Ask DST #287: The Irredeemable Ask-Man!

It’s the start of another week, so let’s start the week off right with an all-new Ask DST, where Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck answers your letters! This week’s Ask is all about DST products based on Marvel comics and movies, including Marvel Select, Marvel Retro and even Marvel Minimates. Read on to see if your question is answered – if not, submit your question in the form above or via e-mail!

C. Uks
First, I want to you guys to know how Marvelous all your Marvel Diamond Select figures are! So, please, keep up the great work! I have 3-4 questions-
1. Why aren’t more female action figures available or, rather, made?
2. Will we get to have Black characters, such as Black Panther, Luke Cage, Bishop or M Marvel Diamond Select figures in the near future?
3. Last question, how come X-Men Marvel Diamond Select figures are modeled after their classic costumes rather than up to date costumes, like most Avengers MDS toys? Thanks in advance for taking the time to answering my questions =)

DSTChuck: Glad you like them.
1. I can honestly say, for DST, we don’t have any issues with a female figure, when we pick a line plan we try to balance them out with cost and popularity. It never enters the discussion if it’s female or not, and honestly I think we’ve done lots of female characters in Marvel and our other lines.
2. Pretty much the same answer that I gave to number one.
3. The Marvel universe is always evolving and costumes change all the time, so we try and pick the most popular, but sometimes we mix in newer looks. If you’re looking for more current editorial content, I think Minimates might be a good place for you to look.

Rodney H.
Hey DST I was wondering if you could answer a few of my questions, I’m a huge marvel select fan. I just started collecting them about a year ago, I love the sculpts and art work. My first question is with age of Ultron ending the way that it did. Are there any chances of a Quick silver select? My second question is are there any talks on a Namor select along with Arch angel and Apocalypse.

DSTChuck: Right now there are no plans for more AoU figures. We have for sure talked about the others, but we just have not found a good place for them in the plans.

Vincent G.
Hello Hello! :D I know I’ve asked if it’s possible to get an Iron Man Mark 1 from the comics and Agent Coulson as a Marvel Select. However…this time I’m more curious about other characters since the films are coming out by next year to 2018. Is there a strong possibility that we will be getting any characters from Marvel Studio’s Guardians of the Galaxy as Marvel Select, as well as a movie version of Thanos? I have a list I would love to throw down but for now this is just something I’m curious to ask about. Thank you for your time, and thank you for all the amazing work! -Vincent G. of Chandler, Arizona

DSTChuck: For the most part, we regularly do figures for the Marvel Studios movies. I think the first GoG was a rare exception, and to some extent that was out of DST hands. For next year, we do plan to do figures for Cap 3 and maybe Dr. Strange. For the most part, we have not gone backwards to previous films, but I guess never say never, just to be safe.

Robin J.
Hi, over the last few weeks there’s been reports that Marvel has been pulling the license to make new X-Men merchandise, please say you’ve not been affected as I’m still wishing for Angel, Beast and Iceman to be made as Marvel select figures.

DSTChuck: I cannot comment on other folks’ licenses, but I fully expect DST will have releases across various categories for the X-Men in 2016.

Azalea S.
Hi! I just wanted to know if there is any way we might see Maestro Hulk from Peter David’s Future Imperfect, get made into an action figure. Also, speaking of Peter David, I would love to see characters from his recent Secret Wars 2099 comic, like Iron Man 2099,and Captain America, and S-man from the recently ended Spider-man 2099 comic get made into figures too! I don’t know how to normally end one of these letters, so thanks and toodles should work!

DSTChuck: For sure we have talked about Maestro, so we’ll have to see. Not sure about the others.

Stuart H.
Hi DST, with a wealth of new TV based Marvel series in various stages of development and with Daredevil already on Netflix do you have any plans or desire to expand your Marvel Select range to TV figures to compliment the main range of Comic and Movie figures?

DSTChuck: Right now, we do not have any plans to venture into the TV stuff for Select, but that’s an ongoing discussion.

Leonardo L.
Hi, Chuck! I’m new in collecting Marvel select, (I’ve got only Magneto, Sabretooth and Juggernaut) but they’re are absolutely perfect! The sculpture is amazing. By now I’m learning to use programs like ZBrush or Maya, and i would love to become able to sculpt like this. I wanted to know if you’ve got any new X-Men figures in development, Thank you very much!

DSTChuck: Welcome, glad to have you onboard. I think we’ve announced all the figures we are doing in 2015. The announcements should start soonish for 2016. Good luck with Maya and ZBrush.

