Ask DST #251: Marvel Ad Infinitum!

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Questions! In the Mighty Marvel Manner! You’ve got inquiries about our Marvel Select figures (and also our Marvel Retro figures!), and the president of Diamond Select Toys, DSTChuck, has answers. You may not like the answers, but they are the best answers we have! (WARNING: Contains wish lists.)

Ahmar A.
Hi guys, first of all I would like to say a huge thank you for the amazing figures you’ve been making and especially recently as it seems you have stepped up your game. I have two questions. I know it’s a bit greedy but hear me out, firstly will the amazing spider man 2 figure come with webbing we’ve seen shots on facebook of the figure on web so if this is true it makes the figure a must have. My other question is – are there any plans to re-release the movie wolverine especially as DOFP is coming and that figure was extremely hard to find, I never even saw one on the shelf haha. Also, maybe a re-issue deadpool, as I believe it is the best deadpool figure around! Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy my questions as this is my first time trying this. Thanks!

DSTChuck: The ASM2 figure does come with several pieces of webbing. It is for sale in stores now. As of now we have no plans to re-release any of our past movie figures. Yes, we re-issue Deadpool frequently, glad you like it.

Wesley W.
Will you ever make a Carnage Marvel action figure? I’m a big fan of your figures and I would really like a Maximum Carnage on my shelf.

DSTChuck: We showed Carnage at Comic-Con! Jean St. Jean sculpted it, and it will go great with his Classic Venom.

Burak H.
Hello diamond Select. I’m one of your biggest fans in regards to all marvel figures. I have a few questions for you guys. Can you explain some details for your new figures? M.O.D. ok ? Vision? Black Panther? Dr. Strange? Ant Man? Also, what about Ronan the accuser and any space villains? Thanks so much guys. I love you!!!!

DSTChuck: Sorry, right now none of those is in development.

Lee B.
One last suggestion, Chuck. How about Miles Morayles aka The Ultimate Spider-Man? It would be an awesome challenge due to scale, etc. Plus, it’s popular!

DSTChuck: Right now, Lee, we have no plan for a Miles figure. Didn’t you say if we did a Flash Venom you would never ask for another figure again?

Francois B.
Hi, have you ever thought of making complete series based on movies from Marvel, Fox or Sony like you’re doing now with Sin City? For example, I’d love to see more X-men figures. If you can, of course! I’ve read that you got licensing issues with Electro so you may not doing some characters, but yeah more movie figures will be great. Thanks DST for your great job, from a new French customer.

DSTChuck: That would be great but due to the higher retail of the figures, the amount of time it takes to make one and the limit on how many SKU we can do each year – I doubt it would be possible.

Payne C.
Hello, will you ever make any x men replicas e.g Cyclops visor. Also will you ever release x men action figures of old characters but in a new version like Cyclops or colossus. Will you make an action figure of iceman. I would definitely buy that. Will you be releasing action figures for the release of Guardians of the galaxy. A Groot would be awesome. Also, Will you make another wolverine, preferably a weapon x one? Also will you make an X23?Will you be making action figures for the release of 2016s x men: Apocalypse.

DSTChuck: We no longer make Marvel replicas at this time. As for Select figures, no version of a character is off the table. However, we will not be making figures for GoG, and unless something changes I doubt we’ll do any figures for X-Men: Apocalypse.

Kalon S.
Hi Chuck, My son and I love the Marvel Select Figures you guys have. I am wondering if there is any way I can convince you guys at Diamond to do an Odin, Hercules, Wonderman, Living Tribunal, Galactus, Champion and or Gladiator. Just putting these names out there with my son and I crossing our fingers that we can convince you guys to do these figures even if just one? I think lots of your fans would love these figures too. Again thanks for the great work!

DSTChuck: Right now none of those are in the plans, but never say never.

Eduardo T.
Please release a punisher war journal figure (with the captain america theme) or frankencastle figure, both of them are really cool!

DSTChuck: It might be getting time again to do another Punisher figure soon, but not sure one of those will be the one we do.

