Ask DST #245: Star Trek Returns!

Ask DST. These are the musings of the president of Diamond Select Toys, DSTChuck. His mission? To answer collectors’ questions about DST products, grouped together by topic. To let Star Trek fans know what is going on with the next starship, role-play item or action figure. To boldly go where no toy company president has gone before! Now on to your questions!

Mike X.
Dear Chuck,
I know that DST has a record of doing versions of previously released ships with battle damage, and I was wondering if there was any chance of seeing the Odyssey (rebadging the D and giving it the pre-Kamikaze strike damage) done this way. It seems like the first ship to fall in the Dominion War would be a good option and a great variant of the D for collectors.

DSTChuck: Mike, I have to be honest, I have no idea if DSTRobert has looked at that. He’s mentioned a couple variants to me but not that one – I guess time will tell.

Josh H.
I was wondering if I might inquire if your planning on continuing your retro line, firstly series 10 with data, and if you had and other TNG plans?
I really, really love your toys! They’re even better then the originals. Picard is so awesome looking! I haven’t saved enough to get one yet, and I had noticed series 10 went unreleased..?
Thanks for reading,
Keep making great toys!!

DSTChuck: We are deep into looking into more Trek reto cloth – if I had to bet, I’d say yes, we will do more at some point.

Frankie C.
Hi, Just wanted to know if you can make more star trek movie figures from 
star trek 1 to 6,  would love to buy them. Please let me know  thanks    PS 

DSTChuck: Right now, we are not looking at the movies specifically for inspiration. However, we’re only working on a couple figures at a time in the Select line, so there is no reason we could not pick one from a movie or a movie look for a character.

Alejandro H.
Love your Star Trek ships and you guys are stepping out of the box with Enterprise B, All Good Things, and HMS Bounty, however are you guys truely gonna step out and produce such ships as the Equinox, Promethus, Akira class, and on and on! C’mon us ship collectors are dying out here to see this happen! Jem hadar battleships what are u waiting for! FYI Eaglemoss collectables is going all out for the nextr year with a full line of out of the box ships! Please we want to see this happen!
Happy fan 

DSTChuck: Sorry, but those are not on the short list of ships we’re starting to develop.

Jeff W.
Hello, DO you guys have plans on making any of the Starfleet Communicators from the Star Trek Movies 3 4 5 6?

DSTChuck: Jeff, I do not think that we’ve planned the role-play items past the Trek 3 phaser, so we’ll see.

Francois M.
Any chance of the D’deridex class Romulan Warbird from Star Trek The Next Generation making an appearance?
IF yes, it’d be great if it’s slightly bigger than my amazing 1701-D  :D

DSTChuck: I have to say, I don’t think a ship bigger than the D would be feasible. That’s a pretty big ship, and if we go any bigger I think costing would be a major issue.

David S.
I was just wondering if you are going to be doing any more of the Star Trek:Nemesis edition USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E?  I was also wondering how I could get a Replacement Stand for a USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A that you did?(The Display Stand that I had broke).  Also,  would you ever consider doing a version of the USS Titan NCC-80102?

DSTChuck: You should be able to contact customer service about product issues. We do not like to say never, but right now there are no plans for the Titan and I don’t see why we would not make more Nemesis if demand was there.

Jim B.
I have to start off by saying that I am a fan of the company. I have purchased many Star Trek figures and mini-mates, I also have purchased the Enterprise D which I display proudly on my home work office.
But I have stopped buying the action figures because they really do not look like the actors in Star Trek. The new release of Picard is really off in my opinion. I hope it sells for you and you make money to recoup any costs. But if you had better face sculpts, I would buy more of your items.
For now I will only continue buying mini-mates and ships…
I do not know why I sent this, but I was really disappointed seeing Picard and had to vent.
Sorry if I offended the artist or company… A fan from Chicago. Thank you!

DSTChuck: Jim I am very sorry you did not think the Picard figure was a good likeness. We try our best every time to make the figures look as good as we can and that includes the likeness. I hope the Worf we are working on is something you will collect.

Paul C.
Hi there,
Will there be more Enterprise D models released this year? Thank you.

DSTChuck: Paul, we are back in production on the AGT and standard Enterprise D and they will be in stores this fall.

Dan L.
Your products are great and I appreciate that you take the time to answer questions. Will there be a fourth Star Trek Select figure and if so, can you tell us who it will be or give us a clue?

DSTChuck: The fourth figure in the Select line is Worf – I do not think we have narrowed down the list for the fifth figure, but I expect we will soon.

