Ask DST #289: A Stardate With Destiny!

It’s time for another all-Star Trek edition of Ask DST, in which Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck answers your questions about Star Trek action figures, starships, role-play items and more! Read on to see if your question was answered, or submit your question above or via e-mail!

David E.
Hi DST. What’s the status of the NX-01? Will it be released this year? Also, with the original USS Enterprise filming model being taken off of display for refurbishment, have the guys at DST been down to take a look and maybe take a scan or two for some awesome 50th Anniversary products? I love your TOS Enterprise but to get the chance to use the actual original model to reference one of your toy ships is surely an opportunity you simply can’t miss! Thanks!

DSTChuck: The factory is hard at work on the new sounds and deco for the revised NX-01. As soon as we have a nice working sample that we think is decent we’ll be sure to send it to DSTZach to film for the YouTube channel. I think our plan is to retire our first 1701, re-work what we called the 1701 HD Enterprise a little, and make that the new standard ship for us going into the 50th. But we have not planned to do all new scans or something like that.

James K.
Hello, I would look forward to a new edition of NX 01 Enterprise. And how about a Defiant or the Voyager as a model. And my greatest wish would be a tricorder from Star Trek The First Contact.

DSTChuck: I think the last list we put out, with our top choices for new ships, pretty much nails the ones we’re looking at for down the road. I can honestly say, at this point, we have not looked at the Tricorder from First Contact, but that does not mean we won’t look at it at some point.

Rick B.
Do you have plans to make other Klingon weapons, such as the D’k tahg knife? You did such a nice job with the disruptor – more please! K’pla!

DSTChuck: Right now we don’t have plans for that, but to be honest we don’t have a final decision on which one we will work on after the TNG Phaser.

Tim S.
Hi guys. Love the ships and tek. I know people complain but i don’t care i love them. That said, i am probably in a minority but i don’t care if i have to wait for ships because they are cool. I just hate having to wait to hear what you’re making next. Thanks for the ships and tek. Enterprise C and motion picture klingon cruiser please.

DSTChuck: No matter which ship we select , I am sure some of the fans will wish we picked something different, but hopefully we’ll make as many fans possible with each choice.

Richard D.
I just got my Star Trek III Phaser and love it. Would you guys consider doing the version seen in the TNG episode “Final Mission”? The differences are: Weathering, rawhide grip and the lights are all green except the emitter which would be red/orange rather than the red and white lights of the current replica.

DSTChuck: Once we complete the TNG phaser we are working on, I think we can look at other versions or variants. When we do our initial designs and plan, we do keep an eye on future ideas, but it sometimes never get past that initial idea stage.

Wes C.
I just got the Trek 3 Phaser, and wanted to give my compliments. Please consider the Trek 5-6 Assault Phaser for you next release, and also the Original Series Klingon Disruptor and Communicator as a combo set. Thanks.

DSTChuck: Once we get pretty close to wrapped on the TNG, we’ll start to see what could be next.

Roderick D.
Since you guys are doing the Romulan Warbird, is there any possibility that the Mark Lenard Romulan Commander might show up as a select figure?

DSTChuck: We have no plans for him at this time, and I don’t really think we view each line to be connected in that way.

B Llyes.
Dear DST! It would be great if you made Kruge with Klingon officers Maltz or Torg in the Select line.(from Star Trek III) Is there any chance? Thanks

DSTChuck: We have no plans for any of those at this time and I don’t think any of them are near the top of the list at this time.

Joseph A.
I’ve already preordered the film-accurate Star Trek III phaser (my personal favorite). And, now, I’m wondering when/if we’ll ever see the ILM prototype version of this particular phaser. Any word?

DSTChuck: Joseph, I don’t think at this point we have any plans for any more versions of the Trek 3 phaser, but we never say never.

Danny D.
As you might have guessed, I am here about the Enterprise-C. I have collected all of the Enterprise starships (save for NX-01) and I really am curious to know why the C has arrived yet from the Earth Space Station McKinley Yard. I can understand that you do have other projects in mind, but I’ve been waiting for 8 years to collect the last ship In my collection. I also am curious about a D’Deridex Warbird for a Romulan Line. Liked the New release Ent-A and Excelsior. But seriously…the Enterprise C needs to be out here, although she only appeared during a single Star Trek: TNG episode (Yesterday’s Enterprise), she does have a large impact on history in the Federation and deserves as much of the Spotlight as other ship like the Ent-D, E, and for a small amount; the B. And my rant is over. Love your ships and RP models. Good Day.

DSTChuck: Frankly, our thinking is based on what we hear from buyers and fans, and the ships we have chosen each time is the one we thought might sell the best. Of course, we do have to modify that at times, so we can mix in an alien ship or something else to add diversity to the line. For sure, the C’s short amount of screen time has had an effect on our selection process. I really don’t see how it can be as key as the touchstone D, but I guess that’s what’s fun about being a fan – you can argue that stuff.

Jason I.
I love the new Star Trek III Phaser–I’ve wanted one ever since the movie came out! I was psyched to see *2* models of it in some trade show pix: The film version already released and the FASA/Mr. Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise version. Have you found a retailer who can carry the variant as an exclusive? I hope it’s “never say never” on its availability! Thanks for continuing to support the movie era.

DSTChuck: As I said earlier, the version in your hands is the only one we’re in the process of making at this time, but that can change any time, and we are aware of it, and do think there is demand.

John B.
I’m very late to the party but am currently racing to catch up with the Art Asylum ships and props. I’m very much a TNG era fan, especially DS9 and I love what you guys have done so far! With that in mind are there any plans to do a USS Defiant from DS9? Also any chance of a Galor class or Romulan Warbird? I’d also put my support behind a well done Tricorder and Phaser. Thanks for your time!

DSTChuck: I think overall DS9 is my favorite Trek show, so I do bring it up often. Obviously scale would be off, but we really can’t do scale for the ship line. The Defiant would simply be our smallest ship.

Adam M.
Hello, you mentioned last time that you’d look at variants for the Constitution-class given how well the Defiant sold at Comic Con. As an Australian it gets frustrating to see all of these amazing exclusives for Comic Con, but totally out of my reach. Would you consider other convention exclusives around the world? For example, the excelsior could be re-purposed for
– USS Melbourne (Australia)
– USS Berlin (Germany)
– USS Hood (UK – could also be Constitution class)
– Constitution-class USS Endeavour (UK, Aust, NZ)
and so on. Possible? Keep up the great work!

DSTChuck: Adam, yes I am sorry about that, which is one of the reasons we try to do very few that we JUST sell at our booth. Most of the exclusives we do we share with other retailers that do sell to other countries. This year we held onto a few of each exclusive to sell on our website – which unfortunately cannot sell international. Hopefully you can find a retailer that can ship to you, or a friend that can pick one up for you.

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