Ask DST #325: Minimates!

It’s the landmark 325th Ask DST, and after answering the following questions about Minimates mini-figures, Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck is getting ready to take a mini-vacation! There will be no Ask DST next week, instead he will answer questions live at the Minimates panel at Comic-Con International! Come to the panel on Saturday, July 23, at 1:30 in room 8, and see the real, live DSTChuck (along with prototype painter Brian Felgar and marketing supervisor DSTZach) answer questions about Minimates, give away prizes, and show off some upcoming releases! Meanwhile you can still submit your questions in the drop-down form above, or e-mail DSTChuck!

Brandon B.
Hey DST!!!Any chance of another classic comic Archangel Minimate figure? I missed out on the Apocalypse 2pack one years back and have been waiting for another one ever since! He was a great Minimate.

DSTChuck: I honestly have no idea. 2016 is about wrapped, but we have not even looked at 2017 yet. I will say that it’s not something we have decided NOT to do.

Matt K.
Hello wonderful DST folks! I was watching episodes of Ultimate Spiderman and was wondering about upcoming walgreens Minimates. Will we be seeing any SDCC 2016 exclusive walgreens Minimates? Also with all the villains (and other heroes) will we be seeing characters like Kraven the Hunter, Whirlwind, Doc Ock, Juggernaut, Or Norman Osborn(with transformation Goblin parts) In waves 3.5 or 4? or a lil further down the line? Juuuust wondering! Thanks for making great minimate characters!

DSTChuck: Hey, Matt. No, Walgreens is not doing any exclusives for Comic-Con, but we will reveal Series 3 there. There is no Series 3.5, but we just received approval on Series 4, and we are working up line plan and designs on Series 5 – you may see one of those guys you want in Series 5. As far as I know, if the fans keep buying the Walgreens line, the buyer will keep going, so everything is possible.

Joseph H.
Oh hi! I love how diversified the Minimate genres have become, with TV, movies, videos games, etc. Since you seem to enjoy making Minimates from Tim Burton films (Nightmare before Christmas and Alice in Wonderland), any Beetlejuice Minimates in the future? The ghost transformations could make for interesting possibilities.

DSTChuck: Glad to have your support. We try to keep it mixed up so we’re looking at classic movies that would work well as Minimates all the time.

Henry F.
While both the Civil War waves are awesome and full of great new characters, I was a little disappointed to see the War Machine figure. It seemed to be just a repaint of the Mark 2 mold used in both the Iron Man 3 and Age of Ultron waves. Was this a budget based move? I know you have said that production for Civil War is done, but will we see a proper Mark 3 figure produced? Thanks!

DSTChuck: Henry, I have to be 100% honest with you. DST almost NEVER makes a budget-based decision in a case like that. It’s more what we know about the movie and what we can get refrence on. In order to even come close to the movie date , we have to go from a very early script and what the studio has completed reference on. No more Civil War Minimates are planned, but we’ll see what happens with future movies.

Kostis F.
Hey there! As you might know, a new Spider-Man game has just been announced, exclusively for the PS4, and it got me thinking: We haven’t gotten a Spider-Man since the Sin-Eater one, which came out in 2012! Sure, we’ve gotten a few Spidey stuff since then (Deadly Foes, Miles and the like), but apart from the movie waves, we’re experiencing a “Spider-Shortage” when it comes to characters other than Parker. Spider-Man has a huge rogues gallery, and there are still characters out there that could either be updated (Kraven, Shocker, Ben Reilly, Vulture, Chameleon, Black Cat), or some that still don’t have a mate (Kaine, Prowler, Cardiac, Silvermane, Spider-Slayer, Jackal, etc, etc). It’s been quite a long while since the costume debuted, and we still don’t have a Kaine Scarlet Spider. Or heck, even an updated Ben Reilly one. It’s just that, there are tons of Spider-Related waves that could come out and give us many new and interesting mates. Say, a Clone Saga wave with Ben, Kaine and Jackal. Or a Superior Spider-Man one with the Spider-Lings, the Superior Foes and Cardiac. Or Post-OMD/BND one with Overdrive, Dead Man Ock, Hydro Man and Wraith. Anyway, my question is, now that Spider-Man is “blowing up” once again, what are the chances that we’ll be getting some comic book related Spider-Man stuff that are not just thrown in an ANAD or event wave? Thanks!

DSTChuck: I’m a HUGE Spidey fan and would like nothing more than to do more full series of Spidey, but we’ve just got to balance that with the movies as well as classic comic and new editorial, so it’s pretty hard to make everyone happy.

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