AskDST #269: Star Trek Inquisition!

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It’s another Ask DST with the president of Diamond Select Toys, DSTChuck! This week, he is answering all questions relating to Star Trek, be it our electronic starships, Select action figures, electronic role-play items, Retro figures or Minimates! Read on as Chuck let’s people know what to expect, and what not to expect, in the far-flung future of 2015! Submit your own question above!

Jaime R.
On the re-release of the all good things enterprise D dreadnought, has the dialogue speed on the sound effects been corrected, that is that the voices are speaking normally, not super-fast as in the last release? Also, have you counted how many fans have requested that you build the enterprise c over the years? I think you could use that information as a way to tell how many units of the enterprise c you could produce perhaps for next year’s new ship development.

DSTChuck: Jaime, I can assure you when we re-run a ship, or any product for that matter, we try to do the best job possible. I can say that if we added up every request we have ever had for the C and multiplied it buy 100, we’d be way short of the number needed for development – but that is true of any ship or product.

Taylor S.
Hello! I LOVE your DST Star Trek ships. The attention paid to detail is amazing, and the ships are fantastic to have for display! The Ent-D and the Ent-D Dreadnaught are my favorites. With that said, I’d very much like to see the Voyager, Defiant, and the Ent-C toy models released. These ships are probably some of the most popular in the Trek universe, and would sell reasonably well relative to other DST offerings. Which brings me to my question. Since those ships haven’t been released, what are some of the challenges in bringing those ships to market? I’m interested in understanding why these popular Trek ships haven’t been brought to the market. Thanks!

DSTChuck: Hopefully, we are able to show the new ships we’re working on soon, and fans will be happy with the announcement.

Jeff W.
Hello, I was wondering have you seen Enterprise NX-01 Refit? If so, is AA looking into making the Refit Version of the NX-01? Thank you.

DSTChuck: I did see it in the calendar, the other folks here might have seen it somewhere else, I don’t know. Right now we have no plans for that version of the NX-01.

Stefan M.
Hey Chuck, are you planning on displaying any new ships at toy Fair in 2015? I am trying to be patient but would love an indication of when we might expect to hear about what is up next. Not that my one vote matters but the Reliant, Voyager, C and the “little” ship Defiant would be most exciting. Thanks for taking the time to comment and also much appreciation for the great work.

DSTChuck: I do think if all goes well we’d like to have something new for the ships on display at Toy Fair next month.

Eric G.
I’ve heard that the ST: III Phaser will be released in the summer. Why the long delay? Is it the design of the box for the Phaser or the product in general? And when are going to be able to see a demo of the Phaser (like someone did with the Klingon Disruptor)?

DSTChuck: Anything with electronics and then electronics with sound have many stages that can cause a delay. They can be pretty complicated. As soon as we get a working sample, DSTZach will make a video.

Vernon K.
Have you ever considered releasing 4.5″-5″ action figures? That size used to be the standard (And I do have a box full of Playmates Toys Star Trek figures at that size. There are some versions of characters they didn’t release and I’d like to complete my collection [characters in TWOK uniforms, TNG movie uniforms, Season 1 Will Riker, etc.]) There are also other media properties I’d like to see 4.5″ figures of.

DSTChuck: Right now, I do not think we have plans to work in any other scale than the Select 7” scale.

Richard D.
Hello, any plans to re-release Star Trek “The Motion Picture” and The Wrath of Kahn Phasers in the near future? Maybe a limited run? After market prices are insane.

DSTChuck: We often check with our sales folks to see what interest there might be in additional production runs and they have not mentioned those, but that’s a good idea , I’ll check what the interest at retail is.

Jonathan B.
Will Diamond Select ever re-issue any sold out DS9 figures (specifically, the Ezri Dax figure)? Thank you for your time.

DSTChuck: I do not think at this time we have any plans to re-issue the DS9 figures, sorry.

Cloud S.
Hello, first of all I wanted to say that the starships are amazing. I’m really impressed with the Enterprise B. Thank you for this brilliant model. I noticed on a couple of past blogs that you’ve mentioned that you’re aiming for two ships per year. Does this account for reproductions of past ships? (e.g. Enterprise D & AGT). A couple of questions which you’re probably sick of hearing is, As much as I like the Enterprise C and it would complete the Enterprise set. What are the chances of the USS Voyager being the next ship you are releasing? I’ve been waiting for Voyager for quite a few years now and I really can’t be bothered making one from the snap kits since I know I would muck up the paint work. The Enterprise C was only in one episode but Voyager had its own series I think and I know some people would agree Voyager needs to be in the spotlight since it’s a unique design of a starship and stands out from the rest. Would you add the warp nacelle pylon ascend and descend function to this as well? Thank You :)

DSTChuck: Re-runs and straight re-paints do not count toward the theoretical two new releases. If something were to need new tooling or new electronics, then they could count. That would depend on what else is on everyone’s plate at the time and the extent of the changes.

James W.
Hello people of DST. I hope that all is well and the New Year is treating you great. Is there any hints or details that you can give us for Star Trek Plans for 2015? Select figures? Ships? Tech? Minimates? Thanks, James

DSTChuck: We’re working on final plans for 2015 but there should be new ships, new Tech and new ships for SURE – just not sure how many of each. We’d STILL like to do something with Minimates, but it’s not in the plans at this moment — but we discuss it frequently.

Joanne T.
I’m a girl who likes to collect anything star trek – there are lots of girls out there who do – it’s not just for the boys! I love your star trek line but what i don’t like is the lack of girls in your classic star trek line of figures. A while ago you promised us fan favorites nurse chapel and yeoman rand – we’re still waiting for them! star trek has an anniversary coming up soon , is there any chance of the girls finally being released – we want Uhura’s fellow female crewmates , it’s like collecting figures years ago when the girls were always left out of the line up! I would also like to mention the retro figures, out the all the great figures you have produced Uhura is the only girl in set – that’s pretty poor guys! Again you promised nurse chapel along with vina – bifbangpow have no problem including girls in their Battlestar Galactica, Dr Who and Big Bang Theory lines so follow their example – lets , at long last , have a retro nurse chapel , janice rand and vina to complete our crew . I notice this request comes up often in these Q & A blogs so come on guys, this upcoming anniversary is the perfect chance to bring on our fan fav girls!

DSTChuck: Joanne, I’m not sure we “promised” anything but I can see your frustration and I understand. I think we’ll look at lots of different ideas for the anniversary and see what makes sense. I assure you we have nothing against the female characters in Trek. It seems from your question you are most interested in the retro-cloth line and for sure we’d like to continue that line, so we’ll have to see.

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