Ask DST #326: Star Trek

Welcome, one and all to the newest all-Star Trek Ask DST! As we continue our 50th anniversary celebration with new products — the Romulan Bird of Prey will arrive this fall, followed by the Movie Khan action figure — Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck will answer your questions on everything Trek, from ships to phasers to action figures to Ceti eels! Submit your question above, or via e-mail!

Alex T.
I was wondering if there’s any chance that the Select action figures of the NX-01 crew from “Star Trek: Enterprise” – originally released under the Art Asylum brand – could be re-released in the future? It’s getting very hard to find them at reasonable prices on eBay and Amazon.
I’m really looking forward to seeing the Reliant later in the year. I just have a quick question about the Romunlan Bird of Prey: will there be any dialouge included in the sound effects list and if so, will they be lines solely from “Balance of Terror” or will they include several quotes from a couple of Romulan commanders – such as the Commander (later identified as Liviana Charvenak) from “The Enterprise Incident”?
Keep up the amazing work guys

DSTChuck: Alex, I am sorry, but we have no plans at this time to re-release any of the Enterprise action figures. Yes, we do expect the BOP to have dialogue, but I do not know if it’s been 100% been selected yet, so I would have to look into that.

Zachary B.
I absolutely love your Trek tech line. Especially the movie era items. Are there any plans to make a Star Trek III communicator and tricorder? Any plans to finish out the movie line with a Star Trek V/VI assault phaser and Star Trek V communicator?

DSTChuck: Right now we are working on the TNG Cobra phaser, after that is done we’ll see which piece will go next.

Thank you for the answer in the Ask DST #318!
I would be grateful if you released Select figures in their red-black uniforms from TOS movies.
It would be great if you going to produce Kirk with command chair; Chekov and Valeris at the helm console which is a piece of the Entertprise 1701-A’s bridge. As seen in Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country. It’s possible in the near future?

DSTChuck: I do not think we have picked the figure after the figure after Kahn. However it is very possible we would at some point do a figure from the TOS movies.

Danny B.
If you ever get around to making the TNG era tricorders, would we expect that you would make the hinges be ratcheted so it makes the sound it makes as it opens for real?

DSTChuck: Right now we are not considering the TNG Tricorder, but never say never.

Matthew K.
I was just wondering if the 50th anniversary Star Trek the original series Minimate box set was coming out for comic con or sometime in the near future?

DSTChuck: We really would like to do something with Minimates for the 50th, but the retailers did not seem interested when we checked with them. We’ve not given up yet, but we’ll have to see.

Ken F.
Any plans on doing the Klingon D-7 Battlecruiser from the Original Series? I would imagine there would be interest in it seeming as though it was the main enemy ship from the original series. Additional production runs would be possible due to there being a romulan variant in TOS and the mold is so close the the Klingon cruisers seen at the beginning of Star Trek the Motion Picture.

DSTChuck: Ken, it has not been ruled out, but we have not selected a ship to do past the Reliant yet.

Jim K.
it has been well over a year since the Star Trek Next Generation Phaser was announced at Toy Fair 2015. Ever since then there has been complete radio silence about it. This worries me slightly as along with the TNG Tricorder it’s one of my most desired Trek items. Is it still on? Are you prepared to release any more details?

DSTChuck: Jim, work is still ongoing for the Cobra phaser.

David G.
I’m a Collector from Belgium. The are some very important Star Trek Items who just need your design! No one has ever released a finished, affordable phaser rifle. Like the Next Gen version. Or First contact.
Allso Bones’ hypospray (looks a bit like an injection) Or the Next gen hypospray have never been released.
You can’t find a great model of the voyager ship either. Don’t really like the playmates one.
Is there any chance your company is planning on releasing one or some of those?
Sincs you re-released the NX-01 enterprise ship, are you goint to release the phase pisol/communicator again? They are very wanted around here, and very hard to find.
You did a great job on the tribbles. Another famous animal-like alien might be the Ceti eel from the wrath of khan. Maybe something to concider too?
These are just my thoughts of what I’m currently missing as a Star Trek collector.
Thank you for creating such great replica’s. Really love them!

DSTChuck: Right now, none of those are in development. I doubt we would ever do a phaser rifle or the eel, but the others I suppose could be possible down the road.

Rob B.
was really looking forward to some new star trek retro figures with the 50th anniversary this year but was very disappointed to see you were just going to re-release previous figures – but now i’m not sure thats even going to happen !
what are the chances of some new retro figures ? nurse chapel , vina and janice rand would be great to complete the classic line as would the rest of the crew in there mirror uniforms and how about the rest of the next generation crew ?
are we going to see any of these figures any time soon ?

DSTChuck: I am sorry, Rob, but there was very little interest from retailers in a re-issue of the TOS retro cloth releases. We would like to find a way to release some of the new TOS figures we showed, but we have no plans for any more TNG or other TOS retro cloth figures at this point.

Joe T.
Dear DST, you mentioned that making variants of already existing ships are profitable and are definitely ones you want to produce. With that said does the Nebula class starship pop up in conversation seeing as there are many molds already tooled for production of this ship and theoretically there isn’t too much tweaking needed to produce the nebula.

DSTChuck: Joe I do not recall that being discussed, but that does not mean it will not be discussed next time we plan out variant ships.

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