Ask DST #247: Massively Marvel!

It’s an all-new Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck, and this one is all about Marvel! Marvel Select figures, Marvel Retro figures and Marvel Minimates all get some love in this Q&A, and we’ll kick things off with one of our most frequent callers! Three more until #250!

Lee Burns
Hey Chuck hope you had a Fantastic New Year (That goes for everyone at Diamond Select) Well my Winter Soldier came WOW!!! Awesome and I’ve just paid for my Superior Spider-Man :)
Now on fwoosh it was mentioned that were getting a Spidey Villain please please please say it’s Carnage!!! Even people who dislike Symbiote’s and Spidey will buy him due to the success that was Classic Venom!!! :)
Please don’t forget Scarlet Spider aka Kaine Parker, Spider-Man 2099 who is rumored to have his own Ongoing Series this Year!!! Plus the like’s of Toxin aka Eddie Brock (((Who could go into the bigger scaled characters)))
Also it was said on Fwoosh were getting an Avenger and an X-Men character please be Beast (Avengers) and Psylocke (X-Men)

DSTChuck: Glad you like the Winter Soldier, we’re pretty pleased with how it came out. We’ve had several request for Carnage, among other characters, so we’ll see.

Matt X.
I was wondering if you’re going to make any product for Xmen Days Of Future Past. I would love to see a new Halle Berry Storm bust or statue. Id really like to see a line of busts from the characters featured in the film.

DSTChuck: We are not making resin products for the new X-Men movie, sorry. We’ll have a good number of Minimates for collectors, though.

Mark M.
I love you Select figures and have been collecting them for a while.
Is there any chance you will be doing a Select Archangel anytime soon?  Or other X-Men characters like Psylocke, Beast and Blob?
Thank you,

DSTChuck: I don’t think any X-Men are crossed off the list, so we’ll see.

Cory F.
Hi I love the work on the marvel select figures your company does I wish
there was production of the 1st Appearance blade when he first appeared in
tomb of dracula issue # 10 1973

DSTChuck: Right now we have no plans for either, but we like to say “Never say never.”

Justin L.
Hi, im a big fan of your products, particularly, the marvel select line.  I love the fact that you create great figures with a fair price.  Im writing you this email because I was wondering if you intend on producing army builder figures.  Im not a collector of Marvel Legends figures because of the way they sell their cases.  I don’t understand why we have to buy 3 captain americas, 4 spider-mans, etc. to create a build-a-figure.  I also don’t appreciate the fact that we can never find certain other figures in stores.  Even worse is scalpers that ask an exorbitant price for a figure thats hard to find.  I think if you guys were to create some HYDRA soldiers, AIM soldiers, Agents of shield, Skrull soldiers, etc.  It would do really well.  In all honesty, i would probably buy at least 3 of each.  Hasbro really pissed off a lot of us collectors with they we they chose to assemble their case assortment. 
Whether you do or don’t decide to create these figures.  I want to take this opportunity to convey how much I appreciate all the products you put out.  Its nice to know that companies such as yours actual give a crap about what they put out. 
I forgot to ask, but, will DST/Marvel Select make more Fantastic 4 action figures to go with Ben/
Will Marvel Select make a Rogue figure?.. and.. if so.. is she gonna look like in the comics??

DSTChuck: We have done more than a few army builders in the past, but we’re not working on any right now. We’ll just have to see what the future holds. Glad you like what we’re doing, so hopefully we can keep it up.

Max S.
Hi Guys,
first of all I wanna say that I really appreciate your Marvel Action Figures.
I’m in love of my Iron Man and war Machine, Hulk . recently I got my hands on The Marvel Select Ultimate Thor.You know what I mean!!
This eMail to ask you for some figures I’m dreaming of in 7″ scale featuring new articulation ( see your last Wolverine release)
I think the most basics and important character of marvel universe deserve your attention!!
Guys.. Thor, Cap, Iron Man . they are foundametal!!
That’s my whilst then
1) Captain america ( like Marvel Legends Face Off)
2) Wolverine tiger stripes ( like  Marvel Legens series 3)
3) Thor classics ( yea I know there’s a disney exclusive, but I’m sure you can sculpt a so much better Thor face and complete look)
4) Tony stark in vesting suit
5) Iron Man heart breaker
6) Iron Man Black and yellow armor ( border exclusive re-paint)
7) Namor Submariner ( like Marvel Legends series 2 )
8) Thor ultimate ( re-tooling of the previous with better hips and longer hair , .body some younger..)
Another hint!
Why don’t you publish on your site pictures of various Characters. Just download sample from internet.
People can click  the ones they love.  So you may understand better your target customers and orient your sculpting on figure they can sell better!
Ok wolds thanks for reading and keep doing well
Best wishes from Italy

DSTChuck: Wow, Max — lots of questions from Italy! 1-3 we have done relatively recently, so we’ll have to see when the time might be to go back and try a new version. 4-6 we make new Iron Man figures pretty frequently so we’ll have to see. 7 & 8, We’ll have to see, but as of now we’re not looking toward the Ultimate universe for inspiration. I think you’re asking us about doing a poll on the website for which figure to do. We’re not fans of polls in general, the concern is the amount of response you get would be (and has been) relatively low compared to the overall number of fans that would be needed to buy the figure. We’ve done a good enough job picking the figures up to now to get you interested in the line, so hopefully we can keep that up and make more good choices.