Jason T.
I love you guys I’ve picked up all the ship’s and phaser since day one but please,please,pretty please let the next phaser be the star trek 3 phaser,it will sell big you know it and I know it.and then maybe a Klingon battle cruiser,I feel like I’m writing to Santa.thanks for everything you’ve done.I’ll leave milk and cookies

DSTChuck: The Trek 3 phaser is the next role-play item we are doing. I will be looking in the mail for my cookies!

Lars R.
I am a huge fan of Star Trek and your starship legends line in particular. I would like to inquire if there are any plans on bringing us any the following ships:

- D7 and/or K’t’inga class Klingon battlecruisers – There were quite a few variants of these like the Romulan D7 and Quonos 1.

– USS Reliant – My most wanted model that no one has done in this scale yet. Would also offer variants such as the USS Saratoga(s).

– Any Dominion/Jem’Hadar ships – As far as I know, these don’t exist at this scale yet. Voice clips of the Founder or Weyoun would be awesome on these.

– USS Enterprise C – This beauty is the only USS Enterprise that never had a model at this scale so far. The only alternative are extremely rare model kits that are way too tedious to build and paint for me.

– USS Voyager – A ship that could have neat features like moving warp pylons and countless voice and sound effect options.
I have a question that mostly applies to the USS Enterprise A that you released in the early 2000s. My issue is, that the model was exposed to an overdose of sunlight over time. I know that was very foolish of me, but I was too young at the time to see it coming. The plastic on the model has turned into a very ugly yellow, completely destroying the models appeal. I’m fairly certain that the sun is to blame, as the underside of the models are fine.
The question is: Is there ANY way to reverse this and return the models original look? This applies to pretty much my entire collection of ships that I have accumulated over many years. I would really hate to having to replace the Enterprise A in particular, as she is extremely hard to find now
If this doesn’t work, are there any plans for a re-issue at all?

DSTChuck: Lars, I really can’t say much here about what IS next – I kind of hint at it and try to give insight into our thought process, but DSTZach would be out of a job if I just announced every release here.
For now we’re not planning another Klingon ship, but we do have two “new” ships in development right now. The Reliant is not one of those two. And a Dominion ship is not one of those two either – while I love DS9, it would not be the first ship we do from that show.
I think the Enterprise C is something we would consider at some point, but there are so many other ships that would be more recognizable that we’d want to make a run at first.
We have had more than a few requests for Voyager and I do think its one we’d consider – I can say for sure it’s not “off” the list.
I am very sorry, but yes with something collectible you have to be aware of the area you are displaying it. I am not aware of any way to reverse the effects of time – if it’s a stain there are ways to get that out but sun bleaching I do not know of a fix. YES we are working on re-releasing a new version of the A very soon.

Chris B.
1.  Any more recent updates on the Excelsior shipping?  The date I have now is 2/26.
2.  What’s the next likely ship we might see in the Star Trek franchise?  Seen lot’s of hints…….No plan yet?

DSTChuck: Chris, sorry it took so long to answer this round of question, but the ship is already in stores – hope you like it. The next two ships AFTER the A are in development , we’ll just have to see which one gets slotted first. We’re very confident that both will do well for us and the fans will like them.

Mark from Canada
Hello, The upcoming revised 2014 version of Excelsior looks outstanding, with the duller finish and lighter cinematic paint scheme.  Did I read correctly in your latest (Feb. 10) Q&A that there may be plans to re-release the Enterprise Refit (1701A) with similar upgrades?  Regards

DSTChuck: Yes we are in fact working on a “new” version of the A and we expect a production sample from our factory very soon.

Jaime R.
As your team continues to re-release the variety of uss enterprises i wanted to request if some minor lighting could be built into the saucer sections of all the uss enterprises especially the enterprise d???? the saucer sections of the ships look really dark and dead. Even some minor lighting would make a big difference. I would appreciate a response. thanx…….
Does your team have a tentative release date for the enterprise-A??????
Would your team consider building the Enterprise-C to complete all the enterprise series???? I’m sure that thousands & thousands of fans would die for a model of that ship………………..
Would your team consider making a re-release of the mirror mirror kirk figure???? but a figure that has a face more resembling william shatner. the current figure looks nothing like shatner………………

DSTChuck: We expect the “new” version of the A to be in stores in 2014. Based on where we are in the year and the time it takes sales to get orders, it will be the later part of the year. Right now, we are not looking at going back in production on any of the past action figure lines. As for the C, which we may consider at some point – I think you vastly overestimate the number of Trek fans that are out there and collect toys from the original timeline.

Mike L.
I would love to see an “HD” version of the NX-01, and give the options to turn the lights on. Like the TOS Enterprise. Do you believe that would be possible?
I would also like to see a proper sized Phase pistol, and the MACO EM-33 from Enterprise. I know not so much a question as a suggestion, but I just love your Star Trek line up, and would just love to have all my favorite on screen awesomeness.

