Ask DST #240: Multiplying Minimates!

Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck is back with an all-new Ask DST! This time, it’s all about the Minimates!

Robert J.
Hey DST/Art Asylum!
This is a question regarding Thor the Dark World. I understand Toys R Us cancelled their wave of figures, but what were the four figures that got cut? And will/can you ever release them, much like the Terminator 2 Minimates?
Thank you!

DSTChuck: I do not think there is going to be a chance to release the figures we had planned for TRU – sorry.

Hi Chuck. There’s been discussion on some of the message boards that you guys hate the Wrecking Crew and that’s why you won’t release them in the minimates line. Why is that? If you won’t put them in a 4pk set for fear of sales, then please consider pairing them with an Avenger and knock them out in a wave. It would be great. At least consider it. While I’m at it, we need more Masters of Evil so some box sets or some good pairings with Avengers would be welcome on that front as well. Also…..DEATHLOK please.
Is there a chance we’ll see an Invisible Woman and Thing with the same deco to match the most recent “best of” Mr. Fantastic? Seems odd to get one and not others that match up. How about some Masters of Evil box sets? We need more villains. Throw in a hero if you must, but go heavy on the villains! Any chance of a classic Deathlok or SHang-chi? I’m a child of the 70’s and need my fix!

DSTChuck: TC, I’m not sure how it is possible to “hate” something that is fictional. It’s not possible for me or my team to have such strong feelings for something like that. I’m not sure how many of your other suggestions could be happening, though.

William D.
You guys did a wonderful job with the Lord of the Rings Minimates, any chance we’re going to see Hobbit Minimates? Thanks.

DSTChuck: Sorry no – we have no rights to the new movies or even the first three anymore.

Zach W.
Hey guys,
First, just wanted to say GREAT work, as always, on the recent minimates lines – especially the Marvel stuff. Each wave is better than the last, and when you can make me enjoy characters I don’t normally pay attention to (Ghost Rider, Songbird, Robot Hulk, etc) you know you’re doing well. Two (and a half) questions for you:
1. Do you have a list of retailers that sell minimates? I’ve used the Comic Shop Locator, but a relatively small percentage of the shops I’ve visited seem to carry the mates, and I’m afraid I might be missing some.
2. Can you illuminate a little the process of selecting characters for a new wave? I totally get that you need a healthy number of established characters in any set (which you should keep doing – Hawkeye & Black Widow from the recent TRU line were awesome), but how do you choose which newer or lesser known characters to feature?
3. Not a question, but more of a plug for some of my faves. I know Banshee gets a lot of love on here, as do many of the Brotherhood of Mutants (Pyro & Avalanche especially), and I’d love to see those. Also, some more Inhumans (Medusa!) would be great, and some of the newer X-characters (Quentin Quire, the Stepford Cuckoos as an army builder, and some folks from the soon-to-be-ending X-Factor series like M, Siryn, and Strong Guy).
Anyway, thanks again for fueling my addiction, and for taking the time to answer questions!

DSTChuck: Glad you like what the team is doing.
1. Hmm… Aside from the CSLS and checking TRU, I would suggest online – there are several online retailers that are very supportive of the brand.
2. I have a VERY big dartboard in my office and everyone that is in the MU has a spot and I throw darts to pick a series. At least I think that’s what everyone thinks we do..
3. I think some of those are strong ideas and are being considered – we’ll have to see what the dart board shows.

John T.
Just a little curious about some inner workings, what was the the thought process about which armors to make for the Iron Man 3 Minimates series? I love the armors we got, but was there a specific reason those ones were picked?

DSTChuck: John, with the movies it’s pretty tricky. We have to start the product WAY before the movie comes out. Ideally you have the product on shelf before the movie , which as you know we struggle with. So that means we need to get reference as much as 9 months before the movie comes out. Even the scripts we read can change pretty radically by the time the movie comes out.

Brian M.
Can you update us on the status of the ToysRus Tomb Raider wave? It was supposed to be out months ago and except for a few random stores in Canada has never shown up. I know once you ship the product it’s out of your hands but have you been able to find out from ToysRus what happened?

DSTChuck: I believe they are hitting stores now.

Hector D.
When is the release date battle beasts Minimates, the second wave, and what stores will have them?

DSTChuck: Looks like Battle Beasts 2 will be in specialty stores in the summer – not sure if TRU will take it, but we’ll see.

Gavin G.
Any chance for a Guardians of the Galaxy box set not from the upcoming movie, and also is the any chance for an impossible man minimate.

DSTChuck: I don’t think we’ll be doing a comic-based GoG box set at the time the movie is coming out.

