Ask DST #270: The Miscellaneous Multiverse!

There are a near-infinite number genre properties out there, and we’ve turned a whole lot of them into toys, but there are still many, many more that would be cool to tackle. This week’s Ask DST is all about the lines we make, the lines we once made, and the lines we may make in the future! Read on, and submit your own question for Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck via the “Got a Question?” tab above!

Tony C.
Realizing that re-releasing an action figure almost certainly costs a ton of cash – any chance of someday re-releasing the Bride of Frankenstein or the Wolfman? I started picking up monsters a couple of years ago – and sure I can find Draculas and Frankensteins all over the place, but finding those two south of a hundred bucks on ebay is impossible!

DSTChuck: Tony, welcome to the line. Yes, every year we look at the Monsters we have released to date, and consider them all for re-run possibility.

Justin L.
Hey. Does DST have any plans for Big Bang Theory action figures? That would be epic.

DSTChuck: Sorry, no plans at this time.

David H.
Hi! I was wondering if you guys would ever consider bringing back the ultimate quarter scale format but with updated bodies and likenesses sculpted by jean st jean! If so, would you venture into some classic films like army of darkness? A 1/4 ash would be awesome and even the rocketeer. Please consider. Thanks.

DSTChuck: Right now we have no plans, but to be honest that is a line I would really like to do something with at some point. I loved the potential.

Erik T.
Hi, just wondering if the colored Sin City Nancy figure is still coming out? Will we see Sin City Select series 2 or any other Sin City merchandise coming out?

DSTChuck: Yes, colored Nancy should be in stores by the time you read this. We are working through approvals on more Sin City figures right now.

Jonathan B.
Are there any current plans for DST to manufacture and distribute Doctor Who Action figures (5-inch) or further Marvel figures? If the said manufacturing of the DW figures were to occur, potential customers may be very interested in purchasing these, due to the high level of detail DST incorporates, and was just a query I had to ask. Thanks.

DSTChuck: Sorry, Jonathan, but other companies have the rights to Dr Who and are doing a nice job.

Edward F.
Any plans for a die-cast robot B-9 from Lost in Space?

DSTChuck: We do have lots of plans for B-9 but we’ve not gotten to the point yet of looking at that category.

Rick E.
Hey Chuckery! Since you’re building a relationship with Tarantino, what with Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill, might you consider some of his other movies that may not have gotten figures (and/or ridiculously expensive)? Inglorious Basterds NEED figures. Col. Hans Landa, Lt. Aldo Raine, and perhaps the Bear Jew would be perfect for a series 1. Django Unchained deserves figures with deluxe bases. Django in bounty hunter suit, Dr. King Schultz, and Calvin Candie for series 1. Series 2 could have Broomhilda, Stephen, and the Plantation “I like the way you die” Django. Whatcha say?

DSTChuck: Rick, right now I think we have our hands full with the movies we’re working on, but if those go well, never say never.

Virgil S.
Hi, I am a huge Stargate fan and have been so for years. I purchased just about all of the DST figures from SG-1 and Atlantis upon release. I have seen pictures floating around for a long time now for a Series 5 of SG-1 that included a General Hammond and Jack that were both in Air Force Dress Blues. I was just curious if these were ever going to make a limited release? I ask this because my eldest son is not only a huge stargate fan but also a big fan of Richard Dean Anderson. He currently serves in the Air Force and those 2 figures would be something he would give just about anything for. Finding quality Air Force figures is near impossible the way it is let alone one for a show and character that my son loves. Please tell me there is a glimmer of hope of seeing these released.

DSTChuck: I am very sorry but those figures were never produced. We had several more figures planned for the Stargate line , but the shows were canceled and no new media was created. Because of that, the interest from the buyers dropped off. If the shows ever came back, we’d be happy to jump in there again – those lines were lots of fun.

Daniel D.
Hi, I’m a huge fan of your select line and when you announced the jay and silent bob figures I couldn’t believe it! I was so excited and when I got the figures I was not disappointed, brilliant figures! I was just wondering could we ever expect Pineapple Express select figures or Invincible Select figures. That would be a dream!!

DSTChuck: We have not looked at either, yet, but I can say we still have lots more Kevin Smith stuff in the works.

Enrique G.
Do you think you will ever make some playsets similar to the old Buffy The Vampire Slayer Library set or something along those lines? A lot of adult collector’s seem to suffer from shopping in the girl’s dollhouse section for stuff to display our action figures with. It’s pretty pathetic that we have to do this and there’s not many cool play sets or diorama displays for our stuff. And whatever is, it’s retired items that go for a lot of money on eBay.

DSTChuck: Man, I really loved those playsets when I was younger, and I was lucky to have several. It was SO cool to be able to produce one for Buffy. We’d love to do more, but it’s really hard to cover the massive tooling cost on items that like. But we’ll have to see what the future holds.

Mike W.
Greetings! After the news came out that the movie Mystique figure would not be released due to lack of approval, I was wondering roughly what percentage of figures do you develop (beyond the paper stage for example) that actually make it to retail? Thanks for making a variety of great figures!

DSTChuck: Hmm interesting question. I have NO idea how many. When you factor in approvals, sales, factory issues, outside forces, I guess there are more than a few that don’t get from paper to store shelves. We also have several crazy ideas at any given time that never even make it off paper. I wonder if other toy companies run so many odd ideas to paper and scrap them.

Lee M.
I noticed that back in November of 14 that the question of if you will be making a Dracula bank for your Universal Monsters Bust Bank Line was asked, with the reply of “not really sure”. It has been a few months now, and I’m sure not only myself but other collectors would like to know more on this matter. Could you please give me an update on this stance? I feel, and I’m sure other collectors feel the same way when I say that the Universal Monsters Bust Bank Line would not be complete without the most iconic Bust of Dracula.

DSTChuck: Right now, we are NOT working on any banks for UM in 2015, so I think that is it for 2015. I think we’ll look at it again for 2016.

Kris G.
Can you make figures from Clerks II??? IF so you should make Dante w/ counter and register, Randal w/ Back pass thru pick up window, and Elias w/ the drive thru window and register. You could have them connect on a base plate in the shape of a “U”. Register in front, drive window on the left and pick up window as the back wall.

DSTChuck: Kris, I don’t think we’ve look at Clerks 2 yet. BUT we’re working on Strike Back and Clerks and there is still plenty of cool stuff in those movies we can look at before we have to look at new movies from Kevin Smith.

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