Ask DST #253: Stunningly Star Trek!

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It’s an all-new Ask DST, where Diamond Select Toys president Chuck Terceira answers all of your burning questions! This week, the Ask DST is all about Star Trek, so let’s put all power to the engines and enter this inquisitive nebula!

Adam S.
Firstly I love the Trek Tech Line. I also love the ships, even though i no longer collect those as I moved to a smaller place. You guys rock. I especially love that you are finally doing the St.3 phaser!! way to go guys. Here is a small suggestion for your next Trek Tech Item. The TNG cricket phaser. It would be cheap and small and could be made with no screw holes, just like the real prop. You could retail it for like $20 or $30 and make a limited run two pack for twice the cost, that would include both color variations. People would absolutely freak out. (In the best way) Just a thought. Of Course pricing would be up to you guys and I’m sure it would be fair. Fans would buy a ton of them. Being small and easy to construct you could in theory crank out a large number and then sit back and take a small break to decide what to do next while still making money hand over fist. LOL. Again….Just a thought.

DSTChuck: Adam thanks for the kind words. For sure, we’re looking into all versions of the TNG phasers, and hopefully we’ll come to a decision soon and it will be one fans are happy with.

Tray C.
Hi Chuck, I am glad to see that both versions of the Enterprise-D are being re-released this year. While I already have them, I know that many fans will be pleased that they don’t have to resort to the secondary market for them. I was wondering if you can tell me, will the AGT version have the paint apps that were missing last time around, such as the Starfleet pennants on the nacelles? Also, count me in for a re-release of the NX-01! I just hope you folks re-design the stand and make extra copies for folks like me that have broken ones. I’m tired of it sitting on a CD spool! :) Thanks for helping to keep the Trek excitement alive, Chuck!

DSTChuck: Tray, I’m not sure if we’re going to be able to completely re-design the stands. We are talking to our factory about their durability and looking into what can be done to make them more sturdy and reliable over time. As for the versions of the D, we’re just now getting in the samples to review the decos so hopefully we’ll make collectors happy and I do believe those have been added.

Will N.
Hey DST, now that you’ve covered the original Enterprise, the refit, A, B, (skipping C), D, and E, what’s next? Is it safe to assume that one of your next two ships will be the USS Defiant? Please make it so! This has been a fan favorite for a long time and it’s about time that “the tough little ship” gets the spotlight.

DSTChuck: Will, still lots of ships to do, as well as alien ships. We could look at the Defiant as well as Voyager and some others. Hopefully we can get on a schedule of two per year and maintain that . IF we could do that, you would have one in yours hands as you pre-order the next one.

Al P.
Hi there! I’m really looking forward to the re-release of the Enterprise-A later this year. Wondering if there will be a re-release of the battle damaged TWOK/SFS Enterprise that was released back in 2004? has the idea ever been talked about?

DSTChuck: I think the work we have planned on the A is pretty extensive, so I’m not sure how that could change any eventual re-release of the TWOK ships. Since there is no tooling change, I suppose the TWOK stuff would be pretty close to its last release.

Michael S.
Do you see a time where you will ever revisit or finish the “Enterprise” line? I started collecting some of the 7″ figures only to find that parts of the line was stopped before completion. More specifically the Broken Bow and Broken Bow Deluxe figures. I read that the Ensign Mayweather Helm Console made it through to the prototype production stage but was never released. With that being the last planned section for completion of the bridge, it makes it somewhat a necessity for collectors. As for the “Basic” Broken Bow stand-alone figures, since the concept drawings and packaging were already done for the Hoshi Sato and Dr. Phlox figures in their duty uniforms, it wouldn’t seem to be to much more work to finish this out. Finally, for the “Away Team” wave of figures the inclusion of Lieutenant Reed would make a great deal of sense especially considering the amount of screen time he spent in the EVA suit compared to Phlox’s character. I have seen a few blogs that have also stated many of the fans wished this figure would have been realized. Everyone seems to agree that the sculpts and details of the figures already produced were fantastic, but since the line was incomplete we were left feeling a little short changed. Even if there were no new characters added (which would be unfortunate), the completion of the above would satisfy die hard Star Trek collectors! Not just fans of the series, but Trekies galore looking to just finish out a line of memorabilia that adds depth to their collection. By posing my question I hope to hear that there is still a chance we may see these items, even if it is not for a while. The consideration of this on your teams part would be very happy news for many. Who knows maybe we will even get a few new characters based on this series to go with them.

