Ask DST #236: Minimates to Maximum!

It’s an all-Minimates Q&A with DSTChuck! The president of Diamond Select Toys answers questions about Marvel, Walking Dead and Invincible Minimates, and fields inquiries about Hellboy, Legend of Zelda and Agents of SHIELD! Minimize your assumptions and maximize your expectations!

Brad D.
I bought and loved the Marvel Strange Tales Minimates box set. Those off the wall Marvel characters are some of my favorites. Is there a chance for a second box set, or at least individual releases in upcoming waves for characters like Man-Thing and Brother Voodoo?

DSTChuck: A second box set would be much more likely than some two packs.

Steve F.
Any chance we could see a heroes for hire boxset? I would love to see Luke, Danny, Misty, and Colleen together in their original costumes

DSTChuck: There has been some discussion on a Power Man / Iron Fist two-pack comeback, but I doubt we’ll see a box set.

Josh C.
Hey there,
I know this has been asked before, but could you guys please, please, please do a 2-pack of Phoenix Five Namor and Magik? I know that a lot of Minimates fans want to complete their Phoenix Five set (me included)!

DSTChuck: It’s possible but I think as time passes it gets less likely. If we can find the right spot I’d like to finish the set though.

Adam S.
Any chance we could get Hobbit or more LotR MiniMates? We never got a Gandalf the Grey, Bilbo, Ringwraiths, Twilight Witchking or the Morgul Lord Witchking. Add all the cool Dwarves (or at least Thorin, Balin & Dwalin), and you’ve got at least a dozen sets. It’s not like anyone else is releasing ANY figures for this awesome franchise. I LOVE my complete set of LotR and would be ALL-IN for more!

DSTChuck: Sorry Adam I don’t think there are any plans to jump back in there again, of course with the usual “never say never “disclaimer.

Rafael R.
Hello, my name is Rafael and I am a minimate-holic… can you please add to my vice by making: Hellcat, Nighthawk, Black Knight (classic Avengers version), Moondragon (70s version), Tigra, Falcon (classic red & white costume), Wonderman (original costume), Wonderman (Perez 70s costume), Wasps in a bunch of costumes, Jocasta, Jarvis, Guardians of the Galaxy (Abnett & Lanning and classic), Jack of Hearts, Imperial Guard!!!, (1st appearance & evil) Rogue, Kitty Pryde (in her 1st appearance X-men costume), (Disco) Dazzler… Pretttttty please????????

DSTChuck: I’d never say never but I think some of those are long shots.

Paul W.
Hi Really enjoying your comic-based Marvel minimates line, especially the recent wave 50. Just wondered, with the inhumans about to have a more prominent role in the marvel universe if there were any plans to add some more of those to your roster? Be particularly nice to see medusa and crystal. Thanks.

DSTChuck: No plans right now, but it’s very possible and 2014 is not fully set yet so.

Dear DST/Art Astlum,
I am writing to submit a few of my ideas, which I hope you’ll enjoy!
First of all, I was really impressed with the Deadpools Assembles Minimates boxset from this years Comic Con! The little details and top notch acsessories really made it a must have. I would really appreciate a second one! I’m not sure how many super heros/villains he has impersonated, but much like Iron Pheonix Killer Pool was, I’m sure you could come up with some amazing ideas. I think making a second, even third boxset would be amazing, and would sell very well. From a producers stand point, also it is cheaper to produce, due to there being no need to create new parts. Please create more Deadpools Assembles boxsets!
Secondly, have you ever considered a Stan Lee figure as either a Minimate, or Select figure? I think he would be awesome, as much like what Lego has done, he could incorporate all the different super powers he has created. Like he could have exchangeable parts to make him the best superhero ever.
I hope you like my ideas, and I hope even more that these get made!

DSTChuck: I think Deadpool is very popular, so he is in our minds when we make a line plan, but I think it’s too soon for another box set. Sorry, we have no rights to Stan Lee, so nothing is in the plans.

