Guardians of the Galaxy Gets New Minimates at Toys “R” Us!

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One of the most highly anticipated Marvel movies to date, Guardians of the Galaxy, is in movie theaters now, and response has been so great that a sequel is already in the works for 2017! The newest series of Marvel Minimates based on the film is getting a great response as well, and it is currently available in Toys “R” Us stores, with an exclusive Minimate not available anywhere else!
Three two-packs are in Toys “R” Us stores now, as well as on
– Star-Lord and Ronan
– Drax and Groot (with Rocket micro-figure)
– Yondu and Sakaaran Trooper (Toys “R” Us exclusive) Later this month, comic shops and specialty stores will get their own assortment, with two exclusive two-packs of their own:

GOTG_Minimates1 – Star-Lord and Ronan
– Drax and Groot (with Rocket micro-figure)
– Gamora with Nova Corpsman (specialty exclusive)
– Nebula with Sakaaran Trooper (specialty exclusive)

Check out the photos below, and visit your local Toys “R” Us store or today. Then pre-order the sets you need with your local comic shop!

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