Ask DST #310: Star Trek

The Star Trek questions keep coming, and DSTChuck keeps answerin’! The president of Diamond Select Toys may not be able to tell you what the future holds, but with new starships, new role-play items, new action figures and new Minimates in the works, the future has never looked brighter for Star Trek! Read on to hear his responses to your inquiries and suggestions, and submit your own question via the form up top or via e-mail!

Stefan M.
I notice there is a graphic of the Reliant behind KHAN!!!!!!!!! KHAN!!!!!!!!!!! KHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Does that mean a new ship is coming?

DSTChuck: Yup!

Alex L.
I own several of your star trek electronic ships and I am continuously impressed and amazed by the quality. I keep seeing a bunch of TOS phasers and tricorders, along with Klingon disrupters. When can I expect to see Deep Space 9 era hand phasers and tricorders? Or even maybe a type 3 phaser rifle from the ST: First Contact Era? I imagine they would all sell out fast as hell. PLEASE PLEASE let me know if any of these are in works and how I can get on a wait list?!

DSTChuck: Glad you like them. Right now, none of those are planned, but I will say we have not settled on what we are going to do after the TNG “Cobra” phaser, so never say never.

David L.
Hello.. I like your Star Trek products and have purchased most of them..esp. the ships and prop replicas. I would like to ask, since you are releasing the TNG Phaser, please, please consider making a TNG Tricorder. Thank you very much. Additionally, I wanted to ask, when will the TNG Phaser ship? Thanks

DSTChuck: We have no plans at this time for the TNG Tricorder, but the phaser should ship around the end of the year.

Al P.
Hi there! First off I want to say you guys are awesome! I recently got my hands on the Enterprise NX-01 re-release and it’s amazing :) I can’t wait for the release of the Romulan BOP…recently I saw it online and it looks great! However since Star Trek is celebrating its 50th, is there a chance for a Klingon D7 battlecruiser? Along with the Romulan battlecruiser variant as seen in the TOS episode ”the Enterprise Incident”? It would be really nice to see the complete line of original series ships for the anniversary. Cheers!

DSTChuck: Glad you like it, we spent a good bit of time working on the NX-01. I think we’re going to stick to the Romulan BOP and then the Reliant for our next couple of releases, but currently only the BOP will hit during the anniversary.

Macri T.
Hello, I’m from Romania and I want to thank you for your work. I recently bought for my 5 years son a few vessels and I am very satisfied. For him is the beginning for Star Trek universe. I have a question, It would be great to see Romulan warbird D’deridex. is a chance to see this in future? Thanks

DSTChuck: That is not planned at this time, but to be honest we have not planned past the Reliant.

Scott R.
Hi, I know it’s doubtful but are there any plans to possibly make Star Trek Voyager 7 inch figures? I currently have 2 display cases containing 79 Star Trek figures from all crews except Voyager, which is killing me because I’m a bit of a completest. PS. Can’t wait for the Ghostbusters rooftop scene, going to get a new display case just for those.

DSTChuck: At this time, we are not planning on a Voyager figure line.

Unnamed Star trek Captain
Few questions relating to your Star Trek product!
1) Will you be doing any Vinimates for the Star Trek line?
2) Since Star Trek Beyond hasn’t got a toy line, why hasn’t CBS approached you in terms of picking up the license to produce ships and figures from those movies?
3) The Reliant is an awesome choice for your next Starship Legend! Are there any details you can share with us about this ship? Will it closely match your current Refit Enterprise in terms of sculpted detail? Will it use better, non-translucent plastic?
4) With the Reliant coming, are there plans to revisit your Refit Enterprise and give her an overhaul using the same plastic you’ve used for the Enterprise A as well as giving her a lights on feature and new sounds?
5) will you/have you been approached to take on the license for the upcoming CBS Star Trek TV Series? Thanks in advance and all the best!

1) Maybe!
2) You would have to ask them.
3) We are not ready to send it to the factory for production, but progress is being made.
4) We have not planned past Reliant at this time.
5) We mentioned it to them at Toy Fair, but it’s still a little early.

Danny M.
The search for Spock phaser you came out with is great would you consider making the communicator from the same movie?

DSTChuck: Not at this time, but never say never!

Justin B.
Hey gang, I love what you are doing with the ships, and the tek. But, I have a few comments, and questions. 1. I love the Klingon BOP and hope to see more Klingon ships in the future. 2. With the announcement of the Reliant being the next ship, does that mean we will be getting some variants of the ship? Examples being the Saratoga, Saratoga, and Saratoga. Yes there were three ships with that name in Star Trek, and they were all Miranda class. 3. Sense the announcement of the Reliant, can we be expecting any more ships from the TOS era? 4. Can I make a suggestion for your ship planning moving forward? How about three ships a year, one from the TOS era, one from the TNG era, and one alien ship. 5. As for the Trek Tek, is there any possibility for any of the following? Wrist communicator, TWOK Tricorder, TSFS tricorder, TSFS communicator, Undiscovered Country Phaser, Communicator, and Tricorder. On the TNG side, how about a couple Tricorders both science and medical, and maybe a Type 1 phaser. I’d love to see more of the TNG Tek, because that is what I grew up with. 6. Is there any possibility for a collection of communicator badges, or just plain Trek badges? Thanks for all of the awesome products you have produced thus far.

1) I could see that, but we’ll see.
2) Yes!
3) We have not planned past the Reliant yet.
4) Why not, everyone else does. But I do not think we can develop three a year, and I also think the marketplace would have trouble with that.
5) We have not settled on one yet, but some of those are unlikely.
6) We are not allowed to do those at this time, based on our current license.

Steve M- I just received my Femme Fatales Counselor Troi statue and it is great! Good job! My question is-what are the odds of us ever seeing Christine Chapel, Janice Rand or even Uhura in the FF line in the future? At this point I’d take Chapel and Rand in action figure, FF or retro cloth form. And again, great job with the Troi statue. Thanks!

DSTChuck: I think we’d like to put several more Trek characters under the Femme Fatales banner, so time will tell!

Jeff S.
Hi, I know you guys are famously cryptic about your new ship reveals. I am desperate for a Voyager and a DS9 Defiant. Please just tell me if I should just buy the Playmates ones already or is there a chance that my patience will be rewarded? A good chance??!! Dying here! LOL

DSTChuck: We honestly have not decided, as we still have two ships in the works that have not been released yet, but we have talked about the Defiant.

Rob B.
hi what’s happening with the star trek retro figure line? i was really looking forward to some new figures but have to say that i , as I’m sure many others are , am very disappointed just to see a random security man which is no particular character at all as the only fresh figure in the line . What happened to the rest of the next generation crew or the rest of the classic mirror figures and where are the girls – nurse chapel, Janice rand and vina to complete the classic line? bifbangpow have done a great job with their retro lines – which include all the girl characters . With the 50th anniversary coming up it would be great to see some new figures. Here’s hoping!

DSTChuck: The orders for the retro cloth line, both new figures and re-issues, were not strong. So we need to come up with a plan, and also work with our sales department and factory to see what we can come up with.

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