DSTChuck: We have no plans to continue the Enterprise action figure line, or re-release the figures that did come out. Those were done at a different time, before DST bought assets of AA.

James S.
Hi DST I love the Star Trek Starship line and I was wondering if a USS Defiant (DS9), Enterprise C or Voyager starships will be in the cards for a release? Also when will the Excelsior and the Enterprise D and AGT Variant be available in the UK? Thank You.

DSTChuck: All of those are under consideration, but none of them are next.

Bernie M.
I am wondering again any chance of a USS Defiant as your next ship?

DSTChuck: No, the Defiant is not the next ship.

Domenic A.
Any plans to make a USS Kelvin hand phaser replica from the 2009 Trek film?

DSTChuck: Sorry, we do not have access to products from the two newest movies.

Mike S.
Can you tell me the name and issue number of the magazine that feature the article “Inside Art Asylum making of a Rightful Heir” about the making of the statue of Worf from Star Trek?!?!? Thanks for your time.

DSTChuck: I do not recall maybe DSTZach can help with that. [I have searched, but have trouble finding it beyond a few mentions online. Anyone with that information, sent it to! – DSTZach]

Al P.
Hi there! Thank you so much for answering all my questions, they’ve been very helpful. :) I’m a huge fan of your Star Trek starship Legends line and I’ve collected every Enterprise since they’ve been released along with different variations. I know I’m not the only one out there asking but I’m really interested – will Enterprise-C be released in the near future? You’re probably sick of this question. However I know that you guys are working on 2 all new ships and they’ll be released next year (I can’t wait to see what those ones are) but getting back to my question I’d be thrilled along with every other Star Trek fan out there, because it’s so rare and there really hasn’t been anything made over the years other than the model kit. With all that detail I know you guys would do a tremendous job on it. Millions will sell for sure, so here’s hoping along with every Trekker out there wanting the Ambassador class Enterprise-C that plans for this ship will be drawn out next year. Thank you.

DSTChuck: Right now we are not working on a C, but that does not mean we won’t at some time.

Stephen H.
Are you coming out with a Star Trek III: The Search for Spock line of figures for the 30th Anniversary like you did for the 25th Anniversary for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan? I would also love to see Commander Kruge, such as the two pack set that was discontinued due to lack of interest and would love the see Robin Curtis version of Savvik, David Marcus, Spock in burial robe, Kirk in his leather jacket, Scotty in his alternate black jacket uniform similar to the one Playmates made from “Relics”. I was very disappointed in not seeing the David and Carol Marcus figures during the Star Trek II line but I assumed that you guys didn’t have the rights to their likeness. I would also love to see figures or the Enterprise from The Motion Picture with the green deflector dish instead of the TWOK blue deflector. In addition, 1. I would love to see Captain Sulu figure from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.
2. I also would love to see Admiral Kirk in TWOK command chair to go with you great looking Command Chair line which I own all of them.
3. On a side note is there any way you could come out with ships that do not have to batteries already in them. I am a collector that loves to leave the ships in the box but due to the batteries I had no choice but to open them up since the acid would eventually ruin the product.

DSTChuck: Stephen, I think we’ve moved on from the full series of releases for the 7” action figure line. For now, we’re happy with the sales and progress of the Select line. If we were to package the ships without the batteries in them, then the “try me” would not work, and retail very much wants the “try me” feature.

John A.
Hey guys. Why not produce a Romulan Disruptor from Star Trek TNG/DS9? That would be a beautiful prop. Best wishes from Germany, John Adam

DSTChuck: No plans right now, but we might look at some alien role-play for late 2015.

Jeff W.
Along with the Star Trek III Phaser, will you have the Star Trek III Communicator?

DSTChuck: Nothing in the works right now.

Adam S.
I just read your latest Ask DST # 249. In it you said you were interested in doing TNG phaser, but were lost at to which one would be the quintessential one. In just TNG there were four phasers. One being the rifle. (a toy i’d love to see but know would be cost prohibitive.) So as to which to choose? Well there were only two that were used through out the majority of the show. The phaser one (Aka cricket) And the season 3-7 cobra phaser. Now there was a trend in late seasons to leave the power meter off of the Cobra phaser. (This could be done as a variant) But that is the two that were the most used. Beyound TNG the tv show there are two more phaser two designs used in the movies but those could be done for those titles. Hope this helps. (personally i will but what ever one you guys make but my two favs are the cricket, and the First contact phaser.) I have detailed files with tons of pics of actual props for reference if you guys want them

DSTChuck: Thanks for your feedback, hopefully we’ll get something moving pretty soon.

