Ask DST #256: Minimates Materialize!

The 256th Ask DST is all about Minimates, and Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck is answering your questions! Again! For the 256th time! He loves doing it, so keep sending them in. You may give him the next great idea for a wave of Minimates.

Brandon D.
Just wondering if you guys plan on making Minimates based on the new TMNT movie? Thanks and have a great day. :)

DSTChuck: Brandon, our grant for TMNT is wide, but not sure if we’ll do the movie look. We were too late to the dance to get them out timely, so maybe for the sequel.

John A.
I’m a big fan of Invincible and really liked the boxset you guys put out, even if the mask was messed up. Will there be any more Invincible sets, be they four packs or two packs, released soon? There are so many more characters I would love to have as minimates!

DSTChuck: We’d love to do more MM with Robert, so we’ll just have to see how that works out going forward.

Juan C.
Whatever happened to the second wave of Tomb Raider minimates you showed at SDCC 2013? I haven’t seen anything since. Are they going to be released? I hope so, I really liked the first wave you guys put out.

DSTChuck: The line preformed below retailer expectations, so there was not enough interest. We tried to release some as exclusives, but no luck there either.

Curtis B.
Hello. I was wondering if you guys are going to make different variations of Robin and Nightwing. For example, Tim Drake, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and Damian Wayne. Also, please make more dc comic characters like Red Robin, Superboy, Speedy, Aqualad, Beast Boy, Red Hood, Arsenal, Bunker, Green Arrow, versions of the teen titans, versions of the justice league, kid flash, batman from batman beyond, impulse, batgirl, injustice gods among us characters. Thanks.

DSTChuck: We have no more rights to DC Minimates sorry.

Yazman P.
Well more than a question is a suggestion. I was wondering the other day, why you guys don’t make Sucker Punch Minimates? Why don’t we have a collection of Minimates based on Guillermo del Toro films? I mean, the strain is on air, and there is a lot of cool monsters in it, as well as his filmography to make a great collection. Why don’t they make a contest of drawing Minimates from tv series and film like American Horror Story Minimates, Game of Thrones or King of Fighters Minimates? Well I’m just a fan and I was thinking about this stuff!!! Cheers from Mexico!!!!!!!!! =)

DSTChuck: We had for a brief time talked to WB about Sucker Punch products, but nothing came of it. We have thought about several of the properties you list, and some are favorites around the office, but we’ve just not been able to connect on any of those as of yet.

Tyler K.
Have you ever considered doing Hellboy Minimates?

DSTChuck: Yes, yes we have. When the movies came out they had a deal with Mez-Itz, so we were not able to make something happen, but you never know.

Andy F.
I wanted to make a quick suggestion for a Wasp minimate. I would really love to see an accessory that reflected her in her shrunken state similar to the mini-Silver Surfer that came with Galactus or similar to the Tinker Bell, but if possible I would suggest that the mini-version of the character reflect her attacking someone. You could attach it to a neck to show her blasting a bad guy in the face or in the chest.

DSTChuck: Andy, yes, that would be cool.

Mister P.
Was the Iron Man/Hulk “Heroes United” home video Minimates mail-away program considered a success, and is this something DST is pursuing with other licensors like Fox or Disney?

DSTChuck: They came to us on that deal, and I have not heard how they did. I will say that we’re always looking to make deals like that to get more folks aware of Minimates.

Kostis F.
Hey there! I have to say, I’m really impressed with the Mass Effect mates and the NBC Jack, he looks great! I remember though that a year or two ago (?) when I asked about ME mates you said that EA wasn’t really interested. What made them change their mind? Also, will TNBC be waves or box sets?
And last but not least, here’s my idea for a new Spidey wave (we need a new one, it’s been 3 years now): LCS:
Kaine Scarlet Spider/Jackal
Spidey 2099/Hobgoblin (Urich)
Overdrive/Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider
Shocker + the head of Silvio Silvermane/Black Cat New Female Beetle/Kingsley Hobgoblin Speed Demon/Kraven Vulture/Chameleon with Peter Parker and Mcfarlane spidey (A black suit with a spidey block underneath, a PP head, spidey arms, legs and mask, along with a chameleon head and flesh hands) parts
We get some much needed updates, some cool spidey variants and new villains. BAM! Instant wave(s) of the year at the minimate awards!