Drew T.
Is there any chance DST could make Mego Marvel Comics 8″ figures reissues and new like DST did with Mego Star Trek and Planet of Apes 8″ figures?

DSTChuck: As of now hopefully you should have seen what we are doing with that line – hope you like it!

Lee B.
Hey Chuck and Co. So how are you Awesome People doing :) Okay enough sucking up lol’z …
So we know kinda of what we due this year… I.e a Male Spidey Villain … Please, PRETTY PLEASE lol can he be The Pure AWESOMENESS THAT HE ALL LOVE Be The One & Only Carnage :) He’s a guilty pleasure even for Non-Symbiote Fans let’s be honest My God he’d look Incredible or is that Amazing ;)
Also does this mean he’s (Carnage or Some Other Male) the only Spidey Character were getting this year? :( this would sadden me truth be told..
but from what we fan’s know I.e A Male X-Character (Beast, Angel etc) It should be an EPIC Year!!!
Please don’t forget Character’s like Eddie Brock aka Toxin truth be told were not sure what the future hold’s for Toxin short term with Venom ending a Couple Months back and are Marvel Brave enough to push Eddie? I Certainly hope so… One thing we know he… Eddie Brock Sales Action Figures :)
Also last thing please what are The Chances of Scarlet Spider aka Kaine Parker, Spider-Man 2099 aka Miguel O’Hara or Spider Girl aka Anya Carozan..
Also p.s is it me or is it odd we get a Disney Exclusive Spoke yet NO Kaine??? Surely Spock is a kinda a tool (Which I Dig lol) and Slightly more Aggressive??? Again Not Complaining Just Wondering haha :)

DSTChuck: Hello again Lee, I think this is pretty much the same question you asked before..So…

Brian A.
HI Chuck Big fan of marvel select always collecting your figures  .. OK so would like to see some x-men  i know you guys are limited on figures… now i always say whats a hero with out its villains… Big fan of Apocalypse would love to see him soon
please keep him in mind and for Heroes …
WOULD like to see 2014 or the near future
1 Rouge is a must be for this year right oh AND FROM THE 90 lol  
2 Phoenix can she be a re issue please not asking for variant
3 would you make any new heroes from the days of future past like ….Bishop  Kitty pride and Warpath thanks

DSTChuck: For sure I can tell you we have looked into Apocalypse. We’ve also looked at Rogue pretty seriously, not sure the others have been on any recent short list though.

David Chambers:
Hey DST Chuck!
First things: you guys have hit a lot of the park recently with the Marvel Select releases! The movie versions of Thor and Jane Foster are extraordinarily good! Thor is figure that doesn’t leave my desk so you know that means he is a good figure! The Winter Soldier is also an awesome figure. A little disappointed that there won’t be a movie version but they way you guys designed him allows for him to fit in great with my movie Captain America. Thanks for doing that!!! Silver Surfer is a fantastic figure with an excellent base! Great design and execution. The new Amazing Spider-Man looks awesome! I love the web hands! Fantastic idea!!! Can’t wait to add him to the shelf! 

On to the question: can we expect any X-Men in our foreseeable future? Beast and Iceman would be a welcome addition to the X-team. Also, if you guys re-release Storm, would you cast her cape in a softer plastic to allow for poseability?
For the comic book re-releases is there a chance we will see Dr. Octopus?  
Where is the movie Black Widow? I have asked that question a few times since 2012 and the usual answer then was she will appear in Captain America 2 and we will look at her then. Captain America 2 is about to come and go with the Falcon and a new Captain being released but still no love for Black Widow. Is there a possibility that she will show up as an exclusive?
Thanks again for all you do and taking the time to answer these questions!

DSTChuck: David, thanks, glad you’re digging what we’re doing. For sure trying to mix Marvel Universe with movies means we can’t do everything, so since the comic version of Winter Soldier was pretty close to the movie we went that route. A movie like Avengers gives us all sorts of issues. For sure we always look back at X-Men characters and history when we’re planning the line.

