Ask DST #246: Mainly Miscellaneous

It’s the 246th Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys president DST Chuck, and he’s answering a long litany of questions about long litany of subjects. The march to Ask DST #250 begins here!

Lambert D.
Here are some suggestions for future models from several well-known sci-fi movies that should be very popular with sci-fi collectors. I have a number of Diamond Select models from the Star Trek and Universal Monsters lines, and hope my suggestions might be included in your impressive sci-fi models.
1. “The Thing” (James Arness) from THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD (1951) starring Kenneth Tobey.
2. “Rhedosaurus” from THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS (1953) starring Paul Christian.
3. “Morlock” from THE TIME MACHINE (1960) starring Rod Taylor.
4. “Gorgo” from GORGO (1961) starring Bill Travers.
Thanks for your consideration,

DSTChuck: Those are cool ideas, but I do not think any of them are in the works at this time.

James W.
Hey Chuck, I hope that all is well.
I love what you guys are doing with the Knight Rider license and to date have picked up one version of each of the vehicles. All of them look great. And all but one sound great. I have to ask. Was there some sort of problem getting the rights to the voice and sounds for KARR? It looks great but the voice is neither Paul Frees nor Peter Cullen and whomever did the voice for you guys is pretty bad. It sounds nothing like him. Very Generic. Also the front scanner sound is way off. I have to say I am a little disappointed with this one. After KITT and SPM KITT I guess I expected more.

DSTChuck: You are correct, the rights to the actors behind the voice of KARR were not available. So we tried to do the next best thing. Sorry it does not work for you, we tested it with several folks and they thought it “worked.”

Daniel L.
I love all the new select style 7″ action figures with improve articulation. Like marvel select movie wolverine and thor 2 and the upcoming Sin City figures.  Any chance Diamond Select will make Expendables 7″ action figures and Matrix Trilogy in Select style.

DSTChuck: We have made all the Expendables characters we were allowed to make, and we do not have rights to the Matrix movies at this time.

Lucas D.
I know there are going to be Minimates, but I read somewhere that there would be Select figures for Kill Bill. Are you going to do all the Assassins?
Vernita Green
Elle Driver

DSTChuck: We think the line will do very well, and as such we have sculpted two series of figures and designed the third. SO ideally, yes we’d like to do all of them.

Kyle R.
Hiya Chuck!
I find there’s a lot of Marvel and DC toys out there for my dollars, but what about my other favorite comic book characters? Any chance DST would consider select figures or minimates for any of these properties -
Madman and the Atomics
East of West
The Sixth Gun
Savage Dragon
Pretty Deadly
Also, have you talked to Marvel about Miracleman? I’d love to see at least a select figure of Miracleman himself, and maybe a set of minimates of the Miracleman family, if it’s possible.
Thanks, and keep up the good work.

DSTChuck: Right now, we are not looking at any of those properties, sorry. And yes, we did ask and were told our rights did not include that character.

Thomas L.
Hi Chuck,
As you know, I usually write to you regarding the Star Trek merchandise, I love the HMS Bounty, and am eagerly awaiting the Excelsior! My question this time, is actually just an action figure question. Is there any chance of action figures for Blondie, Angel Eyes, and Tuco from “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly?” I love the minimates version, but I am thinking more akin to something like the Star Trek figures scenes (Kirk fighting Khan, or the Amok TIme scene). You could recreate the iconic scene where the 3 are standing in the duel triangle at the center of the cemetery at the end of the film. Keep up the great work, and I cannot wait to see what’s new from you guys!

DSTChuck: Sorry, but the studio does not hold merchandise rights to the actors in those movies, so all we were able to do was the Minimates.

Steve H.
Im wondering what your plans are for the Godzilla license. Do you only plan on doing banks/busts? Or are you going to be able to make figures. I know im certainly planning on getting either the bust or the bank of the Heisei Godzilla you have coming out, but would love some nice quality figures of the different Godzillas.

DSTChuck: Steve, we are not allowed to make action figures for Godzilla. However, we can make lots of cool items like the banks, so hopefully some of it is for you.

Jeff P.
The Ninja Turtle busts. Are the currently on schedule to get released this summer?

DSTChuck: I think the banks will be more like fall, but we are hard at work with our factory and Hong Kong office to get them done.

Jason D.
With the full scale 7 inch movies figures for Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction, Jay & Silent Bob around the corner, is there any chance you would try to obtain the Princess Bride or Goonies licenses? I think if and one could bring them to life in figure form it would be you guys.

DSTChuck: I think we have discussed those both, but there is nothing happening at this point.

Brandon D.
Hello Just Wondering When Will The Big Bang Theory Minimates Be Released? As Well As Other Figures? Thanks!!

DSTChuck: We are developing the Minimates for another company, and I think they plan to have them in stores for fall.

JoJo B.
Hi! When is more information going to come out about the figures of “My Little Pony”?

DSTChuck: We did not “officially” show those to the public, we just showed them to buyers at Toy Fair to gauge interest and planning. When they are approved, we’ll start the official process. I expect they will be out this year, but we’ll see.

Wade G.
Hello. I’d like to know if there are any plans to produce a line of Star Wars ships similar to what’s been done for the Star Trek ships. I own several of the DS Trek ships and am pleased with them. That said, I’d love to find a Diamond Select: Super Star Destroyer on your website. Just sayin.

DSTChuck: I am sorry, but the rights to a product like that are with Hasbro. But man, that would be FUN!

Donald W.
I read somewhere that you are planning to release a B-9 Robot from Lost In Space but there’s no details or photos yet. Any info on this item?

DSTChuck: Donald, we showed a prototype to buyers at Toy Fair, and it’s making good progress. We don’t want to list it for sale until it’s just where we want it, but it should be ready soon.

Donald W.
I see that you will be releasing a “Mr. Fusion” from Back To The Future II but don’t see any details on it yet. Any info on this item? Can’t imagine what effects it might have other than sounds so am curious!

DSTChuck: We showed a prototype to buyers at Toy Fair, and it’s making good progress. We don’t want to list it for sale until it’s just where we want it, but it should be ready soon, and it’s very big!

Scottie N.
Will you guys release a New 52 Shazam! Bust Bank any time soon or planning to make New 52 Shazam! bust banks at all? Thanks, Scottie.

DSTChuck: I am sorry, but we do not have the rights to DCU banks.

Paul B.
I have your Munsters action figures and I was wondering, are you going to be making action figures of the Addams family or Bewitched?

DSTChuck: Paul, not at this time, but we have looked at the Addams family from time to time, so never say never.

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