Ask DST #302: A Half-Century of Star Trek

It’s a new Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck, and this week he’s drawing the attention of Star Trek fans, who have unleashed a barrage of rapid-fire Star Trek questions! Will Chuck get out of this one? Will his shields hold up? Will the Khitomer Conference go as planned? And why does he have a goatee now? These answers and more, in Ask DST! Got a question for DSTChuck? Submit it up top or e-mail us!

Randall C.
I’ve been collecting Star Trek ships for my adolescent son for a while now and sometimes I’ve had to buy inferior Playmates versions due to the lack of selection available through your company. The ships you make are of great quality and I desperately want him to have more variety before he’s 18 and off to wherever.. but at 2 ships a year and many many of them variants of the same ships this looks like a unattainable goal. Reissues can be important when people find existing ships hard to find without getting ripped off by resellers but we need key ships out like it was yesterday! I know some people have their obscure favorites but we have yet to see a Voyager, Defiant (DS9), runabouts and DS9 station (if that’s even feasible). These should have been obvious early releases in my opinion. I beg you to speed them along as I love the joy my kids (even the toddler) get when we buy them.

DSTChuck: Randall, it’s been our intention to release two new ships a year. We’ve had trouble keeping that schedule due to many factors, but hopefully we’ll get back to that soon.

Marcia X.
love all your star trek figures , looking forward to see what you have on offer next year for the 50th aniversary – very excited at new retro figures but please please can yoy make sure you dont leave nurse chapel and janice rand out of the line up . i cant tell you how frusrating and sexist it is to keep leaving out the female members of the crew – it’s not as if there are many of them anyway ! and how about the chapel and rand action figures – you keep saying maybe you will release them at last , why not just do it – the 50th aniversary is the perfect time to release these fan favourite characters . (a few more female retro figures would’nt go amiss as well as chapel and rand ) come on guys !

DSTChuck: We’re still locking down our plans for anything beyond the Select figures we are already working on.

Thomas L.
I love your Star Trek products, especially the ships of the line series, which I have been collecting since the first Art Asylum release of the Enterprise-A. I’m writing because I am a bit puzzled by an answer which was given in a previous AskDST. It was a response to one of the many questions asked regarding the Enterprise-C. It was said that you didn’t think a ship which was featured in only one episode would not be a big seller. However, over the years you have released ships only featured in one episode. For example, the mirror universe NX-01 and the mirror universe TOS Enterprise, the All Good Things… Enterprise-D, and the soon to be released TOS Romulan warbird. I’m curious why you would give that answer when you have made many other ships that fall into the category. On a similar note, I notice you tend to release multiple versions of the ships, and the Enterprise-C would easily fall into that category too with both an original and battle damaged version. Hoping you can clarify this and shed some light on a potential plan to make the highly anticipated Enterprise-C.

DSTChuck: The AGT and Mirror TOS were the featured ships from their episodes, and they were also variants of an existing ship, which is entirely different than a totally original piece.

Jason C.
Could you please give us variants of other Starships. For example Nx-02 Columbia . Since you already have the NX-01. Just change the name on the ship. If you make them I will buy them
DSTChuck: Jason, different variants are always considered. Now that we have brought back the NX-01, I suppose variants are now possible, so we’ll have to see how demand goes.

David N.
First of all, I would like to thank you for all the great products you have released for all of us fans. I was a little late to the party and I missed out on the Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Phaser (although I did get a STIII and ST: TOS phasers). Is there a possibility of a re-release? Thanks for your time…and keep the Star Trek releases coming! I was also interested to find out if there were plans to release the USS Reliant from Star Trek II (NCC-1864). My Wrath of Khan Enterprise needs its nemesis!

DSTChuck: From time to time, the sales guys ask us to re-run an item as they hear of demand from buyers, so anything is possible.

Nick W.
Hello, I am huge fan of Star Trek like many and I have the re release of the Mego Star Trek Bridge. I was hoping you could consider 2 things, an Enterprise C to go with the other ships of the line that have the lights and sounds.Two I would love to see a release of an original series Bridge to coincide with the 3 3/4 inch figures that was released about 20yrs ago by Playmates. Playmates no longer has the rights to this. Don’t know if it’s possible but would love to see it.

