ASK DST #308: Marvel!

Daredevil is back, new Civil War trailers are out, and it’s time for another Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck! This time, it’s all about Marvel, mostly Marvel Select with a little Marvel Retro thrown in for good measure. Read on, and if you have a question for DSTChuck, submit it in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail us! Or tune in to the Ask DST livechat, right here at on March 28th at 8:30 PM EST!

Allan H.
Hello, I was wondering if there were any plans to reissue the Marvel Select Carnage figure. I missed my chance at getting him and I would love to buy him (and not for the ridicules prices asked on eBay). I know that you did it for the Venom which was great! Thanks!

DSTChuck: You have your wish. Carnage and Venom are coming back this year.

Neil T.
Any chance you’ll do a Marvel Select Scarlet Spider (blue hoodie) and Marvel Select Captain Universe Spider-Man?

DSTChuck: They are not planned at this time, but Spidey is never far from our thoughts.

Carl C.
1) Are there any plans of doing a marvel select 90’s armor costume Daredevil , Deathlok , Lynn Michaels(female Punisher), Black Knight , classic costume Punisher , Bullseye , Siege ?
2) When will there be a reissue of MS Moon Knight , Cloak & Dagger , comic Winter Soldier , Rhino ?Dagger should have bigger boobs.

1. Sorry , right now none of those are planned.
2. Of those, only the comic Winter Soldier is currently getting a re-issue – it is a Marvel Shop/Disney Store exclusive, and is at Disney Stores now. However, we do check with our sales folks all the time to gauge demand for past figures.

Haroldo B.
Hello Chuck, Is there any plan on an updated Punisher select figure?

DSTChuck: Sorry, not at this time – with the limited nature of the line, it’s constantly a hard decision on which ones we can do. I wish we could do them ALL.

Matthew R- Any chance of Marvel Select Guardians of the Galaxy figures?

DSTChuck: If you mean the upcoming second movie, I would say YES it’s a safe bet.

Mostafa G.
I was checking the 7″ wolverine comic version and i noticed that it’s design lacks joints at the legs and wrists that limits the posing options other than the standing pose, which is pretty boring for such character. My question is will there be a more articulated version of the comic design wolverine, soon ?

DSTChuck: There is not one planned “soon,” but for sure Wolverine is always on the list.

Daniel L.
Hi, have been collecting the Select line for a while, love all the movie figures, especially the recent ones. Really looking forward to the Civil War figures.Beside Civil War, will there be other Marvel Select movie/TV figure for 2016, like Dr Strange movie version?
Will there be any Disney Store exclusive for Marvel movie figures this year?
Also, with the new X-Men movie coming in May 2016, any chance of releasing the Mystique figure that was cancel 2 years back?

DSTChuck: Right now, I can say there are no plans to bring back that Mystique figure. As for the rest, I don’t think I am at liberty to say, and in some cases it’s not even set for sure, BUT I think you will be happy.

Tomas B.
Hi, I must say that I’m a huge fan of Marvel Select. As a X-Men collector I must ask if you guys are planning to release at least one figure this year. I love the X-Men figures, especially the ones with classic costumes. A 90’s Rogue would be awesome or a Banshee with that 70’s costume to pose with the whole team from Phoenix Saga.

DSTChuck: I don’t think 2016 is 100% set, but there is a CHANCE there will not be an X-Men family Select figure release this year.

Carl R.
will there be any new Spiderman villains making an appearance? Hobgoblin, doc Ock and mysterio would be on my ‘buy straight away’ list.

DSTChuck: We did a Doc Ock, but it was not the “original” design. Neither of the other two are planned at this time.

Ulises R.
Hi, I just want to ask you to re-release the Marvel Select Rhino, I think is one of the best selects out there. His price went really high :(

DSTChuck: That’s a great suggestion, I’ll have to check with sales to see what their thoughts on that are.

Alan M.
Is there any chance that more of the Female Characters from the Marvel Universe will be released in the future. My Son and especially my Daughter is interested in getting more. She has Spider _woman, Arachne, Phoenix, Jane Foster, Black Widow, Storm etc. She is hoping for the likes of Spider Gwen, Scarlett Witch ,Rogue, Jubilee, Emma Frost, Capt Marvel (Carol Danvers), Rescue, Ms. Marvel to name but a few. I don’t mean to be sexist but the majority of figures are mainly male and very few for the female collectors.