DSTChuck: I think with the new Mass Effect game being out for a while and no new game on the horizon, they were more open to having some different kinds of product in the marketplace. But really, you never look a gift horse in the mouth, as they say. I’d like to do two packs and multi packs for NBX, and sales is already asking about blind bags, so hopefully that line goes pretty deep.

Kevin S.
So, now with the Days of Future Past 4 pack out there, you have the perfect excuse to finish the Brotherhood. Pyro, Avalanche, Blob, Destiny, AND also in that same vein, you can give us the “1st Appearance” Kitty Pryde I’ve always wanted. If she was in her original costume, it’d finish off that era of X-Men nicely. Not sure who to include in her two pack. OK, how about a fully formed Senator Kelly (to go along with the partial, shape shifting parts included with Mystique!) While I’m at it, I’ll throw in one more request. Original Banshee & Sunfire two pack. I’ve asked before, but it’s been a while. Let’s make 2015 another X-Men comics year for Minimates. What say you?

DSTChuck: Cool ideas!

Justin T.
Hi Guys, with the upcoming release of NickToon’s TMNT Minimates, is there any chance that we may see a Classic 90’s TMNT line in the future?

DSTChuck: Hopefully the TMNT line goes on a long time!

Gregory A.
Hi there, I wondering are you ever going to remake Wasp? I know you can not use the most popular “Earth Mightiest Heroes” design, but you could use “Modern” or something. You made so many small figures lately, Silver Surfer on Glalactus, Tinkerbell on Peter Pan, Rocket Raccoon with Groot. I can’t see you having trouble in designing a new Wasp (or Antman for that matter). also, I love the new Godzilla line. GO CRAZY making monster, I’ll buy every single one. I hope, Rodan, Anguirus, Destroyah, Biollante, and Space Godzilla all get made soon! Also, with Dragon Ball Z just gaining Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, a new Movie, and a new remake of the Buu Saga, is this not a good time to start making Dragon Ball Z minimates? or even try? I’d also like to see Kingdom Hearts minimates when Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out. Disney let you make Marvel and Peter Pan, I know Kingdom Hearts would sell well. Every anime convention has Kingdom Hearts cosplayers. Please think about what I’m saying.

DSTChuck: Right now we have no plans for DBZ. We have talked to Disney about Kingdom Hearts, but they are not interested for NOW…

Ross N.
I was wondering if there are any plans to do Minimates for the TV side of the marvel cinematic universe. The more characters they announce for the Netflix daredevil show, the more I want a wave of Minimates to go along with it. I also would love an updated Coulson Minimate for Agents of Shield along with some of the other characters, particularly with the recent announcement that Mockingbird is joining the show.

DSTChuck: We’re keep a close eye on the Netflix stuff, for sure.

Justin H.
Hi Chuck, I know DST usually has a small window for Marvel movie product, but I would like to see an additional Minimates series or box set from Guardians of the Galaxy! New characters like Korath, the Collector, Thanos, or The Other would be cool, but I would also like to see the team in their Ravagers outfits. Star-Lord in his short red jacket with Hadron Enforcer, Groot with an alternate face tampo and some of the upcoming Carnage spears or tendrils in a matching brown. You could even give him a translucent yellow hand! Drax, Gamora, and Rocket could just be repaints with different expressions. Maybe you could throw in some new accessories like the Orb, the Aether, and reuse the Tesseract piece from Wave 54? It would be cool if Yondu could get his arrow weapon too, or maybe Ronan’s hammer could be fixed to match the final version in the movie? Thanks for your time, Justin.