DSTChuck: Doing a re-wire of a ship we have done in the past is a major undertaking and not one we’re looking at right now for the NX-01, sorry. I do not think our overall plans include going back on the phase pistol, and for the time being we would not be interested in re-tooling any items – but never say never.

Chris C.
Thanks for responding to my previous question regarding the 8″ retro line, i will continue to keep hopeful for their return.
I have recently bought my first Select figure in the form of Spock and Horta. I have to say i really love it! At first i was concerned about buying it as i was used to the older figures and their articulation, but in the end i was just mega pleased to get such a highly detailed figure, and a Horta! I am quite looking forward to adding Picard and Kirk to the collection.
So, I was wondering if the select line will concentrate purely on TOS and TNG, or will it eventually cover the likes of Enterprise, Voyager and DS9?
P.S Shout out for an Enterprise NX-01 re-release, i’d love to get my hands on one! And any other Enterprise related reissues you can do.
Many thanks

DSTChuck: My pleasure Chris, if you care enough about the products we make to send in questions the least I can do is take the time to reply. Glad you like your Spock figure. I see NO reason the Select line could not end up with figure from all different shows and time periods. Think of it kind of like the line of Minimates we did last year.

Terry B.
Just saw photos of the Star Trek III Phaser. Is there a release date?

DSTChuck: We do not have an exact month right now, but we’re shooting for fall 2014.

Jonas D.
Hi Chuck,
wouldn’t it be a great idea and from the economic viewpoint interesting to produce the TNG phaser in two versions, like you did it with the TMP and the TWK phasers? One would be the so called ‘dustbuster’ the other the ‘cobrahead’. Same interior, lights and sounds but differet casing. You certainly would do the fans a great favour. I would definitely buy both!

DSTChuck: I think for sure we’d like to do the phaser from TNG, but you are correct, one problem is which version is definitive.. We have to look at the designs and the development cost and estimated sales and see what is possible. I do think at some point we’ll make a run at it and hope we chose correctly. There was talk at one point of a poll, so we’ll see.

Sebastian H.
Hello DST,
I’ve seen the phaser from Star Trek III an it looks simply amazing. Totally bought, favorite classic phaser.
But I have a question, why are you making this, if you could make a Star Trek TNG phaser or even a tricorder? The ones from playmates are going for a huge amount of money on the secondary market and fans are praying for new versions of those, ’cause they appeared on three different TV shows instead of one movie.
The Excelsior and the A look great, too, I’m even thinking about purchasing the A, just because it has a different paint job than your fantastic Twok Enterprise. But the A was displayed on a soft material without a real base, does this mean it will have a different base and not the one from the Twok Enterprise?
Oh, and you said a concept drawing of the next Star Trek Select Figure was to be shown, where was it? :-D
So far so good, keep doing as much Star Trek stuff as you can, I love you for it.

DSTChuck: Honestly, we don’t really look at the secondary market, as there could be any number of reasons for an item selling at such a high price to collectors. I think we’ve addressed the issues with the TNG phaser several times – including the question just before yours. Honestly we’re not sure how interesting we can make the tricorder, but it is an item we’ve discussed. The A was displayed without a base because the base was lost in transit to the show, and we showed the Worf Select designs at the show.

Tom M.
Regarding the prospect of “maybe the time is coming someday” of a NX-01 Enterprise ship release: does the tooling still exist for the old Art Asylum release?  Regardless, if this ever gets serious consideration, I hope that a variant release of Doug Drexler’s “refit” NX-01 could be in the cards.  Thanks, love the ships and Trek Tek!

DSTChuck: Tom, I think for it to warrant serious consideration, yes we’d have to find the original tools and use that as a starting point. I do not think a total re-tool is viable.

Carl A.
I’m a BIG fan of your Star Trek figures and ships. In fact there’s only a few I don’t have, but I’ve been patiently waiting and hoping for some Star Trek Voyager figures, so I can have a set from each series, as well as the Wrath of Khan and Nemesis figures. Is there any chance that Voyager figures will someday be in the shops? Also, I’d love to see the Deep Space Nine station and the USS Defiant on top of my bookcases. What are the chances of those coming out as well?

DSTChuck: I think for now the direction we’re taking is the Select releases, so there will not be a series of Voyager like we did with DS9, TOS and TNG, sorry.

