Ask DST #295: Marvel Select and Retro!

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It’s an all-new, all-different, all-Marvel Ask DST, with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck! This week, he answers your questions about the Select line, to the best of his ability, and he also fields a question about the Marvel Retro line! If you have a quez for the prez, submit it in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail him!

Jason Y.
I’m seeing a lot of great releases this year for Marvel Select. Thanks for finally making a movie version Black Widow.
Would you guys consider making a new Ghost Rider figure? I would love to see an update.
I’m a sucker for glow in the dark toys. Have you guys ever considered working on some glow in the dark paint for certain figures? For energy blast effect for example?

DSTChuck: I think the issue with Ghost Rider, for us, is if we did a new one we would for sure want a motorcycle, and honestly we’ve never been able to do one with the figure and make the costing work.

Rodney H.
Hello DST Chuck! Will we get a marvel select Miles Morales and Thane marvel select?

DSTChuck: Never say never, especially where Spider-Man is concerned. I can say neither is planned at this time for 2016.

Tiago F.
Hi how are you?
In your marvel Select line, cant you do like hasbro is doing in marvel legends and instead of a base with the figure give us a “build a figure”? A Galactus or a Sentinel in a Marvel Select scale would be amazing.

Thank you

DSTChuck: I am fine, thanks for asking! We do not release our figures in waves like Legends. We’re really not much like Legends at all. We have done limited build-a-base ideas, but with a mix of exclusives and movies, it really would not be practical to do a build-a-figure that would take a year to build.

Shandon W.
Hello Chuck,
I’m back with another somewhat feasible request. After some time building an extensive display, I noticed Spider-Man is short of a few key accessories. With the next comic Spider-Man you guys do, could you consider the following features;
1) unmasked version w/ a masked head
2) an unworn mask similar to the Unmasked Daredevil accessory
3) a large circular web base that the figure can be posed on
I really enjoy the TASM2 figure and think the slew of interchangeable hands were a great idea. I’d hope you guys let Jean St. Jean sculpt a McFarlane Spider-Man. I also think a proper black suit/symbiote spidey is in order. Yes, I know, you’re a huge Spider-Man fan and all things spidey are on the table, but let’s make this happen!

DSTChuck: I think you can always come up with cool stuff for Spidey. I think the closest we’ve come in my opinion is the TASM2, with the webs and hands and decent poseability. Costing is an issue if you try to do everything in one package, so I am not sure how possible adding more stuff would be, but mixing it up might make sense.

Robert F
I was just wondering what was happening with the marvel select carnage figure (not the ultimate version) Is there a new batch due or has it been discontinued?

DSTChuck: That figure is out of stock, and we are considering an additional production run in 2016.

I know that you have stated before that there are currently no plans for a Netflix Select Daredevil and I remember that you also stated that given how the shows are set up, it is hard to make products for these shows. I guess I just have a couple questions surrounding that and some general figures.
1. Is there a small chance or any hope that we will see a Marvel Select Netflix Daredevil? Have there been any discussions?
2. Is there a chance we will see a Moon Knight?
3. Have there been any discussions or talks for a Crossbones? I know with Civil War coming out next year, he will be featured but I was wondering if we will see a Comic version in Select form.
4. What are the chances for MODOK?
5. And last question, what are the chances of seeing a Select form of Wasp?

DSTChuck: 1. Never say never, for sure, and as the demand for a Netflix DD builds we might hit the point where we can’t say no anymore and try to find a way to make it work.
2. I honestly don’t know if we’ll make another Moon Knight, more likely we might re-run the one we already did.
3/4. I do not think Crossbones or MODOK has come up.
5. I do not think Wasp has ever been discussed either.

Teo L.
Are you guys planning on making more Marvel Zombie characters? I would love to see a Zombie Venom based off of the comic Battle world marvel zombie, electro, juggernaut..

DSTChuck: I don’t think we will do a Zombie in 2016, but for sure we would consider them again in the future.

Dan L.
Do you plan to make retro (Mego-type) figures of Iron Man and the Hulk?

DSTChuck: Both have been considered, so they are possible.

Shandon W.
I understand a while back I asked about an accessories pack and I suppose the movie licensing windows make that problematic. Either way, since I build large dioramas and scenes using 99.99% Marvel Select figures, is it too much to ask for the typical Infinity doo-dad that hold the stones included with the movie figures AS they come out? I know we got the Tessseract with Cap and Red Skull in the base, but that’s pretty much been it (Aether possessed Jane Foster head doesn’t count).
If it isn’t too late, as I’m sure you know, the orb from GOTG, the aether enclosure from Thor TDW and I know it’s small, but the soul gem somehow that’s with Vision, all would be make great accessories. I hope it isn’t too late to create Loki’s scepter too, seeing as it’s still appearing in the MCU despite Hiddleston appearing on screen. So, when they do appear again in the MCU, could you give some thought in sparing some excess plastic and make these little things happen. Just a suggestion from an avid MS Collector.

DSTChuck: I do not think we’ve considered that, but I think something like that would make more sense for A3 or A4. For now, I think there is some stuff we have jumped to because we are comic fans that we can see coming, but it’s not yet established in the movie world yet.

Rodney H.
Hello! DSTCHUCK: I wanted to know for the 2016 marvel figures, do these guys make the cut Miles Morales, Ronan the accuser, Onslaught, Apocalypse, Archangel, Iceman, Thane, Black Panther, Black Bolt? Thanks for taking the time to answer Chuck, looking forward to see what you guys come out with for 2016. Keep up the amazing work.

DSTChuck: I really can’t say – we really don’t plan on reveals in these Q&A, we save that for big shows if we can, and Disney plays their stuff close to the vest. I think one from your list is a safe bet. We try and balance re-runs, classic Marvel characters and movie stuff.

If you have a quez for the prez, submit it in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail him!

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