Ask DST #244: Minimates “R” Us

This week’s Ask DST is all about Minimates! From new vehicles to new TRU exclusives to new versions of Moon Knight, the wide world of Minimates is covered in your own questions and suggestions, as well as the answers of Diamond Select Toys president DST Chuck. Read on!

Justin H.
Hi Chuck,

Now that both the specialty and Toy-R-Us waves of Tomb Raider Minimates have hit shelves, has there been any further discussion on producing the other Tomb Raider ‘mates that were shown at SDCC last year?  There were 8 additional ‘mates shown as potential boxsets, but we haven’t heard anything else about the future of the line.  The Tomb Raider Minimates have been some of the best produced toys of the Minimates line, and I and many others would love to see more from the license.

Last year’s Strange Tales boxset was a great release, has there been any thought to releasing similarly themed boxsets for other “lost” Marvel titles?  a “Marvel Team-Up” boxset would be a great way to combine Spidey and potentially 3 other lesser known Marvel characters!  Moondragon, Captain Britain (original red costume), Arcade, Deathlok, Machine Man, Son of Satan, etc.  I would love to see an oddball boxset of miscellaneous Marvel characters released like that on an annual basis, as it could be a lot of fun. 

Also, are there any more plans for future Minimates Vehicle waves?  I know you mentioned we might get vehicles for ALIENS, but what about other one-off properties like the Knight Rider cars that were released?



DST Chuck: Hey Justin, I do not think we have plans to release those Tomb Raider figures. We have had some thought about releasing a new wave based on the new version of the game, but to date it’s just been talk.
There have been many talks about Marvel box sets and which direction to take, but nothing has been pinned down yet, not sure if I’ll even be able to pin myself down to one idea. No vehicles are in what I would call “active development,” but a few have been discussed, including Aliens.

Mister PL
I love the color set of Minimates for Lost is Space. The black & white set gave me tingles of nostalgia but the color version is awesome. The Robot is a masterpiece and the spare noggins on Dr. Smith are brilliant.
Now we just need the rest of the main cast. In the interest of economizing parts and maximizing sales, I really think one 4-pack would sell well with the following:
– Will, Jon, and Maureen in spacesuits
– Alternate heads and hairpieces for Don, Judy, and Penny
– Dr. Smith in his military uniform
– Robot packed in an underlying tray as accessories to “build B9!”
I’d buy two of those just to have the whole main cast. So would everyone who bought the 2-packs so there’s your sales forecast. What do you think? Can we count on DST to bring the rest of the Jupiter 2 crew to our shelves

DST Chuck: A box set for LiS has not been ruled out, but nothing is happening on it just now.

Tom S.
Hello. First off let me say I love your Minimate line and have been collecting them almost since day one. I, like most are incredibly happy with ever increasing quality in this collectible toy line. I don’t know exactly who your target demographic is but I would think that with newer fans who have come on board the Marvel Comics bandwagon due to success of the recent Marvel Cinematic Universe you might want to add a few more of the oldies but goodies to the line. Everyone now knows Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Spider Man and Wolverine and they will buy these figures based on the names alone but why not help introduce them to older, classic characters. Examples could include the original X- Men in their costumes from issue #39, including Mimic. The original X-Factor in their second generation costumes. Classic Avengers from the 70’s and 80’s and more Marvel Knights characters. Advertising these characters as the “original” heroes would probably have newer collectors clamoring for more when they see exactly how large the Marvel Universe is. That being said I couldn’t be happier with the increased detailing of the more recent lines, the varity of characters released and just the overall enjoyment of these toys. Thanks for the time. A loyal mate til the end..
P.S. I really would love to see a classic version of Adam Warlock for my next birthday

DST Chuck: Tom, there is no doubt we look at all the history of the Marvel Universe when we plan a line, but it seems after 10 years of doing this we’re not even close to covering all of the characters fans would like to see – that’s pretty amazing.

Doc Baghead
Since Spider-man variants are always something we can look forward to as the Marvel minimate line rolls on, has any thought been given to making one such variant The Amazing Bag Man?

DST Chuck: I don’t think so, but with Spidey never say never.

