Ask DST #237: Star Trek!

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It’s an all-Star Trek Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck! Our illustrious captain takes the helm to answer any and all questions about TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, TWOK and other abbreviations!

Maxwell G.
Is it likely that the Phasers and Tricorders from The Next Generation will be added to your line in the future?
A TNG Tricorder at the $30 – $75 price point with accurate lights and sounds would be a huge hit if eBay prices for the old and poorly done “Playmates” ones are anything to go by. Open box auctions of them sell for around $50. Modified Playmates TNG Tricorders with added lights and a new coat of paint routinely go for literally hundreds of dollars.
I know I for one would buy one if you released them.

DSTChuck: Hey Maxwell, I think we’d like to keep on a track of a couple role-play items each year. We’ve been short of that in the past but we’re hoping it’s realistic. As we go along I am sure we will look at TNG for inspiration, though I think SRP of $30.00 is not very realistic in today’s environment. It would be more in line with the pricing you see on our existing role-play.

Randall M.
Hello I have been wanting to get the Enterprise B but heard that the side decal wasn’t right and there were some mishaps on that. Has that now been corrected? I would like to get one this Christmas. Keep up the good work on the ships and role play stuff as I have them all. Hopefully would love to see a Enterprise C one day. I know it is not in the very top but just keep it in mind to get made in the not too distant batch or so.
Does the Enterprise D there coming back out with again this year, are there any changes to it or is it the same as before when the 1st issued it back in 2008 I believe? Thanks.

DSTChuck: The initial run of the Enterprise B had the wrong name, but corrective decals are available; new runs are all correct. If there are ways to improve the ships when we do a new production run, we do that, and it would be the same with the D run early next year.

Sam E.
Hey Chuck, Zach & all the crew there at DST.
Question about Star Trek Minimates. I saw in your recent Q&A that sales have not been great for the Legacy Mates. If it is the only set we get from the Trek Minimate re-launch, than it was a perfect wave to add to our collections.
Would you ever consider releasing a TNG box set or 2 including the main seven characters? I realize getting our hopes up for complete crews from every Trek is unrealistic, but surely TNG is still loved enough that people would buy them.
Could it be an SDCC/NYCC/Toy Fair set? or are convention exclusives only from lines that are more popular like Marvel?
Thanks for your time & keep up the awesome work!

DSTChuck: Nothing has been decided for Trek so nothing is off the table – we’ll have to see how the year goes.

Al P.
hi there! I must say something about your Enterprise-E, I love the detail that was put in but I hope that a re-release will come shortly and there should be some changes.
1. Have the option of lights on only
2. Please don’t put the copyright markings on the nacelle
3. Please find another place to put the reset button
4. Have the entire ship a nice darker color with the nemesis paint scheme, it would look very sharp.

1. I do not think we can do the lights on only mode. That ship’s development started before we purchased it from Art Asylum and is a feature we added after we took over the line.
2. I am not sure that is possible but we’ll see.
3. We cannot move a button without doing some new tooling.
4. I do not think there are any plans to make a dramatic change to the coloring, but there are three different paint schemes out there, including a Nemesis-specific one and the original hybrid version, so hopefully one of those appeals to you.

Alisdair C.
Hey guys love your stuff huge collector, I have a couple of questions for you I apologies if they have already been asked .. Ok here goes..
1) Been trying to get my hands on a enterprise phase pistol and communicator for AGES!! .. these are is such high demand .. they are like gold dust, do you ever plan to re release these?? (I beg you too)
2) I love your role play toys , you do an amazing job , can we expect to see anything along the lines of the following , Beverly crushers medical tricorder , a boomerang or dolphin phaser, a mark x tricorder, a little cricket phaser , or the ultimate would be a voyager compression riffle or the long black barreled phaser rifle from first contact!!.. are any of these a possibility??
3) finally this is more of a suggestion .. a Borg cube would be amazing from you guys .. and on one side you could have an opening (like stargates iris shield) and when its open you can remove a glowing green Borg sphere.. how cool is that?? I reckon you guys could do a grand job on that!!
anyways keep up the amazing work and hope to see a reply soon ..
biggest fan always and forever