John R.
A suggestion for you to make better selling Phasers/Phaser rifles. Put in Super Bright LED lights for the guns firing nozzles like Kenner did for the droid attack rifles from Star Wars.
I have converted a number of the Playmates versions of the phasers with LEDS and they work great and they run cooler, use less battery power, and make great, almost laser like, beams of light.
I also think it would help in selling a lot more of them if you highlight that effect in your ads for them.
Are you going to consider making some of the phaser rifles from some of the series/movies?
I think there are a number of collectors, myself included, who would be very interested in purchasing those phaser rifless.  
I have been collecting the DST Star Trek Starships for some time now. I am now on permanent disability with a cancer that’s not going away. I have a time limit of maybe a maximum of 2 years left. I wrote you before about the phasers, but would like to know a little bit more about the upcoming starships and other alien star craft.
I have both of the BOPs and I think they are great. I also have all of the Enterprises, some of them with multiple copies for selling later on,
that you have released so far. It would be very cool if the USS Reliant or maybe the USS Voyager were to be released. Also the J.J. Abrams “new universe”
USS Enterprise would be awesome to see. I know you’ve said you have had licensing problems with CBS as you’ve written about recently. Have you guys asked them, seriously, about the licensing rights? They gave Playmates rights, Hallmark rights, Eaglemoss (in Europe)rights, QMX limited rights, and even the Revell model company (in Europe) rights. Why would they deny DST/Art Asylum (a quality collector producer)rights to do those Starships? If you can let me know.

DSTChuck: Thanks for the suggestions. Sorry, but no rifles are planned at this time, we just think the cost to develop and the high SRP would eliminate too many fans for them to be viable. Sorry to hear about your condition, but we are not allowed to produce anything from the current timeline. We asked each time a new movie has gone into development. The companies you refrence do not make the same type of products we make, so I am sure that is a good bit of the reason.

Eric G.
Rumor has it that you have 4-5 ships in the work, and I could assume that the Excelsior variants (the NX and the NCC-2000) and the Enterprise-A are the 3 ships being released…so what are the 4th and 5th ships?
As for the ST:III Phaser…I finally get to see the design I’ve loved! I really don’t wanna wait till winter! How do I get it before everyone else (like a NERF Blaster)?

DSTChuck: That rumor is not correct. We have two “new” ships we are working on – that’s the truth. I don’t think we have settled on the next one after that, so even a liberal use of “in the works” would not be four.

Jeff W.
The Next two Star Trek Ships you have planned are either of them USS Defiant and the Deep Space Nine Runabout?

DSTChuck: No comment.

Phil S.
Is there any possiblity of producing more of the Star Trek Retro Cloth TOS 8″ line? They are hard to find now, and most have prices more than double the retail from DST.
Those are awesome!!
Phil S.

DSTChuck: Right now, we are not actively working on any, but we have discussed some ideas.

Al P.
Hi there! I just purchased the starship Excelsior and its fabulous! I love all the nice clean details that was put in. However I read on the DST Facebook page that there’s going to be an experimental NX-2000 version of the Excelsior in the middle of the year or so, is this true?

DSTChuck: The release date has not been set, but yes, we recently showed a model of the NX-2000 that is in development. DSTZach recently posted a video of the new sounds on our YouTube channel.

Stephen P.
Are there any plans, or is there any hope of plans in the future to continue the Diamond Select Deep Space nine figures? I have all of them except for Odo and Ezri(who I can’t find anywhere), and I would love to see Quark, Dukat, Garak, Founders, Jem Hadar, or any of the other reoccurring cast from the show. Also, instead of going retail, have you considered a fan subscription service similar to Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics line? You have one buyer right here!

DSTChuck: There are no plans at this time to go back to the “old” format of figures, but for SURE never say never.

Scott M.
Hi DSTChuck! One of the things I love most about Minimates is the interchangability of them and I was wondering if you guys could use that as a way to fill out or complete some of the Star Trek crews? For instance a DS9 4-pack, perhaps Worf, Dax, Bashir & Obrien, with alternate torsos and arms for both the “color” and “gray” shoulder uniforms (these could also be used with TNG minimates to create the movie looks). Or a TNG 4-pack that included alternate heads/hair/etc to complete the crew. Since the same uniforms are worn by multiple characters including 1 or 2 alternate heads for each figure it could complete the team (with possible additions) in one go – there could be Picard/Riker/Q, Data/Barclay/Obrien, Troi/Crusher/Orgawa & Data/Worf (possibly with alternate shoulder-length and ponytail hairstyles). These could be very cool, very fun and I know I would certainly buy duplicates to have each version on display! Thanks and keep up the good work!

DSTChuck: Scott, for sure there are lots of cool things you can do with Minimates and ideas we can do, but for now it’s not decided if we’re going to continue. I think for sure we’d like to at least do something with them at least once a year.

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