Jason B.
Hey guys before I start just want to say you guys are awesome, I am always looking to see what new marvel and walking dead series or box sets you have planned.
1. since you did a Hope Summers minimate I was wondering if you’d be doing the rest of The Lights as well?
2. Will The Young Avengers, The Runaways, Avengers Academy, and the many new X-Men (Pixie, Surge and Hellion in particular) looked at for new series?
3. Probably been asked dozens of times already but will TV exclusive characters of Walking Dead get made into minimates?

DST Chuck: Thanks for the kind words!
1) I do not think so, but never say never.
2) Maybe.
3) No, we have no plans to add the TV license – we’re very happy with the comic and have tons of catching up to do.

Steve Free
I have a couple character questions related to X-men minimates.  I know according to Luke that wave 47 with the outback x-men was one of his highest selling waves so have you considered doing
1.  An update of the blue suited cyclops with the green skirt marvel girl, banshee and sunfire and an ypdated polaris in her purple sh’iar costume.  I think they would go really well with completing the claremont era x-men
2.  Just wanted to add my name to the list of people who really wants an x-factor boxset of Havok (hopefully without a screaming face, I would really like a more calm Havok face), Polaris, Multiple Man, and Strong Guy
Just wanted to say how much I love collecting Minimates and how I really enjoy the awesome variety and costumes other toy lines never make

DST Chuck:
1) I personally love that era, but I can’t say for sure, honestly we have one more series to lock down for 2014 and then its on to 2015, which I have not even thought about yet.
2) Understood.
Thanks, it’s been a blast, and I never thought we would still be doing this after 11 years.

Hank F.
With the release (and hopeful success) of the Tomb Raider minimates, is there a chance of expanding to other video game licenses? Assassin’s Creed, Diablo, Call of Duty, and Nintendo come to mind.

DST Chuck: We are not looking at any of those at this time. We have talked to Nintendo, and they are not interested at this time. Mario Kart would be so cool.

Andrew Ferguson
I know that these postings where someone writes in with an idea for a wave or a listing of the top fifteen characters they want to see, never seem to influence what characters DST puts out, but I had to write anyways.
I want to make two suggestions.
1) a Marvel box set based on the old 70’s ‘Girl Power’ and ‘Girls Rule!’ promotional campaign.  You could pack the miniskirt Marvel Girl, the 70s era Black Widow, Hellcat and Capt. Marvel or SpiderWoman.  I realize that selling figures for female characters might usually be a hard sell, but I think this could work if it was marketed in the right way.  You could entice older collectors with the nostalgia factor and you could also reach out to young girls who want fun toys to play with.  I know I would definitely buy one set each for my two nieces. 
2) a wave or series of two packs based on the Avengers Under Siege story line.  I’ve suggested this before, and since I originally suggested it you have released Baron Zemo with a new Absorbing Man coming out soon, but there are still many great characters from this story line that would make great figures, like the Black Knight, Captain Marvel (Monica ) a battle damaged Hercules, and a great host of villains like Mr. Hyde, the members of the Wrecking Crew, Titania, etc.  Plus, you could include Jarvis. 

DST Chuck: I would not say they don’t influence us, it’s just that it would be impossible to respond yes or no to every request. Plans change and we like our marketing dept to announce items, as well as the fact that we don’t plan more than a year ahead as it is. I honestly do the best I can to give you an idea if its something we have or would consider.
That said, I will take your suggestions under consideration!

Clinton M.
Are there going to be any Minimates based on “The God Butcher” or “Godbomb”.  It would make for a really neat box set (Young Thor, Thor, King Thor, and Gorr]. 

DST Chuck: There are no plans at this time.

Chad A.
I am really enjoying your Marvel NOW! inspired Minimates.  What are the chances that we see a Deep Space Iron Man (that he wore with the Guardians of the Galaxy) along with the new Carol Danvers Captain Marvel?  Carol would look great with her space helmet as an alt-look.  Thanks!

DST Chuck: We do like the look as well, but not sure how deep we’re going to go with all of those.

Nate E.
G’Day DST folk,
The Wolverine minimates have just recently hit Australian shores. They look great. Viper & Ninja Yukio are probably my favourite figures in the wave. It’s a shame that Silver Samurai couldn’t make it into the assortment. Is there any chance we’ll see a classic comic version of Silver Samurai released in 2014?

DST Chuck: Maybe a comic version – that’s very possible. We would have loved to do a movie version, but the refrence was just not there in time.