DSTChuck: No worries Alisdair here you go!
1) Right now we do not have any plans to issue more Enterprise phasers or communicators but we have thought about the ship.
2) Glad you like them. I would not say they are not possible, but I don’t think many of those are near the top of our list.
3) We’ve absolutely looked at the Borg cube, but have not figured out how we’d want to do it, so it’s not definite.

Andrew L.
Just checkin’ in again on if you have made a decision yet on the next Trek Tek and when we can find out what it will be? I love this line and so far have bought at least one of each of them.

DSTChuck: Yes we have decided and hope to show it at Toy Fair if all goes well and we get a little lucky.

Dave K.
I would like to take this opportunity to state that I think your starships are awesome. For a toy to have the level of detail that your starships have, it is truly amazing.
I know there are countless ships both Starfleet and alien and Star Trek fans all want “their favorite” ships released (mine is the Excelsior…THANKS!).
That being said, and in no particular order, any chance that USS Grissom, USS Stargazer, and USS Enterprise-C might be considered for production?
Keep up the great work and I look forward to whatever you folks decide to release!

DSTChuck: Glad you like them. I think it’s a little early to settle on the next ship, we still have lots to do with Excelsior and the revised A.

Yakov B.
Hello, the current lineup of Star Trek ships is very impressive, and begs the question of whether we’ll start to see more variety in the future. Seeing as Playmates were pretty much the last bunch to offer the likes of larger electronic versions of the Vorcha attack cruiser and Romulan Bird of Prey, can we expect Diamond Select to tackle such classics and release them?

DSTChuck: I think the days of seeing a spread of releases like Playmates did is long gone. The market place and the property are just not there anymore. I think a couple role-play and a couple new ships each year is about the best we can hope for.

Adam M.
Firstly I’d just like to apologize for the overly-enthusiastic fans who tell you that you MUST make something, and claim to speak for all Star Trek fans everywhere. I swear we’re not all that bad!
On to my question – obviously your wonderful Klingon Bird of Prey has been out for a little while now and seems to have been very well received. Are there are plans of an IKS Rotarran version featuring the voice of J.G Hertzler as General Martok? I’ve been holding off on pulling the trigger on the off chance this version will appear.
Thanks. :-)

DSTChuck: Adam – no worries, we love the fans enthusiasm. It’s what makes them fans. I don’t think we’ll go there next. I would think our next villain (Alien) ship would not be Klingon…but it’s not 100% decided, so I can’t say. Glad you like the BOP though.

Levi B.
First off I’d like to say just how much I’ve enjoyed your role-play products in the past! The level of quality and attention to detail for the price is incredible! That being said, I’ve noticed that there is a severe lack in the market of role-play items of such quality for The Next Generation era. Is there any chance you would consider any TNG era role-play such as a Cobra style or Boomerang style phaser or possibly a tricorder? I hope either of these are a possibility, thanks for reading, and keep up the great work!

DSTChuck: I think. yes, we do consider TNG each time so I expect it’s a matter of when, not if.

Ascanio B.
I’m sorry if I insist on this question but I am a huge fan of your toys. Unfortunately I missed the enterprise-a model and it seems impossible to find by now. I read that at Comic Con a new model was presented, but there is no or very little information on the web about it. Could I ask if it will be released and, if so, if it is possible to get a very rough idea of the release period for it? thank you very much

DSTChuck: No worries man, I answer every question that’s what we’re here for. When we have a working model of the A from the factory we’ll be sure to start promoting it at shows and online. I am sure by the time it comes out you will be sick of hearing about it. I am sorry, but history has taught us not to give out any ship date information until the time comes to solicit orders to best keep the potential delays out of the public eye.

