Ask DST #263: Marvel Maniacs!

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It’s a new Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck, and this one is all about Marvel Select action figures! Everyone wants to know what’s next for Avengers: Age of Ultron after the Hulk, and what’s next for the 616 comic universe to boot. DSTChuck plays it close to the vest, but drops some hints and even gives a few figures the shake-off. Play ball!

Damien R.
Dear Diamond Select, Marvel Select future releases could we possibly see Mysterio, Hammerhead, Shocker, Puppet Master & Kurse comic book style. Any of the above would look great in DST style. Mysterio and Kurse would be my two top picks.

DSTChuck: Damien, I am sorry to say, but I think it’s a long shot that we will get to those characters anytime soon.

John M.
Hey guys, been awhile since I asked a question and figured why not ask a few to catch up. I’ve noticed over the years you guys have shifted from mostly static to decently articulated figures, I’ve also noticed that sometimes the added articulation is limited due to how it is implemented. My question here would be why? Just to be clear, I understand there’s a limit to how much you will add but speaking as a consumer, I’d want what was added to be fully useful such as a hip joint that allowed a leg to go fully to the sides and forward and back to realistic levels.
My next question is a lot softer, I promise. How does the selection process work for marvel select? This one is character specific but not a request. I remember you fellas making a red hulk as a variant to hulk. If you ever revisited the character would you reissue the variant again or would you make a unique sculpt for him? And finally the mandatory wish list. Love to hear if any are in the making/have a shot
Ronan the Accuser
Marvel now hulk. I’ll be honest, any hulk really. I buy them all: Hercules modern Thanos onslaught/red onslaught. This would be a good one to make due to current relevance and it’d be easy to get a two for one with a headswap. And finally, a movie Hulkbuster for Age of Ultron. You guys are the only ones I have faith in to nail this one. Thanks for your time, keep making the things I love to buy!

DSTChuck: John, DSTZach has made me aware of some of those hip-type questions, and all I can say is it’s not as easy as moving a peg or its direction I think as time has gone on we’ve improved the continuity of the look of the line and have been able to work to have good articulation and keep the look as clean as we would like. Of course we want the articulation to be as useful as possible, but the decision between a double knee and a cut in the leg or biceps is going to be a call we’re going to make. I can tell based on e-mails and visits from fans at shows that the postings on the internet are not necessarily those of the majority of fans.
I think if we’re happy with the sculpt of a character and the sales are solid, like they are on Red Hulk, then we’d be most likely looking at re-running the existing figure. And I do not think any of the ones you asked about will be done in 2105. Sorry.

Alan M.
Hello DST I have 2 questions:
1) I was wondering when and if the Disney exclusive Classic Electro might get released on a single card. The 2-pack is great and all but I already own that same Spidey figure 2 times.
2) What are the chances of getting a Movie Ultron from Avengers 2? Good -Very good or slim to none?

1) That is 100% up to Disney what they want to do with their figure choices and release dates. We advise and suggest, but the final call is theirs.
2) Hard for me to peg it, since I know the answer, so I’ll say its on the slim side.

Bill G.
Helloooooo DSTChuck, I hope all is well!!! I think this is fantastic that you are replying to questions on your toy lines, you can tell from the entries how much collectors are enjoying the level of quality produced in the Marvel Select figures. I myself mostly grab the big’uns, like Hulk, Abomination, etc. and just want to add my vote/wish/ideas for future figures.
Alpha Flight Sasquatch
Black Bolt
Spiderman 2099

DSTChuck: Thanks Bill, but honestly I think it’s great that fans care enough about something we make to take the time to write in and ask questions. I will say one of the ones you listed we TRIED to make in 2015 but Marvel asked us not to, so for now none of those are planned.

Santos M.
When will the next marvel select toys come out? Who will they be?

DSTChuck: We run close to one figure a month on average, when you figure in the ones we do with Disney stores.

Justin L.
Are we gonna get a Scarlet Witch or Black Widow movie action figure? Also, would you mind giving us a hint as to anything exciting that’s coming up?

DSTChuck: I can’t say, BUT I do know we’re hoping to show at least the Avengers 2 stuff at Toy Fair and we’ll see how much more we can show. Regardless of what is ready to show, all of 2015 is planned out at this point.

Shahzeb S.
Hi!! I am a big MS fan and I just wanted to ask one thing – any chance of re-issuing Mephisto and Moonknight figures any time soon? – SS

DSTChuck: We have talked about both, so we’ll have to see, but I think the costing on Mephisto might be an issue.