Michael D.
Would you please make a replica of TOS Klingon Disruptor? Everybody wants one! Thanks!

DSTChuck: I don’t see us doing another Klingon item so soon.

Sam R.
Have you guys thought about coordinating future starship and Star Trek Select releases to be from Trek series or movie? When I display pieces from my collection, I like it if I have figures to match the ship I set out. The last two Excelsior-class ships were fantastic, but it would’ve been great if there were Undiscovered Country and Generations Select figures out then, as well. It seems that the two lines could complement each other nicely.

DSTChuck: I don’t think we consider the two lines linked, but I can see how it would be a cool display.

Keli’i K.
Dear Diamond Select Toys,
In terms of your Star Trek starship line, I was wondering if you have considered other starship classes that were not specifically seen or mentioned on television or in the films, but are commonly found within the franchise in novels. One item of particular interest to me that would be an exceptional addition to your line is the Federation-class Dreadnought. Looking similar to an Original Series Constitution Class, this vessel has an additional third nacelle above the saucer section. One artist, who goes by the name Christopher Doll has created his own version of the dreadnought using parts from various resin model kits. Understandably, not everyone has neither the talent or the supplies necessary to create their own versions of this ship, which is why I have concluded that the experts such as Diamond Select Toys are the best candidates to both develop this model, and gain an opportunity to expand your catalog of starship designs. I ask this primarily as a loyal customer who has enjoyed your products numerous times over countless years, I cannot imagine telling your company how to do its job but I merely make this request in order to see these creations come to life by the hands of your team.

DSTChuck: As it stands now, we do not have plans to expand past what has been seen on screen.

Dan D.
Hi Chuck, been a while since I’ve written in but I wanted to say thanks so much for producing the “Big B.” That ship has always had a special place in my heart. I see in some AskDST Q&A’s that there’s a possible re-run of the NX-01 coming. Would it be too costly to consider doing the refitted NX-01 as well? I know the design is “official” despite not having been shown on the show but seeing the NX-01 with a secondary hull does a great job bridging Enterprise and TOS. Any consideration is greatly appreciated, thanks!

DSTChuck: I would doubt we’ll go past a re-issue of the NX-01 that we have done already, BUT if we were blown away by the sales of the re-issues I’d say anything is possible.

Jamie D.
Hi! I saw that DST is re-releasing the Enterprise D (and AGT Enterprise) in the fall of 2014, but I noticed that the estimated price has gone up rather dramatically. Is there a reason for the jump from $60.00 to $90.00? That’s pretty hefty considering we’ve been purchasing these collectibles at the former price for years. Can you shed any light on that decision? Thank you!!

DSTChuck: Jamie, the cost on these items just keeps rising. The material cost, the labor and the shipping are all climbing. We wish we could have held the price, or done it lower. I will be honest with you, the percentage we’re making at the 90.00 SRP is less than we made at the two lower prices, we’re just trying to get it out to fans. At DST we’re always very reluctant to raise the SRP on our items.

Dave L.
I have purchased many of your Star Trek DST items over the years and they are great. I would like to ask- if you would please consider a Star Trek TNG Phaser (Cobra type phaser from Season 2-7) and a TNG Tricorder please? There hasn’t been a TNG Tricorder toy produced in over 15 yrs. I realize a TNG Tricorder may look like a modern real tablet PC but we -the fans would like a tricorder prop toy replica please; just like the TOS Tricorder. I’d also like to mention–there is a strong demand out there in my opinion for a first Contact Phaser Rifle-any hope of that please ? Thank you very much. Finally, *Museum/Display mode*- I have displayed some of your great Star Trek Ships in the past in a small museum display in California for people to come and enjoy (in a locked glass case)– but when your ships are behind a glass, there’s no one for people to see the lights (or hear the sounds). Is there a way in the future, you could add an “AC Adaptor” port with a physical switch to allow for continuous light and/or sounds? Thanks!!!

DSTChuck: I’m not sure how likely a Tricorder is, but I think I’m on record as saying a TNG phaser will most likely happen – or I am now.