Minifiend UK
Hi guys/gals and intelligent other lifeforms.
I know you have meetings about what new Minimates are being released but I think you keep forgetting one and this one keeps popping up time and time again with fans and that is Man-Thing. You must remember that the minimate fans were once rabid for Kang now the object of our attention seems to be moving to Man-Thing.
So has the thought of Big and Bulky Man-Thing ever come up with anyone there?
Now you must have meetings where you all sit around and toss ideas at each other to see what sticks. So how about in one of these meetings you might be on the verge of frustration just not knowing what to fill that last slot with just have a eureka moment and whip out Man-Thing. I’m more then positive the reaction from fans and maybe employees would be close to a standing ovation for such a bold and proud choice.
Cheers for letting me get Man-Thing out there and in the public eye.

DSTChuck: We’ll keep it in mind.

Eli B.
I heard that you’re making aliens Minimates, Are you going to make predator?
Could you make another Nightcrawler Minimate and possibly another hulk buster iron man Minimate. I missed out on the first one. Could you make another Dr. Octopus Minimate?

DSTChuck: We do not have the license for Predator at this time, and we’re just getting geared up for Aliens, so we’ll have to see what the future holds. I think some of the Marvel requests are very possible at some point.

Matt K.
Hello hello DST!
I just finished reading the Infinity story line, and i got to thinkin about which minimates were possibly gonna be made. Now if minimates are gonna be made from this story line, would it be a double 4 pack toys r us fan pick, like the A vs X story line? Or would it just be a single four pack with toys r us specialties? OR (and this would be a BIG or) would there be a line made up of major characters that would be strictly sent to comic stores and specialties sent to toys r us?
I for one would like to see Captain Universe, Starbrand, Adam, Ex Nihilo, Abyss, A Builder, maybe Alephs, Ronan the accuser, Thanos, Thane, Captain Marvel, and maybe a few of Thanos’ Black Order.
Then I suppose there always has to be recognizable characters. I’d go with Thor, Beast, Iron Man (in his new armor) and Dr. Strange, Black Panther and a battle damaged Black Bolt.
Keep up the great minimate work! TTFN!

DSTChuck: I do think if we wanted to tackle a storyline like that we’d have to do something that crossed all our formats, but not sure we’re up for tackling something like that right now.

Kostis F.
Hey there! I just went over my ultimate comics so naturally, I want to check my ultimate mates. As it turns out, we haven’t gotten that much. Wave 27, the ultimate x-men and some characters here and there. So, are there any plans for more Ultimate mates? Since the universe is probably ending a wave or two with some box sets would be the perfect swan song. An Ultimate’s lcs wave:
Re-done Ultimate Armor Iron Man/Children of Tomorrow (army builder) Iron Patriot/Children of Tomorrow Thor/Hulk Hawkeye/Black Panther Wasp/Giant Man
She-Kang/Cloak, Evil Reed/Dagger, Namor/Quicksilver, Green Goblin/Mystique
Box Sets:
Fantastic Four (i alaways LOVED the Ultimate FF costumes): Reed, Sue, Non-Flame on Johny, Thing (purple energy being version)
Ultimate Villains: Doom, Magneto, Doc Ock, Loki
If that can’t happen, I’ll take just the FF box set please. But seriously now, it’s been going for 10 years and something now and we haven’t gotten that many characters. Most are famous characters that would appeal to children and the others are updates of old figures that give new collectors a chance to get them while not re-releasing the same figure again.
Anyway, I just hope we do see some Ultimate love down the line.

DSTChuck: I don’t think we’re looking at making lines with a focus on the Ultimate Universe, but that’s not to say the Ultimate Universe is forgotten.

Kevin S.
Hey, just wanted to let you guys know, I figured out your next Walking Dead Minimates wave. So, you can relax now…have a cup of coffee…no need to thank me. Happy to do it.
Wave 5 (flashback wave): Tyreese & Andrea (first appearances), Carl & Zombie Penny, Maggie & Sophia, Axel & Thomas
Toys R Us Exclusives: Allen & Ben, Donna & Billy
Exclusive 4 pack (Amazon or a convention) Abraham, Eugene, Rosita & Gabriel
That should pretty much take care of the earlier storylines. Except for Jim. You could throw Jim in there with a zombie. That’d be another great two-pack. And as I’ve said in previous questions/comments, you can use the “Puck” feet for the youngins. It’ll make them a tad shorter than everyone else.
Can’t wait for Series 5! When can we expect an announcement?

