Ask DST #304: Marvel a la Mode!

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It’s another Ask DST, and this one is all about Marvel! In the wake of a Marvel-tastic Toy Fair, Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck answers your questions about Marvel Select and Marvel Retro figures… and you’ve got a lot of questions! Got your own questions? Submit them at the link up top, or e-mail him!

Greg L.
Is there any chance of you guys doing more X-Men select figures, maybe more women like a Jim Lee style Rogue, Jean Grey, or even Psylocke. Would love to see an X-Men comic book style Beast as well????

DSTChuck: There is no way I would rule out EVER doing more X-Men, just not planned at this time is all.

Kalon S.
Hi Chuck and DST Team.Just a few questions I hope you can answer for me.
1. Have you planned all of the 2016 Marvel Select line up?
2. When planning 2017 can you try to do an Odin figure big with glorious shiny amor and Gungnir Spear?
3. Are you and if so when can you release the cancelled release of The Watcher?
4. Any chance of seeing in the future Hercules, Wonderman, Namor and Apocalypse?
I do have 2 questions for you that I hope you can answer. Do you know when some pictures will be released of the 3 Marvel Select Captain America Civil War Movie being Ironman, Winter Soldier and Captain America? My 2nd question is do you when and where some more 2016 Marvel Select figures names will be announced?
Thanks for answering,
Your loyal fan Alex in Toronto, Canada

1) No they are not ALL planned, but MOST are.
2) I have to be honest, aside from a rough guess at the movie stuff, we have not THOUGHT about 2017 Select.
3) That is not in the cards at this time.
4) At least two of those have been considered in the past.
We showed the Cap3 stuff at Toy Fair. More MS may be announced at C2E2.

Matthew N.
Can we hope to see some more comic inspired marvel bust banks in 2016?

DSTChuck: I am very sorry, but we do not make Marvel banks.

Dan L.
Your Marvel Select and Star Trek products are fantastic and I can’t wait for the Captain America: Civil War figures. Any chance that you will make Marvel Select figures for Guardians of the Galaxy 2? I think it would be great if you did.

DSTChuck: Glad you like the products! I think there is a VERY good chance we will have Select for GoG2. We had planned to do some for the first movie.

Andrew X. Any new zombies for the Marvel Select Zombies series in 2016? I’m itching for a Female character! How about Zombie Dark Pheonix or Rogue.

DSTChuck: I think 2016 will be a skip for Zombies, but even if it was not, we are not allowed to do Zombie versions of the heroes, just the bad guys.

Will C.
Do you think you guys would ever do 7 inch figures of marvel’s tv shows like jessica jones, daredevil, and agent carter? I feel like they aren’t getting enough of that figure goodness. Thanks!

DSTChuck: We do not have any plans for 7” figures at this time, but never say never.

Diego X. Hello DST! Hope the new year finds everyone well.Just want to start off by saying I am a very new collector so forgive me if you’ve answered these sorts of questions before. Would it be possible for a consumer like myself to get a better understanding of what your Marvel license entails? What I am trying to understand is why you are limited to a number of SKU that can be produced each year. From what I gather, you can release around 8-10 Marvel Select figures per year. That is a substantially limited number of releases. With the amount of Marvel based films released each year, and just the Marvel fanbase alone, I’d be curious to know why DST does not/has not pursued a larger amount of SKU productions. The film based figures are completely amazing. I actually started collecting Marvel Legends a few months back but when I learned of Marvel Select, and saw a few in person, I had to make the switch. Is this simply more of a contractual matter? or limited resources? I find it hard to believe it would be based on preference by DST.Thanks in advance for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions.

DSTChuck: I’m sorry, I can’t really get into exact details, but you are correct – we are limited to the number of releases we can do each year. I can also say we do as many figures as we are allowed, and if there was the opportunity for more, for sure we would do them. We have been doing this line for a number or years, and are so happy we are able to continue.

Anthony S.
Have you guys considered doing any of the classic Marvel monsters from the 1950’s? I’d love to see a Kirby style Groot, Googam or Xemnu. Or even other giant characters like Eternity or the Living Tribunal.
There’s almost no merchandise representing these characters, and I know a lot of guys that collect Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman and other ‘giant _____” figures that would love to get a hold of these. I’d also love to see

DSTChuck: I do not think we have any plans to do those as figures in the immediate future, sorry.

Brandon P.
For the Marvel Select line: Would you ever consider taking on Jim Lee’s 90’s X-Men in the future? Or even Jim Lee’s Punisher?

