Ask DST #277: The Star Trek Mission Continues!

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Hailing frequencies open! It’s another Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck, and this week he’s answering all hails regarding Star Trek! DST revealed a few new Trek products at this year’s Toy Fair (a revamped NX-01, a Romulan Bird of Prey, a Worf bank and a Next Generation “Cobra” phaser), and there are additional products in the works for both the action figure and ship lines, so there’s certainly a lot to talk about!

Hello, would you guys consider producing the Communicator from Star Trek III? It’d be a nice companion to the Trek III Phaser and you’ve got at least three variants as it was also in Trek V and there was an unproduced version for ST: Generations. And it’s one of the most requested Communicators after the original.

DSTChuck: I have to be honest we have not thought about our role-play item past the TNG phaser, so we’ll have to see.

Andrew L.
With TNG phaser coming, is there any chance your team has reconsidered a release of a TNG tricorder? Possibly with a medical attachment as a variant, or maybe the Mark XI one? You did such a fantastic job on TOS tricorders, TNG needs a tricorder to go with the phaser for role playing.

DSTChuck: Andrew, we’ve not planned past the phaser, but I do think the TNG Tricorder is a little unlikely.

Ken P.
You guys should issue a repaint of the Wrath of Khan Phaser in blue. All the pictures of the actual prop show that it was a light metallic blue in color. I think that’d be a decent seller if all the other repaints are any indication. And that Phaser is now pretty expensive in the secondary market. Remember, light metallic blue.

DSTChuck: Ken, at this time we have no plans to run more of the phaser, but we do go over re-runs with sales pretty often to see the interest. I think if we do a re-run we will look at the idea of possible variant.

Damon K.
Hi I saw images from this past toy fair and noticed an updated NX-01 Enterprise is there an idea of a release time I’ve been wanting to get a new version of the ship that started it all. I’m a huge fan of your star ship series and I’m excited to see your next federation ship which Im hoping will be the USS Defiant from DS9 like many other fans since the NX-01 is a re-make. Which leads me to the next and last question since we know the new alien ship in development is the Romulan bird of prey and you stated the goal of the company is to get 2 ships in production a year is there another new federation ship and fingers crossed the defiant??

DSTChuck: Damon, I think it’s going to be a good bit of time before the NX-01 is ready. We are creating an all-new chip for it to now include phrases and FX. Yes, they are still developing the next NEW ship, so we’ll have to see how the timing works out. As soon as that is done, we’ll look at the next two NEW ships.

Christopher W.
With the imminent arrival of your STIII Phaser and Enterprise A is there any chance of us seeing the ‘Assault’ Phaser from STV/VI along with possibly the classic styled communicators used in STIII and V to accompany them? Also the Reliant would be the perfect way to top off the classic movie line before you move past the Phaser from TNG.

DSTChuck: Christopher, as I said earlier, we’re not sure where we are going to go after the TNG phaser. Hopefully we have another ship to show off soon.

Alex P.
Hi. I’m with the crowd hoping for a TNG-era Phaser and Tricorder.My faves would be the Boomerang or the Dolphin phaser and for the Tricorder I’d suggest the slimmer version after the ones done by Playmates. Admittedly, that’d be the one with lots of lights. Also, the scanning sound should start when opened and end when closed, and so should the LEDs. As for the Phaser and which variant: the electronics could be the same for EVERY variant, you’d just have to use different colored LEDs (I think only in the Dolphin did they use another LED coloring). Otherwise, you could use the electronics from Dustbuster to Dolphin, including Cobrahead and Boomerang. You would only need to build different housings. I for one would not need different sounds for different levels, but the Power-up and -down lights should work and maybe an overload.
But what I would really love: a sound that holds while I press the button. Including the beginning of the firing sound and the end. That’s not too much, is it? That WOULD be what I’d love. Any idea what price range these would be?

DSTChuck: Alex that’s a ton of well-thought-out ideas – I hope we don’t disappoint you with our TNG phaser.

William N.
Will the enterprise nx01 coming out this summer have the lights on mode. Also looking forward to the star trek 3 phaser, cannot wait! Thank you.

DSTChuck: I know we’re doing a new sound chip, but we’re still looking into what we are able to do for the electronics.

Michael K.
I’ve been a fan of your Star Trek Offerings for several years now I have the complete crews of Both The Original Series and Star Trek II the Wrath of Khan (in addition to several variant looks of certain members therein . I also have several of the ships released by you. Now unlike many of my fellow fans who have asked repeatedly about the 1701-C I am more interested in seeing other vessels from the Classic TV Series Most notably the Klingon D7 K’tinga Class Battlecruiser and the Romulan Bird of Prey. I consider these to be of essential value to any Classic Trek Fleet and am anxiously looking forward to hearing news regarding these classic vessels. Thank you for your time.
Live Long and Prosper

DSTChuck: The only thing I am sure about, with the new ship we announce, is that some fans will be very upset with the choice.