Andres J.
Hello, love all the Marvel Select figures you make, and really happy with the Superior and Amazing Spider-Man 2 figures announcements, so two questions, Is Spidey the only one figure of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 line or we can expect another character of the movie? and Apart from Superior Spider-Man and The Movie, are there any plans to release any Spider-Man character this year?
Thank you, really love that you listen the fans of your figures

DSTChuck: Spidey was pretty much the only figure we were allowed to do and had reerence for at the time we started to develop the line. Electro would have been cool for sure.

Anthony S.
Hey Chuck,
Did you happen to see the new Beast figure coming out in Hasbro’s Toys “R” Us exclusive X-Men box set featuring Beasts’ human form? If Diamond ever did Beast for Marvel Select, do you think you look into the blue beast or human form as the release?

DSTChuck: I have not seen that figure, but yes, Beast has come up in line planning sessions.

Ryan D.
For Marvel Select, a product that makes me so happy each time I buy one, I am wondering if we’d see Blade, or more of the X Men in the near future? Thanks.

DSTChuck: I don’t think Blade has been considered recently. Sorry, but never say never.

Kevin A.
Hey, DST, first I’d like to make a comment regarding your sculptors and their decision-making. I know that this is a sculpt-before-articulation line but I believe that at times measures should be taken to ensure that certain characters have more articulation.
Your recent Silver Surfer figure can be placed in this category. I really like the sculpt done by Sam Greenwell but I feel he didn’t quite hit all the necessary POAs. Those hip joints are proving to be very ineffective and the lack of ab articulation makes getting him into good poses very difficult.
That being said, I still greatly enjoy the figure but I just wish he could be put in more dynamic poses. The same could be said for Superior Spider-man whose articulation is even worse (no ankle rockers, terrible hips, ineffective ab crunch). My favorite Select figures have been sculpted by Gentle Giant and Jean St. Jean who have gotten it right far more often than not.
Wish List!
-New Cyclops (preferably in Jim Lee costume)
-Spider-Man 2099
Reissue Wish List!
-Ultimate Venom
-Web of Spider-Man

DSTChuck: That’s quite a wish list – I’ll see what I can do. I think pretty much we’ve told everyone the line is going to be limited to 16 pts – now, we might count that a little liberally at times, and we’ve stretched it a few times on non-Marvel lines, but that’s a good guideline for us. Yes, we do consider the look of the sculpt and how it flows above giving a number of point for the sake of it. That said I agree some have made a better use of the 16 than others. I’d pretty much consider rockers to be a staple now. We’ve happy with the look, the range and durability. Hips and shoulder are always a problem, not sure I there is one style that I prefer over all others. For male hips with costumes I lean to the “BSG” hips I think. For female hips I think Mystique will be the new standard- I am very pleased with how she came out..

Marcio F.
Any chance we might get a re-release on Moon Knight, She-Hulk or Emma Frost anytime soon? :)

DSTChuck: I do not think those are on the latest list we were given by sales, but one older figure that they have not asked for in some time was requested.

Anthony T.
Hey Chuck,
I’ve been working on catching up on some older Marvel Select figures including Spider-Man villains. You’ve said in the past that Spidey characters have a pretty good chance of getting a release over other characters. Have there been any discussions or considerations for a comic book accurate Doctor Octavius, The Vulture, Mysterio, Scorpion, and The Shocker?
The second part of my question is since you have about only 12 slots a year for Marvel Select, have you thought about a build-a-diorama piece to boost sales that’s included with 6-8 of those figures? Maybe each piece can be about the size as Superior Spider-Man’s? Thanks and keep up the great work!

DSTChuck: I don’t think any of those Spidey bad guys are in the works right now. If we were to do a build-a-base, then we’d have to take out the bases they already have or not make an oversized figure. The line has a budget from start to finish, so if you put something in you have to take something out. We’ve done joined bases before, both like a puzzle and thematically, so I think that’s the avenue we will continue in cases where it makes sense.

Shandon W.
Please, do an Avenger’s 2 Vision!!! I know they just broke the news recently, but I was hoping the earlier, the more likely?
Either way, do you think you’ll do 4 figures like DST did for the first Avengers?
Vision, SJ Black Widow and who knows who else!

DSTChuck: We have seen very little refrence for A2 so far, but I can say I don’t think there is any chance we’d do four figures from that movie but for sure there are that many characters that would be cool.

Dusty P.
Any chance you will be re releasing the disney store exclusives to other stores? Hard to find a disney store in Canada that is close by and prices are crazy on ebay with international shipping and duty charges, Love the figures! keep up the good work!

DSTChuck: In the past, when Disney feels their run on a figure is finished, they have allowed us to make them again for all markets. We do not have any of the current figures cleared yet, but there is a chance that will continue to happen.

