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It’s Ask DST #300, and this time it’s live! Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck has been answering questions submitted by fans for almost ten years. Now, he’s reached his 300th installment, and to mark the occasion he’s going to take the questions live, right here!

InfiniteHollywood asked;
We have seen the reveal of Wave/Series 4 of the TMNT line. It looks great by the way,but as the line has progressed, the figures have gotten more “current” more closely matching the seasons of the show. That’s awesome, but at the same time, Dogpound and Fishface, who were core villains in the first couple of seasons haven’t been made. Dogpound has since mutated into something else, but Fishface still appears in the show. Any chance they’re on the slate to be made sooner than later?

DSTChuck: I am not sure if we will be able to go backwards. We have talked about doing some stuff that is not in the current TV show, like we did the SDCC set for the comic.

Lordhuck asked;
How many over-sized Marvel Selects are planned for 2016? Is 2016 fully planned out?

DSTChuck: 2016 is not FULLY planned out. At one point it was all planned, but we were thrown a curve. So I think we have one open unplanned slot. One of the ones planned IS oversized! Zach is that one considered 616? I think it is…

Mattmartin asked;
I know this is a touchy subject, but what can you tell us regarding the situation with Digger and his Agent 88 Minimates, we last heard, Jan2015, that he was working with you guys to get them out, supposedly around April 2015,to us suckers that funded his kickstarter.

DSTChuck; It’s in Digger’s hands not ours, but I think he does have intentions, and he does bring it up once in a while, but —

Whodizking asked;
What’s the 411 on marvel netflixs & xmen comic line figures…..also do you see you guys expanding on anything DC in 7inch figure form?

DSTChuck: I think I’ve said before the Netflix stuff is VERY tricky, it’s not as simple as “we want to do it, we do it.” Seems the deal at studio level is complicated. Also the Netflix model is not the best for planning.

For DC 7,” what are you asking?

Whodizking: U guys made gotham. Will u do anything else tv or comics etc for 7 inch

DSTChuck: iZombie, and after that we’ll see.

Shandonwilley: What parts of Marvel (Marvel Select) will the 2016 lineup be from, Avengers, X-Men, Spider-Man, (Besides the 3 CACW movie figures) etc…?

DSTChuck: A good [bit] will be movie, and we said there is an oversized 616 and some exclusives — you saw the Spidey.

BuffaloDelorean asked:
What are the chances of getting some AoA or Apocalypse Wars ‘mates to tie into the AoA movie?

DSTChuck: Right now we have no plans to tie into the Fox movies in 2016.

Leviblank asked:
I’m dying to know about your upcoming TNG phaser! That little peak at Toy Fair made my heart skip a beat! Any word on pricing, pre-orders, or when the final product will be available? Any little piece of information is greatly appreciated!

DSTChuck: We’re still working on it and working on it at the factory. Once we have a sample of the tooling from them we can set ship date, cost etc.

YouBastards asked:
With the first wave of Civil War Minimates announced, and rumors floating around (thanks to Lego and Funko Pop reveals) that Giant-Man may make an appearance, is DST looking for any alternate ways to accommodate Minimates collectors? If Marvel Vinimatesaren’t an option, is there any other way DST can offer larger than 2″ versions of Marvel characters in a Minimate style,even without articulation?

DSTChuck: No sorry that is not an option. The license is VERY size restricted. The way we did them before we snuck it in as a statue. Which Marvel did not like, and fans didn’t seem to either. But never say never.

PK13 asked:
I’m was very excited to see that we will get classic X-Files Minimates as well as figures for the relaunch of the series.With that approach in mind, is there any chance at all that we will see any Minimates for either the relaunch of Twin Peaks or, more importantly,the classic Twin Peaks series?

DSTChuck: Glad you dig the X-Files, but right now no plans to go after Twin Peaks

Zylek asked:
I’ll be specific, Is there any hope for Netflix Daredevil minimates? Funko has a nice initial assortment of black costume, red costume, Matt Murdock and Fisk. With Jessica Jones season 2 just announced and now a rumored Punisher series,MCU Netflix doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.

DSTChuck: Never said they would go away — in fact, I want MORE, love that stuff.. Funko Pop is not likeness, so that’s not the same as Select – MM would possible.

Lancecrutchfield asked:
As a minimate collector what are our chances of getting more Marvel Inhumans in Minimate form, examples Medusa,Gorgon, Korvac, Triton? Make a great box set and go with Blackbolt

DSTChuck: Right now they are not planned in 2016, but we do still have some to fill out and with the current direction of the MU it would be impossible to rule them out.

Toyhypeusa asked:
Any plans for Ecto-1 either for Minimates or Select?

