Ask DST #324: Marvel!

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It’s an all-Marvel edition of Ask DST, with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck! Chuck takes all questions, as long as they’re not too redundant with what has been asked before, and answers them as best he can as long as the answers are not top-secret. Read on for his response to inquiries about Marvel Select , Marvel Gallery and Marvel Minimates, then submit your own question in the form above or via e-mail!

Alvin B.
HI DST! Hello DST Chuck, I’m an avid collector of MS movie line. But is there a chance that you will make MCU. Thanos? That costume and design is awesome hope to see that really soon.

DSTChuck: That will very much depend on how the Avengers 3 movie line-up turns out. Right now, he has not appeared in full in any current movie. I suppose GoG2 would be possible if he is in it, but as that is a pretty full cast, I’d bet more on A3.

Stuart H.
Would you ever do a release(s) in your Vinyl Statue range that would directly scale with and compliment your Select figure range? I am thinking specifically about the Hulk buster situation from last year as the best example as to what I am asking… her am sure Select collectors would have preferred a static vinyl film accurate but static Hulk buster statue to display along with their Age of Ultron figures as opposed to none at all. Keep up the great work.

DSTChuck: Stuart, I don’t think so. Each line kind of lives on their own. Sometimes the scales can be close, but they do have their own scales and we try to follow a set of design rules for each line. But it would be SO cool at times to do something like that, I couldn’t say never.

Caio F.
we can expect a new action figure of Thor in his new film 2017?

DSTChuck: That seems reasonable.

James W.
One of the cornerstones of my collection is my Select X-Men, specifically the members of Chris Claremont / Dave Cockrum’s mid 70’s team. Is there any chance at all, whether next year or in the next fifteen years, that we might see Banshee, Sun fire and Thunderbird – rounding out the lineup of Giant Sized X-Men #1? My apologies if this is something you have spoken about in the past. Thanks for all the great toys.

DSTChuck: I think we’d like to do more X-Men from that time period. It has a soft spot in my heart, as well as many other fans. But it’s been tough to find a good slot for them so far, and Select is not able to be a team-building line due to its limited nature.

Andre P.
Hey there! Are there any plans for a comic Apocalypse? You guys would absolutely kill it!

DSTChuck: It’s something we would very much like to do at some point.

Nathaniel M.
Dear Diamond I was wondering because of civil war I was wondering if you guys could make a Tom holland version of spider man.He did really good as Spidey and if you guys do choose to make this version could you guys instead of an interchangeable head could you guys make his mask be able to fit on his head instead of having to change back and forth please thank you.

DSTChuck: We are not able to make Spider-Man from Civil War – sorry. As for a mixed-media head, we’ve looked at that over the years, and it never really looks good. The mask just don’t fit on properly.

Jascin P.
Greetings! Are there plans in the near future for a line of Dead pool figures that include his new mercenary team, The Mercs For Money, in their different colored DP suits? The team of Stingray(orange), Slapstick(yellow), Solo(green), Foolkiller(blue), Madcap(indigo) & Terror(violet), along with Dead pool himself(in his new black & red hooded suit & tie from the latest comic volume) & Masacre(red, different DP suit design) would make for a visually appealing line-up to be immortalized in the grand Minimates form!!! An eye-popping feast of fun & mayhem awaits for every collection! Thank you!

DSTChuck: No, I am sorry, I don’t think it’s possible for us create a line like that , sorry.

Manny S.
When is Disney Exclusive Thor and Cable coming back into print?

DSTChuck: Cable is about to be offered to retailers again! Thor is entirely up to Disney, but in the past, as long as a figure is still selling they have not been shy about going back for more production.

Mike W.
Greetings and Salutations! Just a quick question – any chance the Marvel Select Moon Knight will see a re-release anytime soon?

DSTChuck: There are no plans at this time, but it absolutely not been ruled out.

Robert S.
Can you guys please make figures based on the original marvel comics version of big hero 6 because only figures based on the Disney version of big hero 6 exists and there’s no figures of the marvel comics version so i think someone should make them!

DSTChuck: I am sorry, but we do not have any rights to make any Big Hero 6 figures.

Nathaniel M.
Dear Diamond select. I was wondering if you guys could make a avengers age of Ultron quicksilver. I really like the way that it went for him other then he dying at the end. He doesn’t get enough recognition for saving the day. He was hero and sometimes the hero doesn’t always survive. No one has made a figure for him. Sure they’re have been custom made figures but not one made by a company that can be bought. I really wanted a version from the movie. I thought you guys could make one because you guys get the job done when it comes to details and articulation. Also the reason I am doing it like this is because it won’t let me

DSTChuck: Sorry, we are not able to make products based on Avengers AoU at this time.

Wesley M.
Hey, I never really heard of you guys till I went into my local comic store one day this past year and saw a Dead pool sitting there and have been hooked with your marvel select line ever since. With that being said I was going to ask do you guys think about releasing any other comic variants of say like with Spiderman’s universe. There’s so many characters you could make, but specifically it would be nice if we had a Silk marvel select figure one day, I don’t know if this will get to anyone but was just wondering about that because as a huge Spiderman fan it would be nice to have a silk to add to my collection.

DSTChuck: Sounds like I need to have a serious talk with DSTZach about our public profile! As for the Spider-Man family, we’re big fans of Spidey here, so nothing is ever ruled out.

Robin J.
Just would like to ask if there’s any possibility of seeing a marvel select comic book version of Loki? Also I really hope that you’ll be doing marvel select figures of Angel and Beast soon, your X-Men figures are great and it’d be great to add these two.

DSTChuck: Beast has been long requested by fans, so of those three he might be the most likely.

Kenneth G.
Will there be any villains in the marvel gallery pvc series please?

DSTChuck: I don’t see any reason why not, so we might do one at some point.

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