Ask DST #281: 49 Years of Star Trek!

It’s another Ask DST, and this time Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck is answering letters about Star Trek! Everyone wants to know what the next starship, Select figure and role-play item is, and while two of those categories have unrevealed items in the pipeline, we’re not quite ready to reveal them just yet! Still, Chuck does his best to comment on likelihood and possibility for each suggestion, and he takes all of your suggestions to heart. Read on for adventure!

Jonas D.
Hey Chuck, I honestly can barely believe that you finally do it: the TNG Phaser! I have been waiting for it for so long… I am very happy and grateful for your decision! You guys produce the best props for a reasonable price, they are made with lovely details and accurate in proportion. In my dreams the prop has a manually switchable power-bar and a sound that lasts as long as you push the fire-trigger. Other companies never managed to realize these features. Do you think these functions are imaginable? Greetings from Germany, Jonas.

DSTChuck: Jonas, I can’t say for sure ¬– those are cool features, but might be expensive and really kill the batteries.

Robby D.
Hi, are you going to do a ‘partial cloaked’ version of the Romulan BOP in transparent-green like the exclusive Klingon BOP? I’d definitely be interested in that!

DSTChuck: Usually, we bounce around ideas for variants early on, but we don’t nail down something like a translucent version until pretty late in the game, and as the need comes up.

Keith J.
When are you going to create another Sisko figure? Or possibly something from DS9 like the USS Defiant?

DSTChuck: Right now, there is no Sisko planned, but he has not been ruled out, either.

Kody B.
I recently picked up your Star Trek Select Picard and Worf, and I’m impressed. I would give my right arm for a Star Trek Select Captain Janeway, or really even ANY of the Voyager crew. What are the odds of that happening? (Voyager in the Select line, not me giving up an arm.)

DSTChuck: For sure, we have not ruled out something from Voyager, and if the line does well we’ll keep going. The Marvel Select line is over 10 years old, and we’ve done many more characters than I would have ever thought about when we were just 4 or 5 figures in.

Ocean W.
Girl power!!! Instead of saying maybe, it’s about time u just released Nurse Chapel and Janice rand action and retro figures. Your lack of female crew figures is a disgrace – yes girls like sci-fi too and I’m sure many boy collectors would love to see chapel and rand to complete the action figure and retro crew sets – the anniversary is the perfect time to release them!

DSTChuck: I agree with everything you say. We solicited orders for both retro and action figures of them in the past and the orders were so far below water there was no hope. Hopefully as plans from CBS and everyone start to be known for the anniversary, something will be possible.

Shawn J.
Will we ever see an Enterprise-C?

DSTChuck: It is certainly possible at some point.

Larry B.
Hello! I guess I’ll climb on the bandwagon and cast a “vote” for a USS Reliant. Also, Enterprise-C would be really sweet! Any plans in the future (near or otherwise) for these ships? Thanks, Larry.

DSTChuck: Votes noted.

Brian S.
I’m sure you’ve gotten tons of request for phasers. I was hoping for a classic Klingon Disruptor to properly finish out that line for role-play Klingon weapons. Also any chance of a both classic and TNG Romulan Disruptor? Thanks

DSTChuck: None of those are planned at this time, but we have not locked anything down past the TNG Phaser.

James C.
You have no idea how happy I am to see that you are issuing the Star Trek The Next Generation “cobra head” style Phaser. From the pictures I have seen it looks awesome. You have seemingly done an excellent job with great attention to detail. Unless I am mistaken the Next Generation Phasers were the first to be worn in a “holster”. The original series Phasers were affixed upon their persons by either Velcro, or magic (I’m not sure which). I was wondering if you have perhaps considered making the black holsters as a companion piece. I know you have said that you aren’t thinking too far ahead at this point, but still I would like to weigh in my suggestion of maybe at some point issuing the Next Generation – 1st and 2nd series “dustbuster” style Phaser. I always quite liked the design but everyone seems to completely forgotten about them. Keep up the good work guys. Regards, James

DSTChuck: I can honestly say the idea of a holster has not come up in planning.

B Llyes.
Hi DST! I’m happy that you’re making the Star Trek Select figures. I would like the Kruge (Klingon figures as well) and a Federation Starfleet figure from Star Trek 3/4/5/6 movies. Keep up the good work.

DSTChuck: I think anything like that would have to be pretty far down the road, but I’m glad you like what we have been doing so far.

Jim W.
First, I just want to say that the TOS Romulan Bird-of-Prey you guys and gals are working on looks amazing, and that I can’t wait to see it next to the TOS Enterprise. Anyways, I know you can’t get into specifics, or confirm anything, but I was wondering if Chakotey is someone you might consider for the Star Trek Select line some day? As someone who is proud of their Native American heritage, and who is also a big Trekkie/Trekker, I would love to one-day proudly display a figure of such a great representation of NA’s in fiction, and the Playmates figure just doesn’t do that so-well.

DSTChuck: Jim, he has not been ruled out or planned at this time. I do know we ran around the idea of him as a Minimate when we did the Legacy line.

Sascha A.
Dear Art Asylum Team. I’m a huge fan of your prop-replicas and a collector of your Star Trek phasers, communicators and tricorders. I can’t wait to get your Star TreK III phaser here in Germany.
Are you planning to produce a star TreK III communicator too? And what about the later Star Trek IV assault phaser with your outstanding quality? Best regards, Sascha Acker (Hamburg, Germany)

DSTChuck: Honestly, we have not planned the next item after the TNG phaser, so we’ll have to see. Some of it will depend on how these next role-play do.

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