Ask DST #241: Star Trekkin’!

It’s an all-new Ask DST, and this time DSTChuck is talking Star Trek! The president of Diamond Select Toys does his level best to answer your Star Trek questions. Energize!

Rob Brown
i think you misunderstood my last question in the last star trek q&a – i suggested a line of star trek figures in the same scale as star wars figures , there would be little point in you producing another line of star wars figures ! but what about a full line of trek figures in that scale – never been done only a few figures here and there but never a full line. is that something you would consider ?

DSTChuck: OK, Rob, I get it – you mean more like 3 ¾ inch scale? Sorry no we have no plans for that .
Going a few years back we helped Playmates with their development of a potential line in that scale, and the response was not very good. It’s a scale we are not looking to move into as a company, though I know there are many fans of that size. Sorry.

Claire Smethwick
this is the first time i have asked you any thing but felt i wanted to respond to the last star trek q&a i am a collector of your star trek figures or i was until you stopped producing them . i have been waiting patiently for the release of nurse chapel and yoeman janice rand – there is rather a lack of girls in your star trek line ! why do you think they wont sell ? ? ? they a fan favourites and the only figures we need for a complete crew . you yourself commented on here that there was a lot of interest in chapel and rand because collectors wanted to complete their crew – ( you promised us a retro chapel which still has’nt happened ) you cannot deny that there are a lot of requests for their release . there must be some way you can release them – would they sell well as a two pack or how about sickbay mccoy – who has never been released before packed with nurse chapel and janice rand packed with the kirk figure you were going to release with them ? you cannot deny kirk and mccoy are’nt popular enough to sell well if thats what your worried about . janice and chapel were included in your minimates line – you gave us the full crew there and they were included in the playmates line – why did you put them forward in the first place if you did’nt think they would sell – they will i’m sure there are enough collectors out there who will jump at the chance to obtain them . please give me some hope – i cant bear the thought that all we are going to get from you is your select line which is just a repeat of what we already have – where is the joy in collecting the same characters in the same uniforms ? please release them for all of us fans , you wont be disapointed – dont disapoint us – give us some new figures to look forward to

DSTChuck: I am sorry, Claire, I know what its like to be a fan of something and not get what you want – I’m still waiting for Bruce to release “Tracks 2.” However I have answered this question many times. We went to the time and expense of developing all the prototypes for that wave of figures, and we had a good thought going in that it would not make a ton of money in sales but we were OK with breaking even or even being a little under on that series just to give the fans that one last shot of TOS. All that said, the preorders from retail and the response was VERY poor. As for the Select line, that is not a team-building or crew-building line, so you are correct, fans should not expect this to be the place to build a full crew or find more secondary characters. If something were to change out there – maybe the 50th anniversary will do the trick – we’d love to release more of the “lost” TOS figures.

Adam Miatke
Hi there,
Just wondering two things.
1. Will there be a DS9 version of the Klingon BoP voiced by J.G. Hertzler?
2. Any chance of a ‘trek tek’ phaser rifle from ‘First Contact’? Really any of the three variants used in the film would be awesome!
Cheers :)

1. I do not think that has been worked on at this point, so I would doubt it.
2. I know we’ve looked long and hard at TNG phasers and which ones to do and which ones we think fans would consider definitive and such, so hopefully we’ll come to a conclusion soon and choose wisely.

Bill Maus
Are you going to be able to make the new JJ Abrams Enterprise at some point? Im hoping to see a decent version of the ship in toy form–you guys do a great job of making the ships look replica worthy. I own the Enterprise-D and the 1960’s Enterprise–great quality. Hope that it’s on your list of things to do:)

DSTChuck: I am very sorry, but we do not have rights to produce any products for the JJ movies, and CBS has not been interested in our “collector’ take on those movies yet.

Jeff Hanley
Any chance of Dr. McCoy’s medkit (hypo, med scanner, etc, in pouch taken on landing party duty) being part of the TrekTek line?

DSTChuck: No plans right now.

