Ask DST #278: Maximum Miscellaneous!

As Diamond Select Toys’ offerings expand in new directions, the “Miscellaneous” mailbag of Ask DST has swollen to unprecedented heights! DST president DSTChuck is here to answer your questions about Batman, Gotham, Muppets, Ghostbusters, Nightmare Before Christmas and more! Got your own question? Click on the “Question?” link up top, or e-mail us!

Guillermo S.
Any chance for you to produce Batman ’66 action figures besides the statues and busts?

DSTChuck: We do have the rights to several categories for the TV show, however we do not have the rights to any action figure categories.

Will the upcoming Muppet figures come with display bases? Might I suggest that each Muppet figure come with their own archway that could connect together and stack to make a display of the Show’s opening? It would be fairly inexpensive to add since the same tooling would be used over and over (twice over in each two pack). I see that the design would have to be modified slightly to accommodate a full body figure rather than half a puppet, and for stacking stability. Wouldn’t that be a great way to display a collection as the line continues on? Eventually DST could even make the Muppet Show logo with an opening “O” for Kermit or Gonzo.

DSTChuck: That is a neat idea, but the figures are already coming packed two figures per package, as well as some with accessories. Also, as you say, it would need major modification to work, and would need to be packed two per package as well. Maybe down the road.

Robert M.
Since you’re doing the electronic Lost in Space Robot, any chance of Select-style figures of the Robinson Family & Dr. Smith, like you did for The Munsters & Star Trek?

DSTChuck: As of now we are not able to do anything like that, but maybe down the road if all goes well.

Brad R.
Hi! Is there any chances of the upcoming GB select figures for the main four to have gloved hands? I ask because whenever the characters are using their equipment in the movies, they are always wearing black gloves. Not to mention if you are trying to create a display of the guys from the end of the movie with the build-a-diorama pieces you guys are planning to include with each figure, it’d make sense for them to have gloves on, no?

DSTChuck: I think that is still possible – it’s something we have discussed.

Huston P.
I have a couple of questions. I apologize if these have already been answered. Will we be seeing the Kill Bill Select figures this October along with Pulp Fiction? Will we be seeing an Ultron from Age of Ultron? Finally, do we have exact dates for Wave 1 of Ghostbusters? Again I apologize for any duplication but I could not find the answers. Thank you in advance for your help!

DSTChuck: We do not have an exact date for Kill Bill or Pulp Fiction – we have not listed them for sale to retail yet. We are right now working through studio, director and talent approvals. We are not planning an Ultron figure from AoU – sorry. No, we do not have an exact date yet for GB, we are working on the bases and factory preps right now.

Tanya O.
I think it’s great that DST has acquired the Muppets license, as we haven’t had any real Muppets toy lines since the incredible Palisades Muppets a decade-plus ago. I know that for sales reasons the Diamond Select Muppets lines will mostly be covering all of the heavy-hitters, but is there any chance of in some form covering the one gaping hole left over for Palisades Muppets collectors: Sal Manilla? Sal the Monkey was the only Palisades Muppets Series 10 figure that was sculpted and didn’t get released in any form, and as a result Muppets collectors have 3 Johnny Fiamas and no Sals. In fact, no company has ever produced a Sal figure to put with Johnny. Even if it’s just as a non-poseable, undersized pack-in PVC figure or a Minimate, what are the chances of getting a Sal Manilla figure from Diamond Select to “complete” the collections of long-time Muppets collectors? I think knowing that a Sal figure of any kind is finally coming would go a long to winning over Muppets collectors with preexisting Palisades Toys Muppets collections. Thank you!!!

DSTChuck: Right now we have the first four series kind of roughed in, but it’s not set in stone. Only the first series is sculpted at this time, so too early to say for sure…

George L.
Will you guys ever do characters from Rockstar games? such as all the Grand Theft Auto games, Bully, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne & L.A. Noire

DSTChuck: Right now, it’s my understanding that they are not interested in action figures being made. We’ve talked to them a couple times, but right now nothing on the horizon.

