Ask DST #242: Misc. Messages

It’s another Ask DST, and Diamond Select Toys president DST Chuck is closing in on the big 250! If things go according to plan, #250 will also be Miscellaneous, so keep submitting those Miscellaneous questions, and you might be a part of the celebration! And now, Chuck’s answers!

Chris Simpson
Has any consideration been given to a full line of Lost in Space collectibles to include cloth retro dolls of the Robinson family & Doctor Smith, possibly a light and sound Jupiter 2 spaceship and mini-mates with vehicles?

DSTChuck: Our contract does not allow for retro cloth at this time. I think if the electronic B9 does well, for sure we’d be open to the idea of the Jupiter 2. We’ve done one set of MM already, and we have talked about a 4-pack, so you never know.

David Heitman
Hi! With the upcoming anniversary of BTTF would Diamond consider making a 1/12(larger)scale deluxe delorean replica car, featuring more details and a light feature which would stay lit for display purposes when on?

DSTChuck: David, we do not have any plans for a larger Time Machine or to totally re-wire the one we have, but we do have a bit of new product planned for the next year…

Maelstrom Janus
Hi Chuck
Just wondered if the company has ever considered delving into the amazing world of British TV great – producer Gerry Anderson…

DSTChuck: No, sorry, we have never looked into that property.

Ryan Chandler
I know the Spawn franchise isn’t a hot commodity right now, and maybe the rights are locked up by Image or McFarlane… but any chance on having a Spawn or Fathom addition to DST? How about the characters from the game God of War? 

DSTChuck: We’ve talked to the McFarlane guys a few times, but it’s never gone anywhere, and I think another company has the rights to GOW right now.

Robert J.
Recently I’ve been very impressed with both the select and Minimates line. The Silver Surfer figure is one of my new favourites, I’m still trying to find the Winter Soldier (it’s quite difficult to find it for a decent price in the UK) and the Thor The Dark World Minimates were amazing! Now onto the questions-
1) What is your personal favourite select and Minimate you guys have made?
2) If you could choose any one theme to make, what would it be?
3) Any more plans for some Tomb Raider Minimates? I’m not very familiar with the game, but they were some of my favourite Minimates.
4) Why do Marvel only allow two select figures for every movie, but let you do 8+ Minimates per movie?
5) How many select figures and Minimate series do you bring out per year? I can appreciate that a different amount of movies come out each year so it might not be exact.
Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions!

DSTChuck: Here you go, Robert. And I heard from Disney they will be testing some Winter Soldier figures in the UK soon!
1) I think that’s impossible to answer but I guess maybe the Clint Eastwood Minimates and maybe the upcoming Creature from the Black Lagoon figure.
2) I’d love to take a crack at Star Wars, Batman and Blade Runner, but we’ve been pretty lucky to be able to work on lots of cool stuff already.
3) Right now we only have rights to the new game but we might do something with the downloadable content.
4) We are limited in the number of Select figures we can do each year, but it’s our decision how to use them.
5) There is no hard and fast rule, we try to not overwhelm collectors, but a year like this with so many movies it can be difficult.

Eric Williams
Could you please reconsider and do a 6th set of Thundercats Minimates? I would love to have a set with figures like Snowman and Snowmeow, Hachiman, Madora, Claudus, and Hammerhand. Of course a set with Hammerhand and the Berserkers would be amazing! I will say thanks though for all the great Thundercats Minimates I have been able to purchase. I absolutely love them!!!

DSTChuck: Eric, we did not hold that license, it was held by Icon Heroes.

Orin Thomas
Doc’s train from Back to the Future 3 – could it happen, or are we more likely to see real life flying cars and Hoverboards by 2015?

DSTChuck: I do not think there is any chance we will do the train. It’s just too big. Sorry.

Monte Doran
Wu’Sup Chuck
Just like the Electronic KITT/KARR/SPMKITT 1:15 scale models,
will there be an Airwolf/Redwolf 1:15 scale models or larger in development
anytime soon??

DSTChuck: We’ve talked about that, but nothing is happening.

Steve Shannon
Hi. I’m a big fan of the Marvel Select figures and have asked questions about those before but I’m wondering if you have any plans of touching any of these indie comic properties in the 7 inch action figure scale (Minimates don’t appeal to me).
1. The Walking Dead
2. Invincible
3. Fables
Thanks for your time.

DSTChuck: The Skybound lines are with McFarlane toys, so those are off the table, and nothing is happening with Fables right now. Sorry.

Bryan Smith
I would like to request that you make Classic ThunderCat action figures.  Some where between 6-8 inch and fully articulated.  It’s also important that you get some great reference pictures and then make the action figures look just like in the picture.  Please and Thank you!

DSTChuck: I’m sorry, those rights are not available to us.

Jeff W.
Hello, I was wondering any chance do you have plans to produce the X-Men Jet from the Movies? X-Men, X-Men 2, X-Men 3 X-Men First Class? With the quality you make the star trek ships and the Back to the Future Cars?

DSTChuck: Jeff, I am sorry but we are not allowed to produce vehicles for the Marvel line.

Giulliano Manzano
Hi, i love the first wave of Mad Monster Party, really amazing !
there´ll be a second wave, maybe with Francesca ?

DSTChuck: Unfortunately, the sales for the first series were light, and as a result future series are on hold.

Jeremy Owens
Hello Jeremy again, now beside an Airwolf line, I was also wondering if You’d ever make the helicopter from the movie and TV series of Blue Thunder on a 1:15th scale with figures?

DSTChuck: From what our sales guys have heard, there is less demand for Blue Thunder than there is for AirWolf.

Sam Ford
1. Any chance of a Black Cat bottle opener? Or especially a bank? Because that’d be the… Cat’s Meow.
2. How are you?

DSTChuck: Hey Sam, I don’t think Black Cat is one we have planned right now but I’m doing fine – a little tired from Toy Fair but excited about what comes next.

Justin Leger
1. Is DST done with Battlestar Galactica, or will there be more action figures?
2. Are we gonna have more Sin City action figures (in color)?
3. Does/Will DST have any plans for action figures of the ExpendaBelles?

1. Right now we have no new BSG products planned, but we’re all fans of the show, so anything is possible.
2. We have planned three series of Sin City figures and would love nothing more than the line to go that far or farther.
3. Not at this time, no.

Lucas Dickens
I know Mcfarlane had the rights several years ago but I dont know what the status of it is now… But is there a chance of having 7 inch scale 24 figures of Jack Bauer and other popular characters from the show?

DSTChuck: I don’t think we have plans to go down that road right now, but with the new event coming up – you never say never.

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