Daniel L.
Hi DST, I am a big fan of your Marvel Select Movie figures that came out recently like Captain America, Wolverine and Thor and I am looking forward to getting the Mystique figure from DOTP. I wish you guys can do more X-Men movie figures. For Avengers 2, if it is going to be 2 or 3 figures, are any of the following be at the top of your lists?
1)Black Widow
2)Scarlet Witch
4)Nick Fury
5)Bruce Banner

DSTChuck: I think one of those Avengers figures might be possible.

Greg L.
My question is if you will do a Marvel Select Cable, Rogue { JimLee Costume}, Psylocke, Jim Lee Version Jean Grey, & Bishop? Thanks & I love your 7 inch Select figures.

DSTChuck: Yes most of those are very possible and a couple might even be on what we call the short list. In fact, we showed our Cable at Comic-Con!

Mike J.
Three words: Agent Coulson Figure! Are there any plans to create the movie version of our favorite Agent Phil?

DSTChuck: Sorry, there are no plans right now for a Coulson figure.

Payne C.
Hi Chuck, Quicksilver, Scarlet witch, Nick Fury, rogue, Mistique, Cyclops (red costume, x shaped visor), Emma Frost, Havok, Ant man, Wasp, Angel, Banshee. Do you have plans for any of these characters?

DSTChuck: None at this moment, but we’re just starting work on 2015 right now, and I would think several of those would be on the list we consider.

Barry J.
Hi, do you have any information that you can share currently on your plans (if any)for Marvel Select figures from Guardians of The Galaxy? Thanks in advance for any and all info!

DSTChuck: We have no plans right now for GoG figures – sorry.

Lee B.
Hey Chuck and Co.
So turns out it wasn’t only Pete that got bitten, Silk knows who Spidey is and looks incredibly interesting!!! Love the look, desperate to know more as Amazing Spider-Man Vol.3 continues under the awesomeness of Dan Slott! So how about Silk as a Marvel Select?

DSTChuck: Sorry, Lee, no plans at this time.

Johnathan H.
Quick question. Will you ever make a Howard the Duck or Blade Marvel Select?

DSTChuck: I would doubt it, but Blade certainly is much more possible than Howard.

Ryan J.
I own nearly every Marvel Select figure. The ones I would love to own, but have not been made are; Nova, Apocalypse, Starlord, Groot, Blackbolt and Human Torch. What are the chances these will ever get made? Let me know and I will gladly purchase every one! Thanks!

DSTChuck: None are planned at this time, so I can’t say, but I know a couple of those have already come close to being made in the past.

Christian C.
Is there any hope for us collectors to see a Marvel Select Carnage (Maximum Carnage style pleaaaase!) sculpted by Jean St. Jean same artist of the MS Venom figure, that figure was a true gem. Thanks for the oportunity you give us to share our thoughts and questions and keep up your good work.

DSTChuck: You got it!

Lucien B.
Hi Chuck, Firstly I want to thank you and the DST Team on your amazing work with the Marvel Select Figures Line. You have put Diamond Select Toys on the top of best company figures on my list and many others. I especially love all the bigger figures released. My son and I collect the Marvel Select line from you and he loves his DST figures so much that he chooses a different one each night to sleep beside him even the villains. My son and I have a few questions if you could help us with.
1. Can you do a Odin figure and Thor with beard in armour cause that’s our fav?
2. Can you do a big figure could you do an Apocalypse or Nimrod figure?
3. Can you do a Beta Ray Bill figure?
4. Can you do a Gladiator figure?
These are our humble request. Of course our top plead is for Odin, but just trying to convince you and the DST team to consider and discuss these figures and give us some hope on them?
Lastly so happy with The Watcher being re-released, will definitely grab that for our collection.
Keep up the great work DST!

DSTChuck: You’re welcome, and thanks for your support! None of the ones you asked about are on the schedule at this time, but at least one of them has been close in the past.

Shandon W.
With Avengers 2 coming up, will DST/Marvel/Disney authorize the re-release of previous movie figures that are in AOU? For instance, The Mark VI Iron Man was initially released in Iron Man 2, and subsequently re-released for Avengers. Could we see the movie Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye or Mk42 Iron Man re-released and not count towards the allotted new figures? Can’t wait to see what’s coming. P.S. I’m at 104 now…Just a couple hard to find variants away from the complete collection.

DSTChuck: The only way an old figure can come back is if it is featured in a new movie, like the Iron Man was. However, we would still consider it as taking a slot from the number of releases we can do in a year.