DSTChuck: YES! Doing the digital files for the (1:15 scale electronic) Ecto has taken longer than we ever expected, and we needed to change vendors. Also some of the licensing has been a bit of an issue. I do hope we can solve this soon.

DSTZach: We’re working on the Ecto-1 lights and sound.

D21beast asked:
Thanks for doing this. I’ve seen some reviews of the TRU Ghostbuster Selects and it appears that maybe the proton stream doesn’t or isn’t meant to attach to the neutrino wand in a manner one might expect. Has this issues been corrected for the specialty store release or is there something existing reviewers have missed?

DSTChuck: Yes there are issues with the streams. They weigh too much to just stick in. I think we have a solution but it might not hit until S3, however save your receipts, we’ll make good. Hopefully you all are digging the figures.


First thanks for doing this. It is awesome. My question is about Marvel Selects of X-Men figures based on the Jim Lee Design. We need more femalefigures and with better articualtion (like the Black Widow Figure) like Rogue, Psylocke and Jean Grey and another Cyclops would be great. And other then Sabertooth and Magneto we need more villains and Apocalypse would be awesome. I know you can´t do Fox but comics version is ok right?

DSTChuck: Comic is “fine,” but right now we do not have any planned. I do not see us doing a new Sabretooth any time soon. Or Cyclops. I will say everytime we look to plan we do consider X-Men…No X-Men planned at this time.

Blanka1212 asked:
Okay, with your expanding relationship ship with Disney, what with Muppets, NBX, Marvel…any chance at a line of Disney Selects? Mickey, Jack Sparrow, Darkwing Duck? incredibles??

DSTChuck: Disney – we’ll call it “Disney” like Mickey is something different. SO say we asked about Frozen or Finding Nemo? They would laugh at me. That said, as you say the relationship is growing and evolving, and while there are growing pains on both sides, they like what they see, so you very well see some more “Disney” stuff.

Wesshad asked:
Is there any more GODZILLA stuff planned for after Spring 2016?

DSTChuck: Sorry no new stuff planned after the new MM set. The license is VERY complicated right now. Its been a bucket list-type thing to even get to work on it at all.

TheRaven asked:
Will there be a series 4 marvel zombies villians minimates boxset? If yes do u have an idea who will be in it? (Zombie Mysterio?)

DSTChuck: I think this year something else fans have been asking for will take the Zombie slot.

Tomhenry asked: Are there 15 TOTAL figures inthe GB Select line? or additional figures without diorama pieces? if 15, When will the last 3 (I think) be revealed?

DSTChuck: 15 releases. That will make up the first movie and complete the roof. After that I can’t say. This is by far the biggest project in depth, cost and time we have ever attempted. I’ve been tormenting everyone, including Zach with this vision.

Sandman asked:
What can you tell us about this year’s Marvel Select Disney Store Exclusives? And any chance that we would ever see Hellboy in Select form?

DSTChuck: We are not allowed to talk about Disney until Disney says, no hints even. It’s like Fight Club, but scarier.

Shandonwilley asked:
Is DST able/willing to do a specific shop exclusive again, like the old Wizard World, CMDStore, Borders Exclusives?

DSTChuck: We do not do store exclusives anymore and have not for years. And it would cost a TON to do one if we did -sorry.

YouBastards asked:
Any plans for a new version of the Minimates Collector Case or even some bags of accessorys? I would love to be able to buy a bag of ALIENS eggs.

DSTChuck: Funny, Zach just asked about a new case. I was not in love with the idea, but I have not told him that yet. On the other side I have been pushing him for a new idea for an accessory pack and one is in the works now.

PK13 asked:
With no signs of the MCU slowing down, will Marvel Comic Minimates get more releases in 2016 than in 2015?

DSTChuck: I really don’t know – it might be the same or less. Honestly I don’t count it like that. I think Zach might. I will be 100% honest with you – for some reason the costing on 4pk is brutal and we just can’t seem to crack the costing nut and /or sell enough so I think going forward you will see less 4pks but don’t tell anyone.

D21beast asked:
It’s the year of Trek 50. Please tell us there’s some minimate love — even if only a single box set — on the horizon. Also, non-captain characters from TNG/DS9/VOY/ENT would be nice to see. Thanks again!

DSTChuck: Honestly? We’ve struggled with what to do for the 50th. We can’t seem to convince the buyers to jump on board, and we can’t get an answer from CBS on who is doing the toys for the new movie. We’ve tossed around some ideas for MM and worked up lots of line plans and spent lots of time on it, but nothing has felt just right.

Infinitehollywood asked:
We got the retro comic inspired TMNT four packs, both in black and white and in color. You mentioned that you guys were looking at some stuff that’s outside of the current Nicktoon. It seems like lots of other licensers are doing TMNT from across the spectrum, not just the Nicktoon. Are there anymore possible Turtles Comic figures or perhaps Classic Cartoon figures coming? Not necessarily 4 packs, but in any fashion?

