Ask DST #293: Trekking With the Stars!

It’s a new Ask DST, with questions about Diamond Select Toys’ Star Trek products being answered by DST’s very own captain, DSTChuck! Read on to see what he has to say about DS9, bridge sets, the Enterprise C, Retro figures, phasers and more! Submit your own question via e-mail!

Christopher D.
I actually have several questions.
– I’d like to get some of the DS9 action figures you guys had put out before, but I fear are out-of-stock. Any chance on re-releasing any of those?
– Are there any possibilities of other ships from the shows, perhaps like the Enterprise-C (see “Yesterday’s Enterprise” – Star Trek TNG), so that those who have all the other Enterprise ships can have a full line collection, as well as like the USS Defiant NX-74205 from DS9, or the USS Voyager NCC-74656, perhaps with moving and light-up warp nacelles?
– Several years ago, Art Asylum / DST had put out a set for the Enterprise NX-01 bridge set. It comprised of the following: Captain’s chair / Jonathan Archer action figure Science console / T’Pol action figure Tactical console / Malcolm Reed action figure Helm console / Travis Mayweather action figure. Sadly, I was only ever able to find Archer’s and Reed’s sets… Any possibility of seeing the set again?
– Also, any plans on doing something similar with other ship bridges, perhaps like the Enterprise-D or Enterprise-E, or perhaps one of my favorites, the Wrath of Khan Enterprise bridge, perhaps something akin to the the Enterprise-D bridge playset that was put out many years ago by Playmates (which I don’t think you can find anymore without shelling out serious $$$$)? That would serve as a great addition with the Wrath of Khan Enterprise ship, I’d think.

DSTChuck: Thanks for all the interest, Christopher. Right now we have no plans to re-release any of the DS9 figures at this time. We are currently working on two ships, and we have a short list to pick from for the next ship, but we have not decided for sure yet. I see no chance we will go back to the Enterprise bridge set. We did do some Captains with their chairs, and we’re working on another captain’s chair for the Select line, but I do not see us doing a complete build-a-bridge playset.

Rob B.:
was very excited when you announced that you were to continue with your star trek retro figures however an disappointed to see that you are just re releasing existing figures – i was looking forward to seeing something new , more of the next gen crew for example , more mirror mirror characters and , as mentioned by one or two other people , nurse chapel and janice rand – ( you really do need to make the effort with more female characters ) please tell me i can look forward to something new !

DSTChuck: We will be releasing NEW Retro cloth Trek figures in 2016, which were just revealed at NYCC.

Brad T.
I know that this is frequently asked, but I’m wondering if there is a chance that you will ever release the Enterprise-C. Currently, you can purchase two versions of the original 1701, the refit, two versions of the B, the Enterprise-D, the D’s future refit, and the Enterprise-E. Essentially, you can buy every Enterprise in different variations, EXCEPT the Enterprise-C.

DSTChuck: I think the limited screen time is the issue that stands in the way of the C, but if you look at past Q&A’s, you will see which ships we consider the best bets for our next ships.

Hello, my name is Justin; long time fan of your various Star Trek products primarily the ships. I had a suggestion and hopefully you have some info regarding a specific class of Enterprise. In an episode of ST:Enterprise called, “Azati Prime”, a futuristic Enterprise can be seen in the background. While it has seen no other screen time, the mere design of it as well as letter class of “J” (my name is Justin) hold a special significance and should be recognized. Will we ever see the Enterprise J: Universe Class? I think it is such a sweet part of Star Trek expanded lore that it should hopefully be looked into as a future product. Please let me know your thoughts!

DSTChuck: Never say never, but no plans at all at this time.

Christoper K.
Hello, I apparently missed my opportunity to get a wrath of khan phaser (or the TMP variant which honestly I wanted the most) as they are now out of stock. Will new stocks of either be created, or am I out of luck on those items? May I also express my excitement at seeing that you are finally going to be offering a next generation phaser! I know customer feedback affects your design choices, so may I also express my hope that a next generation tricorder is on your list as well. Thank you.

DSTChuck: Generally speaking, we look to re-issue our Trek electronic stuff as long as sales indicates there is demand.

Hey Chuck! I’ll make this short and sweet. First off, thank you for responding to my messages in the past. My Question; do you know off hand how many Ezri Dax figures were manufactured? I know they were only issued 1 per case for DS9 Wave 1, but I can’t find a number anywhere! Many of your other Chase figures are numbered; but not her. I am now the proud owner of ALL Star Trek figures you’ve made; looking forward to future Ships and Select figures! Keep up the great work!

DSTChuck: Good question. I would need to check old purchase orders for that, but I do not recall if we ever officially gave out those numbers.

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