Ask DST #323: Miscellaneous

It’s another Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck, and this time it’s about… everything! Current licenses like Muppets, Ghostbusters, Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction and Revival; past licenses like Stargate and Buck Rogers; plus questions about licenses we don’t even have, like Peanuts, Men in Black and Bravestarr! DSTChuck gives out the info when he has it, and breaks it to you gently when he doesn’t. Submit your own question in the drop-down form above, or e-mail him!

Billy B.
I’ve enjoyed collecting the Star Trek line. I was wondering if more of the Buck Rogers line were being explored like Killer Kane, Dr. Huer, Draconian Guards, etc. Just wondering.

DSTChuck: While several of us here were big fans of the show, we are not currently developing any products.

Kyle R.
So I’m a huge Tim Seeley fan and I’ve purchased both of his Cassie Hack statues. So my question is there a possibility that Marth “Em” Cypress from his current comic ‘Revival’ ever have a chance to be a statue? The Minimates are great of them by the way!

DSTChuck: Kyle, it has been great to work with Tim. We could not hope for any more in a partner. We’ve both talked about finding something else to work on in the future, so time will tell.

Alex T.
HI DST I know it’s been a few years but I was wondering if there was a chance that the Stargate select line might make a comeback at some point? I’ve managed to get only 6 pieces – Atlantis O’Neill, Atlantis Carter, Prior Daniel, “Ascension” Teal’c, “Avalon’ Vala and Dr. Keller – and there some other favorite characters I’m hoping that might be made if the line should return. I specifically want Richard Woolsey, General Hammond, Dr. Fraiser, Major Lorne, Dr. Zelenka and General Landry (I did have Elizabeth Weir – but I stopped liking the character ages ago and I sold the Weir figure on eBay). It’s just an idea of course and I know it’s probably not very likely – especially given the poor performance of “Stargate: Universe” – but I thought I might mention it all the same. Keep up the amazing work guys and I really look forward to the new additions in the Star Trek (I seriously love the new select figures – the articulation & likenesses are terrific and the dioramas make these figures even better than the original versions. And the new ships look amazing) and Marvel lines (I’ve got my eye on the new select “Civil War” line). I am yours very sincerely

DSTChuck: Right now, we have no plans to go back to Stargate. While it was amazing to work on, I think there would need to be some new media happening for us to jump back into it.

Damien X.
Hello, I fell in love of your Batman animated series busts, I would like to know if you plan to make the same range of products for Bravestarr or captain future?

DSTChuck: Sorry, I think the BTAS line is pretty unique for us – I am not sure if there are many animated series out there that we would look to do this same way.

Jeramiah J.
Will the balcony that comes with the upcoming Statlor and Waldorf Muppets set be made entirely of plastic, or will it have cardboard pieces?

DSTChuck: The balcony is plastic.

Huston B.
Hi There! I was wondering if we might be seeing the Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction figures soon. Also, will we ever see a movie version of Black Panther, Vision, Scarlett Witch, and Thanos? I know these might be a bit far off due to the films but I know they will be great ones for fans. Thank you for all of the wonderful work!

DSTChuck: Work is progressing on the Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction lines, and we’re expecting to be shipping figures in the future. For the Marvel movie stuff, as you say some of those films are pretty far off, so I can’t say what the future would hold, but we’d love to be able to do those figures down the road.

Michael G.
Hello dst,I am loving the Ghostbuster line it feels like a toy line dream come true as I was such a huge fan as a child. I have seen speculation in forums of the line continuing past the initial 15 figures (marshmallow covered) I hope it continues into Ghostbusters 2.I like to put forward an idea for releasing Dana in normal clothes, if she came with the chair with the demon arms and/or the demonic fridge (a bag of stay puft marshmallows would be a nice touch) Any who please continue the good work.

DSTChuck: Glad you enjoy it. I don’t think any true line extension would be based on something like slime or marshmallow. We have been approached by some retailers for those as exclusives, so we will explore that – Marshmallow Peter will be offered to retailers at San Diego Comic-Con this year, and another will be revealed soon. As for a true line extension, I think we’d look to GB2, or maybe animated, for a new “line”.

Cameron N.
Is there any way you can make a MIB Neuralyzer prop? I’d kill for a good replica. The ones available are either terrible or far out of most of our price ranges.

DSTChuck: I am sorry, but we have no rights to the MIB franchise, but never say never.

Matt L.
Any chance of some Peanuts figures?

DSTChuck: Sorry we have no plans to try and acquire the Peanuts license at this time.

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