Ask DST #297: Star Trek at 50!

It’s time for a new Ask DST, and this time it’s all about Star Trek! Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck is busy scheduling DST’s various 2016 Trek releases, on the eve of the show’s 50th anniversary, but he took time away to answer questions about what the future holds (or doesn’t) for Star Trek. Submit your question via the form above, and stay tuned for info about the Ask DST #300 livechat at!

Justin X.
Hello, my name is Justin; long time fan of your various Star Trek products primarily the ships. I had a suggestion and hopefully you have some info regarding a specific class of Enterprise. In an episode of ST:Enterprise called, “Azati Prime”, a futuristic Enterprise can be seen in the background. While it has seen no other screen time, the mere design of it as well as letter class of “J” (my name is Justin) hold a special significance and should be recognized. Will we ever see the Enterprise J: Universe Class? I think it is such a sweet part of Star Trek expanded lore that it should hopefully be looked into as a future product. Please let me know your thoughts!

DSTChuck: I can honestly say that has never been considered, sorry.

Chelsey G.
When are you coming out with the Enterprise C and the Jupiter II?

DSTChuck: I guess time will tell!

Christoper K.
Hello, I apparently missed my opportunity to get a wrath of khan phaser (or the TMP variant which honestly I wanted the most) as they are now out of stock. Will new stocks of either be created, or am I out of luck on those items? May I also express my excitement at seeing that you are finally going to be offering a next generation phaser! I know customer feedback affects your design choices, so may I also express my hope that a next generation tricorder is on your list as well.Thank you.

DSTChuck: We constantly look at our past releases, and if our sales staff sees enough demand, we’re always happy to make another production run. Right now, no plans for the TNG Tricorder, but we’ll see.

Joey J.
Hey Chuck! I’ll make this short and sweet. First off, thank you for responding to my messages in the past. My Question; do you know off hand how many Ezri Dax figures were manufactured? I know they were only issued 1 per case for DS9 Wave 1, but I can’t find a number anywhere! Many of your other Chase figures are numbered; but not her. I am now the proud owner of ALL Star Trek figures you’ve made; looking forward to future Ships and Select figures! Keep up the great work!
DSTChuck : I’m sorry, for the most part we try not to give out production numbers. If I do recall, however, the number of cases we made for DS9 was not very large.

Sascha A.
Dear ArtAsylum-Team, I’m from Hamburg Germany and I collect all your Star Trek replicas. I just bought the Star Trek III Phaser a month ago. Now I have a question, do you also plan to build the appropriate communicator? I love the quality of your replicas and hope you build it too. And hopefully also the Assault Phaser from Star Trek V-VI ;-)
I would be very happy to get an answer.

DSTChuck: Our roleplay item for after the TNG phaser has not been decided yet.

Jeff W.
Hello, I understand you will be re-releaseing the NX-01 is there a timeframe for the Re-Release also Any Plans to work on the NX-01 Refit?
DSTChuck: Yes, we are taking orders now for the re-release. The deco on the ship is 100% being re-done, among other changes. We now have a good working sample, and have given it to DSTZach for a video. No plans for the refit.

Levi B.
Hey DSTChuck! I’m so hyped for your Star Trek TNG phaser! I know this is probably asking a lot because I know much work you guys put into the development of your products, but is there any chance that it will be available for purchase by December in time for the Christmas/ holiday season? Thanks

DSTChuck: I am sorry, but there is no way it will be ready for this holiday season. I think the summer might be a more realistic target. We will be taking pre-orders fairly soon.

Alexander T.
I have a question regarding the Star Trek ships line. Given the huge success of the Excelsior and of the “All Good Things” Enterprise-D, is it possible that there will be other film ships (like the Grissom and the Reliant) and alternate future vessels (like the Pasteur and the Rhode Island) in the future?
I’m looking forward to getting the new NX-01 Enterprise and Romulan Bird of Prey when they’re ready, and to see the rest of the TNG and TOS crews in the Select line.
Keep up the amazing work guys :)

DSTChuck: I think ideally we would like to get two ships out a year, and we’ll have to see how we can work through all the great ships out there.

Chris R.
Hi folks at dst
i have a couple of questions i hope you can help with , and a suggestion or two , questions first…
How long do you think it will be before we see the tng phaser in shops??
will the tng phaser be in shops in the uk ?? like forbidden planet etc??
would you guys ever consider making the gummy bear handlink ziggy device from quantum leap with all the little blinky lights and sounds??
ive noticed LOTS of people ask for a tricorder from tng and i think it would be an amazing toy from you folks with all the great work you do !! .. you could make it a two part tricorder like the science one with the little scanner detachment and it also comes with the medical tricorder top part with scanner that would click in to where the science scanner was , and to light the top scanning array you could just house a slim mirrored chamber with a bright white led and have the scanner area made from colored acrylic to save on all the leds and cost :) just a suggestion , keep up the amazing work hope to hear back soon.

DSTChuck: We’re not really sure yet about the phaser, but I think summer is a good time to work toward. We do offer our Trek items in the UK, but it’s up to the retailer if they want to buy the item. Sorry, but we do not have the rights to Quantum Leap and are not looking into that property at this time. Right now we have no plans to do anything with the TNG tricorder, but never say never.

Paul C.
Hello. If you decide to develop a USS Voyager and/or USS Defiant ship/s, would you consider the possibility of a landing gear option so the ship could be displayed with or without its stand?
Thanks for having ASKDST

DSTChuck: I don’t think we’ve ever looked into that, aside from the Klingon ship from Trek 4, since it was such a big part of the movie. But if we follow the pattern of past releases, it would have some kind of alternate battery cover or plug, so it could be hung from a celling or such.

Dan L.
Which character will be the next Star Trek Select action figure?

DSTChuck: The next figure will be Khan, and the sculpt for that will be starting soon, which means it’s time to pick the next one after Khan and start the design process.

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