Ask DST #235: Marvel Select!

It’s a Marvel-ous Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys’ president, DSTChuck! Requests for Marvel Select figures come fast and furious, and DSTChuck lets you know which are in the works, which are at the top of our list and which are not on DST’s radar-sense.

Rick E.
Hey there, so….next year is destined to be Marvel movie heavy. Can we expect figures for Amazing Spidey 2 (I assume Spidey and Electro), Guardians of the Galaxy (I assume Starlord, and PLEASE do Drax with pack in Rocket), and Captain America 2 (Cap and Winter Soldier)?

DSTChuck: I can say YES on Captain America – there will be two figures, as for the rest I can’t really say yet, it’s too early for all the details to be worked out with Marvel and the studio.

Lee B.
Hey Chuck I’ve always surported The line like many other’s that post stuff and at The beginning of The Year you guys knocked it out The Park but… With Marvel Selects being released late becoming a regular occurrence are you guys slightly concerned other lines are catching up for example The S.H.Figuarts line is Incredible and Hasbro although lack quality are releasing some Awesome Stuff in terms of Idea’s anyway, For example at NYCC they showed off Carnage and Superior Spider-Man plus they released The Scarlet Spider before you guys :( So i’m just wondering if you guys have a rough idea of how 2014 line up looks in terms of Comic Related Stuff *Cough Cough*
Superior Spider-Man (Brand New Sculpt, New Costume and Octopus Legs/Arms on his back), Scarlet Spider “Kaine” (Again New Sculpt as he’s meant to be 6ft4), Carnage (Similar to Venom but even better I believe in you guys lol), Toxin “Eddie Brock” (Spanking New Sculpt Eddie Sales like a GOD!!!)
P.S. Keep up The Awesome Work Silver Surfer looks Fab :)

DSTChuck: Not sure what you mean by “late” – do you mean other companies have the character in figure form before we do? There is nothing we can do to control that, and time to market is not our PRIMARY concern, our top concern is quality. I think 2014 is almost all set, we might have one or at the most two holes to fill but I’ll know more about that soon.

Anton J.
Will there be chance that you would make a Marvel Select Malekith figure?

DSTChuck: Sorry, he would not be too high on our list.

Predator Alpha
I think two toys you guys should make for the Marvel Select line is Carnage and Toxin. Thank you for your time.

DSTChuck: I think Toxin is a long shot and Carnage is on the short list.

Chris H.
So DSTChuck any chances on a Angela or a adam warlock

DSTChuck: We have not even checked with Marvel yet on Angela, though they did let us do a Minimate. I don’t think we’ve ever talked about Adam Warlock though.

James W.
I told myself I would not get into another DST/AA line due to having too many already but darned if the Marvel Selects haven’t sucked me in. So I have a question about a few of my favorite X Men characters and if they are being considered for possible release.
Cable, Bishop, Forge. Any chances of getting to these any time soon?

DSTChuck: Welcome to the team, James! Of your wish list, I would think Cable is the most likely.

Mike W.
I picked up some of your Universal Monsters releases (Phantom, Hyde, and Mole Man) and have really enjoyed them. It occurred to me that they need somebody to keep them in line. I’ve heard Van Helsing is coming next year, but how about a Marvel Select comic Blade? Not only would he fill a void in your MS line, but he would fit in great with the monsters too.
Thanks! Keep up the great work!

DSTChuck: I don’t think we’ve really looked at Blade before but he certainly has not been ruled out.

Darth Vader
Hey Chuck,
Couple questions for ya.
When are you planning on revealing upcoming figures? Specifically the 9 non-exclusive for 2014…it seems like it’s been forever since we heard anything. Next question – care to drop some hints at least?
With that said, me being a collector of this other Marvel line and using some Marvel Select figures to go with this other line, do you think I’ll be happy for 2014?
Vader out!

DSTChuck: Ideally we like to show new stuff at our major shows and I think sometimes DSTZach uses if the show timing does not work out. Sometimes with the movie properties our hands are tied by the studios on what we can show and when… Ideally we’d LOVE one figure going into stores, one figure being ordered and the figure after that being teased, but that seldom works out.

John T.
Hey DST, I have recently started my dream collection with The classic Venom that was recently released (best Venom EVER!!!), Classic Amazing Spider-man, Deadpool, The Wolverine movie fig, Anti-venom, and I am currently saving to buy the discontinued trio of Marvel Zombie Figurines. I have something to ask that has been killing me for the longest time, that I hope you can answer to end my suffering. It’s pretty simple. I would just like to know if any of these characters are at all being planned/have a chance to be made into figures:
Superior Spider-man (New Alex Ross look w/ tentacle arms) Superior Carnage, or classic Carnage Toxin (Broxin as some have started to refer him as) Scorpion (New Alistair Smythe upgraded version) Electro (his new look after “Gauntlet” upgrade) Doc Ock (Terminally ill version) Spider-man 2099 Morbius Mysterio Mr. Negative Scarlet Spider (Marvel Legends did okay, but I know Marvel Select will do better) Marvel Zombie Venom, Green Goblin, Dock Ock, and Rhino or Juggernaut.
If any of these have a chance I will be as giddy as a school girl.
In all seriousness though, I would like to have toys such as these from you for my collection.

DSTChuck: Some of these characters are in the works or serious discussions, but maybe not in the specific uniform / time period you are looking for.

Johnny U.
Hey Chuck,
I’ve been following your posts for a while now and the one question I never see asked is if you plan to make a figure of Jim Lee’s Cyclops from his 90s run? It was a favourite growing up and I need it in the 7 inch scale.

DSTChuck: We already did a Cyclops figure not too long ago, so I do not think another one is planned soon.

Rafael M.
A huge fan of Marvel Select, with 2 questions:
1) Any chance to re-issue Mephisto and Watcher? Both are very good figures and hard to find with expensive prices at webstores.
2) Do you have a study comparing the huge figures (Abomination, Juggy, Hulk etc) and the normal ones (Wolverine, Spiderman, Deadpool etc) informing that the huge ones have a bigger sale than the smallers? Personally, I think that your strongest pontetial in this line is the huge one, than can be used in another Marvel waves.

DSTChuck: 1) They are not planned at this time, but we look at our past figures from time to time to see which ones might be in demand, so never say never.
2) Sure, sometimes the larger figures sell better but they cost us much more to produce and sometimes the smaller figures do great like Venom or the figure we did of Spidey for ASM. I think from what we have seen, a well-done figure does well. That said, we could never afford to make the line just huge figures. We know fans like them, and they are pretty cool to work on, but they were really born from the idea that this line should be in scale as best we could SO Wolvo should be shorter and Hulk should, well, look like a Hulk…

Casey M.
I am a huge fan of ya’lls work, the marvel action figures you guys make are amazing in quality! I Just picked up Venom and Anti Venom and i have to say, they look just like the comic book! Just one quick question though. Is there any chance we might see a Spiderman 2099 figure? ever since i first bought one of the 2099 comics i’ve really liked the character, but i cant seem to find any versions of the figure that even come close to the quality of Diamond select.
Keep up the good work guys!

DSTChuck: Casey thanks for the kind worlds – happy to have you onboard! While we would NEVER rule out any version of Spidey I don’t think that version is near the top of our list. Sorry.

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