In Stores This Week: Marvel Cloth Retro Captain America!

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Get ready to feel the Spirit of 1976! The response to Diamond Select Toys’ new Marvel Retro line has been overwhelming, as fans of classic Mego toys and classic Marvel characters have reacted positively to each new announcement, as well as the line’s first gift set release, starring Spider-Man. Now, DST is proud to announce that the second Marvel Retro gift set, featuring Captain America, is in comic shops and specialty stores!

Designed and sculpted by EMCE Toys, this reproduction of the vintage Captain America figure comes packaged inside a reproduction window box, alongside two alternate heads, two all-new costumes and a variety of accessories. Dress your vintage Cap figure up as either World War II soldier Steve Rogers or a more realistic version of Captain America!

The set includes:
– Retro-style “Mego” Captain America figure in repro box
– Army uniform
– Steve Rogers head
– more detailed bodysuit
– more detailed masked head
– round shield with sticker
– round painted shield
– triangular shield
– helmet
– three sets of gloved hands
– two sets of boots
– a booklet on the history of Captain America and his toys!
The set comes packaged in a deluxe gift tray, and all parts are removable and replaceable – simply remove the costume holders and slice three sides of the plastic enclosure to free all the pieces!

Check out our gallery of the Captain America figure in action, and the unboxing video below, then find your nearest comic shop at, and pick up Cap and Spider-Man. Then pre-order the next Marvel Retro set, featuring Wolverine! Or order them all at!

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