Ask DST #316: Marvel Select!

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It’s another Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck, and with everyone psyched up for Captain America: Civil War‘s U.S. debut this weekend, it’s time for some Marvel questions! This week, most of the questions concern our Marvel Select action figure line, which has been getting collectors psyched up since 2002, and Chuck has answers for everyone! Got a question for DSTChuck? Submit it in the drop-down form up top, or send us an e-mail!

Fabricio V.
Hi DSTChuck! It’s me again with more Marvel Select Questions:
1 – After the 3 CW figures, the already announced Reissues of Carnage and Venom, how many figures can we expect for 2016? Is a Dr Strange Movie Figure in the middle of those?
2 – I finally got my Spectacular Spidey and is spectacular indeed. You guys nailed it this time. The double jointed elbows are amazing and I really hope that could be used more often. Is that possible?
3 – Someone posted on Facebook about the possibility of a Taskmaster? Small, medium or really good chance to happen? With the sword, shield, maybe some guns, interchangeable fists and double jointed elbows, good idea ah?
4 – Is there any plans for a Doc Ock or more Spidey villains?
5 – I have to ask, any chance for X-Men in 2017? You just said you like Rogue and Ice Man. We can start with those. It’s perfect. :)
6 – Can we count on Guardians of the Galaxy Figures for 2017?
7 – Finally, How are those CW figures going? Any next preview or the next time that we will see them will be when they are released in stores and when is that again? June maybe?
Thanks for the incredible figures you guys make. They get better everyday. I follow the blogs and official fan page and just can’t wait for new updates. I’m a huge fan!

DSTChuck: Here goes!
1) I think we have two more figures planned for 2016 that you have not seen.
2) We kind of have a guideline we use for articulation, and many of the points remain the same, but something like elbows could change based on the figure.
3) Happening in 2016, no chance; 2017 small chance, even medium.
4) Happening in 2016, no chance; 2017 small chance, even decent.
5) Pretty good chance we’ll have a 616 X-Man in 2017
6) Movie – pretty good chance.
7) I have seen a test shot of the base, and I think it looks and works great. The test shots of the figures are about halfway to where we want them to be.

Ryan X.
I know you make a lot of xmen figures in your select line. Why haven’t you made a Forge figure?

DSTChuck: Sorry, right now we are not considering Forge, but never say never.

Andrew H.
Hi any chance of another Hugh Jackman Wolverine figure? Perhaps for the upcoming film? Thanks ?

DSTChuck: At this time, we do not have any plans to do products from the Fox movies. That could change at any time, but we are not planning on working on those movies next year.

Jeremiah J.
I have just fallen in love with the Marvel Select line and have been buying up whatever I can find. Any chance you have an X-MEN Beast figure on the radar for that line? I think you guys could make an amazing one! With an upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, are there any plans for Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Select figures? And if so would you lean more towards the comic styling of the characters or the movie style?

DSTChuck: Beast is not on the radar, but I think for sure we will do figures from the GotG sequel. If we do figures for Select for a character during the movie time frame, yes, it would be movie not comic. Before, like we did Dr. Strange is another way we do it, but not same time.

Lance R.
Hello, Will you guys ever make the rest of the Fantastic 4 besides The Thing? Also, will you guys be making more of Spiderman villains like Shocker, and the rest of the Sinister Six?

DSTChuck: Right , we have no plans for more FF figures – with all the new movies and the other 616 stuff we want to get to, we can’t seem to fit them in this year. As for Spidey, he is never far from our thoughts.

Brandon P.
Given the success of Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix, do you think that it’s possible we’ll some new versions of Daredevil and the Punisher in the Marvel Select line someday, not necessarily from the TV show, but the comics?

DSTChuck: While the DD and Punisher we have are a little dated, I think they’re good enough to keep fans happy while we get to new characters we have never done, and the new movies. But in no way has it been ruled out.

Eric G.
I have recently become a huge fan of the great spider man figures you guys bring out. I couldn’t be happier with the return of the Venom and Carnage figures! Personally I have “always” wanted a faithful symbiotic spider man figure that captured the dark undertone that surrounded that the experiences Spider Man went through bonding with suit. Anyways I was ecstatic to see you guys made such a figure! The “Web of Spiderman – Marvel Select – Special Collector Edition” to be exact. Unfortunately, it seems I couldn’t be later to that party because the figure is going for +$100 on amazon and EBay. For the love of all things amazing, superior, and spectacular would there be a chance that figure might come back for a limited time?

DSTChuck: No plans at this time, but we do always look at past figures we can bring back, and new versions we can do for a character. Plus, we love us some Spidey!

Shahzeb S.
HI, Need to ask that does Mephisto would ever have a chance to be re-issued?plus, X-men(comic) select line really needs the main villain Apocalypse and the Professor X.One thing more, why the watcher figure that was re-issuing last year gone on hold or is it gone for good?Moonknight? :)

DSTChuck: We never say never here.. As for the Watcher, we have placed all our FF family figures on hold for the time being.

Hey guys , I have been collecting the select line for a while , love all the movie figures that you guys did , I really enjoy collecting the marvel select line to , and I was wondering if there is any chance you guys could make a (daredevil Netflix series) select figures , even if you guys haven’t planned it for this year , I hope you could consider it for next year when season 3 starts , I think it would a really great line , and lastly thank you guys for your efforts and hard work in making these amazing figures . Best regards Yasser

DSTChuck: Right now, we do not have plans to do the Netflix figures in Select, but we do have several Minimates planned.

Elijah M.
could we get a toy of reptile for marvel, he’ll make an amazing addition to the marvel figure set, he could come with a tail, and his dinosaur claws, and with a set of wings, I hope you guys make a reptile figure for marvel he’s so cool, please and thank you.

DSTChuck: Sorry, we do not have plans for that figure at this time.

Rodney H.
Hey Dst Chuck!! Looks like the civil war figures are going in a new direction with molds for capt,winter soldier and iron man. And I agree with what you said, a Bobby Drake figure would be cool!!! He is long overdue. I want to know the possibilities of these characters for this characters. First Adam warlock, since he’s been spotted in the Guardians of the Galaxy for a while now. Next is Black bolt, Arch Angel since he will be in the upcoming movie. And the old school mo hawk storm, Beast, a new black suit Spiderman, Odin, and Quasar. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Keep up the amazing work.

DSTChuck: Rodney, I’m not sure what you mean about a new direction, but nonetheless I am glad you’re happy. We already did a Storm and Black Spidey, but I think one of the ones on your list might be possible in a way for 2016.

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