Matt Arnold
Hey guys,
Been a big collector of minimates for a long time. I was wondering if there were any plans to make new Bruce Lee minimates. Through time and effort, I’ve actually tracked down all of the original brave little dragon toys via ebay. I’m a bit of a Bruce Lee nut I guess. It’d be cool to see new ones at the current minimate size.
I wasn’t sure if there were plans or not since it seems Bruce Lee has been having a bit of a resurgence lately.
Regardless, Keep up the great work guys!

DST Chuck: Huge Bruce Lee fan, but no plans right now to get back into that license. But it’s possible.

Kevin S.
Hello Again Mighty Minimate Makers!
I recently picked up the Legacy Star Trek figures; excellent…as with all things Minimate. Well done, indeed!
I read in a recent Ask DST that the future of that Minimate line is questionable. So this is my first question: Do you have any more information at this point?? I’m really hesitant to shell out the big bucks (on Ebay)for the original bridge crew if you plan to release them again in an updated version.
Second question: wondering if you’ve ever considered a Kirk with the “turtle neck” uniform (like “The Cage Spock” figure).  There have been so many Kirks already, but that variation would be a welcomed one.
Just FYI, I’m hooked, so the bridge crew from each show would definitely be on my BUY list, if/when you make those happen.
Last question: Art Asylum is the company that designs and creates the toys while Diamond Select distributes them; have I got that right?  Is there a place to buy Minimates directly?  An actual physical shop?  Other than the comic shops and Toys R Us, I mean.

DST Chuck: There has been no movement either way on Trek Minimates. Art Asylum is our design house. They handle the design on many of our lines. You can buy MM from our webstore, if there is not a local retailer that can help you out.

Nathan V.
Hi I collect all of your Minimate product’s. I currently have over 2,000 of your marvel and movie Minimates. I was wondering with the marvel four packs if your ever going to make the wrecking crew or even the inhumans.I have a lot of good ideas for Minimate product’s and wondering if the ones I mentioned will come into production?
Your friend Nathan V

DST Chuck: Wow, that’s an impressive collection! Both have been considered, but neither is in the works right now.

Kostis F.
Hey there! I’m back with more questions (or suggestions, depends on how you look at them really), so, shall we begin?
 1) From my previous questions I’m sure you know that I love Spider-Man. But, you know what’s better than regular Spider-Man? “Superior” Spider-Man. So, any chance we’re going to see a Superior wave this year?

Urich Hobgoblin/Spider Minion
Kinsgley Goblin/Minion
Ghost Peter/Dying Wish Ock
Chameleon/Spider-man with backpack

Cardiac/Superior Venom

2) Are we going to see an All-New Marvel now! wave?
Investigator Moon Knight/Ghost Rider (new guy)
Ghost Rider Blaze/Red Venom (to complete the T-Bolts)
She Hulk/A new Peter spider-man with a darker blue and red and much more detail
I would add wolvie but I’m sure he’ll be in an x-wave.

 3) Any new unannounced lines planned for this year?
 4) Any plans for any Ultimate figs (yeah, yeah i know, i asked the same question but with the uu getting a relaunch i though mayyyybe something has changed)?
5) Any chance for more dark characters or lesser known heroes? Marvel is really pushing them nowadays (moon knight, silver surfer, iron fist, ghost rider) so i guess a few packs here and there wouldn’t hurt.
Anyway, that’s it for today, take care!

DST Chuck:
1) I don’t know about an entire wave of Superior but some characters are certainly possible.
2) I don’t know if a mixed Marvel Now series is something we’d look at right now.
3) We have I think one more series we have not announced yet, and maybe a box set.
4) Nothing planned right now.
5) I suppose it’s possible.

Matt K.
Hello again Minimate makers!
I was just wondering with the Captain America comic and movie Minimates coming out soon, will there be a Spiderman comic set of Minimates accompanying the amazing spiderman movie minimates? If so, could we get udated Minimates of doc ok (in iron lung mode) a new tranformation sandman and possibly verman, Jackel, tombstone, Hammerhead and either an updated hobgoblin or molten man? Please and thanks. TTFN!

DST Chuck: Sorry there is not a comic series of Spidey going along with the movie series BUT there will be something.

Jeffery R.
A few years back you guys released I think four Sony Minimates sets and I was just wondering if you guys were planning on continuing some or maybe starting some new ones? The Last of Us would be an awesome Minimates set to see and maybe some more Uncharted.