Sam T.
Hello Art Asylum/DST
My name is Sam and I’ve admired your work for some time (Marvel Select) Im a big Marvel Fan especially in the Spiderman Universe, and I did notice the Spidey figures you have done, amongst others like Juggernaut, Colossus, Sabretooth, Deadpool and black suit “Web Of Spiderman” WOW!! Just to name a few. lol But it wasn’t until the this recent Venom and Carnage figures you released, where I was BLOWN AWAY. I purchased them instantly. I must commend you, I have never seen such a great take on these characters, you’ve captured there likeness perfectly with an Amazing quality to sculpt, paint apps, accessories, and articulation. My question is, because I can go on and on about how much I love these figures lol.
-Do you think you would be interested in producing a “Maximum Carnage” Cast (enemy specific) like DemoGoblin or Shriek, Do you guys remember that SNES game? Sweet! Personally, I would love love LOVE a DOPPELGANGER figure, OR maybe possibly a Re-Masterd “Symbiote” BLACK SUIT SPIDERMAN, one that could stand up in quality to that Venom and Carnage, pretty please?? Your previous one although amazing, seems outdated with what you’re currently producing now, you could Title it “Back in Black” lol I understand the demand for all kinds of characters are high and most may not be made, but a fan can hope right? This message was to just thank you for such great figures and maybe my suggestions could come to fruition. Again guys’ thank you so much, I look forward to seeing your future products. – BigTimeFan SAM

DSTChuck: Glad you like the ones you have picked up! Right now, we have no plans for Maximum Carnage figures, but anything Spider-Man related is never far from our minds.

Augusto B.
Hey guys, how are you? First I would like to say that I can’t wait for a Rogue Marvel Select. You guys know what to do about that! Also I would like to know about something:
1-How hard is to have a license by any character from movies? Would be AWESOME to have an Ultron – Avengers Age of Ultron, I was sad cause I thought we would have Scarlet and Pietro …guessed it as not this time.
2-Is there a chance for us to get a Jean Grey 90’s MS? I mean, Scott and Marvel Girl are really cool, but the last Carnage and Cable show that MS is far better from where it started …so much better now!
3-Can we PLEASE have a “Winter Soldier” just like the movie? Just like Sebastian Stan? I mean, I need this for my life!!!!
Also, please guys, work on some more X Men, The movies are trash but I miss then on Marvel Select, so many Peter Parker, Hulk, and Captain. Try to release something good for us! P.S Have a nice and wonderful day. I wish you the best!

1.) Every license is different, we’ve had a great working relationship with Marvel for years, so luckily the new movies have not been an issue to date.
2.) Jean is one we have talked about for sure.
3.) Right now there are no plans for Winter Soldier for 2015, but 2016 is a whole new year, so time will tell.

Justin O.
Hello DST, I was wondering if we would be seeing a Marvel Select Apocalypse in 2016? Possibly based off of his classic look or his look from the Age of Apocalypse series? Thanks, Justin

DSTChuck: We have tried to find a place for him in the line-up a few times, but we will keep trying!

Shandon W.
Hello again Chuck, just wondering, since Black Panther is on the upswing, for 2016 is it more likely we’ll get a comic Black Panther first? Then subsequently get a standalone movie version when that time comes? Also, as a suggestion if the prototyping isn’t already complete, for a comic version could we get a removable cape, like the Dr. Doom? Finally, IF we do get the movie version as well, if licensing goes as planned, I feel an unmasked Chadwick Boseman head would be a nice addition. I know popular characters sell very well (otherwise they wouldn’t be popular) but can something be done about the recent unmasked/standard variants? I know Disney allows DST to make additional figures outside of their limited number per year, but I think most would prefer a significantly different version of a character or a different character all together. I.e. TASM2 Spidey and Unmasked TASM2 Spidey. I really liked how for CA:TWS, you guys did a standard cap and the unmasked battle damaged version. I thought we would have had a battle damaged Spidey by now, seeing as he’s constantly getting battered and bruised.

DSTChuck: I think, as a model, it’s possible we could follow that template like we are with Dr. Strange. Doing a comic version first and then maybe a movie version. I think the maskless variant for Disney is a template we would look to again for movie figures, if it works. If we can spice it up with battle damage and it makes sense, then we’ll look to that again.

Alex D.
Hi Chuck & DST Team, great Marvel Select Figure line up done for 2015. (1) You said in the last Marvel Ask DST you are half planned for 2016 Marvel Select Figure line up so please tell us some hints or anything for that half planned? (2) For the other half of 2016 please tell us if you can do a Walt Simonson Thor in beard and full armour, Odin, Namor, Hercules, Beast, Vision, Apocalypse and Wonderman. Thanks and if can’t say much just biggest hints you can help with please. Thanks, Alex

DSTChuck: I can’t do that, BUT I will say 2016 will include several re-issues of previously sold-out figures. There might be something from the Thor comic in the back half of 2016.