Evan C.
I have seen the products you guys brought to the Toy Fair 2015, and I’m pretty excited with the stuff you showed. My two favorite toy lines of yours are the Star Trek ships and the bust banks. I’m really looking forward towards the NX-01. And I saw a picture of a Worf bust bank that looked awesome, but I was wondering if you guys planned to make more TNG character bust banks? Specifically Captain Picard and Data? Anyways keep up the amazing work, 2015 looks to be a great year.

DSTChuck: Evan, we’ll have to see. I don’t think we have 2D art set up past Worf, but overall we’re pretty happy with the sales of the banks so far.

Andrew G.
I have the electronic USS Enterprise NCC1701-A. Recently I saw a video on youtube of the Enterprise NCC1701-B from Star Trek Generations. I was very impressed that the ship featured a display mode where the lights stay on for as long as required. Please can you tell me which versions of the Enterprise have this feature as my Enterprise -A doesn’t have it which is unfortunate because I think it is one of the best features of all for an electronic starship? Do you plan to have electronic versions of all the Enterprise ships A to E with the display mode for the lights at some point? I would love an Enterprise – D and E with this feature, which would be so cool.

DSTChuck: All the new ships we develop will have some sort of lights-on feature. When we re-did the A there was some miscommunication with our factory that we were not able to fix in time before all the electronics were done. While some folks don’t like it, the 10 second feature, although not intended, is cool with me, since I don’t leave my ships on all day.

Dave C.
It amazes me that after 33 years there STILL has not been a proper scaled U.S.S. Reliant released except as a model kit. It’s the most iconic vessel from the most spectacular Star Trek film ever made and yet it continues to go unproduced. I have waited patiently for DECADES for someone to make one. Will DST ever do this ship the justice it deserves and release an electronic scaled Reliant?

DSTChuck: Never say never.

Scott F.
Will you be making Voyager’s Intrepid Class and Prometheus Class Starship’s anytime soon?

DSTChuck: No, not “anytime soon.”

Michael S.
Chuck, hello again! I know I’ve asked about the Enterprise line before, but as you’ve said many times, NEVER say NEVER. So, with that in mind, and the 10yr anniversary of its final episode coming May of this year, I was wondering if your crew had given any thoughts to finishing those lines. I had talked to someone from New Force Comics about the collaboration you guys did with them on the Trip figure from the Broken Bow wave, and we discussed the possibility of them working with you on another exclusive in the future. Their guy told me that they had talked with your company in the past about maybe doing something with the Mayweather Helm section, or maybe the Phlox or Hoshi Broken Bow figures, but…He said, at that time, it was something you had placed on hold. He then added that it may be something that could be looked at again when the anniversary rolls around. Hence my question. Please tell me you will give this consideration. Thanks

DSTChuck: We have no plans right now for more Enterprise toys – that said, if a buyer were to contact us and wanted something exclusive and were willing to buy enough, we’d be happy to listen.

Holly P.
Hi guys. Love your star trek figures but want to echo what other people have said and add my support to the release of nurse chapel and Janice rand figures and retro figures. They are, after all, the first women of star trek – they started it all and so it’s only fitting they should be included in any releases for the upcoming anniversary Majel Barret made a huge contribution to star trek and so shouldn’t be left out. The figures you showed us a while ago looked great and we’ve been waiting since the 70’s for retro figure versions. And while I’m on the subject some female select figures wouldn’t go amiss. Thanks.

DSTChuck: We’re not shutting the door, but it’s not in the plans right at this moment.

John L.
How soon will we see what exciting plans you have for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek and will it include more Minimates? (Please say it’ll include Minimates!)

DSTChuck: We work on Star Trek all the time, not just in movie or anniversary years, BUT that said, I do think we’d like to do some cool stuff for the 50th.

Tanya O.
Hi Chuck. I was super excited to see that an updated NX-01 was shown at the New York Toy Fair this winter! I have a couple questions about it (and other stuff):
1) Is there any chance of seeing updated/reissues of the NX-01 in its Mirrorverse or Battle-Damaged variants, or will we only be getting the plain NX-01 at this time?
2) Will the new NX-01 feature Captain Archer’s voice, or only sound effects?
3) The Seven of Nine statue DST previously released is beautiful, but also way way bigger than every other Star Trek figure you’ve released. Would a smaller Seven of Nine ever be considered for the Star Trek Select line, or is she not enough of an ‘action’ character to include in that line?
4) Is Voyager on the “short list” for new ships to be considered, or do TNG/TOS ships take precedence over it? Thank you!!