Guillermo S.
I’m in love with what’s been shown off – the Batman ’66 busts – and I’m really excited about that Batgirl statue! I was wondering if there were any plans to produce Select action figures based on the show as well.

DSTChuck: Sorry, as of now we do not have rights to produce action figures for either Batman 1966 or the animated shows.

Brandon P.
Hello! I saw the Ghostbusters figures that were on display at ToyFair. Excellent work! Are Egon and Venkman planned too? Also, I see that DST does Marvel figures. Would there be any chance of a Netflix’s Daredevil figure in the future? Thanks!

DSTChuck: We have planned four series of three figures to start. Almost all of them are sculpted, and many are approved. It’s our feeling that this will cover all the “main” characters including Egon and Venkman. We’re ready to go well beyond the four series if demand is there.

Austin C.
Hello, first I want to say thank you for making such a great Back to the future color changing hat! I love the one I have purchased and wear it all the time! I’m writing to suggest that you guys produce at least a limited run of more screen accurate back to the future part 2 Marty McFly hats. The one in the movie is fitted not one size fits all and has lenticular color-changing fabric under the bill as well. These would obviously be a little more expensive but seeing as more screen accurate versions have sold for well over 150 Dollars on eBay lately I think it would be a good investment to try and make more accurate caps to sell at a higher price! Thank you!

DSTChuck: To make a fitted hat, we would need to produce several sizes, and as you say the cost would be much higher so for now there are no plans to produce a new version.

Nick C.
Hey Chuck I just want to clear up somethings about the Universal Monsters likeness rights, I know the Dr. Jekyl had a Karloff AUTHORIZED likeness Ok but did both of the Frankenstein’s Monster Select figures and the vinyl bust bank that were made and both Mummy Select figures that were released, all had an official Karloff likeness rights to them? I mean they do look like him, but please confirm this for me,
Thank you.

DSTChuck: Nick, I am not sure that is something we have ever said officially. The likeness rights to the actors behind the monsters changes fairly frequently, so it’s not something we’d be able to pin down going forward, certainly.

Mark N.
Any chance that the cancelled Battlestar Galactica Series 4 will ever launch? I would love to see a Baltar figure someday.

DSTChuck: Sorry, we have no plans right now to go back into the BSG line.

J3 H.
Greetings! Could you share a little bit more about your plans for The Muppets? You stated you have a few waves planned, but how many 2packs will be in a wave? Would a large character like Sweetums be by himself or packed with someone tiny like Robin? Anything else you can share? Thanks!

DSTChuck: Four two -per series. Right now, for the most part, it’s two similar-sized characters per pack, but yes, something like Sweetums and a smaller character could be something we would do.

Steve G.
In light of the recent Toy Fair announcements in regards to Gotham Select figures and the multiple DC based statues coming in the future is there any chance DST could get the license to do more DC Select figures (both comics and movie) down the line? While I believe DC Collectibles and Mattel currently do the lion’s share of the 6” – 7” scale DC action figures I think DST would do an unbelievable job on their current roster of DC characters. I am not sure if this would cause conflict with your current agreements with Disney/Marvel but I think I can speak for most of your loyal collectors that this would be awesome if ever came to fruition. I can only imagine a day where members of the Justice League would be standing beside the Avengers in Select form!

DSTChuck: Sorry, Steve, right now as you say DC and Mattel have the figures of the comic stuff all locked up. We’re very happy to have a chance to do the TV show Gotham, so maybe more would be possible down the road.

Roy G.
Since you guys are making new Nightmare Before Christmas figures, what are the chances you could make figures for other Henry Selick films, like Coraline, in a similar scale/style? Judging from the prices that what little Coraline merchandise there has been is going for, the interest would seem to be there.

DSTChuck: I think right now we’ve got our hands full with Nightmare – we could come up with new stuff for that line for years.

Michael K.
If the Muppet action figures are successful, what are the chances for characters like Bean Bunny or the Muppet Babies getting made?

DSTChuck: I don’t think we have gotten far enough to look into anything past the Muppet Show.

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