Vincent G.
Hello! Thank you for giving us the privilege to have our input on here. You guys have been doing amazing work with the Marvel Select line and I cannot thank you enough.
My question is on the Marvel Select line, Do you know if there’s any chance of a Marvel Select Agent Phil Coulson in the works?
Reason why I ask is because Coulson has been in every MARVEL Movie, now has his own TV Show (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), and would make an amazing figure in my book. And in addition changeable hands, his gear including the Destroyer gun. But thats just me.
I really appreciate your time into answering all these Questions including my own. Keepin my fingers crossed, thank you!

DSTChuck: Thanks for reading and sending in a question. I do not think Coulson is one we would do in the movie line – we did do a Minimate of him, though.

Lucas D.
With your recent release of Silver Surfer and with the release of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, are you all thinking of doing more cosmic like characters and the space characters?
I guess some of the ones that I am thinking of are:
1. Ronan the Accuser
2. The Collector
3. Korath
4. Nova
5. Annihilus
6. Black Bolt
And all those all aliens beings in the Marvel universe
Also is there any chance for
7. Graviton
8. Kang the Conqueror
9. Korvac
10. Mandarin

DSTChuck: I don’t think we’re paying increased attention to the cosmic side, I think it just kind of comes up when it comes up in planning meetings.

Blake J.
DST, you currently make and have always made the best figures on the market, and I appreciate your care and dedication to those figures.
1) Will we ever see a re-release of the Marvel Select Flash Thompson Venom and the Marvel Select Mephisto? I would much rather give your company my money (than those Internet misers who mark up the cost 5x) for those figures.
2) Will we ever see an original Marvel Select Apocalypse figure, possibly with interchangeable weapon arms? If any company could produce a beautifully rendered Apocalypse figure, if would be you.
Thank you for your time and continued incredible products!

DSTChuck: Flash Venom is a Disney exclusive, so it’s kind of up to them what they do with it. To be honest, I’m shocked at this point that sales has not asked us to run more Mephisto, but I guess time will tell. As for your second question, I don’t see why not.

George D.
Why hasn’t Marvel Select produced a Quasar figure yet? It seems odd that they would make so many for some characters and yet not one single one for Quasar who has been around since the 80s/90s. Can you help with ideas on how to petition the companies involved to produce one. They could easily do a limited run with like five variants as well that people would go nuts for I think. We all know he is going to be introduced into the live-action universe eventually with mentions of a Professor Vaughn in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. now TWICE. Wendell Vaughn’s father was a scientist for SHIELD, Dr. Vaughn. They are literally KILLING me with this putting his comic character in limbo/hiatus and not one attempt to make an action figure! Please help!

DSTChuck: I think no matter which figures we do and how many of them we choose to do, some fan somewhere will not have their favorite character in the line. It’s both the best and worst thing about working with a great roster of characters.

Do you guys have any other larger sized characters planned for 2014 besides more Hulk? I’ve come to look forward to those oversized pieces and it seems there has been somewhat of a lull in them. Have they sold well? There are plenty of candidates for that treatment so I hope we do see more. Monters, Mechsuits, Robots, whatever. Thanks.

DSTChuck: Yes we have more planned for 2014.

Josh C.
Hey, DSTChuck! I just gotta say, I love looking at my Marvel Select display and seeing the crazy advancements that you guys have put forth throughout the years on these toys! One thing that I would love to see implemented next in your line’s evolution is a push away from the “DCUC” style hip system seen in The Wolverine and Winter Soldier figures and something more akin to what Neca does with their figures hips, where a soft rubber piece is placed atop a standard ball hip and it completely masks the area without limiting movement (such as the Neca Predator Dutch figure). Have you guys ever considered doing something like that with your Selects? I know DST is all about trying to achieve that perfect sculpt and I think that would be the best next step, but I’d love to hear your professional thoughts on the matter, thanks!

DSTChuck: Sorry you don’t like it, Josh, but right now we’re pretty happy with the look and range of motion on that hip. But as you say, over time things change.

John T.
Is there any chance of my favorite Leprechano hero, Spider-man 2099 being made into a figure? It would be awesome if he was sculpted in a similar fashion to how he appeared in Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions, but I trust you guys enough to know that it will look great no matter what . Also, since there might be a new Spider-man 2099 ongoing in the works, the hype would work in great favor to you guys. Myself being Mexican/Irish, it would give me a small sense of pride to have a Mexican super hero in my growing collection of Marvel Select toys. He would look fantastic displayed next to my new Disney exclusive Superior Spider-man (Love it!). Also, I know it’s too early but would you good people consider making a figure of the All-new Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes? Now, to wrap this up I would just like to ask if any of the villains: Jack-o-lantern,Dock Ock,Hobgoblin (or Goblin Knight),Scorpion(his current bulky look),Morbius The Living Vampire,Electro, or Mysterio would be considered being made.
Thanks guys, can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with for this year!!!

