Ask DST #243: Right Marvel Here, Right Marvel Now!

It’s yet another session of Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys President DSTChuck, and he’s got some answers for you regarding your favorite Marvel action figure line, Marvel Select! We also got a question about our Marvel bottle openers, which makes this whole thing totally worth it. Germany represent!

Joao O.
How many The amazing spider-man 2 figures will come the next year? spidey and three villains? or only spidey & electro? please give us all haha

DSTChuck: Just one for the movie – due to a licensing issue, we were not able to do Electro, and reference arrived too late for Green Goblin.

Carson L.
I have been impressed with the consistent quality and value of your Marvel Select line over the years and would like to thank you for all that you have delivered to us Marvel fans.  I have a few characters that seem to be lacking in the action figure realm and was wondering if you guys could tackle them:  Stryfe (who was a real threat in the Marvel universe for awhile), Sleepwalker, Nightmare, Tombstone, and my favorite…Morg.  As a former herald of Galactus, he would look tremendous on my desk at work.  Thanks for your time!

DSTChuck: Carson, so glad you dig the line! I am sorry, none of those are planned at this time, but none of have been ruled out, either. Hopefully, some of the figures we have planned this year will work for you.

Silas D.
Hey, I’ve got a few suggestions. First off, could you make some zombie villains based on Marvel Zombies? You’ve made some zombie heroes a few years ago, and you can’t have zombie heroes without zombie villains.
Secondly, how come you haven’t made a Doctor Strange yet? He’s a pretty popular hero, and he’s a magical character so there are lots of possibilities for display bases. And if you do make a Doctor Strange, perhaps you could also make a Dormammu?
Third, you need to make an A-Bomb. He’s getting pretty popular recently, and Hasbro just made a Marvel Universe A-Bomb not too long ago, so it seems like a perfect time to make an A-Bomb.
My final question is if you could re-realese the Watcher. A lot of us would like to see the Watcher re-released, and he would go along well with the Silver Surfer that you just released. I have A LOT more suggestions, but i’m trying to keep it short so you actually have a chance to answer. Thanks!

DSTChuck: Zombies would be very cool, we did the Villains Zombies Marvel Minimates set not too long ago and it did very well. We’ve talked about Dr. Strange a few times, but I guess it just has not worked out yet. Not sure about A-Bomb – maybe down the road. We do review our past figures a couple times a year and go over which re-runs seem to have the most interest. So don’t rule out the Watcher.

Elijah R.
I am brand new to the world of Marvel Select, but I am in LOVE with these figures.  I’m obsessed.  I’m building up my collection and really appreciate the new Silver Surfer.  However, it’s hard to find some of the older figures.  I wonder if you plan on re-releasing the Watcher, the Phoenix, and Mephisto.  I also have a WISH LIST that includes
1) Apocalypse
2) Cable
3) Arch-Angel
4) Original Doc-Oct
5) Black Panther
Please let me know if any of these have been considered.  Thanks for supplying me with my Obsession.

DSTChuck: Welcome to the fold! We’ve looked at Apocalypse and Cable several times, so for sure we have not ruled them out.

Blair B.
Any chance of you guys re-releasing the Disney-Store exclusive Incredible Hulk figure For those of us lot living near a Disney-Store? Preferably with a closed fist? Just to distinguish it from a Disney-Store Hulk,you understand.

DSTChuck: We meet with the Disney team several times a year, and we always ask if they are willing to move on from an exclusive so we can offer it to other customers. They have been very generous in the past, so we’ll see.

Daniel M.
How about making the Vision, Hercules, Iron Fist and Doctor Strange Marvel Select? The fans would appreciate ….

DSTChuck: Vision and Dr. Strange have been discussed, but nothing is planned for 2014.

