Ask DST #306: Star Trek!

Welcome to Ask DST! In this weekly(ish) column, Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck answers your questions about DST products, and this week the Ask is all about Star Trek! Read on for info about Select figure, Retro figures, electronic starships, electronic role-play and more! Got a question? Submit it in the drop-down form up top or e-mail it in! Or come to our livechat on Monday, March 28th, right here at 8:30 PM EST!

David E.
Hi DST! Few questions regarding your Star Trek line:
1) Is there any update on your next Star Trek ship?
2) Will you be going after or obtaining the license for the new Star Trek TV series coming from CBS?
3) So Star Trek Beyond is coming later on this year and it has been said that the reason DST hasn’t been given the license to make toys from JJ Abrams movies was because Paramount and CBS wanted a more mainstream toy manufacturer to do toys but as far as I know beyond doesn’t have a toy line… Is this the best time for DST to swoop in and give us at least the Enterprise from the movies?
Thanks and Q’plah!

1) Dave, when we have a prototype that we think is close we will announce the next ship. Right now our factory is hard at work on the Romulan ship, and we showed some artwork of the U.S.S. Reliant at Toy Fair.
2) We have not discussed that at all yet.
3) They have not approached us about our interest in products from the JJ-verse.

Jeff W.
Hello are there Plans to release the USS Defiant from Deep Space Nine?

DSTChuck: We have the Romulan BOP at our factory now, and our team is working on the U.S.S. Reliant. Once that is done, we’ll have to decide where to go next.

Hello DST! I think Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country is a great movie. Chancellor Gorkon and General Chang are looking good in their uniforms. Are you going to create Chancellor Gorkon and General Chang figures (together or separately in the box) in the Select line? Please consider to release these figures.

DSTChuck: Not at this time, but that does not mean they would never be considered.

Alexander T.
I was wondering if there could be a re-release of Art Asylum’s battle damaged ‘Wrath of Khan’ U.S.S. Enterprise in the future? Well perhaps I should clarify that everything says it sports the battle damage from ‘Wrath of Khan’, but it actually has the damage from ‘Search for Spock – including the destruction of the bridge and forward half of the saucer when the Enterprise self-destructs. I already have one of these ships – I bought it years ago – but the sound & light effects no longer work. I’ve tried fixing it but I’ve had no luck and I can’t get another ship to replace it (not without paying an insane amount of money for one on eBay). Keep up the amazing work guys – I recently got the Enterprise-A and I absolutely love it!

DSTChuck: Alexander, I think, as far as the details you outline, we have no plans to release that ship again exactly as they did back then. But we do have some ship variants in the works, for that class and others. It’s our hope we can keep moving forward with new ships and re-makes of past ships and make them as accurate as possible.

John M.
With all the great ships from Trek that you have done, has any consideration been giving to Riker’s USS TITAN?

DSTChuck: Honestly, that is not one that has really been discussed.

Nelson M.
I was hoping to see more than usual offerings in the way of more Star Trek figures, ships, and props to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, but as of yet, zilch, nada, nothing. When it comes to figures, how about more Captain Kirk era movies Klingons? How about resurrecting the cancelled Kruge and Maltz 2-Pack, (you already have the molds) that would have been associated with Search for Spock and The Voyage Home since the HMS Bounty, Kruge’s Bird of Pray, was produced and sold. Also, how about new Klingon characters (chancellor, etc.) associated with the Undiscovered Country ship already produced and sold. Your thoughts?

DSTChuck: I am sorry you feel that way. We think we have a good range of Trek stuff coming out this year, and there was new product on display at Toy Fair, including Select action figures, electronic starships, role play items, Femme Fatales and Minimates.

Eric G.
I know you’ve been asked about the Enterprise-C, the Next Gen Phaser or the next figurine, but what I want to know is the answer to a question that no one (either unable or unwilling) has asked: What is on Star Trek’s plate for 2016? I’m talking about…broad range views and not the simple minded requests (like the Reliant, the DS9 Defiant and the Voyager).

DSTChuck: Eric, We think we have a pretty decent range of products throughout many categories. I think our plan is to try and have something from Star Trek in Diamond’s Previews catalog every month.

Ross X.
Hello! I love your line of Star Trek ships and am hoping to see more in the future! Especially with this being the 50th Anniversary year. Specifically, I wanted to give a suggestion (that I’m sure you’ve gotten before!): I’d love to see a rendition of the USS Voyager. In addition to being an iconic hero ship headlining one of the series, it would also have the benefit of countless possible variants. Original version, battle-damaged (Year of Hell, Deadlock, and many other episodes), even Borg-ified version (from the Scorpion 2-parter, with Borg tech in the hull). Also, atmospheric landing version (with landing gear deployed). A lot of possibilities there if it sells well. Anyway, I look forward to your upcoming releases. Keep up the good work!

DSTChuck: Ross, the Voyager has been requested, and for sure would be on our list.

Dion R.
Can you please release the 1701-E with the right sound from first contact and for the 50th anniversary could u bring the 1701-F and the titan out and can u please get the contract for JJ’s 1701 ship and are u planning on making st-6 phaser and I know your tired of hearing this but when are you going to bring out the 1701-C you have the 1701, 1701-A, 1701-B, 1701-D, 1701-E I’m not tiring to be mean I just would like to have the whole collection and are you planning on making the phoenix. I was wondering if you’re planning on making the phoenix and I was hoping that u could make more phaser tricorder communicator three way packet like the movie’s and TNG.DS9.VG and can u make the rifles to sometime in the future and for the 50th Anniversary can u pleas make the titan and the enterprise-F

DSTChuck: Thank you for the request. I don’t know how many of those we could get to, it would take years, I think. Some of those would be possible, but I think we would struggle to find sufficient interest to warrant production on most of those.

Tasha M.
Looking forward to the 50th star trek anniversary this year and came across pics of upcoming retro figures. I’m a little concerned just to see yet another couple of male figures! please tell me that you are going to finally release fan favorites nurse chapel, yoeman rand and vina – they are years overdue and as you only have one female figure in your entire retro line, i think it’s time you did something about it – as a female collector – yes we do exist – i would like the female crew members as well as the male. it would be very fitting to include them in this 50th year and anyway bifbangpow have put you to shame with lots of female figures in there rero lines don’t disappoint again guy’s – you’ve teased us with their release for long enough – and while I think about it , isn’t it time you released the chapel and rand action figures !

DSTChuck: I think we would be willing to try again, but last time the orders were very low, and I think even the bigger issue was we could not get the figures to look just like we wanted.

David E.
Hello DST! I’ve got some Star Trek questions for you!
1) If you’re planning to reissue a wrath of Khan Enterprise, will it be cast in the same plastic used for the Enterprise A as it seems to be far less translucent than the plastic used in your previous refit 1701 releases.
2) Is it likely that you guys would ever release a Borg Cube?
3) Has CBS finally allowed you a license to produce toys based upon the JJ Abrams movies?
4) what’s the Star Trek toy you’d absolutely love to produce but just don’t believe would be all that profitable? Thanks for your time!LLAP!

1) I am not aware of any instruction we would have given to have the factory use a different plastic on TWOK, but for now we don’t have another run planned.
2) Less than 50% chance, but not ruled out
3) We do not have the license for anything from the JJ-verse at this time.
4) Not sure, probably something from DS9, I think. It’s my favorite Trek, but the merchandise struggles.

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