Joseph DiIanni
I would LOVE to see a USS Voyager star ship. Seriously – shut up and take my money right now! Do you have plans to release a Voyager or possibly a Borg ship in the upcoming year?

DSTChuck: I’d love to take your money, but no Voyager in 2014. We have the next two ships in predevelopment right now. I’d LOVE to do a Borg, but we’re not sure on the execution and how to handle all the negative space properly.

Ronnie COnnors
Hi there, I plan on buying the HMS Bounty Klingon Bird of Prey, but I had a couple questions. Firstly, I have seen a few video reviews of your previous Bird of Prey models and noticed that there appears to be a hole in the torpedo launcher where a part should go (for reference see Is this a case of a manufacturing error or is this evidence of a design change? Lastly, I was wondering what kind of sound effects the HMS Bounty will have? Also, are there any plans for any more Star Trek ships in 2014? I know I’ve asked this before, but is a Romulan D’Deridex Warbird a possibility? Thanks for your time!

DSTChuck: As far as we can tell, it is neither a manufacturing error or a design change. It is how the ship has always looked, since the prototype stage. The Bounty will have several unique phrases, which you can hear in this DST Update: YES we are working on some all-new ships for 2014, and we hope at least one of them will be ready in time.

Eric Walters
Why has the U.S.S. Excelsior release date been Bumped? Twice Now…… :(

DSTChuck: Eric, you have to understand there are SO many variables in nailing down an exact on-sale date for a toy made in China. Even once it’s left the factory, there can be “delays” depending on time on the water, customs, railroads as well as the domestic warehouse. We do the best we can with ship dates, to help collectors plan but we really can’t be 100% sure until maybe two weeks before on the on-sale date.

David Hendricks
The klingon bird of prey is one of my favorite DST releases,I have both version.I was wondering if the kilingon battle cruiser or romulan warbird from the original series would be on DST short list of possible future releases?I have all the ships in the collection and wish for more selection of non-starfleet ships available in the future to add to my collection.Also PLEASE MAKE THE RELIANT!Or maybe a battle damage Reliant as well!Thanks DST!!

DSTChuck: David, we have two all-new ships in active pre-development right now, so I would hope at the latest we’d have something to show by SDCC. BUT we are not going to show any ships until the factory is well on the way to having something we like. Fans spoke up in the past and did not want a long wait like the with D, so we’re going to wait until we’re much closer to being ready to ship to announce any of the electronic items.

David McSwain
Are there any plans to rerelease the NX-01 Enterprise?

DSTChuck: Its not NO and its not NEVER, it’s just “not right now” – but it has come up more and more recently, so the time might be getting closer.

Mike Jones
Will you guys ever be producing a version of the Romulan war bird from the Star Trek TNG series? I would really love to see what you can do with that ship and also a Voyager ship from the Star Trek Voyager or Defiant ship from Deep space 9 series. I wish I could say I own all of your ships but I am well on the way to completing the collection until you create more that is :) Anyways, love the line and hope you guys continue to create more and more. Thanks from a true fan of your product.

DSTChuck: Mike, I would have to say the same thing I said to David, but on top of that, and this is NOT a hint, I think I am on record by now as being a big DS9 fan.

John Ladd
hello just would like to say I have many of your products, and i am very happy with them.My Question is are you going to be making the USS Voyager Model ship? Ive got to tell you i have spoken to many of my Trekkie friends and thesis one ship we would Love to have on our shelfs 

If we do Voyager, I will say its not NOW and not NEVER, so… we’ll have to see.

Matt Berker
Hi, be honest, how are the chances for a Romulan Disruptor or the TNG Cobrahead (or the Variant form First contact and Nemesis)Phaser (not the Dustbuster) in 2014
i hoped for a TNG Romulan Disruptor since I saw them the frst time. Playmates didn`t make them and so i hope you fulfill my old Wish.

DSTChuck: I doubt we’d do the Romulan, but as I said earlier we’re giving TNG a good, long look.

