass distributed line of action figure for Star Wars – it would be a BLAST, but while we never say never, this is as close as you can get.

Dan G.
Are there plans for any 8 inch retro Star Trek figures in the near future? Thank you

DSTChuck: It’s not yes and it’s not no… the talks for that line are ongoing RIGHT now… so we’ll see.

Tom W.
I have been reading through some of the other blogs and have seen this come up, but I was hoping you might be able to offer more current information. Is there any plan to release the Ent-C? I have read the arguments that it is only in one episode, but for completion and for those of us interested in an “Enterprise Evolution”-type of display it is a large missing piece of Enterprise history.
Your products are great and I appreciate the opportunity you provide to ask questions and voice opinions.

DSTChuck: Right now it is not on the schedule, but we do not plan the ships past the one we’re working on until all the domestic development is done on the current ship so, while it’s not ruled out, it’s not being worked on right now.

SW Pollack
Can I have the Star Trek III Kruge/Maltz two-pack prototypes that you had sent pictures of to the resellers?
Do you ever get tired of answering the same questions over and over again in ASK DST?

DSTChuck: I am sure they are locked away somewhere and sorry no I cannot give them away. No I don’t get tired of it, I understand it’s part of the deal- I do wish some folks would look over past postings before asking a question but it’s no big deal. There are some “types” of question that I can get a little tired of but again it’s no big deal. I think it’s great that there are folks that collect our products with such passion that they want to take time out of their day to collect them and ask questions about what they want to see or how something is made or how decisions come about. I have done SO many of these I think it’s fantastic that we have this dialogue still after all this time.

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