DST Chuck: Sorry, no more Playstation MM planned at this time.

Nando X.
1. So i know doing the maxi-mates again is out of the question…..but what about as coin banks?
2. any update on the agent 88 kickstarter? can you reveal how those figures are coming or when they can be expected?
3. are the aliens Minimates going to have scaled vehicles of any kind?
4. i know the playsets are also a big “ain’t gonna happen” so could you release the design that was going to be used for the cardboard one?  i’ve got a good printer and plenty of cardboard to make my own.
5. after reading about Superpro (90’s Marvel Comic) i’m convinced you need to make that character into a minimate. who do i have to bribe to make it happen?
thanks for all the great reveals these past few weeks.  definitely making 2014 the year to collect these things!!

DST Chuck:
1. Sorry we do not have the rights to produce banks for Marvel.
2. Any update on Agent 88, you would have to ask the movie folks.
3. We have considered vehicles for Aliens, so we’ll have to see how the MM sell first.
4. I guess that’s possible but I don’t even know where the designs are, we’d have to dig around for them. 5.
Cookies at trade shows have worked in the past.
Hopefully the end result meets your anticipation!

Jordan D.
Hey, I know you guys have announced you’re making View Askew Minimates, but you’ve been slow to reveal what characters we might be getting! So far we have Jay and Silent Bob, and it was recently revealed we can excpet Mooby and Buddy Christ; Any chance you could give us some hints as to who else we might expect to see? As a huge fan of Minimate AND Kevin Smith films, I’m dying for Brodie Bruce of Mallrats fame!

DST Chuck: We showed a pretty wide range at Toy Fair, and if they do as well as we hope all of them do, we’ll keep going.

Theron R.
Hi AA! Walking into TRU, I see that they are clearancing out ALL of their Minimate stock, even the newest series. I picked up the Wolverine & Reaper and Captain America & Scarlet Witch sets for $4.98 (before using a 30% off coupon)… Uh uh. Is this the end of minimates at TRU? And are the chances of more Star Trek minimates, also clearanced at TRU, pretty much nil now? As probably are my chances of getting a Rescue minimate too :(  Thanks!

DST Chuck: We have some MM purchase orders in hand, so its not the end…

Andrew J.
In Ask DST #236, someone named Rafael R. had a wishlist that was remarkably similar to my own long-term hopes for the line, and I wanted to second all of his requests for classic character looks. I think there’s still a lot of interest, and a lot to be mined from the Bronze Age era – a lot of now classic characters were launched in that timeframe.

To make this a question: will you continue to balance modern editorial-inspired ‘mates with classic versions of characters? And do you see this falling more into the format of boxed sets rather than the occasional specialty or TRU 2-pack? I noticed in 2013 the ratio of “classic” to modern significantly decreased, and I feel there are still a lot of classic e.g. Defenders, Avengers, and especially villains to mine.

And a bit randomly: has DST ever considered blind box execution for more off-the-wall selections, or at all for that matter? I see KidRobot 12-pack boxes hitting a higher price point than MiniMate 2-packs for single figures, and seemingly doing pretty well without both licensed and un-licensed content. I can’t help but imagine: Celestials in blind boxes, with a heavy artsy Kirby style? Classic Avengers vs. Masters of Evil blind boxes? SHIELD vs. Zodiac? Lots of possibilities here…

DST Chuck: We do try to balance those needs and add in movie items as well. No matter how well we think we balance, it seems some fans are always not pleased with the mix. We’re not big fans of blind box, and I doubt we’d ever do that for Marvel but I suppose if all the situations made sense we could do it.

Ross N.
I know we aren’t getting a TRU wave for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but are there any plans for a boxset of some sort to go with the wave because it would be cool to get an Alexander Pierce and Agent 13 minimate

The Best of Wave 3 Luke Cage and Iron Fist look unbelievable and I am so excited, was wondering if there have been any talks of making a Jessica Jones minimate to go along with them?  Maybe with a little Danielle baby accessory?

DST Chuck: There will just be the comic series for Cap 2. I don’t think Jessica has ever really come up.

Savan H.
Hi Guys:
I would like you guys to make the Jim Carrey Mask Minimates and Stanley Ipkiss too.

DST Chuck: I do not think we have ever looked into the Mask license.