Chad G.
Hi Chuck! DrMego/EMCE Toys. We need to get these guys involved deeper, get more product out there. As a fan of Mego, DrMego/EMCE NAILED it with their Retro Trek and Ape figures. They NAILED it with the Create your own Zombie kit. They PERFECTED the Universal Monster line and Phantom of the Opera was hands down THE BEST figure in any retro collection. With FTC getting the DC license and their quality track record, we’d have love to DrMego/EMCE expand the Universal Monster line and go after a marvel license with vigor! Lets have DrMego/EMCE reproduce those 1970s Marvel Megos and give FTC’s quality a run for its money.

DSTChuck: I would consider our partnership with EMCE an ongoing relationship. We meet several times a year and talk about what new cool stuff we can do together. Glad you like some of the past offerings.

Jason D.
First things first I want to say I’m a huge fan of your line and I just picked up 5 more figures to add to my shelves. Love your work. That being said, I can’t help but to notice some major names are still missing from my collection. 
Xavier, Beast, & especially Iceman are my biggest wants. And the more I look at Silver Surfer the more I wish he was slightly tweaked to have been an Iceman instead. 
I know you can’t say much, but can you please give me a glimmer of hope that they will be here sooner than later?

DSTChuck: I think no matter how long this line goes on – it’s been 10 years already – we’re never going to be able to do everyone’s “must have” or favorite characters. The Marvel Universe is just that cool and deep.

Franko B.
Recently I have seen the Bottle Openers that are made by DST and I wanted to ask DST when they will create a Bottle Opener of the Character Colossus.
As a Colossus Collector I have a lot of him and a Bottle Opener would be a cool addition

DSTChuck: I do not think our license would allow Colossus, but I am sure he would be cool!

Chris H.
once again dstchuck do you guys have any plans on a angela select
also will we see more female characters in 2014 like jean grey phoenix(variant potential) warbird,rogue,psylocke

DSTChuck: Right now, no plans for an Angela figure. But Rogue and Psylock have come up pretty frequently in our discussions.

Justin L.
4 questions –
1. Does DST have any plans for other symbiote action figures between Lasher, Phage, Scream and Agony?
2. And does DST have plans for Shriek from Spider-Man?
3. I think it’s time for a Mary Jane Watson action figure of any comic book or a Gwen Stacy action figure from any comic book, does DST have any plans them, excluding the TASM ones?
4. Sorry for not mentioning this in My earlier messages but will DST re-release the Black Cat action figure or make a new one?

DSTChuck: Here you go, Justin:
1. Not for 2014, sorry.
2. Not right now, but I expect in 2015 you will see some more Spidey stuff from us.
3. We have considered MJ & Gwen, but no plans at this time.
4. We have re-issued her in the past, so I see no reason we would not go back again if there was demand.

Noah H.
Hey DST, just a couple questions:
1) Will you be making a Marvel Select Spiderman figure for Amazing Spider-Man 2? If you do, it’d be great if it came with an extra unmasked head like the Disney store exclusive for ASM1.
2) When might we see pics for the Cap 2 Marvel Select figures?

DSTChuck: Yes we are making Cap and Spidey from their respective movies. Pictures of both should be circulating right now.

Ryan C.
I am new to toy collecting and from the research I’ve done, Marvel Select figures are far and away one of the best. Maybe even THE BEST when considering price value.  I have a few questions and “wish list” requests. Take them or leave them because regardless, the DST Marvel Selects are still awesome and I’ll continue to hunt for them.
Any chance we’ll soon see more of the X Men, such as Charles Xavier, Psylocke, Beast, Rogue, Mistique, and Iceman?  Maybe even the movie character versions, such as Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry, and/or Rebecca Stamos and/or Jennifer Lawrence, among others.
The bases for each toy are a great feature.  Marvel Legends does something cool where they sell a package (usually individually) that has a character with a part of a larger character for assembly once all of the characters in the package are collected. Any plans to ever do something like that? It would be sweet for a nerd like me to have a 3 foot Sentinel standing in the corner of the room.  I understand it would probably be hard or perhaps even impossible to do, but I have to ask if it’s ever been considered or will be considered at some point.
Anyway, that’s it. Regardless of what you do or don’t do, I still love the art you all create. I’m new to it all but am a passionate fan already. Thanks and have a happy holiday season.