Jeff W.
Hello, Will there be any more Marvel Select Iron Man Movie Armor like the Mk III from the First Iron Man Movie?

DSTChuck: Right now, as far as I know, there is no Iron Man 4 planned so we’d be limited to any Iron Man that appears in a new Avengers movie.

Lucas D.
One thing that I have been wanting to see made since X-Men First Class is a Michael Fassbender-Magneto in Select form. I know for Days of Future Past, Mystique was chosen as the select figure and she looks pretty great. I know due to licensing and contracts, you cannot do some figures but I was wondering if we would ever get a Michael Fassbender – Magneto somewhere down the road; maybe with X-Men: Apocalypse. I guess here are the ones that I have questions about:
1. Michael Fassbender-Magneto (Somewhere down the road)
2. Apocalypse
3. Ronan the Accuser
4. Crossbones
5. Doctor Strange

DSTChuck: We will not be doing any figures from DOFP, and as of now we have no plans to do any figures from Apocalypse – sorry.

Daniel L.
Hey DST!
First off, I love your Marvel Selects. I think I’m pushing 45+ at this point. You guys have been reissuing a lot of your old figures but I don’t ever see any variants or movie figure. How exactly does the reissues work for them. Have you guys ever thought of doing a weapons pack? Like extra swords, hand guns, rifles and even the hand energy projection blast like Silver Surfers in different colors. I bet they would sell like hot cakes. WISH LIST ! in no particular order.
-90s Jim Lee Cyclops (Variant with leather jacket!)
-90s Jim Lee Archangel w/ small folded and large deployed wings
-90s Jim Lee Cable (Massive Shoulder Pads version)
-90s Jim Lee Rogue -90s Jim Lee Beast
-90s Jim Lee Bishop
-90s Jim Lee Jubilee
-90s Jim Lee Jean Grey -Nova -Iceman -Updated Punisher w/ Bullet Proof Vest -Sam L Nick Fury (Variant The HOFF j/k) -Reissue Captain Marvel Variants!!

DSTChuck: Sorry, we have no plans for any accessory packs or anything like that. I think the ’90s X-Men is somewhere we’d look for ideas, but not sure if we’d ever come close to completing the entire team. Hope our Cable works for you, though!

Noah H.
Hey DST, just a few ideas for some movie Select figures for Avengers: Age of Ultron next year. Would you guys consider at least doing Ultron and Black Widow? I think we’re in need of some new movie villains, and Ultron I’m sure would look great. And by the time AOU comes out, Black Widow would have been in four movies by then. Also, it looks like Thor will be in his same suit from The Dark World. How’s about re-releasing him as a Disney exclusive, but this time with armor sleeves? It’ll be a variant like the other exclusives, or similar to what you guys did re-releasing the Mark VI Iron Man figure for the first Avengers. Just some ideas I hope you’ll consider, thanks DST.

DSTChuck: Avengers is a huge movie with a huge cast – there is no way we’d be able to do anywhere near all the figures we’d want to do.

Shandon W.
Are there any moves towards an Marvel Select Ant-Man movie figure? Either just Ant-Man w/ an unarticulated micro-size figure similar to the comic Black Widow and maybe a villain in his black/yellow suit? Can’t wait to see what’s coming in the next few months!

DSTChuck: I think Ant Man is still under consideration – we’ve not seen much yet from the studio, so no decision has been made.

Matt M.
What are the chances for a reissue of the Marvel Select Phoenix? I’d really love to have one! Also I’m throwing my request in for a Rogue figure as many other askers have done. Also, could we possibly see some minimates based off the all women X-Men team from Marvel NOW!? I’d absolutely love a mohawk Storm and a new Jubilee! Oh! And when are we gonna get BANSHEE?!?! :)

DSTChuck: I love to bring back that Phoenix, too, but I fear with today’s rising costs that figure is just not feasible anymore.

Alan M.
Hello: What are the chances of seeing a 616 MS Classic Electro figure this year? P.s. Thank you for including the open hands on the ASM2 Spidey!!

DSTChuck: Anything is possible!

Kris G.
Any chance at all that we will see a Marvel Select figure of Onslaught from the X-Men?? His first classic look like from issue #54??? He needs to be big like Hulk figures are and I have been dying for a classic Onslaught. I was really sad about the old Toy Biz C&C version cause it was small and the “Final Form” version.