Orion P.
Hey, Chuck and co.! I’m back with another question—or, rather, a suggestion. I’m liking the idea of these Marvel Minimates “Through the Ages” box sets you’ve done, and I’m a proud owner of the awesomely awesome “Venom Through the Ages” set. I’d like to see more of these for different characters, y’know what I’m saying? I’d ESPECIALLY love to see a “Moon Knight Through the Ages” set. Moon Knight’s one of those underdog superheroes who has a rich history and a striking appearance. Here’s a list of alternate minimate suggestions for the set based on the costumes he’s worn: First Appearance (Werewolf by Night #32), Classic Jet & Silver, Fist of Khonshu, Metallic Armor, Neo-Classic (a lá David Finch, closer to the Moon Knight minimate you already made), Carbonadium Armor (Vengeance of the Moon Knight), and the All-New costume (featured in All-New Marvel NOW!’s Moon Knight series as drawn by Declan Shalvey).

If not a “Moon Knight Through the Ages” 4-pack, may I also suggest a Moon Knight 2-pack featuring Moon Knight and his archnemesis, Raoul Bushman (with a tear-away face, of course!)? And maybe a variant pack with a Marc Spector minimate with interchangeable disguises for Jake Lockely and Steven Grant? As always, thanks for reading/responding and keep up the epic work!

DST Chuck: I kind of like the Through the Ages sets, too. No Moon Knight set planned right now, but maybe he is due for an update.

David L.
Hi ! 2014 will be a great year for Minimates collecting, with Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Walking, Aliens … etc. I just can’t wait. For now, i have some questions for you guys:
1- Do you plan to produce more “Jay and Bob” related minifigures? What about Randall and Dante from Clerks Movie ? Those could be very nice in B&W, to fit the B&W Jay and Bob and stay true to the movie who is also black and white released.
2- I’m a great Megaman fan. I already have the two minifigures you produced (Zero and Megaman Zero). An extended Megaman/Rockman line would be awesome! ( many characters/boss possibilities ).
3-Everybody needs a South Park and a The Simpsons minifigures line. Please make my dream come true hehe ! Lot of characters, lot of fans… why not?!
4- Mortal Kombat ?!?
Thank you guys for your great products and taking time to answer our questions.

DST Chuck: Cool, we hope it will be a big year for MM as well – we like the mix of lines.
1. We showed a good bit at Toy Fair hopefully you are happy with what you saw.
2. Nothing planned at this time.
3. Agree..why not. Never say never.
4. No plans right now for MK, sorry.

Andrew G.
Love your guys work on Minimates.  I’ve been collecting the marvel Minimates since I was a kid and I’ve picked up a few video game mates along the way.  I’ve got 2 questions.

1. Anyway my 1st question is have you guys ever tried to get the license to make Grand Theft Auto Minimates?  If you have and things didn’t work out well then that sucks.  But if you haven’t PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider it.  You could do two 2packs one with Michael and Trevor and one with Franklin and Lamar or vice versa or maybe just a 3 pack of the protagonists.  If those sold well (of course they would) you could release more based on the previous iterations of GTA.

2.  If you guys make more INVINCIBLE minimates would you please include a new better fitting mask piece for Invincible?  The mask he comes with just doesn’t fit well.  Regardless it’s an amazing set. 

I really appreciate all the hard work you guys do.  Thanks for your time!!!

DST Chuck:
1) Yes we did talk to Rock Star around the time of the second game, and one more after that. They are not interested in Minimates.
2) I don’t know if we will do another set, but sorry about your mask – that is the first issue I have heard of.

Chris L.
Good Morning,
I have been a fan and a collector of Minimates for over a decade and this is my first time writing to you about your product.
The Star Trek Minimates have been among my favorites over the years and I have purchased each one including variant figures and the recent Enterprise ships.
I understand that the Legacy wave hasn’t performed as well as expected, if the line is canceled again is there any chance we could get a “Courtesy” wave to include First Officers and Doctors to stand with each Captain to round out the collection? 
Thank you for your fine products,

DST Chuck: I do not see us doing a “courtesy” series, I would argue the series we did was just that. That said, the door has not been 100% closed on a second Legacy series.