Kevin S.
I just realized what might make a great 4 pack (+extra 2-pack) for you guys and wondered if you’ve thought about it.
The current Cable and X-Force team. There are six of them:
Cable, Domino, Colossus, E50Boom Boom, Forge, and Dr. Nemesis
Nice opportunity for an updated Cable. The uniforms look awesome. Some fun tech accessories for Forge and Nemesis would be nice. What say you?

DSTChuck: I’ve not looked at that new storyline yet, but hopefully I’ll catch up on all my reading soon.

Eli B.
Can you make another archangel/angel Minimate soon?

DSTChuck: Not in the plans now, but we certainly have not ruled him out.

Chris G.
I’m a massive Minimates fan! I especially love the Battlestar Galactica and the Marvel lines, but I’ve got a couple of questions about some upcoming figures?
1). Is there any chance for some more members of the Brotherhood of Evil mutants? I’d love to see Toad, a comics Blob, Mastermind, Pyro and Avalanche as minimates!
2). Will the Warriors three ever be completed? I love Volstagg and Sif, but without Fandral and Hogun, it’s like having a missing tooth!
3). Will Banshee ever be released?

DSTChuck: Chris – thanks for the support!
1). Nothing in the plans right now but 2014 is not 100% set, and we have not yet worked on 2015, so it’s possible.
2). Boy, they seem cursed, so I’d like to be able to do them. They’ve gotten the short end twice now already.
3). I can’t imagine he won’t be. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Frank P.
First i wanted to tell you keep up the good work on the Minimates (Especially with the changes that have been made to the guns!) I hope this finds you in great holiday spirits!
On to the Questions:
1) I am sure you are constantly asked this but have you looked into releasing a Legend of Zelda pack?
2) With the popularity of you Spider-Man ‘Mates , what is the liklelyhood of getting a Scarlet Spider?
3) and finally, with the rumor that you are doing a TMNT Mate set any chance of a Shredder being included?
That’s all for now. and Make Mine Miny

DSTChuck: We’ll do what we can and thanks for the wishes!
1) We have had no luck tackling Nintendo – they don’t seem interested at this time.
2) We do love us some Spider-Man.
3) I think we’d love to do TMNT Minimates but any line planning is pre-mature.

Matt S.
Hi! So for starters, like a lot of other people, I absolutely LOVE Minimates, I think they’re best figures on the market right now, but I also have a few questions about character possibilities. So if you could take a second to answer them that would be awesome! :)
1) Are we going to see Agent Venom in a two pack anytime soon? Or will he forever only be apart of the through the ages pack?
2) Will any of the classic Spider-Man villains be getting a re-release anytime soon? Like Scorpion, Vulture, Mysterio and classic electro? Basically the sinister 6
3) And lastly, are we going to get a Steve Rogers/Captain America figure in the blue suit from the upcoming Winter Soldier film? I know the Nick Fury Jr. 2 pack comes with the pieces to change it out, but I was just curious as to if the Steve Rogers version is going to get it’s own figure.
Thanks for your time! And one last thing I thought would be really cool would be a mega box set with all the marvel figures from the phase 1 movies and/or phase 2. Like the different villains and character apparel! :)

1) I do not recall discussing doing that Minimate yet.
2) I think its ALWAYS possible we’ll do anything in the Spidey family.
3) There will be a movie version of Steve in that suit, but we don’t have any plans to re-make the comic version.
With the movies our grant of rights is a very short window so its pretty much hit and run. On the rare occasion we have gone back to a movie we’ve regretted it almost immediately. I think the biggest set we have done so far is a 10pk and to be honest I think that’s pushing it. The set we did for IM3 was kind of an exception since it was all over the trailers and pre-movie images. I think we’re happy capping releases as 4 pks.

Courtney R.
Will we see a two pack with the Marvel NOW versions of Rogue and Havok? Those are the only two we are missing from the original lineup of the Marvel NOW Uncanny Avengers. Thank you!

DSTChuck: I think we’re taking a “wait and see” to some extent on doing more Now stuff – so not sure which ones we would tackle.

Zombie Shakespeare
1. How is it that there have been over 50 waves of Marvel Minimates and there has yet to be a Squirrel Girl mate? Wouldn’t it make sense to be ahead of the curve and make one before the inevitable feature film is released? Little unarticulated minimate squirrels would be the cutest thing ever.
B. We’ve gotten Puck’s hand-stand hand and magic hands on Scarlet Witch and Dr. Strange. Any chance we’ll get a Spider-Man with these hands at some point?
III. Speaking of hands, how about Alpha Flight hand-holding hands in flesh colors? There are a lot of minimates that I would like to hold hands, but all I’ve got are gloved white hands.