DSTChuck: Right now there are no plans, but you can never discount our desire to make Spidey figures. I do think based on your list of request we will have something of interest to you this year.

Kyle R.
Hi Chuck!
Is it too early to tell, or can you say if you’ll be looking at the Marvel Netflix Original series to make Marvel Select figures from? I’d love to see a new Daredevil, a Luke Cage, an Iron Fist, and a Jessica Jones no matter what, but I assume live action representations are more likely than comic versions.

DSTChuck: I have not seen anything on the Netflix series and I’m not even sure if our current contract includes them.

James C.
hi guys. i am a huge fan and collector of your marvel select action figures. i have a wishlist of action figures that i would like for you guys to come out with: 90’s jim lee rogue , psylocke, beast, archangel, iceman, bishop, cable, apocalypse, carnage, namor, (classic green speedos look) vision, professor x (in his hoverchair) modern cyclops( in his black and gold costume,) a new she-hulk, gladiator, mr. sinister, and sandman.

DSTChuck: James for sure I can tell you we always look to the X-Men for ideas but we don’t have a plan in place right now to emphasis X-Men (or not to for that matter)

Justin L.
Heyy, Chuck. I was messing around in a Ask DST article with the Marvel subject and you said you were confirming one of the following: Ms. Marvel Scarlet Witch Mystique She-hulk Valkyrie Lady Hydra action figures not long ago. Now, the.. ”silver?” question: Could you give me, and all of us, a hint on what it could be?… like, even their costume colors or a comic name of the past or absolutely almost anything…? Besides, a company so awesome like DST&MST should make more figures.. Your company deserve those licenses. But my main question for the hint, could you give us one? Is Marvel Select gonna ever make a Mockingbird action figure? Like I said, we need more action figures from MST since they make amazing action figures.

DSTChuck: Right now no plans for Mockingbird, but we did show a new figure at C2E2.

Shanndon W.
Hello DST,
After doing a little research, I wanted to ask why DST can’t do figures larger than average big figures, i.e. Hulk, Juggernaut, Abomination.
I understand it wouldn’t be beneficial to the company if they be produced with a suggested retail price of $24.99. Although if it’s a concern that a figure over that price wouldn’t sell, I’d have to disagree. Many out of production or rare variants sell, as you may know, in the $50-$150 range all the time through eBay and other independent sellers.
Furthermore, I couldn’t imagine any hesitation of producing a 18″-30″ figure (Sentinel) that would have a SRP of say $50-$100 when DST has recently released the Stay Puft Bank at a SRP of $124.99. If those are selling, I’m sure some Sentinels, I’m sorry, bigger figures would sell too.
Lastly, I know the point has been made that DST Marvel Select size limitations are bound by the packaging. Although, a single Sentinel, I meant bigger figure, could easily fit in the packaging that the Disney Fearsome Foes 4-Pack came in.
With all that being said, I was hoping some thought could be given to making a bigger big figure.
Apocalypse would be nice too. And please, do a new Carnage. P.S. I don’t feel like counting anymore but I know I’m over 80 now. Thank you!

DSTChuck: Are you asking why the entire line is not “oversized” figures? While I think they are cool and fun to do, I don’t think it would work as an entire line with nothing to balance it with. I do also think a line that had more like $40.00 as its base price would not appeal to as many fans as it does right now. Hopefully, we find a balance of the two that fans will like. I honestly can’t see making a single figure as big as that four pack anytime soon, sorry.

Matt M.
Dear Diamond Select Toys,
Thank you for making such extremely well-built and detailed action figures for your Marvel Select Line! My brother and I have been collecting them for the past couple years and greatly anticipate any and every news of your upcoming figures. We are wondering however, have you or would you consider producing Sauron from the X-Men universe? There hasn’t been a decent action figure of him made yet, and those from the early 90s pale in comparison to the quality of figures nowadays. Please consider this character as an upcoming project that would surely be well-received from fans and collectors alike. Thanks!
Matthew McElrath

DSTChuck: I don’t think Sauron has been on any short list that I have seen, but he would be pretty cool to do.

Nick W.
Has there been any possibility of a Hope Summers action figure modok action figure terrax action figure or fantomex action figure and Would you be able to do motorcycles for wolverine and captain America and punisher. This would be considered awesome to me

DSTChuck: I don’t think any of those have been on our short list. We’ve tried a few times to develop a motorcycle that could work as an accesory but we’ve never been able to make the costing work. But I bet we keep trying!