DSTChuck: Kevin, we are not looking at flashback series or anything along those lines right now, although that’s not to say we’re not going to do something like that at some point. Should be news on series 5 anytime now, series 6 as well as 5 are planned out. Series 5 is being painted right now.

Joey R.
this is my first time asking so let me get into it how about a Spiderman box set with manspider, scarlet spider ben or kaine, anti-sinister 6 suit, and noir or possibly releasing any of these characters in a pack?

DSTChuck: While we are always looking at a Spidey box set as a possibility I don’t think that one is one we’re looking at.

Bruno Z.
Is there any chance of releasing Hellboy and B.P.R.D.’s crew on Minimates?
And about the possible new Gambit you told a few ASK DST ago, any news?
Some Minimates are very hard to find now, as 90’s Gambit, Excalibur’s box Juggernaut and a few others. Is there any plan to relaunch or update them?
And please, continue with more Invincible Minimates!
Best regards!

DSTChuck: We do not have rights to Hellboy at this time, and when the movies came out another company already had rights to block figures. While I would not rule out a Gambit MM, there is not one planned right now. I don’t think we’ve taken secondary market value in mind for an update, but I suppose that could be part of the equation – just not consciously.

Frank P.

I have loved Minimates since Superman(battle damage) vs Brainiac 13. I have three questions that I am sure you get asked all the time;
1) Have you looked into getting a Legend Of Zelda four pack? It could be Link, Zelda, Ganon, and Ganadorf.
2) With the popularity of “Arrow” and “Man of Steel” any hope of DC returning to Minimate land?
3) I know there is a Invincible box set coming out soon with invincible, Atom Eve, Omniman and, Alan the Alien but is there a chance of getting a second set with villains like Conquest, Battlebeast, dr. seismic and a reanimen soldier?
Thanks again and make mine Mini!

DSTChuck: Hey Frank – thanks for sticking around.
1) We do not currently have the rights to any Nintendo games – but we have made an inquiry to them.
2) The prospect of DC returning to Minimates rests solely with DC not with DST.
3)I think we’ll need to see how the first set does but I know we’d love to do more Invincible MM.

Brian F.
Hey, Chuck– Since I know your most favoritist thing in the entire world is specific character requests, I thought I’d put a bug in your ear. I was just admiring what a terrific job you guys did on the TRU wave 15 Nova Flame Human Torch and got thinking: you know who else could benefit from all of those translucent add-ons? Iceman! With all of his ice constructs, Bobby could be like 12 figures in one! I’m thinking chunky bulk-up fists and feet, an extra head cap, and the finishing touch, an ice “X” base like Johnny’s flaming “4.” That would be a great figure. So, yeah, how about it?

DSTChuck: Brian, it’s not that I have a problem with the request, but it’s not something they want me unveiling in this Q&A, and if I went as far out as possible with this, fans would just want me to go further out. Also many of our lines could go so deep, you could request many characters that we could never get to. We’ve done Iceman before, but I don’t think we’ve ever given any serious thought to something like a super-deluxe version.