DSTChuck: X-men is always a family we look to when planning which figures we want to do next. The Legends build-a-figures are very cool, but we have no plans to add that feature to Select. We kind of like to make the figures very large, or have cool bases or include a pile of accessories.

Jameson Cerbo
hello! please make Marvel select Man-Spider figure! :)) would love to see it. thaanks

DSTChuck: Sorry, no plans at this time – but never say never!

Marcio Chavez
First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! if you guys read this after the 31st!
I’m a HUGE fan of the Marvel Select line. (AWESOME BY THE WAY) My question is are they really releasing the Superior Spiderman for the marvel select line? also what else do you have in store for us? a little tease of whats to come? thank you for reading.

DSTChuck: Superior Spidey is out now, and it’s a Disney Store exclusive.

Adrian Crafton
Hello I just wanted to know I’m a big marvel fan and was just wondering When are you Guys going to design a luke cage figure and black panther figure .

DSTChuck: Black Panther has been discussed from time to time, but nothing is in the works at the moment, sorry.

Trey Moore
Would you please consider re-releasing the Loki movie figure? The ebay prices are ridiculous and I think you are losing money to scalpers by not producing another run of this highly popular figure.

DSTChuck: Sorry, as much as we would love too, our license does not allow that.

Mike Davidson
Happy New Year Art Asylum,
I have read recently that you guys are working on 2 female figures, hopefully they are new and not re-issues. can you at least say if they are in this group:
Ms. Marvel
Scarlet Witch
Lady Hydra
Here’s to a great 2014,

DSTChuck: I can confirm at least one from that list will be on sale in 2014.

Ryan Johnson
Hey Chuck,
While I love the new Marvel Select Jane Foster, would there have been any way to do a soft goods dress (a la Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth) for Jane or would cost/aesthetics have prevented it?

DSTChuck: I’ve seen something like that done before esp. with say Batman’s cape. It can be real cool sometimes, but I can honestly say it’s not something we considered with this figure.

Steve Shannon
Hi. I’ve managed to collect most of your awesome Marvel Selects. Have you considered making polls for collectors to vote for the figures they most want made, especially considering the 2 figure limitation per movie? For example, from what I’ve read online, Jane Foster seems to be the last character fans would have wanted among the 2 character slots from The Dark World with Sif and Odin being favourites.
Also, is it just me or is the scale of MS getting a little bigger? 2013’s Iron Man and Thor look quite a bit taller than their previous movie figures.
Finally, what is the likelihood of the following comic figures being made? Ms. Marvel, Psylocke, Mystique, Pyro, Classic Doc Ock, Classic Iron Man and Kang? Thanks and keep up the good work.

DSTChuck: Steve, we’ve done a few polls in the past, but we would not be able to do it for a movie line since so much of that is out of our hands and the timing is very tricky.
We do our best to keep the line in scale and work with our factory to ensure production is the correct size, but sometimes its not exactly right…we are not changing the scale, though.
One of those is possible.

Alan Martinez
Would you consider including for the next spiderman marvel select figure that gets released a pair of open palm hands? I know thwip hands are a must but maybe include a fist and a open palm as an option. Open palms add a lot of display possibilities. Thank you

DSTChuck: The ASM2 figure will come with a bunch of hands, but I do not think any of them are a flat, open palm.

Dustin Thompson
Is there a figure for Slapstick? …I remember seeing it at stores once but a lot of people say That he never got a figure.

DSTChuck: There has never been a Select figure – I do not know if anyone else has done one.

Ash Sparks
Hi, I’m a big superhero fan and grew up watching the 90s X-men and Spider-man cartoons. As I got older I’ve built a good size figure collection which is mostly Marvel Legends but as great as they were, some I was never fully satisfied with, and some characters I wanted were never made at all. Fortunetely Marvel Select has allowed me to fill some gaps in my collection and “upgrade” some characters too. Anyway I was wondering what are the chances of seeing a Marvel Select Kingpin (something similar to the Bowen Statue Kingpin would be AMAZING) or Marvel Select Sauron?

