Ask DST #239: Marvel-ous Questions!

It’s a merry Marvel Ask DST, with a multitude of questions about Diamond Select Toys’ Marvel Select figures! DSTChuck tries to answer every question submitted to Ask DST, and does his level best to keep dream-crushing to a minimum.

Shandon W.
Hello Chuck,
1) First off, I wanted to say thanks for answering the questions of the DST fan base. Can’t say anyone else is doing it.
2) Secondly, can we see some more villains? I know everyone is complaining about missing out on the movie version Loki and is crying for DST to re-release him. Maybe a crash course on toy licensing should be included on the back of the packaging. Either way, a rough 20%-25% of your released figures are villains, can we get some more bad guys? Personally, I’d like to see a comic version Loki to match the re-released Disney Thor, a comic Mandarin and some classic X-Men villains, such as Omega Red, Mr. Sinister, Mystique, Cyber or Silver Samurai (comic version). If you just said one of the above is on your short list, I’d be happy.
3) Finally, could newer figures be designed with older accessories in mind? I understand it depends on the sculptor, Jean St. Jean, Sam Greenwell, Gentle Giant etc… but could it be an option? For example, if a TASM 2 spidey were made, could the neck joint be designed/fitted for the unmasked TASM 1 head? or vice versa.
Next, I’d like to turn the tables, if it’s at all possible. It’s often always about the fans, but what is it that the makers of this successful line would like to accomplish with the Marvel Select line?
Thanks for taking the time to mull over the meaningless gripes of the DST fan base.
P.S. I’m at 66 now.

DSTChuck: Shandon, my pleasure, I think it’s great that fans care enough about our products to take the time to write in and ask questions. I really wish we could do more figures in the line, especially when you look at the movies, but it’s just not that type of line, so we have to pick our spots. For the most part with the movie part of the line we do TRY and do the main hero and the villain. We could not get reference in time for Silver Samurai for Wolverine and for Thor we had to make a tough choice, for Avengers you already had a Loki and we did the aliens but it’s not always going to work out that way. Just because we do a movie version it does not rule out a comic version BUT with the limited number of releases I have to be honest it does play a part. Hmm to be honest I don’t know if we ever looked at the old accessories as being part of newer figures. I think we’re producing MUCH better figures in this line than we did a few years ago BUT there are still times I’d like to go back and change things or refine them. Sometimes a project takes on a life of its own and speeds off in its own direction. The more continuity we can bring into the line the happier we and hopefully the fans will be.

James M.
The quality of your guy’s figures is so much better than everybody else’s that getting a Spiderman 2099 for my collection that isn’t made by DST just wouldn’t look right setting next to my deadpool, venom, green goblin and anti venom. Is there a possibility that we might see a Spiderman 2099 in the future?

DSTChuck: Never say never to a version of Spider-Man – even with the limited number of releases we do per year, Spidey is at the top of our thoughts.

Kenneth G.
first of all I would like to thank you for giving fans the possibility of expressing their thoughts. I have some questions regarding he marvel select line:
1. As always people would like figures re-released because they were missed the first time round. Most figures have been rereleased but how about rereleasing black widow 2 and Emma Frost? These figures are going for ridiculous prices on ebay…and I need them.
2. Any chance of getting a nice comic version of Ironman?
3. will you release the remaining members of the fantastic 4? we have Thing, Doom and soon the surfer so why not the rest? ever thought of making a 3pack with the remaining members?
4. A comic version of Red Skull?
and keep up the good work and those marvel heroes coming…

DSTChuck: 1) each year we go over our archives with the sales staff and they let us know the figures that they have had the most request for. With very FEW exceptions, none of the figures are retired, so we’ll see.
2) I kind of like the comic version we have that is already out there BUT Iron Man is one we look at often when we’re planning the line so there certainly could be a new one down the road.
3) I don’t think we’ll do a three pack BUT we have discussed releasing other members. But it’s not in the plans at this time.
4) It’s possible, but I think a little bit of a long shot with the limit on how many releases we put out in a year.
5) Thanks for the support.

Kyle R.
So with Amazing Spider-Man 2 coming out this year, I assume we’ll see a new Spidey and a Gwen Stacy or movie Electro, but Spidey’s classic comic villains (besides Green Goblin and Venom) need some love. Characters like…
Chameleon, Doctor Octopus, Electro, Hobgoblin, Kingpin, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, Sandman, Shocker, and Vulture
They’re all Spidey villains back to the ’60s that are still relevant today, so how about it?

DSTChuck: Not sure how deep we’ll go into ASM2 – at the time work had to be done on the line lots of stuff was still pretty secret with the studio. As for comic based Spidey we’re never not thinking about him or his villains.