Nick Wilson
Will you please release the Enterprise C to go with the other ships with lights and sounds?

DSTChuck: We’ll have to see.

Mark Todd
Hi there! First up, the Star Trek III Klingon disruptor is AMAZING. Thank you for putting out quality replicas for all of us prop fans.
Any chance of more Star Trek III props? The phaser, communicator, and the tricorder from that that film are highly sought after!

DSTChuck: I honestly don’t know.

Milosh Rajcevic
I would love to see as well as other fans would, the reliant to finally complement the enterprise a, and the enterprise C, if that was made by DST, i would have lived a completed star trek like and would die at age 90 feeling as if my star trek life, not regular life would have been completed, please please respond to this inquiry, and answer this question, will i ever get to own these two ships.

DSTChuck: Right now we have no plans to make the C – but never say never.

Steve Habisch
Hello im a member of the forum(Alteran195), and I have a couple questions/concerns for you guys. Just want to say I’m a massive fan of your ships/props and try to purchase as much of those lines as I can afford to.
I’m wondering if any more light can be spred on what your next Trek ships may be. It’s recently been said that the Defiant is probably not one of the next 2 ships DST will be releasing.
I’m going under the assumption that ships like the Excelsior and A aren’t included in that.
With that being the case, and based off what’s been said in previous AskDSTs the only ship that’s really left is the Reliant, which is fine. But what is the second ship?
This is what we know from prior AskDSTs:
Voyager isn’t being considered and isn’t in the next two.
The Enterprise C, for the same reason.
Non-hero ships such as the Akira class, or Prometheus class, are too risky – therefore, not on the list.
No Alien ships are part of the next line-up of ships.
(Thanks Jay K for the list)
And now with Defiant not being one of them I can’t come up with any other big ship I see DST making.
I’m really not expecting you to straight up say what it is, but have your plans changed for the ship line? Is an alien ship now coming next? Just some indication of the direction you’re going in would be fantastic.

DSTChuck: Hey Steve! Glad you dig the stuff we’re making!
I think I’ve said all I can about the ships. Again, sorry but we heard so much blow back for showing and announcing the D and then having such a long build up that we decided to keep things closer to the vest going forward.
It really depends on how you want to “count” – the A is a pretty big undertaking, everything is new except for the shell, so for us it’s a new project. A battle-damage treatment we would not consider “new,” BUT to remove any gray areas, as I have said earlier in this Q&A, the two in process are NEW – which is all new tooling, etc. You have done your homework, but I would say back, “How long is a ‘line-up’ of ships?”
FULL disclosure… I do NOT know which of the two will be next – and I might not know that exact order for some time yet.

Erik Holloway
When on when is the Excelsior going to be released?  It seems like a lost hope at this point my friends.  I love the ships!


Ria Churchill
i’m a huge star trek fan and an avid collector of your figures but despite the huge fan following and new movies etc i dont see much to look forward to on the star trek figure front . the select figures are very detailed as always but i’ve already got kirk , spock and picard in those same uniforms – all you’ve done is change the packaging . i was – as i’m sure many fans were – suprised by your comments regarding the chapel and rand figures and the mccoy and salt vampire from the proposed last wave – you once commemted that there was a lot of interest in chapel and rand figures and retro figures as everyone wanted the chance to complete the crew but despite that niether the action figures or retro figures have been released . now your telling us a different story and saying no one wants to buy them ! ! – why do u think no one wants to complete their crew with these fan favourite characters ? so i guess my question is
1- apart from the select figures , which we already have , can we expect to see fresh action figures including the chapel , rand and mccoy wave ?
2- are you going to continue with the retro figures and if so can we expect to see chapel and rand and the rest of the next gen crew ?
please give me something to look forward to – it was great to see some more minimates – lets have some more fresh figures

DSTChuck: I would like to think not all fans view Select as the same figure just in new packaging, considering all the time, cost and effort that we have put into that line, but certainly everyone is entitled to their opinion. I think we’d like to do more retro cloth figures and more Miniamtes, but they are not set right now, so I can’t say for sure either way. BUT the chances of the “complete” TNG crew being done in retro cloth is not good.