Jeff W.
Now that all of the NCC-1701 A,B,D,E, Any plans for the C to finish the Enterprise Line? The Ambassador Class USS Enterprise NCC-1701 C or are you going to leave us hanging like playmates lol also for a second in the ambassador class line you could Release the USS Excalibur NCC-26517 any plans on that?

DSTChuck: The C would be possible, but we have other ships we’re looking at as well and while we see the appeal there is nothing compelling us to make sure we cover all the “letters” of the Enterprise as opposed to some other ship we green light.

Mark F.
I was wondering if there is/ever was discussion to develop a bridge set(like the 3 broken bow pieces from Enterprise) for either TOS or TNG crew? I think they would make awesome display pieces.
Oh, and while I’m here, I might as well ask about the next ship (everyone else does, why don’t they already know your response by now?) any hints to next “alien” ship?
Thanks a lot.

DSTChuck: Sorry, Mark I do not think we’ll be doing anything like a build a bridge accessory anytime soon. Honestly, we have not settled on the next “alien” ship – we’ve given all the obvious choices consideration.

Wayne B.
Hi, Just a comment. I’m a major Star Trek fan and I know many more. We would love to see your company produce a USS Defiant, USS Voyager, and a Deep Space Nine space station. Thanks!

DSTChuck: Wayne thanks for the feedback I think we’d consider all of those except for the DS9 station – I really don’t see us doing that anytime soon.

Derek C.
I was wondering if there was any chance of a re-release of the Enterprise NX-01 to your Starship Legends line?

DSTChuck: I’d say it’s possible, but we’re not working on bringing that ship back at this time.

Richard W.
Are there plans for releasing the Romulan commander from “balance of terror” episode of star trek? This would be a great figure to have. I saw something on the internet about but could not find one for sale. Please contact me with any information regarding this. Thanx

DSTChuck: Right now the only action figure line we are working on is the Select line, and sorry, no plans for any Romulan right now.

Chris C.
I noticed in your last round of Star Trek questions, you mentioned that talks were currently underway concerning the future of the Star Trek Retro line, I’d like to say how much I enjoy this line as I have recently begun collecting the range. I am impressed by all of the facial sculpts and would love the line to continue. So fingers crossed a plan can be made.
I’d like to ask, if there is a possibility of a smaller 3.75-4 inch range of Star Trek figures being made in the future, along with playsets and vehicles etc?
Many thanks for your continued pleasing of us fans!

DSTChuck: Chris, glad you like the retro line, it’s been a ton of fun for us to work with EMCE toys on that line and we hope it continues too. Unfortunately at this time we are not looking at the 3.75” range for a line of toys.

Vulcans Fury
Regarding your recent Q&A, you mentioned a possible return of the Star Trek 8″ Cloth Retro line. Would these be done with updated, closer-to-true-likeness portrait sculptures, instead of the retro version that mimiced vintage releases? I feel the retro collectors got what they needed with the previous releases, and I would love to see updated truer-to-actual-likeness head sculpts similar to your incredible Phantom of the Opera 8″ Retro Cloth figure. The retro-sculpting on the Retro Captain Picard figure did not appeal to me, and updated sculpting would get me to buy the TOS cast in retro 8″ cloth scale.
Also, PLEASE bring back Star Trek Minimates!

DSTChuck: We are not sure what our plans for the retro line will be going forward, so I can’t say for sure but if I had to guess they would be like the vintage releases.

Ronald R.
Since Star Trek Voyager 20th Anniversary is in 2015, is there any hope for some Voyager Products. Select Figures?, Ships? and or Minimates? I hate that playmates is the only thing Voyager related and it would be an honor to have you guys give me my favorite series the detail only DST products have.

DSTChuck: We have not settled on our late 2014 or 2015 plans yet. We do try and make products based on all the shows, but it’s true Voyager has not gotten as much love as some of the others.

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