Ask DST #309: Minimates Ahoy!

On the morn of tonight’s Ask DST live chat, it’s a new non-live Ask DST with DSTChuck! The president of Diamond Select Toys answers your questions about Minimates, including Marvel, TMNT, Aliens, Gotham, Godzilla and more. A ton of new Minimates box sets hit comic shops this week, and if you have a question for DSTChuck, you can submit it in the form up top or come back here tonight at 8:30 PM EST for the live chat!

Wes P.
Hi! First off, the Mini mate’s lines are just amazing! I still can’t get over what we’ve gotten with my favorite properties like X-men and Thunder cats! I love the attention to completing teams and making characters and costume versions that usually don’t get a lot of action figure love. In that spirit, can we hope to see a classic Dark Phoenix era Hellfire Club anytime soon? These guys would make amazing mates!! Will we also see a classic Banshee and Sunfire, or a Marvel Girl in her green dress and yellow mask? Could we also get an X-force Warpath and Sunspot to go with our amazing Siryn we just got?? Finally, outside of the X-Universe, could we see minimizes based on the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon? Thanks again for all the great stuff! Keep it coming!

DSTChuck: I like that era of comics, especially Marvel so it’s always possible. Hopefully you’re a fan of the new X-Men series we debuted, with classic Banshee and Sunfire. We’ve been discussing expanding the rage of TMNT we’re offering, so we’ll see.

Noel D.
In the live DST I recall you stating that you were looking at possibly making more TMNT comic Minimates, will those continue with Mirage characters ( like we got in the 2 box sets), or will they be versions from another comic like IDW or Archie. And on the topic of TMNT mates , do you think we’ll ever get a Xever figure to go with the Bradford mate we got in series 2, because I know you guys like to make human mates.

DSTChuck: I don’t think we’re looking at IDW or Archie, I think it’s more Mirage and the original animated show. I have no idea which direction we will go at this point.

Ken R.
Hi Chuck: How do you guys decide which figures will get fully sculpted heads, and which will get more traditional Minimate heads? For example, Nightmare before Christmas and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have several figures with fully sculpted heads, yet Muppets do not (though some Muppets do have sculpted heads). Looking at Marvel, Howard the Duck has a (beautifully) sculpted head, but Mascotpool does not. Is it generally a cost decision, based on the budget for each wave, or is is strictly aesthetic? I know you prefer things to adhere to the basic Minimate look whenever possible, so how do you decide when a figure is going to stray?

DSTChuck: For TMNT, that was the direction we were given by Nick based on the license, but for the most part we leave that up to the MM team. I think there might be one or two times, I’ve seen the direction they want to go with designs and questioned them. I can say costing does not enter that discussion. What MIGHT enter is if we are trying to grab something while it’s hot, and we need to go with no tooling to do that, but it was not a factor in the case of NBX or TMNT.

Brandon D.
I was just wondering with your Captain American Civil War Minimates. Is there any chance that Scarlet Witch will also be made?

DSTChuck: Yes, there is a VERY good chance….

Fernando F.
I was really hoping that the “Mallrats” Minimate set was going to include Stan Lee.While i understand that maybe he wasn’t available, I was at least expecting no Jay and Silent Bob as it seems almost redundant to include them again. There were so many other characters in that movie that i would have imagined could have been a better choice. Are we going to get any Kevin Smith sets that do not include the Duo or was this it for the Kevin Smith universe?

DSTChuck: We are not able to do a Stan Lee MM, sorry. I think, for the most part, we are going to include Jay & Silent Bob in any line. However, for Clerks and Mallrats figures we have gone past that, as well as the Clerks and Mallrats MM. If the first Mallrats set does well, we have two more planned and those would include more new characters – as well as more Jay and Silent Bob.