DSTChuck: I don’t see any reason they would not be considered.

Fabricio V.
Hi DSTChuck!The live chat was awesome and you guys could make it a monthly thing or something like that. Ok my questions now:
1 – So you said that 2016 is locked and you have all the figures planned out. What can we expect for this year besides the Civil War figures and that awesome Spidey? Any re-releases? All brand new figures?
2 – You said that two figures will have more modern look and one will be classic. So any of these will be female figures? Considering the awesomeness of the Black Widow AoU articulation and sculpt, is that the new standard for female figures now?
3 – So X-Men are off the table for now, but can we expect anything for the next couple of years? You know that we want those. Specially female figures and new Villains.
4 – The Civil War figures are going to be for general retailers right? I wonder if there will be versions of those as Disney Store Exclusives, like battle damaged or unmasked versions.
5 – Finally, you guys know that we love the bases with all those details and stuff. But, I think that you should consider making regular stands (like the Disney Store Thor) and specially articulated clear stands for dynamic posing. I like to put some of my figures in display in those poses and is very hard if not impossible sometimes to find a stand that fits the scale. Figures from other companies come with their own stages or you can buy them separately. The flying characters specially need those stands. I don´t think that this would be so expensive to make and I bet other collectors think like me and would buy these right away once you start making them.
PS: I´m also a Star Trek fan and would like to see new selects from this franchise with more articulation if possible.
Until next time!

DSTChuck: I am glad you enjoyed it, I’m not sure we would do them monthly, but I do think we plan to do them on some sort of regular-ish basis.
1) By now you’ve seen more of our Disney Store exclusives (Captain America, Black Panther), as well as some re-releases (Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Venom, Carnage). Hopefully we will have some more stuff to show at C2E2.
2) We still have one more to decide on, but so far there is not a female planned.
3) I have very little idea what we would be doing for 2017 yet.
4) The three main releases will be available wherever Select figures are sold.
5) I think the bases are an ever-evolving process. The NBX Select figures have bases AND a posing stand. We’re kind of happy with that post stand, so we might mix it in for other figures down the road.

Lashar C.
hey I love the figures you guys have given us lately, but instead of the usual characters like spiderman, thor, hulk, etc will you guys explore more of the marvel universe and given us characters like the guardians of the galaxy, the inhumans, human torch and the rest of the fantastic four, comic loki, different characters like that instead on another verison of spiderman. thanks for answer my question and keep making awesome figures !!! Also, hey will we ever get a marvel now captain America figure as well as a mr. sinister?? and can can we get the marvel universe in their modern outfit in an entirety please please please !!!!!
Can we please get an astonishing x-men wolverine figure and maybe a modern taskmaster and why has there been a lack of villains especially the major villains ???
chuck have you guys considered doing a dormammu figure??? and if not don’t you think its time to start considering lol

DSTChuck: Select has never been intended to be a line that should handle more “obscure” characters or characters that are holes in people’s collections. Does that mean we would never do Loki – of course not. We kind of have our own flow, which includes re-releases of past sold out figures, movie figures, 616, and oversized characters.

Matthew R.
Are you guys planing on making a Marvel Select Peggy Carter action figure?

DSTChuck: Right now we have no plans to make 7” figures from the Marvel TV properties.

Rodney H.
Hey DST CHUCK!!! Since marvel legends has there version of Black Panther up for pre order, will marvel select also be gearing up to release there own version of Black panther? Will we also get an marvel select Apocalypse??

DSTChuck: What Marvel Legends releases has very little bearing on what we plan. By now you;ve seen our Black Panther, and with a couple big trade shows coming up, you will be able to see more of our plans for 2016.

Drew T.
I am a Marvel and Mego fan and I appreciate that Diamond is making Mego Marvel 8″ figure sets in ANY format, but please tell me the license is being renegotiated with Disney/Marvel so the figures can be sold individually in the future for around $25-$30 each. There are too many marvelous Marvel characters to be made and the $80 1 figure with 3 costumes set format is restrictive. More Mego Marvel figures need to be made more frequently. This is the latest topic of debate on EMCE forum. Mego Marvel fans would love Megos of all Spider-Man villians, Avengers, Fantastic 4, X-Men, etc! Hope 2016 brings even BIGGER Mego Marvel news! Happy New Year

DSTChuck: There is no way that can be done. It took years to crack the nut on a way to even do these. We are working on some other stuff in the same vein, but single figures at that price are not possible.

Got your own questions? Submit them at the link up top, or e-mail him!

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