Trevor N.
Hey there Chuck!
I have been a big fan of the MARVEL Minimates line for about 6 years now. In those short years, I have come up with many different ideas for waves, box sets, and potential new characters. I spoke with Zach Oat last year at C2E2 and he sounded very impressed in my thoughts. Now, I won’t list all of my ideas because there are too many to count, but I shall do my best to simplify things.
1) A Hulk based wave:
I think that ‘ol jolly green deserves his own roster. Included in this wave would be a well needed updated Abomination with A-Bomb variant as swell as another Leader. New characters would be a Rick Jones and Doc Samson.
2) Black Knight Variant:
The Black Knight is an essential Avenger to the 70’s line up. It would be great if he could be the variant and have the original black knight be the “harder to find” of the two. An idea I had for this would also be an alternate jacket and arms to turn black knight into 90’s style!
3)A Thor based wave:
The god of thunder has had amazing treatment as a ‘mate, the rest of his gang, not so much. Honestly, I am not the only one to beg for Enchantress and Skurrg the executioner as a 2-pack. Also it would be rockin’ if we got a frog Thor variant!
4)A “Phoenix Saga” themed wave:
This wave would be absolutely fantastic for all those Claremont fans out there. It would give us an updated blue Cyclops and a- wait for it- BANSHEE!!! Again, we need a Banshee mate! fans have been waiting since day one! Also, it would give us a nice Shi’ar empire.
5)A list of updates follows:
-Black Cat
6)Box sets:
A kree empire set would be nice with an updated Mar-vell and a classic Ronan the Accusor. A classic Dr. Strange set also, New Defenders Strange, Dormamu, Baron Mordo etc. Finally a classic DOFP box set to corruspond with the film release. Obviously this would not get released in time, but it is still worth the thought of a new bishop, new DOFP Wolvie, a new Sentinal and a good Kitty Pryde.
Of course this is not all of it, I have pages of (potential) wave ideas! I just hope that you will get to see this and get to give me a good response. Thanks Chuck! -Trevor

DSTChuck: Some cool stuff there – I can tell for sure you’re a big fan. We’ll have to see if some of your ideas come out at some point.

Ericca B.
Could you please make Rogue?! Her in her 90’s outfit and a variant of her in her new avengers outfit? That would be wonderful, thanks! Ericca

DSTChuck: Another vote for Rogue!

Alexander T.
Hi guys.
First off, I want to congratulate you on both the “U.S.S. Excelsior” and the select Dr. Jane Foster. Both are excellent – particularly the Excelsior. I was wondering, with the new Avengers movie coming next year, will there be any chance of seeing select figures of Nick Fury, Maria Hill and Black Widow? I have a great fondness for the S.H.I.E.L.D. characters (partly because I’m a fan of the show).
Thanks again and keep up the amazing work.

DSTChuck: Of those three, I would think Black Widow has the best chance.

Kent S.
Hi, I just want to tell you how much I’ve loved your Marvel Select Avengers figures! I love the detail and the articulation you put into each of the amazing figures of this line and hope it continues for many years to come! While I have all of the characters available from the Avengers line-up there’s a petite space that is constantly bothering me. Are there any plans to make a Marvel Select Black Widow figure? Possibly with an extra curly/straight hairdo head to either go with the Avengers or the Winter Soldier Cap and Falcon you’re producing? Even without the extra head, we really need this gal! Please consider this! Thank you.

DSTChuck: Consider her considered.

John T.
I just saw zombie Magneto on Facebook, and all I have to say is FINALLY!!!! The news that you are making a new Marvel Zombie action figure couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s the perfect picker-upper to counter act the personal stuff that I’ve been dealing with recently. I really hope it sells well so we can see more zombie villain figs. If it does, I hope a Zombie Green Goblin, Venom, Juggernaut, Doc Ock, or Red Skull will be considered!!! Also, it would be awesome if when Avengers 2 releases in theaters, we would see a movie Ultron, Black Widow, or Hulkbuster (if those leaked images are true). Thanks again. Really excited!!!

DSTChuck: For sure we’d like to do more Zombie bad guys!

Kalon S.
Hi, Is there any way I can convince you guys to make a Odin figure preferably from the comic but would settle for the Anthony Hopkins movie one. It would definitely be a big seller so a great choice. Other figures that I and tons of others would like and buy are Hercules, Wonder Man, Black Bolt, Living Tribunal, Gladiator, Ares, Kurse, Orka, and Champion. Please consider these figures and for sure you would make great sales from them. Thanks. Kalon.

DSTChuck: I think a comic Odin would be more likely, but it’s not planned at this time.