DSTChuck: I think we are very fair in our selection of characters and as you list, we’ve done several. (We have actually made Emma Frost, as well.) I can honestly say the gender of the character does not enter our discussion of whether or not to do a character. We just decide based on other factors, and in the case of the movies figures they make up a good percentage of the new figures we make every year, and last year we released a Black Widow. I am sure there will be more female characters from Select soon.

Shiva K.
Hi DST Chuck, I Have Few Questions about Marvel Select Line Up:-
1) Are We Going To See Any Spider-Man Line Characters In 2016?
2) I heard that you’ll Be Reissuing Carnage Figure Again In 2016. While We Absolutely LOVED The Figure, It Had Few Gripes On Its Own. Would It Be Possible To Make An All New Carnage Figure, Since You Told Us That It Costs The Same For Making An All New Figure Or Reissuing An Old Figure? These Are The Improvements Which The Possible New Figure Can Take Advantage Of:-
A) All New Main Carnage Head Sculpt WITH Open Mouth (Previous Figure’s Main Head Had a Painted Mouth)
B) Proper Scale – Previous Figure Was HUGE & BIGGER Compared To Select Venom Figure. A Down Scaled Figure Would Be Nice & In Scale Compared To Other Marvel Select Figures’) The Previous Carnage Figure’s Interchangeable Hands Had Bit Of “Wrist” Followed By Connecter Pegs, Which Ultimately Looked “Elongated” & Went Loose After Few Days. Would It Be Possible To Make The Interchangeable Hands More Like Marvel Legends Style (Hands Followed By Connector Pegs)?
D) Different Hands – The Previous Release Had Blades/Fangs Sticking Over The Fingers. The New Hands Could Be More Like Spiked Hands (More Like Venom Figure’s Main Hands).
Please Answer If These Are Possible Or Not.
3) Can You Make The Thigh Swirl Articulation Near The Crotch Piece Instead Of Cutting In The Middle Of Thigh? I Think It Will Be More Visually Appealing Than The Current Design & Engineering!

DSTChuck: OK here we go!
1) While 2016 is not locked, I do not think so.
2) There will be no changes to the Carnage when he is re-issued.
3) See #2.

David M.
I recently noticed that the Marvel Select Venom is up for pre order again at BigBadToyStore. To my knowledge this will be the 3rd time this figure will be released but the Marvel Select Carnage has only been released once. Will the Carnage ever get a re-release? I missed out on him and cannot afford the EBay prices people are asking for it. Any info will be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance David.

DSTChuck: Actually, both figures are coming back in 2016. And Venom was released long before Carnage, so he has had more chances to be re-run.

Herbert G.
Hello, Just wanted to know some stuff,
1. I heard you were going to release a re issue of Venom Marvel Select. When is it out ?
2. Will you be re issuing Marvel Select Carnage soon?
3. You released a marvel select Ant Man Movie version, Will you release a comic version soon?
4. Are you planning to release a jimlee version x-men Marvel Select figure specially rogue?
5. From the x-men characters, are you re issuing them all soon or are you even thinking of re issuing them?
6. Heard you were about to release those ghostbusters select figures based on the movies, are you planning to release the cartoon versions too? All of us who grew up from the 80s who’s in their mid-30s and 40s now actually prefer the cartoon versions Thanks!

1) I do not think we have an exact release date at this point.
2) Yup
3) Not planned at this time.
4) Not planned at this time.
5) As I’ve said, sales is always being consulted about which figures should be re-run, but I believe most of our X-Men figures are still available, with a few exceptions.
6) Our plans for the first Ghostbusters movie will take 5 series and 15 figures to release, so we have really not thought past that.

Bobby C.
Hello, I would like to make a request for future Marvel Selects figures. I would really like to see a Classic in his trunks Submariner figure. You have made a Hulk, Silver Surfer, and a Doctor Strange figure for the Marvel Select line. Why not complete the Defenders team with this figure. Also I would like to see a Hyperion figure with him getting his own comic book in March this could be a good time to see if there is any room for it being produced. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. I will continue to support and enjoy this great line of figures you have made. Thank you again!!!

DSTChuck: Unfortunately, neither of those are planned at this time.

Andy W.
Have you got a date for the release yet for the Deadpool Retro Figure?

DSTCHUCK: Should be out on March 30!

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