A. Its amazing that we have done over 50 series and there are still SO many cool characters out there!
2) Not sure we’ve looked at that – that might be cool, but for the MOST part I don’t like to vary the hands. They just sneak them in on me sometimes.
C.) I don’t think that’s coming – sorry.

Lance V.
INVINCIBLE Minimates are the awesomest!! Seems like they have sold well and the invincible universe is a variable gold mine of cool characters/alternate versions, any chance of at least another box set? Battle damaged would also fit super well in this category. Would absolutely love some “Conquest” Minimate love!

DSTChuck: We’d love nothing more than to do more Invincible MM.

Kaipo K.
2 quick ones!
Will DST be restocking the bags of clear stands? I missed out on them and would like to get some.
Also, with the success of the stands, would DST consider an accessory bag of weapons? Just an assortment of guns and swords perhaps that could be used for various lines.

DSTChuck: I think the stands will be items that we re-run when they sell out. There might be short outages, but I think we consider them a “stock” item now. Not sure about accesory bag but…

Marcelo C.
Hello again! The latest Avengers and Avengers World series from Marvel Comics has been presenting very interesting new characters, such as Ex Nihilo, Abyss, Nightmask and others. Are there plans for Minimates of those guys? Also Avengers-updated Cannonball, Sunspot, Captain marvel (Carol Danvers) ? — Tks and keep up the great work!

DSTChuck: I’ll have to check that out. Seems I have some reading to do.

Konstantinos P.
Good morning DST! Another month, another bunch of questions from me! So, let’s not waste any more time and get right to it.
1) What are the odds of us seeing a new Blaze GR/Spikey armor Venom to complete the new Thunderbolts team?
2) The new GR (part of the ALL-NEW MARVEL NOW! relaunch) looks like a cross between 70s Blaze and Ketch. Could we see him sometime in 2014? We need more horror marvel.
3)What are the odds of you revisiting the new superior costume (tru 17 version) to add the gauntlet and spider legs?
4)Could we see an Infinity box-set with a bulked up Thanos, Dr. Strange, Thane and Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers version)?
5) Will we see more X-Men this year? Quentin, bulked up Beast, a new Gambit, etc..
6) Will we see Kaine (in both costumes), an updated Ben Reilly SS, a new Kingsley Hobgoblin, Lady Octopus, etc…Basically, we need more Spidey villains and supporting characters!
7) When are we going o see the new Deadly foes and x-force sets?
8) Any plans to release the new white-black or black-red FF costumes?
9) Any plans for some kickass 2099 mates? At least a box set consisting of: Spidey 2099,Punisher 2099,Hulk 2099 and Domm 2099.
10)Any new licenses that we should wait for?
11) A wave consisting of the new Marvel NOW! Avengers (ex-nihilo, sunspot, gateway,spider-woman,etc) would be kick-ass!
12) I just got my Thnderbolts set (among some other old marvel Minimate gems) and with my the team now complete I was wondering whether you’d revisit the mac gargan venom. A bulked up version with his scorpion tail would be great. He could be the variant of a regular updated scorpion in a new spidey wave (we really need a new spidey wave). Anti-venom could use an update as well, since he never was as buff as the Minimate in the comics.
13) I remember reading somewhere (no clue where though, sorry) that a long time ago you sat down and talked with McFarlane about Spawn mates. Obviously nothing came out of it but with the immense succes of TWD and Invincible (the first set sold out of some places pretty early from what i know) is there a chance that you would revisit Spawn? Todd has pretty much abandoned toys and is making just small statues so it would be awesome to finally get some normal Spawn toys.

DSTChuck: OH my! While I am happy to answer whatever you all throw my way maybe we can limit the # from the same fan in the same Q&A…LOL!
1. Could be but we don’t consider it a moral imperative
2. 2014 would be doubtful.
3. I don’t think we’d do that anytime soon.
4. I think a bulked up Thanos is more likely than a new box set.
5. Yes – not telling which.
6. Love me some Spidey, so you never can tell but he is always near the top of our list.
7. By C2E2 or sooner
8. Not at this time.
9. No plans at this time
10. YES – new stuff is coming. I think one of them has been on fans’ “must do” list
11. That has absolutely been considered.
12. I don’t think we’ve discussed that Venom one way or another
13. I doubt Todd would ever allow someone else to make action figures, but next time I see him, if it comes up, I’ll ask for MM again for sure.