Shandon W.
I probably should have tagged this onto one of my previous questions, but do you have any contacts from Disney we could petition for more Marvel Selects? Also, Please, give Gentle Giant the green light on a movie Ultron figure. I know there has been an outcry for an Avenger’s movie villain and we haven’t got a Phase 2 villain yet. I hope it isn’t too late. A re-release would be so upsetting too considering Ultron’s awesome and tyrannical appearance in the recent trailer and the previous one isn’t bad, but it just doesn’t compare.
P.S. I’m essentially down to one more, the unmasked Daredevil is still eluding me, but the line will be complete soon.

DSTChuck: Shandon, thanks for all the support. Disney is very open to new ideas and buying Select figures, but they do have budget and space issues, so it’s not like they can buy several a month. And DST has internal issues as well, so while there could be one less or one more in a given cycle, I think both parties are pretty happy with how it’s going.

Christopher M.
I’m a huge fan of the marvel select line and I’m sure you answered this before but are we going to see any guardians of the galaxy movie figures? or one i hold near and dear to my heart agent Phil Coulson.

DSTChuck: We have no plans at this time for GoG – there was a time, but for now no plans.

Krystal C.
Are the Marvel Zombie figures limited edition or will more of the currently out of stock figures (such as the Zombie Spider-Man) be released? Thank you!

DSTChuck: We have no plans, and doubt we will ever re-release any of the hero zombie figures.

Mike P.
What’s been going on with the Marvel Selects Venom?? It was set to pre-order release in JULY. It’s been pushed back month after month until now, in November. I feel as if it’s never going to come!

DSTChuck: I know the figure is coming and should be in stores very soon. For the last couple of months, everyone that makes product overseas is dealing with shipping issues at the port in LA.

Hyan G.
What are the upcoming figures? I know we have Carnage (OMG!) coming but what about the others? There are some figures i would really like to see: -A movie version of Black Widow (It`s about time); -Groot; -Hulkbuster (please =D); -Symbiot Spider-Man (please, we need a re-issue of this!) -Scorpion (Spider-Man foe); -Sandman (Spider-Man foe); By the way, I love MS.. have 30+ figures in my collection =D

DSTChuck: I think DSTZach would be very upset with me if I were to list every figure we’re making in 2015 in this Q&A.

Claus K.
Hi Chuck and DST, Thanks for the great work on all your figures, I am a big fan and loyal collect of your Marvel Select Figures. I am a huge fan of Thor and have every figure produced of him. 1.Could you make a Walt Simonson Thor with beard and Armor as well as strength belt. That figure would be colossal. 2. Can you make an Odin figure cause we all know DST can top the other company that has it coming out. 3. Can you make an Iron Man Hulkbuster in your great big figure themes. With his appearance in the Avengers 2 it would be so hot for everyone. Can’t wait to pick up your re-release of The Watcher, and your great new figures Cable and Carnage starting your 2015 line up.
Thanks Chuck and DST Team. – Claus in Canada

DSTChuck: I think those are all cool ideas, and you never know where the plans will go for 2015 and especially 2016.

Ryan C.
I hear that there has been a Hulk sighting from Avengers 2. Who you gonna call? Hulk Busters! This is one version of Iron Man that just needs to happen. The movie version from the trailer looks amazing. Seriously, don’t crush my hopes on this. If you do, that’s alright. I’m sure that I’ll love whatever is released anyway. You guys rock. That’s all. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

DSTChuck: The trailer did look fantastic, didn’t it?

Euan W.
Hey, I am back with another question, thanks for asking my last few questions Do you think you would ever do figures with bases that connect together to form diorama like thing? Also, I would really think when you do the single packed “electro” you should go for more parts with a lot electricity. One last one for this question – Do you think you would ever re-release “Iron Spider” and “Black suited Spiderman (Web of Spiderman)?. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

DSTChuck: Sure, why not, we’ve done linking bases several times before in the Select figures, including the Marvel line. We poll sales pretty often to see which figures they would like us to re-run. Very few have been eliminated from the discussion.

Arsim V.
Marvel Select Astonishing Wolverine? Please? Pretty please? Even if it was just a repaint.

DSTChuck: No plans for a new Wolverine in 2015, but we’re always happy to do a new Wolverine figure.

Justin L.
Hey, Chuck :) When are we gonna see the rest of the Fantastic 4 action figures? Toy Fair in February 2015 or…? It’s been a while we have been waiting for the rest of the Fantastic 4 figures.
What about Rogue? (Comic book version) When are we gonna see her?

DSTChuck: Right now, for various reasons, we have no FF Select figures planned in 2015. Sorry.

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