Craig Lambson
DST I just love the ships you have released with in the last year. I only managed to get the Enterprise B and I love it. Now I have been looking everywhere online for the others, but many of the online retailers are either out of stock or they are selling them for $100+
Now with the revised A coming soon will you guys by any chance be release anymore of the TWOK Enterprise NCC-1701 refit again anytime soon this year?
Will you guys release anymore of the Nemesis Enterprise E?
Also what about the Enterprise D, are there anymore of them coming soon? I have found like 1 or 2 online retailers that are selling them for $100+ and I think that’s just crazy. I thought DST normally have them run anywhere from $50-$70
Well keep up the good work guys. Thanks for some really amazing Trek ships.

DSTChuck: Glad you like it. We have more production runs going on most of those ships right now. DSTZach will keep you guys updated on which ones and when through the websites and FB page.

Andrew Wang
I actually have two questions.
1) Will it be possible to purchase the landing gear from the HMS Bounty version of the Klingon Bird of Prey for use on other previous versions that did not come with landing gear?
2) A number of my stands have broken off just below the ball that inserts into the ship’s hull or the cylindrical adapter.  Is it possible to purchase replacement stands or just that upright part?
My son and I really like these ships and can’t wait to see what new ones you have in development.  We are both hoping that there are plans to produce a USS Reliant to come do battle with the Enterprise Refit.  You could also then produce a USS Saratoga from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.  Just a suggestion. :-)

1) We have no plans to offer just the landing gear at this point – sorry.
2) Right now, if you send a photo of the broken stand, CS can help you. The idea of selling the stands has been floated, but we’re not able to do that at this point.
3) Thanks for the tip!

Steven Spinelli
Hello, I don’t know what else to say but I love your products. My only complaint is the stands they come with. They have improved over time but I have a bunch of Enterprise (New) and A’s that are lying on their sides because the stands (The ball part) cracked. I re-buy them and don’t even take them out of the box. Even My Enterprise NX-01 is still on the stand but constantly facing downward. If possible could you offer replacement pieces to buy or DELUXE stands that we can purchase to display them better.

DSTChuck: Just take pictures of your broken stands and email customer service, and they will help you if they can.

Sebastian Horstmann
Hey DST,
Your Star Trek products are fabulous and I’m thanking you every day for releasing such beauties, but I want more! So I have some questions:
1) Who will the next Star Trek Select figure be?
2) If you cannot tell me, who it is, will his base be part of a two-part base with Picard or will the base have even more parts for other TNG characters?
3) Which ships are in consideration for the next really new ship? (not redones like the Enterprise-A or the Excelsior, even though I’m totaly psyched for the latter one)
4) If the Picard is doing well, please consider to release some variants of him. You’d just have do create a new torso for the DS9 uniform from Generations or that and new arms for the First Contact Version.
Greetings from Germany

1) We will show concepts at Toy Fair.
2) I think Zach said it would work with or something to that effect with Picard.
3) See above.
4) Maybe a little soon for Select variants, but those are ideas we would consider.

William Spellerberg
When can we expect to see the U.S.S. Enterprise C?

DSTChuck: Sorry, but not anytime soon. There are other ships we’d like to do before we consider that.

Josh Hashman
Hey Chuck! Josh here, please sir let me first preface this by saying, thanks to dot for breathing life into the retro figures! I LOVE them, the sculpts and articulation is wonderful, I’ve recently managed to purchase the toe crew, and wish to purchase Jean Luc asap! THAT all being said, i digress, my question is in regards to the development of the LT. Data/ Klingon. Are you still playing to release them any time soon? I don’t mean to be annoying, I just love TNG! Also, I was curious if you ever considered developing some type of large scaled card board “Galileo”?
Thanks for the attention to my questions DST! Keep Retro Alive!

DSTChuck: Right now they are not in development, but we are still discussing what and who we would do next in the retro cloth line.

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