Nathaniel S.
Will you ever make a ship model of a Romulan D’deridex Class Warbird or a Cardassian Galor Class Warship?

DSTChuck: I’d never say never, but those are not in the next “few.”

Adam M.
Hello, any plans at all for a fully screen-accurate ‘First Contact’ Enterprise-E? By this I mean removal of the warp nacelle strut phaser strips that didn’t exist until ‘Nemesis’, and proper ‘First Contact’ sounds instead of the ‘Nesmsis’ sound effects. Cheers :)

DSTChuck: I think the last version we put out of the First Contact E is the one we’re going to go with for the time being.

Tray C.
Hiya Chuck! Hope all is well in DST Toyland! I was thrilled to find out that the “All Good Things…” Enterprise-D is being re-released this year in time for Christmas, but I have a couple of concerns which were deal breakers for me and I returned the 2013 re-release as a result. First, I noticed the sound was playing back too fast, no matter what brand or strength of batteries I used. Admiral Riker sounded like a Chipmunk! Second, even though some more detailed paint apps were added to the weapons and the bridge dome light no longer bled through, it was missing some apps like the ever-important Starfleet pennants on the three nacelles. Will this all be addressed for this year’s re-release?

DSTChuck: Tray, I think most of this is a duplicate of your earlier question, but we are aware there were some issues with the sound speed, and we’ll be watching that closer than ever this time. We’ll do the best we can.

Dan L.
Your Star Trek and Marvel Select products are great! I noticed in the last Star Trek Q & A that there were at least a few people that were interested in re-releases of the already produced Star Trek retro cloth figures. I would just like to say that I would be very interested in re-releases of those figures, too, as I started collecting those a little late and was unable to purchase all of them. What do you think the likelihood is that you might re-release some or all of the Trek retro cloth line? I would be especially interested in the aliens, such as the Gorn, Andorian and Salt Vampire.

DSTChuck: The idea of re-running the Trek retro cloth figures is something we continue to look at.

Shawn R.
Hi there, I saw an image for a Sisko with Defiant Command Chair, but I heard it was cancelled by DST. I was wondering why it got cancelled and if we could see this coming up in the future? Also, are there any plans for a Janeway and Voyager Command chair (it would be cool to make it a set with both the Captain’s Chair and 1st officer’s chair). Thanks!!

DSTChuck: We had hoped to be able to at least do all the captains in their command chairs, but the retailer interest and pre-orders from retail dropped significantly and the line had to be suspended.

Jaime R.
Would you consider adding lighting on the saucer section of the Enterprise D? It looks dead/lifeless. Also, when do you plan to release the new enterprise a?

DSTChuck: The A is moving along, and I expect we’ll see a pretty done sample from the factory pretty soon. I do not anticipate changing the lighting system on the D anytime soon, if ever.

Johnathan C.
First off I want to say I love your work! But I have 2 questions:
1. The Enterprise – C are there any plans? If so, when?
2. I have a couple of stands I need to replace one for the Enterprise – D the other for the Enterprise – D From All Good Things. Is there some place I can order replacement stands or could I order some from your company? Many thanks and please DFTBA. Sincerely, Jonathan Cayen.

DSTChuck: Right now the C is not in development. If you need new stands, please contact customer service, they can help you .

Roy M.
Fantastic props! Hope you consider carrying on the star trek III line with the communicator, as well as TGN props. Also, any plans on nurse Chapel & yeoman Rand figures? The girls are sadly missed from the lineup. Thanks!

DSTChuck: I really wish we’d have been able to release that last line of TOS figures, but the pre-orders and retailer interest were not really there. But never say never – we’re not stopping the role-play or ship line anytime soon, so all is possible.

Sean M.
Hello, I recently have been trying to get some of the older wave action figures from TNG and the TOS movies. I saw that Geordi LaForge, Sulu, McCoy, Scotty, and Kahn were very limitedly released. Since the molds and packaging stuff has already been designed, is it possible more of those will be released? Additionally, is the Sisko in Defiant Captains Chair definitely not happening? If it is happening, would it be released with him in the later seasons uniform? Lastly, is it possible to get Barcley in the Nemesis/First Contact uniform? I understand releasing special versions for SDCC, but why not also make other versions available to those who can’t make it there? Thanks so much, Sean.

DSTChuck: Sorry, but we have no plans to continue with the older 7” figure line, for now we are focusing on Select, and there are no plans for re-issues at this time.

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