Chris W.
You’re probably aware, that the increasing demand for a few of your superb 7-inch figures, emanate from fans of another scale = 3.75-inch collectors. Repeated demands on a re-release for Mephisto-and-Watcher go like hand-and-glove (given those 2 fit nicely in 3.75-inch collections). This brings-up my question. As evidenced in the sold-out status (of larger 7-inch figures that fit nicely in 3.75-inch collections) can you consider us 3.75-inch collectors – when making your annual release of new figures? Example. We’d love to see a bigger more beastly Venom, more monstrous Atrocity / Anti-Venom, a giant Sandman, big Man Thing, Detroit Steel, MODOK, Blob, Warlock / Technarch, Mojo, Dragon Man, Onslaught, Dire Wraith, A-Bomb, Groot, Mondo, Nimrod, Nemisis, Tyrant, etc. As seen above, the “larger” characters that can fit nicely in 3.75-inch collections, is what many smaller collectors are really after. Making at least 1 new large figure annually (fit for the 7-inch line and any 3.75-inch line) can contribute to a profitable net positive. Thanks in small part to the growing interest among 3.75 collectors who love buying your superb large 7-inch figures.

DSTChuck: I do not really look at it that way, but if the 3 ¾” fans want to buy figures from us that make sense for them, I say welcome to the party! I think we need to view the Select line as the Select line, if fans of other lines come to it from time to time for other reasons all the better!

Chris W.
Marvel’s recent comic event “Original Sin” involves Uatu the big Watcher. A bigger better Watcher (whom need not be Uatu) can create interest in towering huge 13 inch premium figures. Added bonus = collectors of smaller 3.75 inch figures will also buy giant figures. Why? Because such huge figures loom even larger (and scale even better in many cases) for that smaller scale. Thus, collectors of 2 scales (3.75 inch and 7 inch) will love to buy such giant premium figures. Thusly, can you unleash huge 13 inch figures in your 7 inch line?

DSTChuck: I think if we did Watcher again it would be a re-release of the figure we already did.

Ryan R.
When can we expect more details on X-Men: Days of Future Past movie Minimates and Marvel Select figures?

DSTChuck: All should be revealed as of now.

Frank P.
When will we find out more info about which figure you are doing for the X-men Days of Future Past?

DSTChuck: Facebook and the website are the best place for news and updates.

Harry J.
Hi,I am a HUGE fan of your Marvel figures! I was just wondering if you have any plans on making anymore Amazing Spider man 2 figures? May I suggest a Gwen Stacy or an Electro, as I know that these characters would be a big hit with fans.

DSTChuck: No, sorry, for us ASM2 is going to be limited to just Spidey.

Anthony R.
I have been wondering if you will ever release a marvel select Blob figure. He has very few figures and it would be awesome if you could release one at some point :) Thanks.

DSTChuck: I do not think we have discussed Blob, but I can say he has not been ruled out.

Joe M.
I know it takes a while to develop these toys, so I figured I’d go ahead and start advocating for a Hulkbuster Iron Man suit in the Marvel Select line for Avengers 2. It’s one of the most popular Iron Man suits and it’s been all but confirmed that it’ll be in Avengers 2. So what do you think? Possibility?

DSTChuck: I’ve seen a little bit on that design and not sure it’s possible for us, but we’ll see.

Aaron Z.
Big fan. Your Marvel select line continues to amaze and I’m loving the leaps and bounds you’ve come with the articulation on still stunning sculpts! A few ‘wants’, suggestions and a question. My Dr.Doom, Silver Surfer and Thing need the rest of the Fantastic Four. I’m imagining a Mr. Fantastic with swappable stretched torso and arms for customisability like the incredible Venom you produced. A Sue with possible clear/invisible variant, a base that could semi-bubble round her like a force-field would look stunning. Human Torch with a ‘flying’ flame trail base you could plug his torso into? Get onto the FF buzz train before the new film. I’d love to see the continuation of the X-men line, we need Xavier, a figure with a wheel chair doesn’t happen often. Iceman, you can re-purpose silver surfer and do a similar base representing the awesome ice-slide. And if theres time Rogue, Beast, Angel, Phoenix, Kitty, Mystique, Psylocke, Apocalypse, Blob, Mr. Sinister….My biggest ask is more Spider-man! I know you love Spider-man. Please, Re-release Doctor Octopus or make more versions, either way i’ll get every one. Sandman would let your sculpters get real creative with his base/swappable parts. Classic Electro with a variety of electrical attack effects you could pop onto him for great battle-with-spidey effects. Vulture with a flight stand base to show off his wings! Mysterio with swappable head and a ‘smoke plume’ effect base for him to stand in! I hope this has given some thoughts and inspiration for the near future! I’d also like to know how it is you decide upon which characters to release and the discussion process including which design you’d choose to sculpt. Thanks for reading!