Stevie T.
Hi guys! When will you ever do another minimate comic thanos? I really want an infinity gauntlet and the box set isnt that easy to come by. thanks!

DSTChuck: I am confident at some point we will do another Thanos.

Anthony H.
Will there ever be a set of based on assassin’s creed? have you guys talked to ubisoft about it or is it something you guys are not interested in doing as of yet?

DSTChuck: I think we have had some talks about Assassin’s Creed, but nothing came from it, so no plans right now.

Brandon D.
Hi just wondering with the Minimates based on The Wolverine Movie. In the Urban Yukio & Black Clan Ninja Set the Minimates where packaged with only one sword. Yet both characters use a sword in the movie so why didn’t the set come with two swords instead of only one sword so then they would both have one.

DSTChuck: Good question – I guess they should have been packed with two.

Cam G.
I loved your Street Fighter x Tekken and Marvel vs Capcom series, I just want to know if you guys will do Ultra Street Fighter, as it’s coming out next year and you guys already seem to have the Street Fighter license.

DSTChuck: Those two lines did not do too well for us, so I don’t think anything else is planned for those families right now.

Liam C.
Hi DST guys, any chance Sugarman, x-man, Mojo or silver samurai have been discussed for upcoming waves?

DSTChuck: Sorry, I do not think they have been.

Matthew K.
Hello Hello DST people!
So i was just wondering since the inhumanity storyline is just starting, does this mean we’ll finally be seeing a box set and 2 pack accompaniments of the Inhumans? Oh yes also is there going to be All New X-men Minimates (in their new costumes)coming out?
Since the Invincible Minimates have come out, will Skybound continue making these Minimates? How have the star trek Minimates been doin? Will we be seeing more trek Minimates in the future? I have more questions about other marvel characters as Minimates but im sure their answers would only be something like, “only time will tell”. so thanks for takin my questions. Keep up the good work!
oh! yeah… what ever happened to the Agent 88 Minimates?

DSTChuck: I do not think Inhumans or the New X-Men have been ruled out so one of those is possible. I think we’d like to do more with Skybound, but we’d have to pick just the right property so right now we do not have another set lined up yet. Trek sales have been mediocre not great but moving slowly. Not sure if another set is possible, but it has not been ruled out. I’m not sure how I can answer questions about specific Marvel characters specifically. We don’t want to ever say “never” in case something changes, and I can’t say a character WILL be in a wave a year from now in case that changes…also if I was specific and went as far as I could I’d really mess up any marketing DSTZach would want to work out. As for Agent 88, we work for Digger on that project, so you have to direct any questions you may have at him.

Ross N.
Was wondering if there have been any discussions about doing a minimate line or boxset to go along with the upcoming netflix series? daredevil and iron fist are two of my favorite characters and it would be awesome to get MCU versions of them to go along with the marvel movie mates I collect

DSTChuck: I think we’re taking a wait and see right now on those Netflix shows, but for sure we’re excited to see what happens.

Anthony S.
I was heartbroken when I heard that the Thundercats Minimates were coming to an end after the Thundercats Ho! Box Set. Do you realize that the Lunataks were never offered as action figures before and I was hoping to finally be able to own these in the MInimates line. Can you do anything to help push these characters for release as the final Minimates Box Set (there were 6 Lunataks). Maybe you guys can do this as a convention exclusive or something to get all 6 in one set? Thanks!

DSTChuck: Sorry, but that was not our license, and the license has run its course, so I do not think there will be anymore Minimates. We kind of had to sneak the Ho set out at the last minute.

Storm B.
First off id like to say thank you for all the great Mini mates you’ve created over the years I’ve only been collecting heavily for a fee years now. You guys do a great job with Marvel story lines in mini mate form, any chance you might do a battle of atom set. Also I love how you have done a lot of current characters, any chance of the new Scarlet Spider happening down the road maybe even with the spikes in his wrist. Also I love the old Toxin and newest Symbiote Mania so are more Symbiotes a possibility. What other Marvel now characters could we see in the next year?

DSTChuck: Seems there is plenty of Spidey and Marvel Now love out there, so you never know!

Clayton B.
Hey I was walking through the magazine section of the bookstore the other day and I had a thought. Have you ever considered making WWII mini mates maybe as part of your MAX line. Figures like General Patton, Sgt Basilone and other real life heroes who fought and died for our freedom would be pretty cool to come out maybe around 4th of July or Veterans day. Just a suggestion. Keep up the good work!

DSTChuck: I think we’d like nothing more than to get more MAX products out there, however, there was a buyer change at TRU, and we just need to convince the new buyer how cool the line is!

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