DSTChuck: I think both of them would be very cool to do, but they are not planned for 2014.

Jessica Drew
Hello, I was wondering are you going to make any more Loki action figures? I really wanted your Avengers one but it is sold out, or being sold for a ridiculous amount on ebay and similar sites. I was hoping there would be a Loki figure released with Thor the Dark World, but sadly it was not. Do you have any plans to make another Loki? Or do you have any tips on where I could find one for a good price? Thank you for your time.

DSTChuck: Our license does not allow us to go back and make movie figures after the movie has passed. Sorry.

Sebastian Horstmann
Hey DST,
Love your Marvel Select figure, some favourites are standing here since years and I can’t wait get my hands on Hawkeye and Lizard. But there are a few questions:
1) What about da Hobgoblin figure? You could use an old Green Goblin body, attach some new parts and sell it as a new variant.
2) Same type of question, Eddie Brock is the new Toxin, so why not recoloring your Venom? Turn the black parts red, the white party black and boom, you got the new Toxin.
3) Over the span of eight years I got my hands on nearly every Select figure, I wanted to have. One was on my rader from the beginning, but never showed up again, could you please, please, please re-release the Ultimate Captain America from your early days? It looked so great.
Greetings from Germany!

DSTChuck: Thanks for the love! Hobgoblin would be cool to do – I was a fan of him when he first appeared in ASM. I’m pretty sure if we did a Toxin figure, it would be a new sculpt.
The sales guys are always looking at our past releases to gauge interest, so I guess anything is possible.

Lee B.
Hey Chuck,
So Most of are so thrilled with The latest Disney Store Exclusive’s in The Winter Solider and of course The Superior Spider-Man! Simply Incredible these are the type of Characters I said I’d pay Hundreds of Pounds for… So I was wondering is that our lot regarding those type of Disney Exclusives? As we normally get a Movie Variant/Exclusive these days,
Also I was wondering with 2014 being mapped out around The Marvel Movie franchise likely Two from Amazing Spider-Man 2, Two from GOTG, Two from Captain America 2 The Winter Solider and we have DOTF more than likely Two once again leaving us with only One Comic based Character :( Regarding The X-Men film We’d all except nope scratch that gladly welcome a Jennifer Lawrence Mystique Figure IMO… I know you probably aren’t allowed to spill the beans but… morse code is fine haha
So The Real questions are of course… as Follows
Here we go… It would be AWESOME To Finally get a Classic Carnage Marvel Select…
Also I would Nerd right out if we got a Toxin or Broxin as it’s catching on lol…
Scarlet Spider aka Kaine Parker is certainly One of my favorite’s from Everything The Look, The Mentality The fact his Powers are different… Plus he could have a Bad-Ass base to match his Personality and Interchangeable Hands (Stakes In Them Looking Aggressively)
I would love to see someone like Spider-Man 2099 tbh he is Simply Awesome plus rumors of a Spider-Man 2099 On-Going in 2014 would be PERFECT timing :)
Morbius The Living Vampire would be just WOW!!! Always liked Michael Morbius as a character and can you imagine the face sculpt and the creepy look even he’s a Hero lol he would have that WOW-FACTOR!
Villains wise characters like The Scorpion, The Vulture, Kraven The Hunter, The Hobgoblin or Goblin Knight as he is now!!! The Chameleon, Maybe Electro (Comic Version) I wouldn’t complain… Mysterio, I think Sandman could be Special maybe not The Most charismatic character but he’d be AWESOME Regardless!!!
I wouldn’t moan at someone like Beast, Angel, Havok or Psylocke btw

DSTChuck: Welcome back, Lee!
I am not sure exactly what you mean, but I can tell you we work with Disney as much as a year ahead of time to come up with a line that works for them and DST’s normal customer and hopefully appeals to collectors.
We are engaged in talks with Disney to expand the countries where they offer these figures.
Your guesses on the # of movie figures we are doing is WAY off.
Right now we are not working on Carnage, but he is not ruled out.
Most of the others you asked about are not in development, but one is.

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