DSTChuck: While completing the FF makes sense at some point, it’s not in the works right now. As for your other ideas , time will tell. Good to see so much love for Spidey characters, though! As for the process, I’m not sure there is a hard and fast rule. For the most part, before we go forward with a figure we try to run it by the whole team here, but that is not even the case all the time. There is more than one occasion that it’s a result of a running conversation Jean St. Jean and I are having on what he will be working on next.

Chris H.
With the reveal of hulkbuster iron man concept in avengers 2, any chance of a marvel select hulkbuster (comic version)?

DSTChuck: All things are possible (or at least most thing are)

Reg A.
Hi – Will there ever be any re-releases of the following figures:
Marvel Select Carnage
Marvel Select Flash Thompson Venom
Marvel Select Civil War (red) Spiderman
The reason I ask is all other retailers, ebay and amazon have the products, but marked up to a ridiculous prices – I really just need these to finish my collection, although I think the public would love to see more of these available. Thanks, Reg.

DSTChuck: Never say never.

Steven N.
I would like to know if you guys can re-release all your past figures? Such as mephisto, cloak and dagger, venom flash Thompson, etc.. Which have all gone up to 150 or more on Amazon. It’s sad to know I can’t afford them and thus I have a incomplete marvel collection. Also some ideas on new figures abom, Stegron, nimrod, armadillo, and mammomax.

DSTChuck: I think MOST can be, but not sure about ALL – be it for editorial reasons, or production reason, but most is a safe word to use.

John T.
Hey guys, thanks for taking my question. I was hoping to see DST make a classic Archangel action figure with the blue/pink uniform and metallic wings. He’s one of my favorite characters of all-time and I would love to see a large Marvel Select version. Please seriously consider this. He’s a beautiful, powerful character whose action figures sell exceptionally well. Thanks again for your time!

DSTChuck: Thanks for asking! He is absolutely one we have seriously considered.

Matthew K.
I have one question. Will you guys ever make a Watcher Minimate?

DSTChuck: I would think it’s very possible.

Kelly B.
Hi, just wondering if you’re going to be doing any Original Sin related mini mates? Just got into comics and figures and I’ve noticed that there aren’t really that many Watcher collectibles. Thanks!

DSTChuck: That’s possible as well.

Lee B.
Hey Chuck & Everyone at Diamond,
Wow I have to say how impressed I am with The Days Of Future Past Mystique so much so I didn’t even notice Zomibe Magneto!!! LOL Seriously both Figures are just AMAZING! You guys should all be very proud from The Top of The Company right the way down to the very Bottom, Everything is spot on. :) So sucking up is out of the way, lmao onto the question’s… haha
1) Please tell us we’ll finally get The One & Only Cletus Kasady aka Carnage! Surely he’d come with Tentacles Flaring everywhere and even some that clip in, Interchangeable Hand’s “Perhaps Axe Hand as were always used to seeing when it comes to Carnage” The Way would blow anything out The Water so much potential!
2) Next up would be Kaine Parker aka Scarlet Spider Loved Kaine’s Evolution, The look would be Incredible it seriously would! Imposing & Striking Fear In Bad Guys lol… Maybe a base similar to what we got with The Superior Spider-Man
3) Spider-Man 2099 Loved the fact he’s back and he’s so PERFECT Marvel haven’t even had to change his costume lol, Miguel’s Own Series starts up in July and I can’t wait to say The Least… There’s a Reason The Superior Spider-Man title was as EPIC as it was “Points to the guy above lol”
4) Morbius I mean c’mon his look is Epic always digged Michael since Day One, and he would fit like a glove in this Awesome Toy Line!
5) I do wonder why we didn’t get Electro slightly disappointed tbh OVERPOWERED and a Golden Oldy!!! lol… We need more Villains ;) *Cough Cough* More Spidey Characters!
6) Last Spidey Character and Villain would be The Scorpion YEAP, As a Character he’s lacking lol.. but as a look and a goon he’s PERFECT lol
7) Apocalypse Nuff Said lol
8) Quicksilver
9) Beast for me it’s about time we got an Amazing Beast Action Figure!
10) Psylocke!!! :)
Lastly will we see more Disney Exclusives? and will me Exclusive’s get standard releases??? :)

DSTChuck: Hello Lee! Pretty much same question, so same answer BUT if you are asking about movie Electro, the reason is that we were not allowed to do likeness at the time we started work. So we decided if we could not make it look as spot-on as we could, we’d rather not do one… Time will tell if that was the correct call.

Stephen H.
Is there ANY chance/plans of a comic version of Odin? And please don’t say “there’s always a chance”.

DSTChuck: You took the words right out of my mouth… I will say it’s not in the plans for 2014, though.

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