Ask DST #286: Muppets, Mad Max, the Matrix and More!

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Ask DST is back with a new installment, and Diamond Select Toys President DSTChuck is answering your questions (as best he can) on a variety of Miscellaneous subjects, from our new B9 robot from Lost in Space to our upcoming Muppets action figure line, and all things in between (many of them merely hypothetical). Read on for the answers to some questions, maybe one of them is yours! Submit your own question at the link above, or e-mail us!

Dave C.
You guys did such an awesome job with your Knight Rider K.I.T.T. cars I was wondering if there’s any chance you could do a Mad Max V8 Interceptor? Would love a great scaled vehicle of this with Max figure and his dog.

DSTChuck: That’s a car we’ve considered , but nothing brewing yet.

Sam F.
With the new licensing restrictions by Marvel, will we continue to see X-Men/Wolverine and FF merchandise?

DSTChuck: Sam, I don’t think I can comment on the extra terms of our Marvel contract. I will say it’s changed many times over the years, but through it all we’ve always had plenty of characters to pick from and still do.

Jerry D.
Congratulations on your new B-9 11″ Robot — he is spectacular! How about doing a similar Robbie the Robot from Forbidden Planet with blinking lights and multiple spoken phrases? Please!

DSTChuck: I think we’ll see how the sales and fan response on the B9 are, but Robbie would make sense as a follow up.

Tiago F.
Hi how are you? Now that everyone is crazy about mad max and no one is taking the license havent you thinking of taking it and release some figures. Maybe 3 series with 3 figures of the 3 movies each, and instead of bases the boxes of the figures had a picture of the movie in the back that could do a backdrop for the figure. You know Max from the first movie with the picture of the V8, ToeCutter with the picture of his bike and his minions, BlasterMaster with the pigs, Max from the second movie with a road and the sunset to recreate the movie poster. I can dream can’t I? :) Have a nice day and continue with the amazing work.

DSTChuck: When we asked about the classic and new movie, we were told they were not interesting in granting an action figure license.

Daniel L.
Hi, I am really looking forward to some of the new 7 inch select figures that will be coming out like Ghostbusters, Gotham, Black Widow, etc…
Just wondering any news on Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction? Also, what are the chances of making the following licenses into the Select lines?
1) Matrix
2) Underworld
3) 24
4) Pirates of the Carribean
5) Die Hard

DSTChuck: We are working through approvals at every level on the Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill lines. The product is looking real cool, so hopefully everyone is as excited as we are when they see it. None of those are in the plans, but we have looked at a couple of them at one point, so never say never.

Michael W.
Will the first wave of Muppet figures include any characters not set to be included in the first wave of Muppet Mini Mates? Also, does the contract only include characters and things from The Muppet Show, or can the line also include things from other Disney-owned Muppet productions (like Muppets Tonight, the movies, the upcoming Muppets TV series, and – probably unlikely – the MuppeTelevison portions of The Jim Henson Hour)?

DSTChuck: The line plan for the Minimates is not the same as the action figures, but of course there will be some crossover, and keep in mind that Minimates, due to the format, can go much deeper into a line. As to the second question, sorry, but company policy is we never give out details like that for our contracts.

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