Matt S.
Hey Chuck, So I’m looking at the new pictures for the Giant-Size X-Men minimates that’ve come out of Toyfare. These are beautiful! I’ve been buying since the start and it’s safe to say that while I love everything you guys do, I love classic, bright and unique comic book superheroes most of all. These Marvel characters look so wonderful as Minimates. I wish you guys could/would get back to more sets like this. Marvel series 43, series 48/Toys R Us series 15 and this one are great examples of this. I’m thankful for what we have… but there’s SO much untapped potential, not to mention a few sorely needed updates. This new X-Men has both of these things and without even being released still does everything right. I’ll be buying at least one custom case for sure. Can we get some more stuff like this? Destroyer, Abomination, classic Invisible Woman, classic Power Man and Iron Fist are all in need of a serious update. And fan-favorite’s like classic red/white Falcon, Black Knight, the Inhumans, Tigra and Hellcat are sorely missed amongst the Marvel ranks. Please, please, please… can we get some more new, classic characters? Hi,I’m a huge fan of the Universal Monsters minimates of old. Sadly there were still some gaps left in the monsters. I’m wondering if we might see a re-release of only the monsters with a few of the ones that never made it originally (Invisible Man, Phantom, the Mummy with a hairpiece, etc.) if this new re-launch of Universal Monsters flicks happens. Also, what’s the story on the Pathfinder minimates? Those were some of the most fun products in a long time and there’s been no word of any more. It’d be terrific to use that skeleton that was made for the unreleased Calico Jack army builder set in there to give use a cool skeleton to plague all the other minimates that exist.Thanks!Any word on another series of Godzilla minimates? One more 4-pack including King Ghidorah and Anguirus plus another Godzilla and one more character? It’d be awfully nice to have all the main monsters with those last two produced. Otherwise, the whole effort feels unfinished… and the line looks too great already to be missing a few key characters.

DSTChuck: Right now, we do not have any more UM, Godzilla or Pathfinder planned – sorry. We have, however, just wrapped up planning for the rest of Marvel for 2016, and I think you will be happy.

Aaron K.
hey I got 2 questions for you guys. one, do you guys have any info on the next wave of the walking dead Minimates, I read on the diamond select toys Facebook page that series 9 was still in the works and I’ve been dying to hear what will be in it. my second question is will there be any dead pool movie Minimates, I loved the movie and would love to see what you guys could do with the characters.

DSTChuck: We’re still not sure what we want to do about WD9, but I can say we are not making any product for the Deadpool movie.

Theron R.
I just read this in your Ghostbusters press release: “…current lines of classic film-based products will move forward with more …new Minimates mini-figures and vehicles.” Does this mean I was right in holding out on the Lego Ecto-1? Are we finally getting a classic Minimates Ecto-1? Thanks, DSTChuck!

DSTChuck: We very much hope to have a MM Ecto-1 soon.

Adam C.
hi guys!I have been loving the aliens Minimates! my first question now we have the power loader and now the apc is coming out is there any hopefull plans for a version of the dropship? also after all the main marines are made are there any plans to expand into marines and characters from the games?

DSTChuck: As long as the Aliens MM keep selling, there is LOTS of cool stuff the team wants to do, but I don’t think that will include the games.

Joe M.
What do you think about possibly making a line of Doctor Who Minimates? It could be awesome!

DSTChuck: At this time, BBC is not interested in pursuing that product line with us. Several years ago, Underground Toys looked at it, but they did not get enough positive feedback to want to go forward.

Andrew S.
With the popularity of the X-Files revival, any chance we could see tie-in figures from Chris Carter’s sister show Millennium? Frank Black (Lance Henriksen) and Peter Watts (Terry O’Quinn) figures would be awesome to have! Thanks!

DSTChuck: Sorry, we have no plans to make product based on Millennium.

Joe D.
I’m really excited about all the stuff showed at toyfair. Specially about the Squadron Supreme Minimates (and also the Muppets Select stuff but that’s for another thread)
1) The Vinimates seem like a really cool property and I’m already looking to snag the X-Files and BTTF sets ASAP! Can this line be used to give us some oversized characters that mesh with our Minimates? Like Giant-Man, Apocalypse, Sentinels and maybe even the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man?
2) I’m really excited for the new BTTF mini-mates! Have you ever considered a Hill Valley Clock Tower playset/vinyl bank?
3) The new X-men set with the improved Warpath is awesome! Thank you for redoing the Classic X-men set and adding Banshee and Sunfire. Could a classic Brotherhood of evil with Magneto, Mastermind, Toad, Green Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch be far behind? Most of those would just be minor repaints and can use existing parts. Except for Toad and Scarlet Witch’s headgear.
4) It’s interesting that you guys scored a license for Gotham despite the no-DC Minimates situation. Does this offer hope for at least the CW’s superhero series?
5) Still holding out hope for a Wrecking Crew set. I know it’s unlikely but hey, with Squadron Supreme coming, anything is possible. Hehehe.

1) I think that is up to you and other fans, but while Vinimates look a great deal like large Minimates, they really do have some design differences that I think would prohibit them from being in the same line.
2) We have talked about a bank, I think, but it has not gone past the talking stage.
3) Glad you like it. I don’t think we have discussed a Brotherhood set, though.
4) No, it does not.
5) Never say never!

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