More Marvel Minimates are Soaring Towards Stores!

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The 53rd series of Marvel Minimates, based on Thor: The Dark World, is in comic shops and specialty stores now, but the time is getting near to look towards the next wave! Series 54, which includes Captain America as well as several of his greatest enemies and allies, will hit stores in early February, and we’ve got pictures of the full assortment in-package, as well as the Toys “R” Us exclusive Series 18! Series 54 will be exclusively available at comic shops and specialty stores, and includes the following two-packs:
– Fighting Chance Captain America vs. Robot Red Skull
– Winter Soldier vs. The Falcon
– Baron Strucker with Hydra Elite
– Viper with Hydra Elite
Toys “R” Us Series 18 will include some of the figures from Series 54, plus a more heroic version of the Winter Soldier and a few bonus characters!
– Fighting Chance Captain America with The Falcon
– Winter Soldier: Agent of SHIELD vs. Hydra Elite
– Marvel Now Thor vs. Absorbing Man
– Age of Ultron Wolverine vs. Ultron Drone

Look for both assortments to hit stores in late January or early February! Pre-order Series 54 today at your local comic shop or at DiamondSelectToys.com!

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