DSTChuck: I do not think we have any plans to try and go back and re-create items that Playmates released, but I suppose it would be possible.

Jack S.
Hello Chuck,With the 50th anniversary of Star Trek approaching next year, I wanted to ask if there is any chance the TOS Captain’s Chair could be brought back?When originally offered I did not have the financial means to afford one, but now would give anything to be able to own one.I have little doubt it’s return would be met with anything but complete success as before.Thank you very much.

DSTChuck: We really don’t like to say never here, but I don’t think that’s something we want to tackle again. They were a ton of work and hard to ship, etc. We also don’t deal with that factory anymore – but never say never!

Steve H.
I noticed in your most recent AskDST that you revealed your next Star Trek Select figure. I’m curious as to why you went that route to reveal it, when I don’t think you’ve ever revealed a product like that before. I ask mainly because you seem to refuse to say what your next Federation ship is, surely it has to be further along than the Khan figure is? It’s been over six years since the last NEW Federation ships were revealed. Is there some legal thing that is preventing you from telling us what it is? Don’t get me wrong, I love that you revealed Khan like this, but why not do it for other products that are at this stage, or further along?

DSTChuck: I do not recall that being the announcement of the Kahn figure – maybe you are correct, but I don’t think so. You are correct – we do not normally announce products here. It’s funny, but when we did a run of Federation ships, lots of folks asked us when we were going to do NON-federation ships. Now it seems you do not count those. We have already announced our next ship, and as soon as the next release is ready, and we’re ready, we will announce that one.

Justin B.
I love the starships, and trek tek that we’ve seen thus far, but have a few questions about the products moving forward.1. Is it possible to see a line of Starships, that are in scale with each other?2. Will we ever see a Shuttle, Runabout, or Delta Flyer with electronics?3. Will we ever see a Phaser from Star Trek V or VI?4. Will we ever see a Tricorder, Communicator, or other tek from the TWOK, TSFS, or TVH films?5. Would you ever concider creating props based on the rifles seen in Star Trek, maybe as exclusives, or mail order items?Keep up the good work

DSTChuck: I do not think we have any plans to start a new line of ships. I don’t see a rifle as being possible, and as far as I know there is no interest from buyers right now for any exclusive Trek items, but if a retailer wanted one, we’d be happy to work with them on something that made sense.

Mark W.
I just wanted to ask about the possibility of a few different ships ever getting made:
1. Romulan Warbird? I’ve heard that the size of this ship is causing DST to consider skipping it, but given the popularity of TNG and the fact that the Romulans were their chief enemies, I think it’s a must to have one on the shelf next to my Enterprise-D! Also, it doesn’t have to be so large that it s=dwarfs the Enterprise-D, just large enough that it looks like a match for it.
2. Enterprise C? You could release it in standard and battle-damaged versions, and it’s the last ship we need to complete the line of Enterprises.
3. Have you considered releasing a battle-damaged version of the Enterprise-A? It really took a pounding in Star Trek 6, and I really think it needs something extra to differentiate it from the Enterprise Refit I already have on my shelf.
4. This one is out of left field–how about a Mirror version of the Constitution class Defiant that got taken by the Mirror Universe in Star Trek: Enterprise? Once it became part of that era’s Terran Fleet you have to assume it would get the same markings as the Mirror Universe NX-01, which are a lot more interesting to look at than the standard markings of the Mirror Constitution class Enterprise of the 23rd century. Thanks for listening!

1. I still think this would be VERY difficult in today’s environment – cool, but difficult.
2. We’ll have to see.
3. When we go back and do new production runs, we do look at what variants would be possible to help offset the factory minimum order, so you never know.
4 I am not sure that has been considered.

Jason S.
I fear I may have an idea what the answer to this question is, but is there any chance more Star Trek Minimates may get produced for the 50th Anniversary this year? And I don’t just mean more Kirk, Spock and Picard. It would be great to get more characters from the main five bridge crews. Data, Worf, Paris, the EMH, Trip Tucker, Dax, even re-issues of Sulu or Uhura would be nice as some examples. Thanks!

DSTChuck: We have discussed more Minimates for the anniversary, but I am not sure where we will fall on that. Sales has also been polling buyers to see their interest.

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