DSTChuck: For sure more GoG would be cool, but I don’t think that’s possible – great movie. I think we did a pretty good job on the MM lines and covered as much as we could.

Is there any chance that we could see more “team” Minimate SDCC and NYCC exclusive sets in the future that center on lesser-known or less hyped teams (i.e. New Warriors, West Coast Avengers, classic Guardians of the Galaxy, etc.)? And, since they are limited in their production and are always in demand from collectors, why not take that chance. Never underestimate the power of the fans of the underdogs! While Wolverine and Spider-Man are great characters, I don’t think I’m the only Minimates collector out there who thinks they could do with one less “Wolverine Through the Ages” set or another array of Spider-Man in different costumes line in favor of a few minor characters who rarely (if ever) get the Minimate treatment. How else are we expected to finally get our hands on a mini-Dr. Druid?

DSTChuck: I think we’d like to do that, but I doubt the customer buying the exclusive would want, as you say, less hyped teams. It’s a big investment for them, and in most cases they want to play it as safe as possible.

Jai R.
I have been collecting minimates since 2006 and have saw licenses come and go. The return of the star trek to the minimate line was very exciting for me as it was the first line of minimates I ever completed. One thing that always bothered me was the over-abundance of the captains and in fact with the exception of TOS and 7of9 no other crew members were made. I know it’s been a while since the legacy mates were out and if they had sold well enough we would have seen more. Is there any chance we could see a return of trek mates possibly as 4pck boxsets maybe tying into classic episodes to fill out the other cast members. I mean a best of both worlds box with locutus, Geordi, Riker and Shelby would be awesome, even an encounter at farpoint with Data, Tasha, JudgeQ with optional star fleet uniform and Picard would be outstanding. Just seeing trek mates on display without data, Guinan, Crusher, Troi, The Doctor, Kira, Dax, Weyoun, Savik, just seems wrong. If boxsets won’t fly, maybe some 2packs with classic pairings, Neelix and Tuvok, Odo and Quark, Bashir and Garak, Kira and Winn. Make it happen please!

DSTChuck: We are always thinking about Star Trek Minimates!

Dylan H.
Hello There. I am a huge walking dead fan, and I love the walking dead mini mates. My favorite thing about the walking dead is its characters, and since you guys make so many of them, I love TWD Minimates. Anyways DSTZach sent me here because I suggested what packs should be in some further TWD minimates. I really hope you guys could get these characters in your minimate sets. I’m sure lots of other people would love to get these too, as most people who collect walking dead minimates are fans of the comic and usually pick up all new characters. Could you please make these Alexandria Safe Zone Survivors, I really love these characters and love to see some minimates of them. Here’s my wish list:
1. Spencer 2. Holly 3. Aaron 4. Denise 5. Heath 6. Nicholas 7. Olivia 8. Jessie
I haven’t included other characters like Negan and Jesus because it’s likely you are doing them. But please do these characters, I love them so much and I wouldn’t even have to think twice about getting them as I would love to get these. I believe these would still sell and a great way to expand your walking dead mini mates. Please don’t skip over these awesome characters and make them, thanks so much.

DSTChuck: For the most part with the WD stuff we’ve been trying to follow along with the comic story and build that way. There have been some characters we have “missed,” so there has been talk of doing them as box sets or exclusives down the road, but we’ll see.

Andy F.
I’m excited about the Pathfinder Minimates, but I also wanted to make a suggestion on some accessory ideas. One of the great things about Minimates is their interchangeability, but I would like to see some more diversification of accessories, specifically ways for the ‘mates to carry swords. I have two thoughts: 1) A hip/belt accessory that would work as a scabbard for a sword much like the holsters in the Walking Dead sets. 2) a modified harness (like the one Captain America uses to carry a sword) that featured a hole instead of a peg. If you look at the scabbard for the Vorin figures, the scabbard features a peg that fits into a hole in the back of Vorin’s cape. With Cap, it’s almost the opposite where the shield has the hole and the harness has a peg. I would love to see a harness that featured a hole as this would allow you to strap a scabbard and sword onto the back of any minimate.