Matt S.
Oh man, it’s me yet again. Sorry!
A couple of things:
1) The one quality control issue I see and really am bugged by is loose-fitting arm sockets. It can’t be fixed with the usual tricks for helping loose parts, such as re-heating/cooling with hot/cold water or using nail polish/super glue. Perfect figures like “series 50” Nova and “Best Of” Mr Fantastic’s arms fall off way too easily. Nova’s an easy fix with other gold-armed Iron Men… but there’s no fix for Mr. Fantastic and he’s in my favorite version of the costume. And coming from somebody that likes buying multiples, especially of favorite characters, it’s a real drag.
2) Think we’ll see a classic Invisible Woman in the same costume as the “Best of” Mr. Fantastic? It’d be neat to have her in that version, updated, and hey! Maybe her arms’ll fit tightly… meaning I’m sure to buy 6 of that set instead of my standard 3, just so I can fix Mr. Fantastic’s arms. ;) 3) Amy with Customer Service is wonderful, amazing, charming and incredibly helpful. I wrote her back personally and thanked her but I wanted to make sure she got some out-in-the-open credit as well.
4) Hey, so… all these movie series and stuff. How about some CLASSIC comic book love? There are several perfect candidates that didn’t make the cut for Series 50. (Black Knight II, Mindless Ones, Mandroids, bulky Abomination, Mojo and classic Falcon, for the love of God).
5) If you, personally, could green-light one previously unmade Spider-Man villain, who would it be and why?
6) You folks are doing a fantastic job and even though the character selection isn’t always what I’d prefer it to be, I’m still buying new Minimates like mad and hope to see no end in sight to this trend.
7) Wondering if there are plans for a Carl Minimate yet? We’re 4 series in with a 5th on the way (though not as-of-yet announced) and no Carl is a pretty glaring blank. Considering the use of the short arms/legs used in the 3rd Thundercats set, I was hoping we’d see Carl soon.

DSTChuck: Hey Matt!
1) Sorry you’ve had issues with the parts falling out- maybe customer service can help you. There can at times be a tolerance issue with the parts, but we’ve worked to get tighter on that, and I do think they are better.
2) I don’t think there has been any talk lately of a third Best Of series or making another Invisible woman.
3) Thanks for passing on the good word, she sits very close to me, and I know she puts a ton of time and effort into all the requests we get and being that she is the only one here to deal with that and all her other duties, I know she does the best she can.
4) I think the Series 50 is a one-time thing, but there is no reason some of those characters could not be done in another series. I doubt we’ll ever stray completely from the comic stuff – it’s just that 2014 is pretty movie heavy. 2015 looks to be lighter so we’ll have more slots to fill with non-movie series.
5) Tough question, since I can personally green-light a character. I don’t know, though I have my favorites, but I suppose some of the villains from the 70’s when I came of age reading Spidey would be cool – like the Gibbon or something.
6) Thanks – sorry some of our picks have not worked for you.
7) Yes, we will do a Carl MM at some point.

Stacie S.
Any interest in making a WD prison display/play set? A simple building that hinges open with floors/shelves inside would be FANTASTIC!! Our 6 year old collects Walking Dead and Marvel and is constantly in search of an appropriately sized building to use with Minimates play. We’ve used everything from cardboard boxes to plastic bins and most recently a recycled Batcave but nothing is quite right (according to him). He has even asked me to take the Batcave apart, paint it to look more like a prison and then reassemble it… HELP!

DSTChuck: Man I totally remember all those cool play sets from when I was a kid. However, the industry has changed, and it seems like they are not as viable an item as they used to be due to the high cost and expected low sales. We’ve tried a few ideas over the past year from resin to cardboard but none of them seem to have generated sufficient interest.

Hank F.
With Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. underway, what are the chances we might get to see some Minimates of featured characters? Also, any possibility of Kurse from Thor: The Dark World?

DSTChuck: Right now we have no plans to do product for AOS, but if it gets picked up for a second season we would want to take a good look at it. We have no more product planned for Dark World – there was a series developed for TRU but they passed on the line, so I think all those figures go into limbo.

Nando X.
1) Does your Marvel license cover Marvel/Miracle Man for Minimates? What about the shield show?
2) With regards to the Wolverine 2 Minimates — how come you didn’t do the big baddie at the end? Silver Samurai would have been pretty cool figure. Since the movie toys are probably done with, how about a comic version?
3) Finally, Winter Soldier Minimates just got announced for comic shops — is toys r us going to get a set as well?

1) We have asked, and it does not look like Miracle Man is included in our license and AOS would be a separate license, just like all the movies are.
2) We are only able to do movie figures that the studio gives reference for or confirm. We had expected him to be in the movie based on the graphic novel, but we were unable to get reference since they were still locking the look for the movie so we had to go without.
3)I think at this time TRU is passing on Winter Soldier MM but I am honestly not 100% sure if that is final.

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