Nipun S.
Hey guys, just wondering if you’ll bring iron man mark 43, hulk buster, and mark 45. Plus all the Age of Ultron figures such as Captain America, Ultron, and Vision. Thanks :)

DSTChuck: Right now we are done with AoU, sorry.

Shandon W.
I know we’re far out and I’m guessing 2016 is pretty much forecasted. However, I’m hoping we have enough time to possibly nudge those people at Disney for a Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (4 & 1/2 pack). I’ve seen you guys handle the oversize packaging for the Fearsome Foes 4-pack and the Munsters 5 pack. Considering the packaging could be arranged to display vertically, with 4 figures and a barely articulated Rocket, it wouldn’t count against your limited releases per year. Please, say something to those folks at Disney, or give us the email address of who we, the fans, need to message to make this happen! Thanks Chuck. I know you can’t do everything you’d like with this line, although most of 2015 has been unparalleled, but let’s make this happen somehow!

DSTChuck: Right now there are no plans for GoG 1 figures; however, as everyone knows, there is a sequel in the works, so time will tell.

Abe K.
Hey Chuck, I always wanted a 7 in scale ARES. Do you think that will be possible soon? Thanks!

DSTChuck: Sorry, he is not planned for 2015, or the front of 2016.

Drew T.
Concerning DST EMCE Mego Marvel 8″ figure sets: Most Mego fans have argued the sets are too expensive $80 each and do not like format of 1 retro figure + 2 additional costumes/ heads. And the next set Thor is not due until Nov/Dec 2015 and only 1 new set is to be shown at SDCC 2015 for 2016 release most likely. Is there anyway DST could sell INDIVIDUAL Marvel costumes/heads/accessories for an 8″ Mego body like Round 2 did with its 12″ Captain Action Marvel costumes that were only $20 each? Just an idea! I am a Mego Marvel Maniac and want to see the license realize its full potential!

DSTChuck: Right now we are concentrating on the box sets. We are also not allowed to release a figure and outfit at a lower retail price. Beyond that, never say never…

Colton J.
Is there going to be anything black Widow for captain America civil war? I have a feeling there’s going to be a Minimate of her but what about marvel select? I know you are doing an Age of Ultron widow but why not Captain America? Or even like one of those really cool statues y’all do?

DSTChuck: Colton, we just released a Black Widow figure for AoU, so I doubt we’d do another one so soon. Our statue deal with Marvel is just starting up, so it’s a little early to say, but a Minimate is a safe bet.

Drew T.
DST Mego Thor set is not due until end of 2015. Another set may be at SDCC. On Facebook DST replied PLENTY more sets are in the works! Will there be sets between Wolverine and Thor? How often will sets be released? Will ALL original Mego Marvels be re-produced? Are Fantastic 4 and more X-Men possible? At least 1 FEMALE in mix? Jean Grey? Spider-Woman? Thanks!

DSTChuck: Drew, I’m glad you are so excited about the line. The next one up is Deadpool. They will all be released in the order they are promoted. We are working on one more right now and we’ll start the one after that as soon as we see orders for Thor. As long as interest is there we will keep going. We have no idea if we’ll ever be able to cover every figure Mego did, or at what point a female will be worked into the mix.

Mario M.
This is all for Marvel Select:
1. Is there a chance we will see a Netflix Daredevil and Punisher for the future season? I am assuming it is too late for any chances for the first season but with the upcoming second season, maybe there is a chance you could get the license to make these figures?
2. Will we ever see Beta Ray Bill?
3. Is there a chance that we would see Gladiator?
4. What about Mysterio or Vulture?

DSTChuck: 1. No plans right now for Netflix but we’ll see.
2, 3 & 4. Sorry, they are not planned at this time, but never say never.

Joey W.
Okay so I love your Marvel select line and I’ve recently started a collection of the figures. I am particularly a fan of Spiderman’s villains. I kind of wanted to do a set up with Spiderman surrounded by emerging villains. I see that you’ve released great comic book characters like Rhino, Green Goblin, and Lizard. I was just wondering if we could ever expect to see characters like Kingpin and Kraven for example. I think those would be awesome releases for a set up like that and they’d come out really nicely from Diamond Select. Thanks for considering my question and keep up the great work.

DSTChuck: All versions of Spider-Man and the Spider-Man family are considered at all times.