DSTChuck: Andy, thanks for the suggestions, I’ll pass them on.

Jason B.
Hey DST, I love the new marvel and walking dead minimates series that are coming out, hope to get as many as I can. I have three questions: 1. Is there any chance of you doing the newer x-men in a series now that characters like Anole, Rockslide, Hellion, Armor and Pixie are becoming more common in the comics?
2. Are there any plans to do a 20th anniversary Resident Evil Boxset or series?
3. Left field question any chance for a Ghost in The Shell series?

1) It’s always possible with X-Men, but not sure how X-Men stacked we will be in 2015.
2) Not at this time.
3) No plans for any anime at this time, including GiS.

Alex M.
Hey there DST! Question about the Godzilla Minimates. Toho’s licensing can be somewhat confusing regarding a couple of characters, so I was wondering if Toho’s King Kong and Zilla (Toho’s version of Godzilla ’98) are included in DST’s license. It’d be a shame to miss out on either, but especially Kong. His movie is a classic. On that note, are the MUTOs and Godzilla 2014 available to you guys too? Long live the King -Trekker 42

DSTChuck: Sorry, Alex, we don’t give out details like that of our contracts. Hopefully the first two box sets do well and we have the chance to have those “problems” down the road.

Matthew K.
Hello, I was just wondering when we will find out who the winning Minimates are for the Infinity box set. I’m pretty sure the winners are Thanos, Thane, Ronan, and space Captain America. Thanks!!

DSTChuck: Matthew it was revealed recently which characters make up the box set: Thanos, Thane, Armored Hulk and Space Suit Captain America. The other two, Ronan the Accuser and Outer Space Iron Man, will be folded into a future assortment of two-packs at Toys “R” Us.

Matt K.
HI! I have been wondering with the sentinels that have been made; and great job by the way, on the days of future past sentinels. But have you guys ever thought about, and what are the possibilities of making a bastion, bastion’s prime sentinels, the tri-sentinel and X-Cutioner all as Minimates? That’s all for now. Continue making great Minimates!

DSTChuck: I don’t recall if we’ve talked about them, but yes, they would be possible.

Cade G.
I was wondering if you would make a series or box set that contains the ultimate spider-man tv show characters White Tiger(girl), Iron Fist, Power Man, Nova, and Spider-man? It would be nice with the White Tiger, mostly if you could at least do that. The show accurate version is pretty cool.

DSTChuck: Right now we’re thinking about what to do about the Netflix shows as well as the animated shows for Minimates.

Jesse S.
These Quentin Tarantino Minimates are great! I just got my first Pulp Fiction set, and The House of Blue Leaves. When am I going to get the Reservoir Dogs gang?

DSTChuck: Right now we do not have rights to Res Dogs, but its been something we’ve been thinking about for a LONG time now, so you never know.

Rob B.
Hi, I love your Star Trek Minimate. Will we be seeing any more of them soon? And is there any chance of the rest of the next gen crew? Thanks!

DSTChuck: Rob, the first series did not do as well as we hoped, but we’d still like to find a way to release more down the road. However I think the direction we take will be similar to the series we just released, and not a crew-specific release schedule.

Nell G.
Will you ever make a Misty Knight minimate? I think she would be a popular item!

DSTChuck: Sorry, no plans at this time.

Rob S.
I really commend the effort and thought you guys put into the design and variations of minimates in your various lineups. However, in all of the Marvel Minimate waves, you guys have only gotten around to one Black Panther figure. Are there any plans for something along the lines of a 1st Appearance Black Panther (a la FF 52 with a little cape and satchel) or a “Classic” Black Panther (striped boots and gloves like back in the 70’s). Heck, he might even lend himself to a “Through the Ages” box set. I’m sure I’m not the only Panther fan out there.

DSTChuck: Nothing planned right now, but he has not been ruled out.

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