Vic C.
Love your marvel select figures.. do you have any plans on making movie based shield agents? Hawkeye has one but what about Fury , Black Widow and maybe Maria Hill? Maybe you can issue this for Captain America Winter Soldier? Since those agents are also in it.. thanks.. keep up the good work..

DSTChuck: Right now, the way our deal with Marvel is written we can NOT do any more figures from the Avengers movie. When the next movie rolls around we’ll see but I expect there will be other characters we’ll look at first.

Luke D.
I know this is too soon but will the Captain America Winter Soldier Marvel Select have alternate heads like Iron Man and Wolverine?
Also is there any news about Days of Future Past? I know you all have to make deals and agreements, but I was wondering if there would be one or two Marvel Select figures coming from that film?
I know that some Marvel Selects have already been announced for next year; Captain America: The Winter Solider and some of the others, but is there any news on when other Marvel Selects will be announced?
Will there be any announcements for film based Marvel Selects such as
1. Amazing Spider-Man 2? 2. X-Men Days of Future Past? 3. Guardians of the Galaxy?
What new comic based figures can we expect?

DSTChuck: Nope, I can say here – just one head for the Cap figure. Still working on DoFP – sorry no update but I should hear soon. Hopefully we’ll be able to show some new figures at Toy Fair in February, but as for more to announce, I think we’re already about as deep into 2014 as we’re willing to go. The exception being if Disney wants some stuff for their stores BUT in the past they have wanted to wait as long as possible before announcing a new figure. It is possible we’ll have MS figures for all three you are asking about but not 100% set yet. Lots of moving parts in play with the movie stuff.

Dabid K.
I was very surprised to hear the announcement that the two Marvel Select Captain America: The Winter Soldier figures would be Captain America and the Falcon. Both of those are great choices, but it seems strange to not get the title character “The Winter Soldier” for the movie line at all. I know DST usually only releases two figures per movie, but is there any chance for a movie Winter Soldier figure to still be released? If not, any reason he was passed on?

DSTChuck: True, if we could have done more I think Winter Soldier would have been cool, BUT we have the comic one coming from Disney and the costumes are pretty close and we felt the Falcon was a one-time-chance kind of thing (Llke Jane Foster from Thor), and we wanted to see how cool a figure we could do with the wings and all.

Clayton B.
Well these past few days have given me some amazing products to look forward too, from the movie versions of Falcon and Cap, the Winter Soldier Minimates line, and now the Winter Soldier comic version in time for Christmas. So first off, thank you for what I’m sure will be amazing products. But, does this comic version of the Winter Soldier mean that we for sure won’t get a movie version?

DSTChuck: It kind of does, yeah. Since we do so few releases per year, we had to make a tough call and the thinking was at least this way all three were covered in some way and again, with the costume so close to the comic we went that way. Sorry if it’s not what you were hoping for.

Stevie L.
Hey is there any chance for a reissue of the Marvel Select Venom ? I wasn’t into collecting figures when it was out. I would love to pick him up since he looks to be the best Venom figure ever! But if you could do one change could you give the ankles like on your newest Marvel figures ? That would be awesome. Oh, and a Thor Dark World Loki would be cool too, I need a good Loki.

DSTChuck: I think for SURE we’d look at doing another run of Venom in 2014 – the figure came out very well and fans seem to be responding to it. Not sure we could change the ankles though.

Hey Chuck. Time to beat the dead horse again, but any plans for more F4, classic Avengers or classic Xmen? We’ve got a pretty good set of the Xmen already but I would love to get more from that era. The Avengers are off to a great start with Thor, Cap and Hawkeye but we need more. And the F4….Ol’ Ben is lonely. Can we expect more figures to fit in with these three groups in the near future or have you guys just moved on? I want to give you my money but it’s hard to with limited classic character releases. Looking forward to Silver Surfer soon.

DSTChuck: Always looking at Avengers and X-Men, as you know – it’s not like they have been ruled out in any way.

Jeremy B.
Hello. Will there be a rerelease of the marvel select ultimate venom, and can we expect a new carnage figure in 2014?

DSTChuck: I do not THINK we’ll re-release the Ultimate one now that the MU one has been done. Right now we are NOT working on a new Carnage figure, but that could change as we fill the last of our 2014 slots.

Tanya O.
Many of the upcoming Marvel Select reissues are of figures that were clearance out at the Disney Store like Black Widow or that sell for below retail price on the secondary market now (like Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman). Is there any chance that some of the other upcoming Marvel Select reissues in 2014 could be of some of the more desirable figures, such as Emma Frost, Ultimate Venom, The Watcher, Genis-Vell Captain Marvel variant, Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman variant, or Mephisto? I know that the Marvel Zombies heroes won’t be reissued, but are the rest of these off the table as well?

DSTChuck: Tanya we don’t really look too much at the secondary market, and in terms of the Disney figures, they said it was OK to release to everyone, and since not everyone has a Disney store near them we jumped at the chance to offer the figure to more fans. It was not the choice of one or the other – it seldom is.

