Ask DST #294: Muppets, Ghostbusters, Pulp Fiction and More!

It’s time for another Miscellaneous Ask DST with DSTChuck! This week, the president of Diamond Select Toys is fielding questions about Ghostbusters, Muppets, X-Files, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and more – there’s a lot more miscellaneous to come, so submit your own question today, using the form above or via e-mail!

Ryan D:
Any plans on making any merchandise or action figures based on the IDW Ghostbusters comic? Maquettes or figures based on Dan Shoening’s art would amazing!

DSTChuck: Right now, our rights are limited to the movies and animation. I do not think we have plans to expand that to the IDW comics at this time.

Harry N.
Hey! First off, I just want to say that I’m super excited for the Muppet Selects line. I had a couple of questions, some of which you may not be able to answer, but I figured it’d never hurt to try!

1. Since the figures are in two-packs, figuring out the scope of the line is a bit difficult. I’ve heard rumblings that the first wave will have three figures – does this mean six characters broken up into three two-packs?

2. Is the line going to stick entirely to the two-pack format, or is there the chance for larger characters to be released individually? I mean, it wouldn’t be the Muppets without the odd giant monster or two.

3. If the Muppets line does well, have you guys considered looking into other things Henson has worked on? The rights situations would be different, but something like Fraggle Rock or Sesame Street would lend itself well to this treatment.

4. This one isn’t a Muppets-related question, but have you guys ever considered looking into the license for Eraserhead? There probably isn’t enough there for a whole series of figures, but a single Select of Henry with accessories like the baby and one of the goop-spewing chickens would be a dream come true.

Thank you once again for hearing me out! Can’t wait to see the prototypes!

1. For the most part, each two-pack will have two figures and each series of releases will have three two-packs, so that’s 6 characters for each series, but that’s only in general.
2. Yes there is a chance there could be one-packs, or even three-packs, like Kermit, Bean and Robin, but we’ll have to see.
3. We have not looked past Muppets, we’ve just started to scratch the surface of that line.
4. I am sorry, but we are not looking at Eraserhead at this time.

David H.
Hi! I remember hearing news about a 1/15th electronic ecto-1 from ghostbusters. I was wondering if this is still in development and when we might see it at earliest. Thanks! Also is 1/4 star wars a possibility with the new films? A 1/4 boba fett would be awesome! \m/

DSTChuck: Yes, we are still working on the lights and sound Ecto-1. It’s been a long road, for sure. But we no longer have the rights to produce Star Wars figures.

Jason Y.
I really loved how the Mirage comic book style Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles minimates turn out. I’m looking forward for possible future Mirage comics based 4 packs with characters like: Shredder, Oroku Saki civilian look, Splinter, Foot ninja and another Foot ninja. And then April O’Neil, Baxter Stockman, mousers, and even Rat King!
I’m sure there’s demand for more Mirage based figures.

DSTChuck: For sure, it’s something we’re keeping an eye on, and we’d like to do more, too.

Michael S.
Any chance of Judge Dredd Minimates? That would really rock my world!
DSTChuck: Sorry, no plans at this time to take on that license.

Chakor C.
I was wondering if Diamond Select has any licenses with MGM. It doesn’t look that way from what I’ve come to research, but there’s an awful lot of DST products out there. The reason why I’m asking is because MGM owns the rights to the 1988 horror movie Pumpkinhead. If DST has any licenses with MGM, would there be any chance of seeing a Select-style action figure of the Pumpkinhead movie monster?
Demand for such a thing probably isn’t high enough since Pumpkinhead hasn’t gained the type of cult following that more popular movies such as Aliens has. The only two companies that have given us figures of the Pumpkinhead monster were McFarlane in their Movie Maniacs series 2 in 1999 and Sota in their “Now Playing” mega scale series in 2006. However, McFarlane has actually managed to beat Sota in regards to articulation with their Pumpkinhead. But, they both still are very lacking in true action figure style articulation and both suffer terrible paint inaccuracies.
Jean St. Jean, sculptor of the Marvel Select Venom and Carnage figures (as well as many more I’m sure), did in fact sculpt the Sota Pumpkinhead, and his sculpt was fantastic. It was just in the hands of a company that didn’t care for articulation or movie accurate paint. With the great amount of skill and hard work that Diamond Select has done in these past years, I’m sure if they did a Pumpkinhead movie monster action figure, it would have great articulation, movie accurate paint, and it would probably be interesting for Jean St. Jean to recreate his Pumpkinhead sculpt for the DST Pumpkinhead in a 7″ scale. It would also look extremely impressive and fantastic to all Pumpkinhead fans, as well as Stan Winston, designer of the monster himself I’m sure.

PS: Pumpkinhead has returned in three (not very well made) sequels, but they alter the appearance of the monster in each movie. If DST was going to do a Pumpkinhead monster, I’d recommend only using photos of the creature from the 1988 movie for reference, as people will at least recognize the monster’s classic appearance and probably wouldn’t recognize it’s appearance from the Syfy TV sequels at all.

DSTChuck: We have done many MGM properties in the past, however no plans to look at Pumpkinhead at this time.

Mike J.
I enjoy your Dollars Trilogy and BTTF3 Minimates as I enjoy Westerns. Have you thought about doing some more Minimates figures based on Western film and TV shows? There’s Bonanza, Gunsmoke, The Lone Ranger, Alias Smith and Jones, Hell on Wheels, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Wild Wild West, The Searchers, Maverick, Broken Trail, Appaloosa, Cowboys and Aliens and Django Unchained, they’re all great Western films and TV shows.
(Massive list redacted by DST)
What do you think?
DSTChuck: We had lots of fun doing the Eastwood Minimates, and while sales were solid, they were not such that we’d run out and sign all the westerns out there. Doing the Eastwood stuff was more a result of the overreaching deal we reached with MGM.

Rick E.
Hey there, Chuckery! How are things? Alright, a few things about your various Selects…
1) Is the second series of Sin City dead?
2)Likewise for Pulp Fiction?
3) Ditto for Kill Bill?
4) You know X-Files Select need to happen, yes? Yes, you know that…
Thanks, have a good one!

1. Right now, Sin City Series 2 is not in production.
2/3. Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction are moving forward with all of the various approvals.
4. As for X-Files, hmm, you might have something there.

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