Joe D.
Hi! First off, exciting announcements over the past couple of months.
1) Looking forward to the Big Bang Theory set. I know it’s a long shot but, what are the odds of Warehouse 13? Community? Psych? A-Team? Chuck?
2) Also excited for the Aliens movie minimates. Does this mean Predator is in our future too?
3) May I also suggest Men In Black, Indiana Jones and Usual Suspects minimates?
4) Did the Invincibles and Thief of Thieves do well enough for more Skybound, or even Image, minimates?
5) Do you have the license for ALL the characters in Kevin Smith’s films?

Thanks! And keep it up. You guys are awesome.

DST Chuck:
1. No plans at this time – sorry.
2. Nothing is signed, but it’s something we’d look at for sure.
3. Currently, Lucas is not licensing Indy.
4. I do not think that has been decided yet, but I think they did about as well as we expected.
5. Sorry, but we do not give out that type of information. Hopefully you like what we do with the line.

Tyler K.
Have you considered making walking dead minimates for telltales walking dead games? Or do the rights belong to someone else like the tv show?

DST Chuck: We have no plans to expand to the TV show .

Will the amazing spider-man 2 Minimates have more accessories than the ones seen at New York Toy Fair?

DST Chuck: I do not recall what we showed, but as a general rule we do not like to show all the accessories when we show a MM series at a trade show.

Matt S.
This may be a fruitless cause but I’m going to try this tract anyway. Re: “the Best of Marvel series 3” Iron Fist/Power Man.

I’m really impressed with this set but with just a few extra parts, I really think it could be a perfect set for both classic and modern comic fans. Would it be possible to include the tiara hairpiece, chain belt, metal wristbands and a seperate open collar torso block for Power Man? All existing pieces have been made. Also, for Iron Fist… either the original torso cover from the first release OR cut the collar off of that block and use it like the recent Morbius collar, then include a torso block with the green costume & open shirt for the yellow collar to fit over that.

I really think that’d be a perfect solution for this set to be everything for everybody and no fans will be feeling it was “so close” to perfect but just barely missing the mark. That way, no fans will still be wishing for re-issues when this set could really knock it outta the park.

Also, loving those Godzilla minimates! Will there be more than the four shown? What’s the release schedule for these? Hopefully not annually! Will there be any other releases before the 4-pack, since it looks like those’ll be all the way in Winter. Maybe a swell SDCC exclusive?

Saw in the most recent Q&A that you were still considering making a 4-pack of Lost in Space Minimates. I think this would be a wonderful idea and I really hope you’ll end up doing it. I love both the sets released so far and the color set really is fun to pose and display.

DST Chuck: I do not think we would pack the Power Man like that – we’ve really never done that in the past, or the Iron First for that matter. We have at least two sets of Godzilla planned at this time. We had discussed a SDCC exclusive Godzilla at one point but I do not think there is enough time. Glad you like the Lost in Space sets – it was fun to do.

Sam F.
Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease consider making RWBY Minimates or Select figures!!! I don’t mean to sound like a child, but the show is just absolutely so amazing, and y’all already have a vicarious relationship with Rooster Teeth, and a 4 pack would be the bee’s knees. Or normal knees.

And even if the answer is no, go ahead and do yourself a favor. Watch the show. You won’t regret it.

DST Chuck: Sorry, no plans at this time.

Matt K.
Good evening DST folks. I was lookin thru photos from the new york toy fair and saw hints of the movie versions of the days of future past folks. I was just wondering with those sets, are there accompanying toys r us sets for those. And are we going to see young and old versions of magneto and prof. X? as well as minimates of havok and toad and Trask and a sentinel? AND when these sets come out how long will it be before we see a box set comic version of the days of future past characters?
Keep up the good work! TTFN!

DST Chuck: Those are still with the studio for approval, so anything I would say could still be changed. We’re going to have to hear from them soon to get that set out at all, so hopefully we have some news for you soon.

Sean R.
Hey Art Asylum! I have a quick question for you guys. I love collecting your Minimate figures (I must have between 300-400 between your different series) and there’s one figure that keeps alluding me and that is my second favorite Spider-man villain Doctor Octopus. It seems weird that with how many versions I’ve seen of other Spiderman villains that one of his most popular should only have one version. I’m wondering if perhaps you are going to release an updated Dock Ock or perhaps one of the different variants we’ve seen over the years (Ultimate, movie, or a costume other than the green jumpsuit). I certainly hope so because my MM collection isn’t complete without him. Thanks.

DST Chuck: I think you will see a new Doc Ock this year, hope you like it!

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