Guilherme G.
Hi! First I would like to say thank for the constant re-release of some Marvel Select figures! I collect Marvel Minimates since you guys started but bought my first Marvel Select only this month and the re-releases surely will help to make my collection grow! I have 3 questions for you too:
1 – Any chances to see a new Punisher figure? Maybe based in his bearded look in the recent comics?
2 – Taskmaster???
3 – Since you are re-releasing some Disney Store exclusives figures in the regular market, any chance to see the Flash Thompson Venom in the comic shops soon???
Thank you again and keep making the excellent job!

DSTChuck: Happy to have you onboard! No Punisher in the works right now though while we’re happy with the one we did he could be in line for an update at some point. Taskmaster might be more of a reach, sorry. The Disney figures are theirs to decide. We do ask from time to time, and when they are done with re-running it, it might be something they consider.

Lee B.
Hey Chuck Well, Well, Well Dude I am Soooooo EXCITED for The Disney Store Exclusive’s been saying since Day One how Awesome Winter Solider would be and WOW EPIC! Congrats, and Is It my Birthday??? lol Superior Spider-Man is on The Way! :) Seriously Thank You Guy’s @ Diamond (Everyone From Bottom To The Top) SpOck look’s Menacing and that is PERFECTION!!! Now a quick word on 2014 please say we’ll have at least One more Disney Exclusive on The Way as Were worried Next Years line up will be dominated by Movie Figure’s (Electro is Fine with me ;))
Now just a few thing’s… :)
1) Please say that a Classic Carnage is coming he would sale and even People that aren’t fans of Carnage would by him due to The Classic Venom we had this Year… He is a Banker!!!
2) Also Chuck look at how well every single Eddie Brock action figure you guy’s have Released has Sold!!! He’s done incredibly well and Toxin would be Bad-Ass!!! Could even go into The Bigger Marvel Select’s i.e Juggernaut, etc… Maybe in between!!! but… Regardless He would be a Total Knock-Out!!!
3) Scarlet Spider aka Kaine dude…… let’s make this happen I am begging you guys… (New Sculpt etc…) as he’s like 6ft5 250lbs so a HUGE MAN!!! Think about it Interchange Hands as Kaine uses those Deadly Stakes would be very cool indeed.
Really we need Spidey Characters IMO but those Three are Top of The League in my eye’s :)
4) Beast or Angel… both would be EPIC!!! Short and Sweet like I love em lmao

DSTChuck: I’m not sure I would say 2014 is dominated by the movies but…glad you’re so happy!
1. I can’t say that – but I can say it’s near the top of the list when we look at what we might want to do next.
2. I don’t think we’d do Toxin before Carnage, but can’t say for sure.
3. I think that’s third in the list of ones you have requested.
4. We do love us some Spidey stuff, but we need to make room for others too.

Joseph F.
I’m curious as to how articulation choices are made in regards to marvel select characters. It strikes me odd that movie ironman or colossus can strike a better surfing pose than your new silver surfer can, Why choose to give the silver surfer a hip articulation scheme that requires his leg to turn completely side ways just to lunge forward “slightly” and still barely crouch in a surfing pose.
And why bother with double joint knees that are almost completely useless when his hips are designed the way they are? It seems counter-productive to me, but I also don’t understand everything that factors in to the decisions made. I, as well as most people on the fwoosh messageboard would like better understand why such character decisions are made. Any info is appreciated.
MS is only line I collect, so I respect you guy alot and buy the majority of your figures, I just want to better understand

DSTChuck: Sorry, Joseph, I do not normally check out the boards BUT I know Zach does and pretty often communicates with the fans through them and the Facebook page. I think in general I am a fan of look before articulation, BUT the line has found a pretty good place right now with 16 points. I think our plan is to stick to that even outside the Marvel line. Now, how we get to the 16 sometimes is a little “generous” with, say, a double knee or the rocker ankle. I do like the hip we used on the newer Hulk or the old BSG line, BUT it does not work on everything so even that is not a requirement.
SO within all that, we do have some range of what we allow the design or sculptor. While I am not going to comment on that specific design or sculptor – those guys do the best they can. The idea is YES he needs to look good on the board of course he does but he also needs to look good standing.

Robert H.
My question is regarding Marvel Select. I was wondering if there is any chance of you guys standardizing the articulation scheme? If all of the characters had the same articulation (as say MS Colossus) I think they would be more fun and look better together as a group. Also it seems like you could save some costs on the figures that are similarly built (Spider-man, Daredevil, Silver Surfer) by re-using parts. Just a small suggestion, you guys are doing a great job!