Matt S.
I’ve written in a few times before and I still love what you guys are doing with the Marvel Select line. I’m still looking forward to when my movie Black Widow arrives as well as my Ant-Man, pre-ordered them both. The Hulk-Buster Iron Man is such a fantastic figure, I just picked that one up. Thanks for a great 2015, really looking forward to what you guys have planned for Captain America next year, with Civil War. With Cap being my favorite comic character, maybe someday a Marvel Now version of Steve’s uniform. Please keep up the good work.

DSTChuck: Matt, you should have both by now. I hope you like them.

Chax R.
Hello Diamond Select, I hope I am writing on the right page of your website. I would just like to mention and suggest some interesting stuff for Marvel Select that will definitely be great for fans as well. We love Marvel Select since the early 2000s and we were excited this year with the addition of figures like Modern Hawkeye, Mighty Thor, Hulkbuster. It was awesome! In addition, I would suggest some characters that will really sell and a must have for fans: 1. Ronan the Accuser (movie version) – we all know that Hasbro released the entire Guardians heroes as well as a previous comic Ronan as BAF. But that figure is so hard to find nowadays but incredibly overrated. It was not great (I owned one but sold already) and I feel that Diamond Select would do a far better job on this especially being in the 7 inch line. The movie version right now stands as the most popular and highly recognized version of Ronan, hence the release of figures in Minimates and Disney’s Marvel infinity. You can search around web and see how many people customize this movie version. I mean this character is so hot right now I even sold my Hasbro BAF at a very premium price and hope Diamond Select would make the best version. 2. Groot (Comic version in Guardians blue uniform) – If you can make this figure this will definitely blow the roof off any toy stores. Collectors have wanting this version but hasbro keeps making the bare naked tree version. Hasbro released two versions of the same mold but without the uniform. Just a bare naked tree. If you can make one for us, this one is no question would be the definitive Groot Action figure. You can even include a plant baby version which would smash hasbro’s version because their’s only fits with the 4 inch line. This Groot in uniform is also a favorite version for customizers. 3. Ultimate Juggernaut (Ultimate Alliance game version) – another character that can blow the roof off. With the next X-men movie coming up this will be a great idea. Your previous Juggernaut was the best Juggernaut figure of all. But if you can make an Ultimate version that would possibly even top the masterpiece you have previously created. 4. Ultimate Apocalypse – just like Juggernaut and upcoming movie, this one would easily knock every Apocalypse Toybiz or hasbro has or will ever make. Being in the Marvel Select size, this character is too perfect. If you will have to choose only 1 between Juggernaut and this, I’d say go with Ultimate Apocalypse. In conclusion, I think Ronan and Groot would be your best choices especially Ronan. Fans need those versions and there is no one left to make those but Diamond Select. The Hasbro Ronan is just bad and it’s hard to find. It is up to Diamond Select’s creative team and management on what characters to make but as a fan, those are what we genuinely think needs to be done and for sure will sold out pretty fast. Best Regards, Chax
DSTChuck: Chax, thanks for the support and ideas. None of those are planned right now, but are good ideas so I would not be surprised if one or two of them come to pass at some point.

Frank P.
Hey Chuck! With the popularity of Deadpool and his movie coming out, can we look for a Deadpool movie Minimates wave? Really interested in Colossus and a civilian Deadpool based off of the images that have been released. Also is it possible to get a Marvel Now or All New, All Different rerelease of Deadpool, possibly with a uncanny Avengers wave?

DSTChuck: Frank, it looks like we will not be doing product for the Deadpool movie. I suppose there is still time, but looks like no.

There’s long been more than just one Hulk in the Marvel U. So my question is, when and if a Hulk variation pops up in the MCU what are the chances you would ever pass on the opportunity to make a cinematic Hulk? My hope is that you would not pass.

DSTChuck: I don’t think that’s how it works. But as everyone knows we love Hulk!

Brian M.
After seeing the reveals at SDCC I was saddened to see the lack of Marvel comic-based boxsets. There were 7 Marvel comic-based boxsets in 2013, 4 in 2014 and now only 2 in 2015. What is the cause of the decreasing amount of Marvel comic-based boxsets? Do they not sell well? Is production of other lines limiting the amount that can be released in a year? Or some other reason? I’ve always been a big fan of the boxsets since they are a great way to team build and get some lesser known characters.

DSTChuck: Brian, sorry you are disappointed. We did have the Iron Man and Ant Man movie sets at SDCC – they could have just as easily been two comic sets, it just worked out that movie ones made the most sense. I guess the Minimates box sets cost a little more, but it’s not a huge difference. While I do think we’ve made an effort to streamline our output, to make the most we can out of every release, I do not recall us settling a goal of two sets. It just kind of worked out that we did less.

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