Ask DST #305: Minimates Make Everything Better!

It’s a new Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck, and this one is about a topic near and dear to DSTChuck’s heart — although that can be said about pretty much everything DST makes — Minimates! The little 2-inch mini-figures are approaching their 15th anniversary, and with more licenses in the offering or in the works as there have been at any time in the line’s history, the questions are coming at a ferocious pace! Got a question? Submit it in the form up top or e-mail us!

Ken V.
Any chance of ever seeing a line of Rambo Minimates?

DSTCHUCK: Sorry, Ken, no plans at this time.

Oliver P.
Hello there. I am a big fan of your Pathfinder Minimates and I wondered what the future holds for the line? Is there any hope we will see another 4 pack or a series of 2 packs or maybe even blind bags? Thanks for your time!

DSTCHUCK: Oliver, we would like to get another 4-pack out there, so hopefully it works out.

G. Hanson
Hi Chuck!! So I just wanted to ask a rather odd question. Can we have a new sword holster? Recently when a character comes with swords, they have no where to put it, Deadpool in particular. Back with the original Deadpool ‘mate (X-Force & First Appearance) he had great sheaths!! Yeah, they were a bit bulky, but the sheaths stayed on and they were at the nice crooked angle like the source material.The we got to the version of DP from the Best of Wave 2. This one had weird verbal sheaths that fall off at the drop of a hat. Ok, still not all that bad, sheaths are still their and if you get him in a good pose and leave him, its good. Now we get to the more recent DP’s. Now there are NO sheaths, and are replaced with a holster/strap/thing. There is now way for me to pose him with a big gun or whatever, while still having his swords sticking iconically out from behind him. So I ask this: PLEASE MAKE A NEW SWORD SHEATH. Trying to pry the swords into the strap thing warps the swords and looks weird…….Thank you for making it this far in this question/request :)

DSTCHUCK: I will ask the designers if that is something that can consider.

Eli B.
Do you guys ever plan on making Star Wars minimates? I’m sure they’d do well.

DSTCHUCK: We would love to do Star Wars Minimates, but as of now the feeling is not mutual.

Alan M.
Hi Dst and happy new year. I have a couple of minimates questions.
1) I remember seeing in the c2e2 presentation a Michonne from the time jump era that came with a whisperer. Is that Michonne ever going to be released? Hopefully it will love the costume.
2) Could we see a Jesus in his samurai time jump costume on the next series?
3) Minimates Ecto-1 please try and make this. Ghostbusters has to be one of your greatest series and Ecto is as important as the guys. It could be classic movie or animated version doesn’t matter as long one gets made.Thanks and take care

1) We were asked to hold the Whisperers back for a later series, so we’ll have to see.
2) At this time, TWD Series 9 is not planned out, so we’ll have to see.
3) We are in fact trying!

Timothy B.
Hello DST,First, I want to Thank You for all of your products over the years…Next, I just LOVE the Movie Minimates sets. I have all of the Aliens, Predator & Back to the Future sets… (Among others)
Question:I would love to see the 3 Griff Gang Members with there Hover Boards from 2015 and you could throw in the little Hover Board Girl that Marty takes the Mattel Hover Board from to make a 4 set.
2) Also, just for kicks, would love to see the 1955 Delorean that would use the Railcar your putting out, but with just white wall tires. That way the mold get re-used and we get the last needed Delorean.
3)The 2015 Police car with Police, and the 2015 Flying Taxi would be a dream also.
4) Ok, after all of this….. Would Love to see the other 3 cast members of the first ( Alien ) Movie, as we have 4 of them already. Just a though, the 3 members missing and Ripley in here white space suite at the ending of the movie. Anyway, I was told to write you guys from your reviewer on Youtube..Thank You for all of your wonderful products and Please release any or all would be very nice and the fans will for sure support you highly.

DSTCHUCK: Thanks for the support, Timothy.
1) For the time being we are done with BTTF Minimates sets, but we do come back to it pretty often. I can’t say that the chances of a Griff gang set are great, though.
2) We have considered that in the past.
3) I do not think, however, we have any plans to do other future vehicles.
4) The Alien line is still ongoing, and we’ve tried to get as many humans in as we can. I think at this point, with Series 3 and the Crew of the Nostromo box set, we have plans for the entire 1979 cast, and we are still not finished!

Johnny W.
1. Will Maximates ever be a possibility? Even blanks? I’d be willing to pay a long dollar for them.
2. With the Dr. Strange movie coming out will we be getting any new supernatural marvel mates? Especially the Midnight Sons?

1) I do not see us doing something like that in the future – sorry.
2) There are none planned at this time, but we have not necessarily ruled it out.

Brandon D.
2015 was a great year for Minimates, and I hope the whole team had a great holiday season!
What are the chances of us getting a comic Extraordinary X-Men wave this year? As an X-Men fan, it’s one of the more exciting teams in recent history with a mix of mainstay X-Men, a few younger mutants, and one very old one. Plus, we can all appreciate their goal of saving the X-Men.
Thanks as always for Ask DST!

DSTCHUCK: I’m glad you enjoyed what we put out this year! We never rule out X-Men, and we do frequently look to new editorial for inspiration so it’s possible. Series 68 is all X-Men, but the classic versions.

James X.
Do you plan to do a new series of DC Justice League series I’ve seen customs made but I’m interested in if Diamond Select is gonna bring the heat???

DSTCHUCK: We do not currently have the rights to that , so not for the foreseeable future.

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