Ask DST #234: Thanks for the Miscellaneous!

It’s a very miscellaneous Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck! You asked questions about Sin City, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, Lost in Space, Universal Monsters and much, much more! DSTChuck answered! Thank you for your questions! Rick E.
Hey Chuck, great showing at NYCC! Hopefully these get answered!
1) Are there plans beyond Marv and Nancy for the Sin City Select line, and when might we get to see those?
2) And I read an article on you guys getting Pulp Fiction. Are we finally getting the Holy Grail? Are we finally getting 7 inch Pulp Fiction action figures? Or is this for Minimates strictly (I hope not).
3) Additionally, what’re the odds that you start now dipping into other Tarantino license? Django and Inglorious Basterds in dire need of 7 inch action figures.
Thanks, and keep up the fine work!

DSTChuck: Glad you liked what you saw!
1) Yes the first series of Sin City figures will be three figures (Marv, Nancy and Hartigan) and we’d love to go several series deep. We hope to get the figures out in time for the next movie.
2) Maybe…
3) I do not think at this time we’re looking at either of those properties, but never say never.

Cathy N.
Dear DST,
I know this a long shot but I thought I would put it out there anyway. Your Stargate figures were and still are much loved by the fans of both series. We were all disappointed when you decided to end the line before we got all of the major characters from Stargate Atlantis.
I was thinking that since next year is the 10th anniversary of Stargate Atlantis it would be very cool if you would release a Carson Beckett figure in celebration of this. Among the fans the most desired character from Stargate Atlantis is Doctor Beckett, and we would be thrilled if you could grant our wishes and make one. I know that the market is small but believe me, the buyers are out there. You could make it a limited edition and/or only available on the website.
Thanks so much for making the figures from both series that you did. They continue to delight the fans and kids and are still highly collectible.
And thanks for making a new line of Universal Monster figures! Those are wonderful as well! Thanks for listening!

DSTChuck: Honestly, we’re pretty sad Atlantis was canceled before its time. I think the best chance we have is for new media, TV or movie or something, to happen with the Stargate universe to get us back into the action figure line.

Larry M.
I read that Diamond Select was working on an electronic toy based on The Robot from Lost In Space. I was wondering of you could give me any information on this. The detail and quality of your toys and collectibles are so good, hearing this makes me excited. The poor Robot never really got a great, detailed version of him. I know you guys will do an excellent job! Thank you.

DSTChuck: Thanks for your faith Larry. Our guys are hard at work on the robot but we don’t want to show anything until we have it just right. Our unofficial target is Toy Fair to debut something.

Chris A.
First I want to say that I’m a big fan of your Star Trek ships. I collect them all. I was curious, have you guys ever considered doing the Nova Robots from the Short Circuit movie? I think those would be a big seller and an awesome item for collectors. You could even do variants like the robots from the beginning of the 1st movie, Number 5 himself or Johnny 5 from the 2nd Short Circuit movie.

DSTChuck: Love the Short Circuit movie, but honestly we have not thought about looking at a merchandise program.

SW Pollack
A while back I had asked you about the possibility of AA doing the Spinner from Blade Runner. Your reply was that you would like to do it. Does this mean you have plans to do it?

DSTChuck: The rights to merchandise for Blade Runner are somewhat nebulous, so we are not able to even make a pitch.

Eric S.
Hello –
I’m a huge fan of your companies work on Star Trek & Star Wars. I’ve collected the ST ships along with the SW banks and UQS figures (which I hope make a returne some day…hey….it never hurts to dream…right?) Anyway…since you have previously done classic BSG minimates, do you have the rights to do the classic ships in the style of your Star Trek ones? If yes, has there been any consideration to producing them at some point? Would love to see the old school ’78 Colonial Viper and Cylon Raider in that format. Thanks for your time!

DSTChuck: There was serious consideration given to BSG ships when the show was on the air. I do think it would take some sort of new media again for us to look at it again.

