Ask DST #317: Minimates!

Each week, the president of Diamond Select Toys shrinks down to 2-inch size, climbs inside his computer’s hard drive, and answers the fan e-mails that are stored there. For the 317th one of these micro-sized Ask DST sessions, the questions are appropriately all about 2-inch Minimates mini-figures, from Star Trek to Marvel to Aliens, plus some other Minimates that have not yet been made (and probably won’t). Got a question for DSTChuck? Submit it in the form up top or e-mail us!

Kevin S.
So excited to get the updated Original Star Trek crew in Minimate form! I heard the revisit was because of the 50th anniversary.Any chance we’ll see the Next Generation crew for their 30th anniversary? That’d be next year.

DSTChuck: We’re still trying to figure out what we want to do for the TOS MM line, and after that we’ll see what comes next.

Wenrrington H.
Will there be more classic costumes Marvel Minimates like the upcoming series 68 where we get the x-mens classic costumes! I am suggesting classic like the guardians of galaxy where Star-Lord has his helmet on, Groot and Rocket wearing the blue and red uniform and Quasar as well! And since the Minimates are getting ‘beefed up’ like hulk now has more muscles, is it possible to see more characters getting it like abomination, juggernaut and beast? Another question is can you bring back the old Minimates faces, those look a little cute and has more of the Minimates feel! Lastly, will we being seeing more of wasp? As she is a big character but there is only 1 Minimate of her! .

DSTChuck: Right now we have no plans to do older versions of the GoG family. MM series 69 WILL be 616 based, though, with a lot of classic characters. I am not a fan of the bulked up ones, but I guess I lost that battle a ways back.

Steve S.
Dear DSTWhat is the likelihood of each of the following properties getting the Minimate treatment please? Sorry if any of these have been asked before.
1)Game of Thrones
2)Star Wars
3)The Flash TV show
4)DC Animated universe
5)Batman:Arkham games
6)The Walking Dead TV version
7)Breaking Bad

DSTChuck: My best guesses are below:
1) Game of Thrones – very little chance
2) Star Wars – close to none
3) The Flash TV show – close to none
4) DC Animated universe – close to none
5) Batman: Arkham games – close to none
6) The Walking Dead TV version – never say never
7) Breaking Bad – close to none

Mister PL
There’s been a trend recently of not including regular hands with Wolverine Minimates. Only ones with popped claws have been included. Can you include those clawless hands again like you used to, please? Thanks!

DSTChuck: I did not realize it was a “trend.” I can ask the dev team to look at that, I guess.

Justin H.
Hi Chuck, I was happy to see the new line of Aliens Minimates (Series 2) at Toys R Us, the Aliens line is easily one of the best Minimates lines to date and I’m excited about Series 3 and the APC/Dropship.With the inclusion of both open and closed Alien eggs, there are really only 2 accessories left that I feel are essential: Alien acid blood effects, to make it appear as if the Aliens have been hit (see the new Hot Toys Alien Warrior) and skittering facehuggers. The coiled facehugger is a great accessory, but with all the cool eggs we have, we could really use some skittering facehuggers. Could you please see if you could fit this new tooling in somewhere before the line concludes? Have there been any thoughts to attempting the Derelict ship or the Space Jockey platform from Alien? I know playsets are costly, but the Derelict and Space Jockey would be amazing in Minimate form. The Alien Queen Egg Chamber (with detachable ovipositor) from ALIENS would also be a lot of fun. Have there been any thought to continuing the line with products from Alien3 or Alien: Resurrection? There really hasn’t been much merchandise from Alien3, and despite the bad rap that it gets, it has grown a substantial amount of fans over the years. Also, please keep the unique variations of the Alien Warrior and Big Chap coming. The new “Glowing Alien” from TRU series 2 is a perfect example of fun, unique variations of the same figure.

DSTChuck: I have to say, a skittering face hugger sounds pretty cool. We are looking at some playsets if the ones we have developed do as well as we hope. I would not say any movie has been ruled out for products. Glad you like what we have been doing.

Matt S.
My fiancé and I went in to Target to buy our son a toy he wanted. I was seeing what passes for Marvel Legends these days and was shocked to see classic comic versions of Whirlwind, Vance Astro, Ulik, Triton and Deathlok. Seeing such niche characters in a mass-market place has me hoping You guys will continue the trend from Marvel Minimates series 69 and make more of these characters. Series 69 is getting long-time fans so many much-wanted characters. I don’t think I’m the only one who feels you guys have the staying power to release a few more non-A-listers these days. How about it?
PS – Thank you for series 69! Classic Falcon and Black Knight are a dream come true! I’m greatly anticipating the day I can order 4 custom cases!

DSTChuck: If we see a chance and the right timing and S69 does well I see no reason we could not so a “most wanted” line again.

Sonny S.
Hello there, i had an idea to pitch about maybe making Mortal Kombat Minimates? There are very few companies that actually make figures from that franchise and this would be perfect! Thank you for reading and i hope you consider the idea.

DSTChuck: Very nice property, but no plans right now to go in that direction. We have some new stuff we have planned for 2017 that we hope fans will think is cool.

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