DSTChuck: As of now we do not re-use any parts – not to say we never would in the future… I think we’re not going to make a hard and fast rule about a particular thing like EVERY figure will have rocker ankles but we do have a guiding idea and set number of points. We don’t get it perfect every time in everyone’s eyes, but we are in our opinion doing better at smoothing out the bumps in the line.

Mr Articulate
ARMY BUILDING – A few years back Diamond made full cases of Hasbro’s Marvel Legend 6″ Hydra goon available to local comic shops. Any chance Diamond could coordinate something similar for the new Hydra or AIM figures coming in the Captain America 6″ ML line?

DSTChuck: Sorry, Diamond Comic Distributors and Diamond Select Toys are separate companies.

Alistair B.
hello, my name’s Alistair. I have many marvel select figures and really love the quality of the figures you produce! I’ve seen the new Marvel select figures for the new Thor movie; Thor and Jane, and they once again live up to your amazing standard! but I was wondering if you could perhaps tell me if you plan on releasing any more figures for the film?
also, if you don’t plan on releasing any new figures, will there be a re-release of the Loki figure from the first movie?
thanks for your time! :)

DSTChuck: Sorry Alistair, those will be the only two figures we will release for that movie. And a re-issue of the original Loki is not possible.

Fouad A.
First I’m a big fan of your works guys! you did a great job with every details! Congratulations for being on the TOP!
I have one question:
Is there any chance in the future Rogue from the X-MEN will be available in The Diamond Select MARVEL Toys? (I really hope she will be available with her classic style as the ’90s or as her very classic style from ([The Uncanny X-MEN Welcome to the X-MEN Rogue,,,] She is a legend)!

DSTChuck: Thanks SO much for the kind worlds! Rogue for SURE has been a figure we’ve thought about more than once, so it’s very possible.

Chris H.
Dear Diamond Select Team,
I’m am sure you all get plenty of request emails for different figures all the time, but here is another for my personal reasons. I was wondering that if in the near future there may possibly be a Dr. Strange Marvel Select figure. I feel as though Dr. Strange is a fairly popular character and deserves a figure of his own, made by you amazing people. The fact is, Dr. Strange is one of my favorite characters, and he would go well with my collection. If you could answer my question soon, that would be great. Thank you.

DSTChuck: I would say the good Doctor is not at the top of our list – sorry. But I can say he has not been eliminated, though.

Alan M.
Hi: What are the chances of getting a marvel select The Amazing Spider-man 2 movie spidey figure? and maybe a movie electro? If you can’t answer will you announce any news soon?
Btw love the Thor Dark World figure, great job!!

DSTChuck: We ARE doing a Spidey from ASM2, but we were not able to do an Electro – sorry.

Blake J.
Hello, DST, I absolutely love your Marvel Select line! They are one of the most detailed lines of toys available, and I am proud to own a lot of them. Will you please re-release Mephisto w/ throne? I have searched countless places for him, only to find him listed for over $100. Rather than give money to some random collector, I would much rather give you the money for Mephisto (two figures, matter of fact: one for me and one for my brother) and for future productions. Thank you kindly for the time, and I look ever forward to seeing your future releases!

DSTChuck: Right now he is not in the plans to re-produce. If we could produce him again at the same pricing structure we have for the new figures, I see no reason he would not be considered, but we have not gone down that path yet.

Patrick J.
Hello, DST, my brother and I love your toys! We frequently give each other your figures for birthdays and Christmas. Will you please make a classic Apocalypse figure? You could easily use the MS Colossus frame with minor additions for armor, etc. Exchangeable arms/hands would bring incredible depth to the figure as well, although if you were simply to make a classic Apocalypse figure, my brother and I would be more than happy! No other company has created a scaled, perfect Apocalypse, but I know that your company has the ability to do it. Thanks for the time and the continued excellent work!

DSTChuck: COOL! While he is not in the plans, for SURE he has been considered for one of our larger figures and I am sure will be again.

Sandy S.
Enjoy the line tremendously, Just wanted to ask what are the chances of these characters being made in the near future?
– Beta Ray Bill – Apocalypse – Hobgoblin – Iceman – Sandman – Doc Strange – Dormammu – Mr. Sinister – Crossbones – Kraven the Hunter

DSTChuck: Sorry to say I don’t think any of them will be done in 2014, but past that never say never.

Ian F.
Hi Chuck,
Love what you’ve been doing with the Marvel Select line, Venom and Agent Venom being real stand outs. Is there any chance of Captain Britain making an appearance in the Select line? I’m aware that Select is not really about building universes, but I was wondering what the chances of a character like that would be, especially with the the new Disney exclusive line. Thanks!

DSTChuck: Sorry to say I don’t think he will be done in 2014, but past that never say never.

Luis S.
hulk buster in marvel select please :) thanks

DSTChuck: Would LOVE to do it – it’s near the top of my personal wish list!

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