DSTChuck: We have talked about Onslaught a couple times, but nothing in the works right now.

Brandon H.
Hey DSTChuck, I was wondering if you guys have thought of doing alternate versions and what if story lines of some of our favorite heroes and villains. An example of what I’d like to see is the Age of Apocalypse Cyclops and Jean Grey and a “What If” of Storm possessed the phoenix instead of jean grey. I know as a business you have to focus on the heroes of today but you’d be remiss if you forgot about the 90’s X-men cartoon that led many of today’s young parents to pass on to our children. Psylocke, Spiral, Nimrod, Stryfe, Cable, Onslaught “No Bug Version”, Rogue, Beast, Warpath, Hellfire Club, Apocalypse, and Acolytes are a few of what I’d like to see of the 90’s golden age of JIM LEE.

DSTChuck: I don’t think so… There are SO many other figures we could do. Heck, if we did every figure suggested in just this Q&A, I think we’d be full for three years at least.

Duane B.
Do you think in the next two years you would ever do these marvel figures?
1. Sentry
2. Marvel Now Captain America
3. Blue marvel

DSTChuck: I can’t say for sure, but I do not think so at this time – sorry.

Dan L.
Hi, I am a big Captain America fan and I have really enjoyed your Cap and related Marvel Select figures over the years. I look forward to picking up the Falcon figure at my comic book store next week. Is there any chance that you might re-release the Marvel Select Ultimate Captain America that you produced a decade or more ago? I missed that one. Also, do you foresee any other versions of Captain America (or close allies) being made into Marvel Select figures in the upcoming years? Thanks for your time.

DSTChuck: You know, we’ve looked at that figure a few times, but it’s not made the cut when we get feedback from sales. But I think it’s still very possible down the road.

Aidan J.
Dear DST, I am a big fan of all the select figures, but I want to see more Spider-Man villains because the Eddie Brock Venom was the best figure I’ve ever purchased, I was hoping some new figures could be Hobgoblin, Carnage, Mysterio, Electro (classic), Kraven the hunter, Kingpin, Shocker, Scorpion, Vulture, Vermin, Morbius, Hydro man, Sandman, Jack o’lantern, Doc Ock, Prowler and maybe a symbiote series with the symbiote five, She Venom and Toxin (old and new). One last thing, with the soon release of Spider-verse could there be a chance of a multiple Spider-Man set? Thanks!

DSTChuck: I’m a huge Spidey fan so anything related to him is always possible. Carnage is on the way!

Chris H.
1. Now will you guys consider doing a Angela marvel select since she is Thor’s sister?
2. Why did you guys decide not to do a select of 2 guardians of the galaxy characters (Ronan & Starlord)?

DSTChuck: Right now, she is not being considered, but for sure that could change. We had planned Star-Lord as a Disney exclusive but they changed their mind, and we were too far along to switch it to comic stores and get the other stuff we wanted done, so we decided with no Star-Lord we’d pass on the movie all together.

Euann W.
Hey, massive fan of the select range and got tons still trying to track down a lot of your early work from 2002, but just asking – do you think we could get a figure that has another figurine with it like green goblin, black cat and ultimate carnage(still have to get it) because it adds to the figure and help’s separate select from other line’s such as legends that feel lacking in area’s also loved the new TASM 2 figure(great part’s) also keep up interchangeable parts and detailed base.

DSTChuck: I would not say we’ve eliminated the idea of a two-figure pack, it just has to make sense and work out. I’d think at some point we’ll do another one.

Martin S.
Hi. Will the additional retro Spider-Man outfits and accessories fit on standard 8″ bodies (including the hands)? If not, will you be offering additional bodies so that the outfits don’t have to be taken off and replaced with other outfits? I really wish you would offer each of these figures individually rather than as one set with different outfits and only one body. This is a really pricey box set for only having one body. Will you be making villains as well? Also, please tell me that this box set comes with two web-shooter accessories rather than just the one shown in the photo. I sincerely hope you will be making popular arch-villains for these figures as well. Especially ones that Mego never made, like Red Skull, Loki, Mandarin, etc…

DSTChuck: The set is offered in the only way possible – we cannot offer two figures in that pack. I would think the parts would be swappable with other retro cloth figures, but we’re not planning for that specifically, and DST has no plans to just offer blank bodies, sorry. We’ll only be doing a few figures per year, and we have not decided who we will do after the first five characters.