DSTChuck: As we said we’re looking at other stuff EXACTLY as you propose.

Lordhuck asked:
Can we expect any ALL NEW ALL DIFFERENT Marvel Select figures in 2016 and if not what’s the soonest we could expect any? If you aren’t doing any AND How recent is the most modern 616 Prime Earth costume planned for 2016?

DSTChuck: I have no idea! 2016 is pretty locked so unless something strikes us it would have to be 2017 but we’ll see what the MU even looks like then.

DSTZach: Two or three of the 616 figs planned for this year are 2014-2015 looks. One is classic.

Tomhenry asked:
Are Back to the Future select figures off the table permanently? Or has chasing down the likeness rights been discussed? I believe you are our last and only hope!

DSTChuck: Of course it has been discussed, but no we have not called the agents or looked into what it would take.

Whodizking asked:
Can you talk about a character you love to do for marvel select and also how hard the process is picking your future line for marvel select is? I’m guessing you can only make so many a year must be hard to pick with restrictions or licensing.

DSTChuck: My favorite is of course, Spidey.

DSTZach: Not sure Chuck can get in to the agony of picking such a limited line-up every year, with all the caveats and exceptions…

DSTChuck: It’s not hard to “pick” but it’s impossible at the same time. No matter what I pick not everyone will be happy so… Also, we used to suggest to Disney, but they really like to drive that bus now so that can really mess us up. Zach will try and make sure we mix it up with 616 and movie and new and classic. Some part of me would only want to do movie, it’s so fresh and exciting and challenging, I really dig it.

GMonkey2k asked:
…Is there any chance of a team fix wave? Like for instance a T-bolts ghost rider and Venom and phoenix, namor and magik?

DSTChuck: I don’t think so – we really have found over the years the series in all channels need a STRONG anchor to succeed.

Lancecrutchfield asked:
ok my question is with the rise of 3D printing have you incorporated this into the Minimate franchise and accessories? the Predator Dutch rifle is so detailed it appears 3D printing was possibly involved. Great detail!

DSTChuck: We’ve been using digital printing for YEARS- I flew out to GG and trained on all their stuff years ago as well as a the place that sold them the machines. Until recently, believe it or not, Minimates were done by hand but in the last year maybe it’s been flipped to digital sculpting.

Toyhypeusa asked:
Any more Marvel Select Spider-Man villains coming? Preferably one’s not released before?

DSTChuck: Not in 2016…

Blanka1212 asked:
Any video game Selects lined up for 2016?

DSTChuck: We’re debuting our first Dragon Age figure this week.

Leviblank asked:
Would you ever consider doing a line of Star Wars roleplay items? Hasbro dominates the market, but there is a desire for something nicer. There are whispers over at the RPF that eFx is kicking the bucket, and knowing the quality you guys put out (and the Star Wars mania out there) I know you would find a lot of support from that crowd. We still clamor and gawk over the Trek stuff all the time lol! You can make it a yes, no, or maybe lol.

DSTChuck: I think the window for a small company like us to do something like that for SW closed when they announced all the new movies – STINKS but…

Fabriciovillasboas asked:
I’m a huge select fan. So I wonder as MCU figures are taking more release slots every year , and you do some Disney store exclusives to get more spaces for releases, what can we expect for this year. More new never done before figures or re-releases and older figures with a new paint or sculpt. And Are you allowed to do Star Wars? Any plans for that in the near future? Like Selects and stuff. I know you used to make Star Wars figures in the past. and. Since new spidey has double jointed elbows can we expect this to be the new standard articulation added to the next figures? Would be awesome

DSTChuck: Zach always makes sure it’s not all movie stuff from Select — he is a big advocate for the fans for all our lines. We’re never going to lock us into something so strict for a standard point of articulation. We add one place we need to take from another.

TheRaven asked:
Will minimates blind bags make it to brick and mortar stores like Target an Walmart,since not all comic shops have them?

DSTChuck: Honestly I’m still not a fan of blind bag MM – FWIW

YouBastards asked:
….any Minimates promos at TF this year?

DSTChuck: No MM give away at TF [or C2E2]

DSTZach: We have not done a Minimate promo at TF for a while now.Not since I came on board in 2011, I don’t think.

Thanks for coming out tonight, guys. Cool stuff will be revealed this week. Aliens Minimates, Predator Minimates, Dragon Age Select, a new Batman TAS PVC Figure, etc. Now, Chuck and I have work in the morning. Chuck needs to greenlight some obscure Marvel characters as Minimates ASAP!

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