Ask DST #314: Star Trek!

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It’s a new Ask DST, and it’s boldly going into the far-flung future of 2016, the 50th anniversary of Star Trek! Diamond Select Toys has a ton of new products in the works, including ships, role-play items, action figures, Minimates, PVC figures and retro figures, and President DSTChuck is answering your questions about all of them! Got a question? Submit it in the form up top, or e-mail it to him!

Chris M.
I noticed there was no showing of any kind [of your Retro Star Trek figures] at Toy Fair 2016, I’ve been looking forward to this line since it was announced as I had missed your 2008 offering. I hope everything is still going ahead starting this month, I have gathered this by my Entertainment Earth preorder. Thank you for your time,

DSTChuck: Chris, the demand from retail has been pretty underwhelming, so we are working on finding a way to bring these back out to fans. But the Retro playset is out now!

Jeff S.
Hi, love your Star Trek Femme Fatales so far! Any chance of expanding this line to include Trek men? I think this would create a huge buzz much like your Marvel Premiere Gallery line has already. Thanks!!

DSTChuck: Right now, there are no plans to extend the line to the men, but never say never!

Rob S.
I have to say i agree with comments made in previous Q & A’s regarding the lack of figures in this 50th anniversary year for star trek. a while ago you should us nurse chapel and yeoman rand figures – fan favorites – and sick bay mccoy and the salt vampire – how about a sick bay two pack and man trap two pack, it would be great to finally complete the crew and a majel Barrett figure would be very fitting for the 50th anniversary.
2 – retro figures, mego managed to include uhura in their line all those years ago but you seem to avoid the crew members. You showed us nurse chapel and vina figures a while ago, you did a great bride of Frankenstein so I’m sure you could come up with a Janice rand and finally include these fan favorite characters to complete our crew – any chance?

DSTChuck: Rob, we would like nothing more than to be able to release figures that we have already spent money to develop. Even getting to the approved, fully sculpted figure can be very expensive. We’d love to find a way to release all the items we have developed.

Tray C.
Hello Chuck! Time is of the essence, so let’s get to it:
1. You’ve stated before that Paramount/CBS haven’t approached you to make toys from the 2009 Abrams film and its sequels. How does that work? Can DST approach THEM, or is that not allowed in the toy biz? I really think it’s a shame that AA/DST sculptors can’t get their mitts on some really cool designs to pass on to us, so I am just curious how that part of things works.
2. Will there be a re-release of the NX-2000 Excelsior with corrected blue rings around the rim of the saucer? Every single person I have managed to talk to or get pictures from says the same thing about them being unmatched straight lines so I’m hoping it is addressed, at which point I will certainly buy one!
3. The First Contact Enterprise-E is going out of stock all over the place, and I need to replace mine that was stolen. Any chance on another run of it? It would be really awesome if you ever revisit the Enterprise-E, to provide sounds that are specific to the movie it is in. Such as First Contact sounds for the First Contact ship, Nemesis sounds for the Nemesis ship, etc. Would that be possible or too costly?
4. I got to throw my hat in the ring for Enterprise-C. I REALLY hope you folks can bring one to us!
Lastly, I can’t wait to see and hear what’s in store for the Reliant! Is it going to be weird to have so much of Khan’s dialog already on the TWOK Enterprise? Well I’ll leave that to you folks!

DSTChuck: Here you go:
1) YES, we have asked them about all the new movies, and they were not interested in working with us on the new movies. Each time, they seem to have had a different direction in mind.
2) I do not know at this moment our plans for another production run for the NX-2000, but I can say, we try to make any improvements we can each time we do a new production run.
3) What we have done in the past when ships sell out is poll the sales staff and see what they are hearing from buyers. If they think there is interest, they then go out to the larger buyers and see what their interest and demand are. We have done several runs of the E, so for sure more at possible. I do not think a change in the sound would be in the making, but never say never.
4) We are aware of customer interest in the C, the Defiant and the Voyager. We’ll have to see. And I have to check if the final sounds have been picked for the Reliant yet.

Jeff S.
Hi, long time collector of your ships line. Great work!! I just got into the diorama figures with Spock, Kirk/Khan, Worf, and Picard. Aside from the great Khan you have coming, is this a successful line that you anticipate continuing? Some ideas: Data, Chekov, Sulu at the comm.
Scotty at the transporter control.Riker in 10 forward.
Geordi in engineering.
Beverly at her desk.
Uhura at her station.
Just some thoughts that I would love!

DSTChuck: Jeff, we would love for the line to go on forever… right now, our plan is to have just shipped a figure, show the next figure and work on the designs for the next figure. So as long as sales stay at least strong enough for us to break even, we’ll keep going.

James D.
I was wondering if there was any chance of you guys releasing a Seven of Nine figure from Voyager. It would be a great addition to my collection and would be nice to get a decent figure of Seven of Nine. Thanks

DSTChuck: For sure, she has been considered.

Roddy D.
Will there be a cloaked variant of the Romulan BOP? Id like to see it in the same Translucent green you did the Klingon BOP.

DSTChuck: That would makes sense, based on what we have done before. While we think out those types of variants ahead of time, we don’t lock them down for production until further down the road. So stay tuned!

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