Ask DST #285: Star Trek Revelations!

The Ask DST madness is upon us! With our hormones raging in the lead-up to Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, it’s time to once again take up the lirpa and the ahn-woon and prepare to face off with the president of Diamond Select Toys, DSTChuck, in the latest round of Ask DST!

Arjan K.
Is there any chance you will produce a TNG tricorder, particularly the mark VII? I think it would be pretty popular since there isn’t much out there for TNG fans. Only super expensive replica’s that are out of reach for most people’s budgets.

DSTChuck: Arjan, right now we have no plans to produce a TNG Tricorder, but never say never.

Stephen H.
Dear Sir, Why not build Enterprise C? Thank You.

DSTChuck: I don’t know why not, is that a question?

Justin B.
I love the work you’ve done on the Trek Tech, and Starships, they’re all amazing. I have a couple questions:
1. Have you ever considered doing the shuttles from TNG, DS9, Voyager, TOS, and Enterprise as electronic ships, or Minimate vehicles?
2. Have you ever considered creating sold separately stands for your starships that are made out of medal, possibly with a light up feature, using an AC adaptor?
3. With the TNG Trek Tech are we going to get a series of communicators, such as the ones warn on TNG, DS9, and Voyager, and maybe a few of the alternate reality versions? Example of alternate reality might be the communicator seen in TNG’s All Good Things.
4. Is there any possibility of getting bridge models for the MiniMates? Examples include: USS Enterprise-1, B, D, and E, maybe a Voyager or Defiant bridge, possibly with lights and sounds.
Thanks for being awesome. Justin T.

DSTChuck: Thanks for the support Justin.
1. At one point we designed and checked with retailers about a Minimate shuttle, but they did not find enough support. We’ll have to see if there is interest from retailers in the future.
2. That is not something we have considered.
3. Unfortunately, clothing-worn communicators are not possible at this time. Right now, we are focusing on the TNG Phaser, and we have not decided what will come next.
4. Sorry, we have no plans for something like that right now.

Edward C.
Question: Is there any chance, any chance what so ever that other star ships would be released?
Nova Class (Voyager)
Andorian Ships (Enterprise)
Akira class (Star Trek First Contact/ DS9) Steamrunner class (Star Trek First Contact) *Personal Favorite*
Thank you very much for your time and I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next! – Ed

DSTChuck: We like to say “never say never,” but I don’t think these are at the top of our list, sorry.

Dan L.
Hi, your Star Trek and Marvel Select products are excellent! Can you tell us which characters will be the next Star Trek Select figures? Also, is there any chance that you will re-release any of the Star Trek Retro Cloth figures? Thanks for your time and keep up the great work! – Dan

DSTChuck: Dan, we are working on the next sculpt for the Select line right now. Shortly after that we will be working on the designs for the one after that. As for retro cloth – if you were at SDCC or saw coverage, you now know we are going back in production.

Andrew M.
Any hints as to when we’ll find out which ship is after the Romulan Bird of Prey?

DSTChuck: We’re doing all we can to get the files done and prototyped to show it. We’re hoping for NYCC but it’s been slow going.

Justin H.
Hello, I’m A Huge Fan of Your Star Trek Ships and Roll-Play Toys and I like the New Version Of The Enterprise-A. Wonderful Job! And Since I Own All Of My Enterprise Ships That I Collected In 2008, Are You Planning To Release Of The Battle Damage Enterprise-A From The Undiscovered Country? Also, are You Also Planning a Re-Release of the Standard Version of the Classic USS Enterprise that came out back in 2007? Since I Missed Out On It. Just in Time for the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek It would be awesome!

DSTChuck: Justin, we look at re-issues as well as variants we can do on an ongoing basis.

Daniel L.
Hi there, I love DST especially your articulated 7 inch line of action figures and proudly display all my Star Trek captains, however my set is incomplete without Captain Janeway in that form. Any plans to release her in the future? Many thanks.

DSTChuck: Hopefully the Select line keeps going strong, and we can get to lots of characters.

Nathan M.
I know that with all of Diamond Select and Art Asylum’s starships there are usually different variants of a ship. So I’m wondering if there is any chance of maybe seeing a battle damaged variant of the Enterprise-A from The Undiscovered Country? I would really love to see a variant of that ship.

DSTChuck: What we do for the most part is plan several variants, and each time we need more inventory of the main item, we check to see if one of the variants make sense.

Jason G.
Would you guys, in the time frame of a million years, ever reissue role-play toys from Star Trek: Enterprise? The original ones are so very hard to get.

DSTChuck: Never say never.

Jim T.
Will you ever release the USS Voyager ship? The only good version of it was made by Bandai and sells for over 400 dollars. If you ever did I seriously would buy 2. I know I am not alone.

DSTChuck: It would certainly be a ship we would consider for the future. I have you down for two, so we just need to line up 20K more friends, or 10K like you that are willing to buy two.