James C.
I recently read an article where it stated that you guys were looking into video games next year for figures. Is it possible that the following could be coming from you?
1) Uncharted (long overdue for some Select figures)-NEEDS to happen.
2) Mad Max
3) Watch Dogs
Also–whatever happened to the Overstrike figures from a few years ago?
Thanks–please answer!! :)

DSTChuck: I do not recall saying we were looking at video games in a way that it was a search. Maybe more that were looking at what is coming out and which ones might work for us. For sure Uncharted would be cool. The format of Overstrike (as well as the name) changed, and due to those changes we were afraid we would not have enough time to get the toys done and in fans hands for the game release as we had planned. Which is a shame, since we were so excited about the game.

Maelstrom J.
Hi Chuck
Interesting response to the Doctor Who question…not interested in minimates but would love to see a range comparable with your Star Trek figures (Spock and the Horta is superb and thats the standard I’d like to see replicated in Dr Who items)…the question that’s important to me is would you focus on new Who…or ( and in my opinion vastly superior) classic era?? Are talks ongoing with the BBC over Dr Who??
Im rather tired of the way other companies have produced ‘who’ figures and would love to see someone new having a go….
Would there be any chance of replicas of the TARDIS console -I think your version of the original Enterprise with sound effects and lighting is superb and would love to see the original TARDIS controls produced to the same standard… some of the classic Who space craft too…
Love the adam west bust..can you give any hints as to which tv batman supervillains we’re going to get busts of ?? Personally I’d prefer Joker, Penguin, Riddler (I like Gorshin and Astin), Catwoman (Julie Newmar – naturally) King Tut, Mad Hatter (is an open top hat revealing super instant mesmeriser too much to ask for) Egghead, Bookworm and Shame…..
On the trek side Im wondering if the orginal Star Trek Klingon disruptor pistol has ever been released and if there’s yet been any consideration given to a long awaited release of NOMAD and Yarnek – a robot and an alien way over due for consideration….
An item that might also be of interest would be the release of the Enterprise moving towards the maw of The Doomsday Machine – still , in my opinion the best trek episode ever made…

DSTChuck: Really not fair for us to speculate, right now the license is with another company and so far BBC and DST have not been able to come to an agreement on making any product together. As for Batman TV – we have a HUGE list of characters we want to make and in fact have designs for close to ten approved right now. Hopefully we’ll have some cool new stuff to show for Trek at Toy Fair.

Matt C.
Are you ever going to Make The beatles figures from the different era of the group the 50’s 60’s 70’s i know you would have to get permission from Paul, Ringo, Yoko ono and Olivia Harrison and Apple. and do a box set for each beatles 50’s 60 70’s ringo, george john, paul
Are you ever going to do a Ghostbuster figure line.i know you have the ghostbuster banks and any more The munsters figures like Charlie Munster
Are you making any more Universal Monsters figures. Because there one figure i would really like to see be made is The phantom of the opera The mask of the red death. Universal Monsters look like them but the dracula one does not look like Bela Lugosi is because of the copyright on his likeness that his son fought for the rights for?
Other universal monster figures i like to see are a boxset ones like a frankenstein boxset it comes with the Monster, Colin Clive as Henry, Fritz, Edward Van Sloan as Dr. Waldman, Bride of frankenstein set that comes with the Bride, the monsters with changeable head because in the movie his hair grows back,Ernest Thesiger as Doctor Pretorius Una O’Connor as Minnie another frankenstein boxset just of the monster that comes with Boris Karloff as the monster, Lon Chaney Jr as the monster, Bela Lugosi as the monster and glenn strange as the monster because each actor had the look different . I apologize for the long message

DSTChuck: We have had many conversations with Apple through the years about Beatles products, and so far we have not been able to reach an agreement. Right now the rights to Ghostbusters figures sits with another company, so there is nothing we can do at this time. I think our Munsters line is complete after these three series. Its been a blast and privilege to work on it but I think we’ve done what we set out to do. As of now we have only planned as far as series 5 for UM, but I’m pretty sure that will be the last series …

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