1. We have not locked anything for sure, but yes, we are looking at what variants would be possible.
2. We are in fact adding voices!
3. The Femme Fatales line is indeed a different scale than the figures, so it was never intended to be a companion piece to the action figures. But it’s very possible a 7 of 9 Select could happen.
4. It might be on the short list, but I’m not sure where on that list it sits, if you know what I mean.

David E.
Hi DST! I have a few questions for Chuck! 1) Brilliant job on the new DST Enterprise A! I’m wondering is this what we should expect from your new redone Enterprise NX-01? 2) Staying on the topic of the NX-01, will the stand used be cast in black plastic this time and strengthened. I believe that many people in 2001 had trouble with their stands snapping? 3) Onto Star Trek Select! You said in your previous AskDST that you had the next 3 characters in different stages of development… Without going into too much detail, are these choices from TOS, TOS movies, TNG or DS9, VOY and ENT? 4) Will we ever get a Captain Archer Select figure? 5) Will future Star Trek Selects contain more articulation like Spock and Kirk had? 6) Some fans I think have been left confused as to why DST has not been chosen to make product for the new movies. With both the 2009 toys from Playmates and the 2013 Kre-O sets from Hasbro not proving successful, do you hope that CBS finally gives you a crack at giving us figures, ships and role play from JJ Abrams Star Trek Universe? 7) If you were to get a licence to produce toys from the new movies, would they follow the same scale and style as your current, established Star Trek “classics” line? 8) Would you include more articulation in a new Trek movie select line as those movies have tended to appeal to a younger, broader geek fan-base than just the older Trekkers/Trekkies. 9) If you were to get the licence to produce new movie Star Trek merchandise, would you use scanning technology to 3D scan the actors and ships used in the movies? 10) If you were to get the new movie licence, could you make the new JJ Abrams USS Enterprise bigger (20 inches?) 11) With the sad news of the death of Leonard Nimoy, will DST be releasing a new version of the Wrath of Khan USS Enterprise, using the plastic used to produce your new Enterprise A and new sound clips, including the famous Star Trek opening monologue read by Nimoy at the end of Wrath of Khan. Thanks again! LLAP.

DSTChuck: Okay, Dave, here we go – I’ll do the best I can.
1. It might be a little while. We’re re-doing the sounds, electronics and deco.
2. It will be the same looking stand, hopefully a little more durable.
3. Hmm… I will say one of them is TOS movie.
4. Never say never, but not at the top of our list.
5. I think we’re still finding the mix that works best for this line, there are parts of the Kirk and Spock I LOVE but also parts of the new Worf and all the parts I really dig.
6. We’re interested in the new movie (and the prior two) if CBS is interested in us.
7. YES, if we did stuff from the new movies it would be our best intention to have them fit in with what we are doing now.
8. That’s way too hypothetical to think about at this point.
9. We have been using scans of actors and digital files for props for many years now, so it’s something we would look at. However, on older movies, when something like that is not an option, I think my crew does a pretty good job.
10. See response #8
11. Right now we have no plans for any special Nimoy products; when the loss is less fresh maybe that is something we can look at.

Sean I.
New ship announcement? WHEN!?!?!?! WHEN!?!?!?!?! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHEN!?!?!?! Love you guys, great quality.

DSTChuck: We showed one all-new ship at Toy Fair, as well as one we’re going to upgrade and re-release, so it might be a while for a new ship to be shown, but we’re working on it.

Paul A.
Hey DST! Loving the Star Trek select line. Are there any plans to resurrect the cancelled Borg wave of figures in this format; I’d happily be assimilated for a Borg Queen select diorama (maybe with Captain or Admiral Janeway)? Boldly going, Paul.

DSTChuck: Paul, for sure we’re looking at the Borg being part of the Select line; exactly how we will go about that is still to be determined.

Kevin P.
Hi DST, are there any plans to release the Voyager Crew and maybe some of the Delta-Quadrant aliens, like Hirgone, Voth eg? Also, is Colonel Kira available in her bajoran uniform? I know someone asked this before but Quark, Dukat, Garak and a Jem’Hadarwould really be a great addition! Best regards!

DSTChuck: Unfortunately, I do not think the Select line and their release schedule allows for going deeply into a property. That said, I don’t think I ever dreamed Marvel Select would go on for over 10 years!

Dave M.
Hi, DST! Do you think you guys would do a “Final Mission” version of the Star Trek III:The Search for Spock Phaser? It was silver, with a Naugahyde grip and aluminum mid-plate on the Phaser 1. Also, could you do a U.S.S. Grissom? Thanks, Dave

DSTChuck: I don’t think at this time we’ve looked at either of those.

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