Alex G.
Hi DST! Firstly I wanna pass on my thanks for the awesome Star Trek collectables being produced :) I’m the proud owner of a good chunk of the larger ships and recently added the Enterprise D and Future Enterprise D to my collection.
1 – On larger ships – if you were to take something like the Enterprise D…how easy would it be to produce from the work already done something like a Nebula class lights and sounds model with or without saucer separation ? ( – For example – I see a lot of comparisons and similar parts that can be used from the Ent D sculpt to keep costs down and for something like the Nebula class which is a step into the other federation fleet ships. Well am sure these would be snapped up very quickly, plus it opens up variant models with different registries and mission modules on top hull.
2 – Back to the Enterprise D sculpt….have you considered doing a small run of name variants on this kit…..USS Odyssey, USS Yamato, USS Galaxy….perhaps even with the extra phaser arrays as magnetized options onto of the warp nacelles? If you weren’t able to release this as multiple kits could you release a blank named Enterprise D packaged with transfers?
3 – Scale on Star Ship Legends – I’ve done a bit of research and i believe the Enterprise D is 1/1500 in scale. As a collector i can’t tell you how important scale is when comparing models ;) Has DST ever considered doing ships or a ship pack of smaller models in scale with the ENT D that perhaps aren’t lights and sounds but pre painted models from all parts of the series? I’m envisioning a small pack of say 3 ships in a box in scale with the ENT D, A USS Voyager, USS Defiant and NX-01 perhaps?
4 – Thank you once again for an awesome line of ships :) – are you able to speculate on ships you’d like to do please? Personally I’m keen to see iconic ships but also a lot more of the other ships. A lights and sounds Akira Class for example would blow people’s minds! Thanks again guys and keep up the amazing work! Alex

DSTChuck: Alex so glad to have your support.
1. I don’t think we’ve done a breakdown of converting the D to another ship. However with rising costs, even reproducing something as large as the D has been difficult to produce at an affordable price.
2. We have no plans to produce a version that would be blank, but have multiple transfers. Honestly, we’re worried about doing any variants for the D, now that the price is getting so high.
3. We try to do relative size, but doing something like actual scale would not really be possible — as you say, something like the Defiant or the Borg cube would not be possible. A pack with several very small ships would be neat, but we have nothing like that planned.
4. We’ve had lots of request for ships, but I think if you boil it down to top 7, I think you get the same list we’d be looking at for the most part – in no particular order, Defiant, Voyager, Borg Cube, Enterprise C, Reliant, Romulan TNG or Klingon TOS.

Hi, would you guys please re-release the Phase Pistol and Communicator from Star Trek: Enterprise?

DSTChuck: No plans right now, but never say never.

Jeff W.
I heard about the Comic Con USS Defiant NCC-1764. Any chance we will see a Regular version of the Defiant also will we see any other Constitution class ship names Like the USS Excalibur from The Ultimate Computer or The USS Constellation from The Doomsday Machine?

DSTChuck: Jeff, I don’t think we’ve considered expanding it, but you never know, the variant at SDCC did very well.

David E.
1) Any news on whether or not you’ll be doing any toys (ships, figures, role play) for the next Star Trek movie and/or Star Trek 2009 and Into Darkness?
2) Is the next federation ship from the 24th or 23rd century?
3) Will there be any TNG/DS9/VOY Select figures coming out beyond Picard and Worf? Thanks!

1) We are still unable to produce products from the new, modern movies.
2) No comment. We’re still not done with the prototyping, so we don’t want to get anyone upset if anything happens to change plans.
3) The way we work the Select line is one figure is shipping, one is being sculpted and one is being designed, at a time so as this process goes along I am sure those series have not been eliminated.

Dana R.
Is there a starship Reliant in the works?

DSTChuck: No comment. Not being coy, it’s just the next ship has lots of work to do on it so we’re not ready to say. In fact, at one point the Romulan Bird of Prey was NOT the next ship, but it just worked out that way.

Diego J.
Dear DST Team, will you ever make an action figure of Star Trek TOS Dr McCoy and Mr. Scott like you did with the ones of Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk with Kahn? It would be great to see Mr. Scott with a part of engineering as well as Dr McCoy with nurse Chapel. With kind regards

DSTChuck: For sure, they are being considered for the Select line.

Rob B.
Hi, I just wanted to say – love your star trek figures but I agree with what has been said in previous Q&As – I think it would be great to see the chapel and rand figures released – both are fan favorites, majel barret was the first lady of star trek and grace lee whitney, who has recently passed away, was also there from the start – perfect to celebrate the 50th anniversary! We have been kept waiting years for a retro rand and chapel figure – something you once commented there was a lot of interest in and the pair in their movie uniforms would mean for the first time ever we would have the full crew in their movie uniforms – these 3 lots of figures would complete our sets! I do hope this is given serious consideration – we’ve been waiting a long time for this now. Thanks.

DSTChuck: For sure, it would be great to get them out to fans. While I do consider the TOS line as was released to be pretty complete, those final figures would have put a nice bow on the line. Never say never.

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