Ask DST #313: Minimates!

The president of Diamond Select Toys is back for his lucky 313th Ask DST column, and this time DSTChuck is answering questions about Minimates, the 2-inch block figures that just won’t quit! With questions about Daredevil, Star Trek, Madman, Scarlet Spider, Lord of the Rings, Power Rangers and more, DSTChuck has his hands full answering them all – if you have your own question, submit it up top or e-mail him!

Adam S.
I love Minimates! Is there any chance we can get a new Lord of the Rings series? The old one is great, but it’s missing many main characters like Gandalf the Grey, the Witch-king, Ringwraiths, Twilight Ringwraith, Eowyn (Pelennor), Faramir, Galadriel, Arwen, Lurtz… SO many great characters to choose from! This would be most epic.Also, how about an Avatar the Last Airbender & Legend of Korra series?

DSTChuck: Sorry, Adam. When the Hobbit movies were going to be coming out, we did look at that license, but we have no plans at this time to pursue it.

Ricky G.
Hello DST,Since the new Power Rangers Movie is coming out March 24th, 2017 what do you guy think about jumping on a Power Rangers License to make some toys for the new movie? Because I think I’m speaking for most of the Power Rangers fandom. What’s the process of obtaining a license anyways? Would you guys please, please consider making Power Rangers Minimates. Maybe you could go on Twitter and ask if they’d be happy with PR Minimates? I know it might not be that simple, but. We love Power Rangers and the new movie coming out also we love your Minimates and it would be “morph nominal” to see our two favorite things combined into one! Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

DSTChuck: Right now, we have no plans, and I think it might be tricky to work out that license with all the product Bandai has planned.

Skylar W.
Hey guys I was curious as to when we can expect the Marvel/Netflix Minimates sets and is there going to a Daredevil season two set coming soon after.

DSTChuck: I think the Jessica Jones and DD S1 sets will be out late summer. I do think we would like to do a DD S2 set, and we’ve talked a little about it, but it’s not set in stone at this moment.

Frank P.
Greetings Chuck, First of all want to thank you for doing an all Dead pool line! The new paints were awesome. Was wondering if you guys are looking at Scarlet Spider for the next animated line? Also I know that heroes are your bread and butter but have you considered doing an all Villains wave of Minimates? Keep the hits coming!

DSTChuck: Frank, we have not really started planning the next Walgreens series, but we will soon. We have discussed an all-villains line but we currently have no plans to go in a direction like that. When we have tried other stuff off the “path,” most times it sees a drop in sales.

I’m a longtime Minimate collector and also happen to be a huge fan of Mike Allred’s comic book work, especially his creation Madman. I’ve also had the benefit of being friends with Mike for many years and worked his table several years back at a Chicago comic convention. I ran the idea of Minimates by him the other day and sent him a picture of my custom Madman ‘mate and he loved it. He even said that we’re you guys to express interest he’s be up for a Madman Minimate. I’d like to formally request somebody think about these for the forthcoming TRU Indy Mate series. An introductory starter of Madman and his girlfriend Josephine would be fantastic. Thanks for listening!

DSTChuck: That’s cool. Several of us in the office are big fans of his. It’s something to consider if we do another comic book heroes series in the future.

Rob P.
Despite all of the major toy news blogs best efforts (seriously, I’m I the only one excited for these things?!) I actually managed to find pics and information on the new TOS Minimates coming (HOPEFULLY) before 2017. I love to see that you guys taking another crack at Trek Minimates!!! But, if I’m being honest, this will now be our second go around (and third time for guys like Kirk and a few others) for Minimates based off of characters from The Original Series. While I look forward to updated minifigs, and will totally buy every one (again) to help support the line, I have to ask (and you know it’s coming) were a complete crew compliment from at least TNG even considered for this line? I’m hoping and holding my breath that you’ve planned to also release Riker, Worf, Geordi and more in a series two or three of this revived Trek Minimate line. Any hints or teases you can offer? Also, does Kirk actually come with the Captain’s chair, or was that just for show? Am I correct in assuming it’s a reuse of the same one from the various Minimate Enterprise model sets? Also, unrelated: You’ve got me salivating for those updated Giant-Sized X-Men Minimates. What a great play!

DSTChuck: I am sorry, we’d all love nothing more than to make more Trek Minimates. We’re not in the business of NOT making products that make money, but every time we bring up Trek MM to buyers, they have little to no interest. It was our hope by showing some TOS at TF for the 50th, we’d be able to at least start a conversation. The interest was minimal, so we’re at the point where we have to decide if we want to push forward anyway. I can assure you, none of the buyers saw this and said: “It’s cool, but if it was TNG we’d be all over it.” But yes, the idea was that Kirk would come with the chair.

Kostis F.
Hey there! Long time no… Questions asked? So, I just saw Wave 69 from C2E2 and I have to say, this and the GSXM Wave bring back glorious memories of the full-on comic book goodness of the Pre-MCU days. Not to say that the MCU waves aren’t great, but as a comic fan, I’m more interested in the strictly comic stuff… Anyway, naturally, I have some questions, so, shall we begin (in Cumberbatch’s voice this sounds much better, so imagine it in that)?
1) With Gotham and IZombie mates being a reality, what are the chances of us getting some Lucifer mates? A 4-Pack would be enough I imagine. Lucifer, Maze (plus an extra head), Amenadiel and Chloe. You could put out more, but just this would be enough I reckon.
2) Are the Vertigo and Wildstorm properties covered by the DC license? if, for example, you were to make some Authority or Hellblazer minimates, would you have to go after the DC license, or just them separately? I know I’d LOVE a Midnighter mate…
3) What’s on the horizon for Mass Effect? The new game will be hitting next year, so I’m wondering if you have any plans for both Andromeda and the Trilogy.
4) Any news on Invincible? The license has lots of colourful and unique designs that I’d love to see translated to mate form. It’s been quite a while since the 4-Pack, but I’m still holding out hope…
5) And finally, I’m in love with the Indie Comics line, mainly because of the possibilities. Are there any plans for the next series, or is this a “wait and see case”? Regardless, which licenses would work in that line? Say, for example, would Madman, Spawn or Black Science qualify?

DSTChuck: Glad you like the new stuff – everyone has their favorites.
1) Depending on how Lucifer ends up doing, and the following it develops I would not rule it out.
2) We have no rights to anything DC comics at this time. Just some of the TV properties.
3) Sorry, we have no plans at this time for anything Mass Effect past the 4-pack shipping now.
4) Sorry, right now we have no plans for more Invincible, but that could change any time.
5) This is a “wait and see” line. I don’t think Spawn would be possible, though.

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