Shandon W.
Hello Chuck. I know DST is limited in the amount of figures that can be produced per year and when Mystique was cancelled, I believe it was mentioned that the next figure in line after her was just moved up. Which leads me to question, do you guys just have prototypes of figures just laying around so when the time comes, you can just have something ready? Whether it’s Disney calling for one or a certain storyline comes up, like the upcoming Death of Wolverine. I was also curious to know about how individual pieces normally compose a normal run of Marvel Selects? i.e. 5,000/10,000 etc. I’ve noticed the Select line has gone away from their unarticulated accessory figures, like DOFP Wolverine w/ Kitty Pride, Ultimate Carnage w/ Gwen Stacy and so on. Could we see an unarticulated A2 Nick Fury, Agent Coulson or Bruce Banner w/ a kool alternate pre-transformation green eye head maybe in a 3-pack reminiscent to the Skrull 3-pack, Brood/Skrull Elektra and Cloak & Dagger.
And I’m almost into the single digits away from completing the entire line. Thanks DST!

DSTChuck: No, we do not have a supply of figures sitting around. They take too long and cost too much to prototype to do something like that. We do try to plan a couple ahead but not much more than that due to the movies and possible editorial occurrences in the comics.

James S.
I got the Disney Store Unmasked Captain America from Winter Soldier. I also plan on getting the Falcon figure. Are there any plans for a Black Widow figure from the Cap sequel in the future?

DSTChuck: We are all done with figures from the Cap2 movie.

Michael M.
Will there ever be a Planet Hulk, Black Panther or even a gladiator marvel select? Why not expand the marvel universe since it’s so big and has so many characters to left that you haven’t done? Just curious since you randomly do re-releases of old figures. Thanks.

DSTChuck: I would not say the re-releases are random, and they have no bearing on the new figures that we sculpt each year.

Justin L.
Hey :) They just announced a comic book about a female Thor. Will Marvel Select make an action figure of her? The female Thor? That would be cool… and rare, since Marvel Select might only get one shot at doing it before it’s too late.

DSTChuck: We saw that as well, and it’s way too early to decide something like that.

George B.
Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Goodnight. I have to start with I am a huge fan of the Select line. Really enjoy collecting these figures, and admiring the art behind it. The sculpture is amazing. But speaking of “amazing”… we don’t need anymore Spider-Mans or Hulks lol, or Wolverine, Captain America, or Iron Man. I do understand they sell well, you guys have license rights to deal with, and Disney asking for only the A+ characters. I’m not sure WHY the other hard core fans want the same characters over and over and over again. It’s a marvelous feeling to have diversity in my collection, instead of being repetitive. So I’m simply asking and suggesting for characters you guys haven’t touched yet, and maybe some B-class heros. I have a small list, maybe I can get some kind of small info. Black Panther, Namor, Luke Cage, Ares (so many great ideas with those 4. For example, T’Challa either King of Wakanda with purple fluorescent vibranium crystals around the base, or King of the Dead with sculls and bones or even throw the Panther god in there. Namor (the Namor who wears pants! lol) can have an attachable shark on the base. Luke Cage sculpted with a ripped up shirt with a Iron Fist or Jessica Jones in a way you guys made Green Goblin with Peter Parker, and Ares? oh.. man that axe alone with a removable helmet.) Side note: From what I THINK I know, and from you guys track record. I’m 79.2% sure in 2015 we will get either a Super Iron Man, Captain America (Sam Wilson), Thor (female), Dr. Strange, Scarlet Witch or Medusa. and of course another Spider-Man and Hulk. Lol. Hopefully I hear from you Chuck, and get a nice reply. Thanks man.

DSTChuck: Good morning. I understand the desire for collectors to get the characters they love and are their favorites, and for lots of fans Iron Man is not their cup of tea. I think a mix of the so-called A and B class is something we see as ideal. However, Select is not going to be home of the more obscure characters. Where a character falls is where the decision process really is (I.E. is Namor a B or a C).

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